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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 18, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather Cloudy tuesday More data on Page 3a 90th year a no. 49 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., monday afternoon february 18,1974 20 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c Economy disaster says Meany by Roberta. Dobkin a labor writer Miami Beach. Fla. Apr with unemployment rising and prices outpacing wages the Al Cio today called president Nixon a economic program a disaster and urged Congress to seize the initiative for controlling inflation. As the labor federations executive Council prepared to open its annual mid Winter conference president George Meany charged that the administration has misled the american Public about the Economy for the past five years. A no matter How gloomy the economic news the president and his appointed spokesmen greeted it with enthusiasm saying one thing one Day and the opposite the he said. The administration has destroyed its credibility with its economic forecasts so now a when the president or one of his spokesmen makes an optimistic prediction prepare for the worst a he continued during its week Long meeting the 35-Man executive Council is expected to come Down hard against any Extension of government wage Price controls despite some sentiment from building trades Union leaders for some form of continued control of the construction Industry. Administration officials have announced that wage Price controls will be dropped april 15 except for health food and Petroleum in addition the Council is expected to press the a flocks demand for Nixon a impeachment and urge Congress to implement a comprehensive program for dealing with the Energy crisis that would minimize Job layoffs and provide funds for Quot a massive program of Energy research and the Al Cio said that with Nixon occupied with Quot trying to extricate himself from the watergate Congress has the Opportunity to reassert its leadership Quot to help solve the nation s Odd even purchases voluntary Gas plan announced George Meany the International association of machinists and aerospace workers released a poll sunday that it said showed 72 per cent of a sampling of its 900,000 members favored Nixon s resignation or impeachment. The Union said the results showed that Nixon s handling of the watergate scandal and the failure of administration wage and Price controls were a a major Factor in the disillusionment of Union Raleigh apr North Carolina gov. Jim Holshouser said today Early spot checks of service stations showed that his voluntary program for distributing gasoline was working. Holshouser who announced the program in a statewide television address sunday night told a news conference today he was pleased with the Early signs of cooperation by motorists and station operators. A at every Point we see related stories on pages a and in checked this morning we found virtually no even number tags. That a the Best indication i know of that it is Holshouser said. Holshouser a recommend. Cd distribution plan would restrict motorists right to Purchase gasoline on a voluntary Oasis to three Days of each week. The plan has no Force of Law and Holshouser emphasized that it will have no effect on North Carolina s gasoline supplies which he estimated to be about 25 per cent below demand on a statewide basis. But the governor said that if Given emergency Powers by the legislature he would not hesitate to enforce a mandatory program a if absolutely the voluntary proposals Are aimed chiefly at trying Quot to get rid of the Long lines and make it More Likely that when you pull into a service station it s going to be open i v for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Military personnel Check damage to helicopter on White House Lawn glue sniffing q what symptoms occur when a person sniffs glue and what Are the after effects will you please print a note to parents warning them to keep All Tranquili Zers and Pep pills away from teen agers As they get them and pass them around in the schools. I know they keep them on High shelves away from Small children but the teen agers get them the same As the Small children. Thank you. A Friend. A the first stage of intoxication resembles the Early intoxication produced by alcoholic beverages. The second stage is often disordering of perception usually including such symptoms As double vision ringing in the ears and occasionally some hallucinations. There is often a slowing of speech and a Lack of motor coordination resembling an individual who is drunk. This takes place within an hour of the first inhalation of the glue fumes. Glue is not physically addicting but is psychologically addicting in some individuals. One of the main difficulties is the phenomenon that it will take larger and larger amounts of glue to produce the same a a High a a As tolerance to it is built up quickly. There have also been recorded some incidents of a self destructive tendency in some individuals who sniff glue. As with All abused drugs no individual can predict accurately How it will affect him or her Over an extended period of time. This information was provided by the staff of the High Point drug action Council. Stolen army copter lands at White House not too Long j. How Long can you keep a car in your own Yard without License plates anon. A. An owner is in violation of the Law As Long As he keeps an abandoned motor vehicle which includes one without a current License plate on his property so maybe you re asking Quot How Long can i get away with evading the the Only clue to that in several pages of ordinances on the subject seems to be in the words Quot after due once the abandoned vehicle is reported or discovered and notice is Given it is the duty and responsibility of the owner Quot to cause the removal. Immediately. And pay All costs incident to such to sen. Sam q. Would you please give me sen. Sam Ervin a address As soon As possible thank you. A. The honorable Sam j. Ervin 337 Senate office building Washington d. 20510. No More parking q. I want to complain about the parking on English Road in front of the car auction. When you pull out of the drive into the Street Over there you cannot see traffic coming and you Are taking your life in your own hands. I have called the police department the traffic engineering department and can t seem to get any action. I am afraid i will lose a member of my family from the traffic Over there. You cannot see where you Are going and there is not supposed to be parking Over there. Thank you very much. Mrs. M. A. Traffic Engineer r. V. Moss reports a work order was issued Jan. 30 to prohibit parking in the above area. Washington a the Federal government today dropped criminal charges against an army private who flew a helicopter onto the White House grounds Early sunday and turned him Over to the army for a further proceedings with the pfc. Robert Kenneth Preston who flunked out of army flight training Learned of the governments decision during a hearing before District of Columbia Superior court judge John r. Hess. Preston stood mute during the hearing. Asked by reporters Why he landed the helicopter on the White House Lawn the 20-year-old private remained silent. But asked if his Aerial journey was prompted by his failure to graduate from army flight school Preston replied Quot could immediately after the Brief court appearance Preston was shackled to an escorting guard led out of the courtroom to a waiting Sedan and rushed away. The secret service military personnel a com charged him initially with paying Preston declined to unlawful entry upon the state their destination. White House grounds a Preston a helicopter Federal Misdemeanour Mechanic at nearby it. Carrying a possible six Meade md., was pounced month jail term and a $100 upon by police sunday after a Fine upon conviction wild unpredictable two hour Bike zen c liver us be a a of lie anal dram communities and Mon Proton stole an army l a ments in the nation s capital. A a Preston was treated for North it of Washington. Rosr tors re medical Center then held for Ballimore. Washington psychiatric examination a there was no official the Maryland state police explanation for his escapade. Djs patched tw0 so la a Beu Jel i Ranger helicopters but the army Craft put one out of the Chase by bearing Down on it and forcing the police Pilot to amusements12b turn sharply while the bridge128 military chopper veered classified ads7-ub away comics6b Midway through the Chase. Crossword12b the army chopper veered editorials into prohibited airspace obituaries.2b Between the Washington sports. .3-5b Monument and the Capitol television .7b building attracting the w omens news6-7a weather.3a be. Stolen on 2a a wire photo defective recorder is claimed key Biscayne. Fla. Apr questioning the findings of a panel of experts it helped select the White House says a in u c a publicized 184-minute Gap in one of president Nixon s watergate tapes probably was caused by a defective recording machine Nixon s chief watergate lawyer James d. St. Clair issued a statement sunday night disclosing the White House has made its own technical investigation which failed to support the earlier indication by tape experts that the erasure was deliberate. St. Clair said a widely advertised a erasure Marks found on the tape of a june 20, 1972, conversation Between Nixon and h r. Haldeman then his staff chief Quot could Well have been and probably were caused by the admittedly defective recording the court appointed panel found that a defective up defective on 2a and have some under the voluntary plan vehicles with License plates ending in an Odd number would get Gas on monday wednesday and Friday Only. Vehicles with License plates ending in an even number would get Gas on tuesday thursday and saturday. Those vehicles with special. License plates that do not end in a number will be considered in the Odds monday wednesday Friday category. Service stations will not enforce the voluntary system. The Burden has been placed on the individual Motorist. Holshouser also urged a that effective immediately motorists wait until their tanks Are half full or less before pulling into a service station to buy More. A that service station operators increase the limit on gasoline sales so that hopefully the Driver could get up to to Gallons at least. A that service station operators split their weekly Gas Supply six ways so that stations can be open and pumping Gas six Days a week monday through saturday. A that service stations split their daily Supply into two halves so that every station can be pumping Gas in the late afternoon As Well As in the morning. A and that service station operators Post on their pumps or on their doors a schedule of their pumping hours and Fly a Green Flag when they Are pumping. Holshouser said state officials Are working to provide a uniform Green Flag that can be recognized statewide. These should be available in the next to Days he said. Quot All of this should Combine to give us some Relief from the Long lines a Holshouser said. Quot the cooperation of Drivers and service station governor Holshouser operators will in some cases mean that pumping can be spread out enough that some stations can even be open most of the Day. Quot it should mean an end of driving from station to station to try to get enough Gas and should mean that stations in your own neighbourhood Are More Likely to be open and pumping Gas when you need in addition to the major Points of his program Holshouser also urged to toasts to organize car pools make a special Effort to Cut their driving mileage by 25 per cent and plan vacations within North Carolina for this summer. Anticipating possible criticism the Republican governor said Quot there Are those who will say this plan does no to go far enough. There will be those who will say that government should establish More rules and Force people to abide by them. Quot maybe we will have to do that farther Down the Road of the general Assembly gives the governor emergency Powers to Deal with the fuel shortage. I won t hesitate to use them if that becomes absolutely necessary. Quot we May even see the time when the Federal government imposes Coupon Holshouser warned of the Overall plan see voluntary on 2a fuel Short areas will get More Gas by Randolph e. Schmid associated press writer Washington a More gasoline will be diverted to critically fuel Short parts of the country this week says Deputy Energy administrator John c. Sawhill saw Hill did not say what sections of the nation will Benefit from the shift to be announced tuesday but he indicated that they could include such problem areas As the East coast Florida Arizona and Washington Oregon. Oil companies will be directed to shift their deliveries to Quot some of the larger metropolitan areas where we be seen lines forming that Are just intolerable a he said sunday on the Abc program Quot issues and Sawhill said he expects the effect of the diversion to be Felt in those areas Quot in no More than a week Quot after the order is issued. In other major Energy related events a the president of Gulf 0�lu.s said the recent one cent Price hike granted some service station operators should have been larger and should have gone to All dealers. A a group of Petroleum experts urged president Nixon and Congress to launch a five year $2-billion search for new Oil and Gas reserves. A the Senate is nearing a key vote planned for tuesday on a motion to return the emergency Energy Bill to House Senate conference for changes. Democrats Cater to Wallace faction of party by Robert b. Cullen associated press writer Raleigh . Apr even before Alabama gov. George c. Wallace appeared on the platform it was obvious which faction of the North Carolina democratic party was being catered to at saturdays Quot Unity in 1972, a democratic gathering was Likely to feature a Rock band or a Black soul combo. Saturday nights entertainment was provided by a Short haired country group and a dance band the Horace Sher orchestra which featured the big band tunes of the �?T40s. The Wallace faithful Dis. Appointed the party a fund raisers however. The Man who led the Field in the states 1972 presidential primary with More than 400,000 votes attracted Only about 1,500 into Raleigh a 7,000-seat Dorton Arena. Party officials said the Gas shortage and saturdays freezing rain were responsible for their inability to sell More of the $10 tickets to the affair. Those that came nearly made up in enthusiasm what they lacked in numbers. They cheered loudly when Wallace attacked Quot the exotic left a welfare Chi Selers and crime in the streets. Some wept when he pulled himself out of his wheel chair and stood erect to deliver his speech. One old Man Audie s. Files of Asheville stood hunched Over a tape recorder in the aisle near the platform. He said he hoped to keep the recording to use when Wallace ran for president again in 1976. Files who said he was 62, wore a Blue Serge suit and a narrow red tie that said Wallace on it in White letters. The tie was pinned to his White shirt with a tie clip that bespoke his years As a postal worker. Files said he had Ridden the 175 Miles from Raleigh to Asheville by bus to hear see democrats on 2a Wallace addresses democratic fund Raiser in Raleigh saturday or it. Gov. Jim Hunt ins. Comm. John Ingram skipper Bowles a wire photo

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