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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 18, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 8a High Point Enterprise monday february 18,1974 panic buying Long lines Healing targets of . Gas plan Sci Edued cooperation key to Gas program by Robert h. Reid associated press writer the gasoline shortage has brought not Only Long lines and inconvenience but a barrage of forecasts claims rules and rhetoric which have left Many persons confused. Below is a list of questions on the current shortage. The answers were compiled by the associated press from interviews conducted since the crunch first captured Public attention. Q. Will the new voluntary gasoline sales system announced sunday night by gov. Jim Holshouser. Increase the Supply of gasoline in North Carolina a. No. The Supply of fuel in the state will not be increased As a result of the plan. It is designed primarily to reduce a panic buying a reduce lines at filling stations and make gasoline sales More orderly. Q. The newspapers say North Carolina is getting about 78 per cent of the gasoline it received in february 1972. That does t sound so bad but the stations seem to be getting less than that. What a happened to the extra gasoline a. Energy officials explain that not All the allocated gasoline goes to the service station pumps. First about three per cent is set aside for emergency use. Second the Federal government has ordered that certain priority users will get too per cent of their requirement. These include such services As police fire departments school buses and agriculture. What a left goes to the pumps. Q. Gasoline seems to be in Shorter Supply in some areas than in others. Why a. Energy officials say there Are several reasons for this. First some sections of the state have grown faster than others since 1972. The base year for determining allocations. This Means the demand for gasoline has increased while the Supply has decreased. Also since 1972 British Petroleum and Arco have left the state. That Cut Down the number of gasoline retailers in some nuclear suit could set pattern Charlotte a the chairman of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Board of education says he will present a an objective not subjective report on the effects of busing at a . Senate hearing this week. The hearing is scheduled to begin tuesday before the judiciary subcommittee on revision and codification. Sen. Sam j. Ervin jr., dec will serve As chairman. School chairman William e. Poe said sunday he was not sure what he would Tell the subcommittee precisely. Poe said he expects to testify wednesday. Ervin and others have proposed a constitutional amendment which would forbid the assigning of students to schools on the basis of race color or National origin. Rep. L. Richardson Preyer dec of Greensboro is also expected to testify. Preyer has proposed a plan that would phase out Lon distance busing b y improving inner City schools. Areas and put a Strain on the ones remaining. It. Gov. Jim Hunt estimates that the departure of by and Arco Cut the states gasoline Supply by about six or seven per cent. Q. If some parts of North Carolina Are suffering More than others Why does no to the state redistribute supplies a. Even if they had the authority some officials question whether such a plan would be feasible at the state level. Gen. John Tolson Iii chairman of the governors Energy crisis study commission Points out that this would Only create new areas of acute shortage since the state cannot increase the Overall amount of gasoline available. Q. Why does the Price of gasoline vary from station to station if the Federal government is supposed to be regulating prices a. Prices varied before either the crisis or phase in wag Price controls. When prices were Frozen stations and Oil companies were charging different prices for fuel and the variations generally remained after the freeze was lifted. The government has allowed stations with less than 85 per cent of their allocation on hand to raise prices by one cent. Most stations in the Carolinas fall into this category. Q. What gives the Federal government the right to Tell a service station operator How to run his business a. That depends. The order to Stop Selling Only to regular customers came from the Federal Energy office. The Feo has the authority to make such rulings thanks to the mandatory Petroleum allocation act of 1972, passed last november. The Rule that forbids stations from making customers buy other items such As tires or car washes in order to Purchase gasoline Falls under wag Price control legislation passed by Congress. The internal Revenue service has ruled that such sales practices violate the Price ceiling on gasoline. Q. Can a service station require a customer to buy tires or a car Wash in order to Purchase extra gasoline in such cases the limit is lower if the customer Only wants gasoline a. A spokesman for the state attorney general a office called this practice a a Gray area a in an interview Early last week. However since then the Feo has issued new statements which clarified the Federal government s position. Karl Kristofferson a spokesman for the irs in Greensboro said Friday that such practices Are in violation of Federal rules. Motorists should report them to the irs. Q. I be heard that some companies Are hoarding gasoline in abandoned service stations. Is this True Bush Hill Lodge no. 732 a of amp a m Mic tit comm Cinoa to a feb is. 1974 7 30 p m a a red apprise 0#qft Robert j. Winfrey master Dan Kelly Secretary a. Fowler Martin of the governors Energy study commission says his office has not discovered any major gasoline hoarding in North Carolina. As for storing gasoline in abandoned stations a spokesman for Exxon in Charlotte said his company frowns on this for safety reasons. However some Oil dealers say the practice was common before the shortage. Storing gasoline in abandoned stations is Legal As Long As the company is not stashing away More than its monthly allocation. Q. Why is gasoline in such Short Supply now a. Energy officials say the country is now feeling the effects of the Arab embargo. Also refineries have been producing a great Deal of Home heating Oil this Winter at the expense of gasoline. Naturally gasoline supplies Are running Low. However the Feo has Given refineries the go ahead to shift to gasoline production. Numa f Reid Lodge no 344 of a am emergent communication follow Croft mon., feb. 18th 7 30 p m. Willis c. Harris. Matter w. P. Mcguire Secretary support newspaper recycling in your Community it ii my lot newspapers 1.50 per too Tiu and delivered contort _ 2176-3 Jiffy mfg. Co. 2150 it re Vard Road High Point . A longtime critic of nuclear Power plants says a suit against a Duke Power co. Station on Lake Norman could Block construction of such facilities nationwide. Larry Bogart of Allendale . Said sunday that successful prosecution of suits brought by the Carolina environmental study group could set a Legal precedent for such action. The Charlotte based environmental group has filed two suits involving the Plant which is scheduled for operation in 1975. It claims the atomic Energy commissions approval of the station violated the National environmental policy act. One of the suits is pending in . District court Here and the other is in the . Court of appeals in Washington d c. The suits claim that the dec environmental statement is a incomplete and inadequate because it fails to discuss the effects of accidents at the station. By the associated press Public cooperation is the key to Success for North Carolinas voluntary gasoline sales program according to service station operators and state officials. A i think it will work if the Public will get behind it a said Wayne Crosson a service station operator from Sanford. A people will either cooperate or we will need rationing from a Federal the plan announced sunday night by gov. Jim Holshouser Calls for motorists to limit gasoline purchases to certain Days depending on whether their License tag numbers Are Odd or even. Motorists with Odd numbered tags May buy gasoline on monday wednesday and Friday and those with even numbered plates on tuesday thursday and saturday. Under current state Law the governor lacks the authority to impose mandatory rationing. One station operator praised the plan but warned that a if the Public does no to comply Well be in the plan will not increase the total amount of gasoline available in the state but is expected to quiet a panic buying and better regulate the Sale of gasoline. Officials also Hope it will put an end to the Long lines of cars waiting at service stations for a share of the scarce fuel. Some persons contacted after the Holshouser speech expressed reservations however. Rep. T. J. Baker a Duplin said he has a some reservations about it unless we can increase our however he did express support for the system although he feels it a is no rep. Robert j. Barker a Wake a supporter of Oregon style rationing said he believed the plan is a Good Start but added that it a could be modified after we get a Little experience under our belts. Under the plan service station operators will not be required to turn away customers who show up at the pumps on the wrong Day. Avery Upchurch executive director of the North Carolina service station association said however that station operators will expect the Public to cooperate on its own. He said the program will take several weeks to become effective since so Many stations have already sold most of their february allocation. State officials also stressed the voluntary nature of the plan. Gen. John j. Tolson Iii chairman of the governors Energy crisis study commission said that to be successful the plan is a going to have to have the wholehearted support of All the a service station operators Don t have to operate like police officers a he said a since it puts some responsibility on the Public Fowler Martin executive director of the governor s Energy panel office said the plan must be flexible since a it s impossible to cover every he called on the Public to use a Good judgement to make the system work. Security guards equipped with two Way radial door Taal and night Walt Mon Doit i 11 Pant Cut to Quot Butine Home and property will r flu i to i 24 Houri per Day Davis patrol 8 watchman service 126 n. Main High Point Coll 886-4075 Itco a a a a i Llano Iii i ii Iii ism like a car Pool in the sky. One of the obvious solutions to the Energy crisis is mass transit. People Are being requested to travel in buses commuter trains or car pools. 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