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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 17, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather mostly sunny warmer today 90th be a la a no. 48 the High Point Enterprise Cail us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., sunday morning february 17,1974 120 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2181 daily 10c, sunday 25c rationing spreads Gas Price hike Given by the associated press gasoline Hunting motorists in some areas of the country faced a triple squeeze this weekend rationing Washington a birthday closings and protests by service station operators. They also Learned there s a Price hike in the offing at Many Gas stations. Rationing plans a most of them based on the Odd even Oregon system a were in effect in eight states and the District of Columbia. A similar system takes effect in new Hampshire in monday and in Vermont on tuesday. Gasoline dealers a some of whom have threatened shutdowns to press their demands for higher prices and to protest new government rules about preferential treatment for regular customers a got some Good news on saturday. John c. Sawhill. Deputy administrator of the Federal Energy office said that station operators whose allocations have been Cut by More than 15 per cent can add another Penny per Galion to the Price of fuel beginning next month. The Washington a birthday Holiday on monday complicated the situation. Many station owners who have been closing regularly on sunday decided to take a Long weekend prompting motorists to try to Stock up on Friday and saturday. The problems were worst in the big cities. The automobile club of Southern California estimated that 99 per cent of the stations in Urban areas and about two thirds of the stations in Rural areas wot fld be closed on sunday and said As Many As half the stations would be closed monday. A every Day of the week stations Are starting to close earlier and earlier a said Mike Masinter of the Auto club. A this whole thing has surprised even me a he added. A i never thought it would get this service station operators were edgy. Dealer Pat Nardoni said his customers were a Panicky. Ornery. Be Gas on 17a a hug for mama Harvey g. Wall anger i clutches mrs. John Moore his Foster Mother As he Peers at the camera. Harvey is a 17-Pound orangutan who wears diapers and is still handled in a High chair. Mrs. Moore whose husband runs the zoo in new Orleans la., had to take him in when his own Mother ignored him. <apw.rph0to> arabs to Confer with Kissinger for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Privacy is preserved q. I Don t know if you will have the nerve to print this or not but i think it needs some answers. I was in the courtroom on monday Jan. 14, and while i was there they tried a lady for shoplifting from a. A Man that worked there testified that he watched her through a two Way Mirror in the ladies dressing room. She tried on a pair of pants and then put some merchandise under her coat. Can you please Tell me if two Way mirrors in dressing rooms Are Legal and give a list of stores that have them As i am sure lots of women Don t care about on putting on clothes for this to happen please give an answer.1 thank you. Anon. A. You have no idea what a commotion your statement raised around Here a we were aghast on Reading it. First trying to verify it turned in to a comedy of errors. We called a clerk of court and read it verbatim to see if she could look up the trial on that Date. Without a name to go by she said it would take a Little time. Within a Short time another clerk of our acquaintance called Back to say that for years two Way mirrors were used to catch shoplifters and this kind of testimony was common. We were horrified. Our police reporter insisted it was just not possible that no judge would sit there without raising Cain against such an invasion of privacy. So he called the second clerk again and found out she Hadnot been told by the first clerk about the mirrors reported to be in the dressing room. They Are not. They Are around the perimeter of the whole store near the ceiling where Security guards watch customers through them along a Balcony behind the Wall but they Are not Over or in the dressings rooms. They watch customers observing what garments they take off the Racks into the dressing rooms. If a garment they took in is not visible when they come out they investigate to see if it has been concealed on their person. To remove the last doubt action line in the company of another distaff reporter went to the store sauntered around eyes darting from Mirror to Mirror and nervously took a Blouse into the dressing room feeling like the Fri Security guards and the Cia were watching our every move from big brother s mirrored eyes. We proceeded to examine the dressing room with everything but a Stethoscope. There was no Way a customer could be seen except by walking along the inner corridor since the mirrors Divide the cubicles. They re not on the Back nor Are they on the ceiling. We emerged holding the Blouse High sort of like Shipwreck survivors unobtrusively signalling a Rescue aircraft and returned it to the rack. There Are More lessons to be Learned from this episode than a Book of Aesop s fables. 1 watch the preposition a a in being a far cry from a a near in this Case 2 never jump to conclusions from hear say. 3 surveillance for shoplifters is unceasing for which paying customers should be grateful since they pay the Bill in higher prices for losses sustained by thieves. In fact Why done to we revert to the word a a thief instead of the euphemism a a shoplifter which tends to soften the seriousness of the offence handball courts scarce q. Is there any place in High Point where the City of High Point sponsors or has a handball court. There is a growing interest in this sport but it is awfully hard to find a place in the City where you can play b. G. A. The Myca has them but not the City. The assistant director of Parks and recreation says at present there Are no plans to construct any. Washington apr the foreign ministers of Egypt and saudi Arabia arrived Here saturday night for talks with Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger on disengagement of israeli and syrian forces in the Golan Heights. A we have decided to come after being sure that something has to happen in these Long Long difficulties a said Omar Sakkas the saudi minister following a Bear hug from Kissinger at Dulles Airport. Sakkas with egyptian foreign minister Ismail Fahmy at his Side said he hoped for a solution a during our visit to this in Tripoli Libya informants close to libyan president Moa mar democrats claim transportation act Falls Short Washington apr a spokesman for congressional democrats said saturday president Nixon a transportation proposals May indicate helpful changes in policy but fall Short of a a massive Broad based assault on our nation s Basic transportation the proposed transportation assistance act said rep. John j. Mcfall d-Calif., a has been billed As a big Money recommendation. However it does not provide the big infusion of funds that it seems to a the act would simply rearrange funds and in some cases cities and states would come up with less than they thought they had a he said. Mcfall is the House democratic whip and was selected by the party leadership in Botn Chambers to deliver a radio response to Nixon a address last saturday. Among Nixon a proposals were $16 billion in Federal Aid for metropolitan and Rural transportation with two thirds of it for use by state and local governments. He also proposed $2 billion in Federal guarantees to improve railroads. Mcfall said Nixon acknowledged for the first time the need for operating assistance for City mass transit systems. But he said it a would not be available unless a City gave up construction Money to get it a thus while one hand liveth the other Tabeth Industry sets . Oil policy Church khad Afy said a full scale Arab Summit meeting will be held in Lahore Pakistan next Friday to learn the results of the Washington meeting from Sakkas and Fahmy. Most of the 19 Arab Heads of state will be in Lahore then for a 30-nation islamic Summit conference. Kissinger had flown up from Florida an hour before the Arab envoys arrived after charting strategy with president Nixon at key Biscayne. In Brief remarks the Secretary said a we will conduct our conversations with the Friendship and Confidence that has characterized our relations a Kissinger added a we will listen with great attention and state our views with Washington a a Senate subcommittee goes into its second phase of hearings on Multi National Oil this week with its chairman persuaded that Large companies Are making . International Oil decisions. Sen. Frank Church declared a the Plain truth is that during the past two decades . International Petroleum policy has been conceived and implemented not by the . Government but by the Multi National Oil companies. A the government has routinely acquiesced in and abide by the wishes of the companies a he said in a statement last week. The Idaho Democrat Heads the Senate foreign relations subcommittee on multinational corporations. The subcommittee on feb. 6 concluded four Days of hearings concentrating on Oil Industry efforts to get together in 1971 to meet escalating Royalty and Price demands from Middle East Oil producing nations. The hearings resume wednesday. Government and Industry officials testified at the initial hearings that the Industry proposal to negotiate jointly with Oil producing countries had the support of the . State department and clearance under the antitrust Laws from the Justice department. John n. Irwin ii then under Secretary of state went to the Middle East As personal representative of president Nixon to support the request of the companies for joint negotiations but within a Day recommended separate negotiations with Libya and the persian Gulf nations. An Oil company negotiator testified that the companies also had decided on separate negotiations. Irwin testified that he made his recommendation because of Strong opposition from the leaders of Iran saudi Arabia and Kuwait and their Promise to quit whips Wing the companies on Price by making a firm five year agreement and sticking to it. Church said the state department was waffling and had undercut Industry strategy of collective bargaining. Within three years he said it led to a resumption of a Divide and con query tactics by the producing countries on demands for participation in the ownership of the companies. The subcommittee chairman said the hearing showed not Only a Lack of coordination Between the Oil companies and the government but Little institutional capability in the government for dealing with International Oil negotiations. Hearing testimony disclosed the existence of another 1971 agreement Between Oil companies operating in Libya to share crude Oil in Case of retaliatory cutbacks by the libyan government against individual companies. To meet Giveaway demand kidnappers urge hearts to make sincere Effort a after 1977,�?� he said a fall Money would be thrown into a common pot subject to far More demands than it could fulfil. As the Range of choices widens the Money available to cities for each purpose Simon has bodyguards Washington apr Federal Energy chief William e. Simon has been assigned secret service bodyguards the Treasury department and Federal Energy office confirmed on saturday. Officials would not say Why the Protection had been assigned to Simon but Charles Arnold a Treasury spokesman said a draw your own asked if Simon had been threatened Arnold said a i cannot Tell you. We do not comment on a it s been determined by the Treasury that its justified a he said. A otherwise we have the Treasury department supervises the secret service. Jack Warner a secret service spokesman said the Protection had been assigned to Simon last monday. Berkeley Calif. Apr the kidnappers of heiress Patricia Hearst told her family saturday they a will accept a sincere Effort on your part in meeting their demands for a multimillion Dollar food give away to the states poor. In a tape recording delivered to the family a Man identifying himself As a general Field marshal of the sym ionese liberation army also said a we Are quite Able and aware of the extent of your capabilities As we Are also aware of the needs of the the comments of that Man identified in the tape As general Field marshal Chin came at the end of a longer recording in which miss Hearst assured her family she is Fine and expects to be freed by her captors if an attempt is made to meet the kidnapper so demands. A i would like to emphasize that i am alive and that i am Well a said the voice of the 19-year-old College Sopho More who was kidnapped on feb. 4. She asked her parents newspaper publisher Randolph a. Hearst and his wife to do what they could to meet the food Giveaway demand that could Cost As much As $400 million. A they weren to trying to present an unreasonable re quest. It was never intended that you feed the whole the voice of miss Hearst said of the demand that called for $70 Worth of free food to each of the state s poor aged paroled and needy. Hearst has said he could not possibly meet such a sea kidnappers on 17a Wallace assails far left courts by Kobert Marks Enterprise staff writer Raleigh Alabama governor George c. Wallace cheered a rain diminished crowd of North Carolina democrats saturday night with familiar criticism of bureaucrats the far left permissive courts and welfare chillers. He called on democrats on both the state and National inside Reading do planners plan Legal services help Cates on superstitions. Page 2a classified. Editorial. Women s news. Sports. Television. Entertainment. Pages 13,14,15d obituaries. Levels in in the political Center to a represent the average Middle income a we must get the democratic party Back into the mainstream and not at the far left As it was in 1972,�?� said Wallace. A i believe the National party is coming Back to the Center. I know where the democratic party in North Carolina is its at the Center the Alabama governor was the principal speaker at a state democratic party rally in Dorton Arena. It was Wallace a first appearance in the state since late Spring of 1972 when he Defeated former governor Terry Sanford in the presidential primary. Shortly after the North Carolina primary Wallace was seriously wounded in an attempted assassination in Maryland. He has been paralysed since from the Waist Down. Wallace appeared on the platform at Dorton Arena saturday night in a wheelchair but stood using the lectern for support Dur see Wallace on 17a while anti inflation pledges sought food controls Likely to stay by Gregory Nokes associated press writer Washington apr with food prices zooming upward again the administration May be reluctant to lift wage and Price controls from the food Industry without solid ant inflation commitments Cost of living Council officials say. Kenneth Fedor the councils a it a food expert said the cd Pencil Hopes it can lift controls from the food Industry along with most of the rest of the Economy by april 30. But he indicated that in talks with food Industry representatives the Council so far has been unable to reach agreement on Price restraining commitments. Fedor did he did not know if the administration would seek to extend controls Over the food Industry after april 30 without such commitments. A a in a not sure anybody knows at this Point a he said. Other Council sources who did not want to be named said they believed the administration would have trouble lifting controls from food during a time of rapidly rising prices. Prices of agricultural products at the farm level were up 8.1 per cent in january the government reported after a 36 per cent increase in All of 1973. Although some administration officials questioned whether controls helped restrain retail food prices at All last year Fedor thinks they have especially for canned and Frozen fruits and vegetables and to a lesser extent sugar and some Dairy products. A a when people think controls did no to work in 1973, they Are jumping to conclusions. There was a 36 per cent increase at the farm level that a the Story of 1973,�?� Fedor said in an inter View. Fedor administrator of the councils office of food said it was impossible to estimate How much food prices might have increased without controls last year Aryl How much More they might increase if controls Are lifted this year. Once they Are lifted however there will be a scramble by food manufacturers and distributors to build up their profit margins which were restrained under the controls program Fedor said. A there will be a lot of Market testing going on a he added. Prices at the farm level were not subject to controls during 1973 and the food Industry was Able to pass along the 36 per cent increase in farm prices to the consumer automatically. But Fedor said the Pinch on prices came at the food manufacturing and distribution Levels including supermarkets because they were not allowed to increase the amount of profits proportionate with increasing farm prices. Except for receipts by Farmers Fedor said a Gross profits were up very very slightly and As a percentage of sales they went Down.�?�. Retail food prices were up 20 per cent last year which Cost americans an additional $18 billion in higher grocery Bills. But Fedor said $12 billion of this went to the Farmer and Only $6 billion to the food Industry to cover increasing costs of labor packaging and transportation. The Over All increase in profits at the manufacturers and processors level was $100 million which he said was very Small. The agriculture department thursday forecast that retail food prices will Rise another 12 per cent in 1974, and could be even higher if there Are and verse developments affecting agricultural production or demand for food. A a we re in a precarious position a said Fedor a because stocks Are quite Low and subject to unknown shocks of the system which could have serious food said Fedor is the last remaining major sector of the Economy still under controls at the consumer level. About 25 per cent of the 28 per cent of consumer prices still subject to controls Are in the food area said. Among commitments that May be sought from the food Industry and its unions Fedor said could be an agreement for settling labor disputes possibly through a bargaining Structure set up under the Council. Another area for negotiation is an ongoing apparatus to work on increasing productivity in the food Industry he said

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