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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 17, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Friday february 17, 193 the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of High Point North Carolina Page five delay threatens enactment of real election Law Reform measure Progress on legislation is leisurely re Many conflicting opinions to reconcile before Rroger an be made in he my in Kui a i Enterprise by re in sir Walter hotel Kaleigh Fob 17. Leisurely Progress to Date of the House Cora nit tee on election and election a is is beaning to be a serious menace to final enactment of any worthwhile legislation t election form at this session. Not that chairman George w. Phillips Hasni to done his Hest to keep tilings moving not that a committee members Haven t been Alt h f to i in attending called scions a id not that the Aub com Nettee appointed some time ago la an t functioned As rapidly and moodily As circumstances permit. In in i a i on lilt u1 Habern Dune is tenfold t in or a i in in ii i n lilting opt tons to reconcile and Bere is such a powerful bloc that of Esno to want to see anything done Bat it Nubern Anno a possible to to a Lone any Laster Tan the committee a moved conceding All this however. It i clearly realised by chairman Hillips and by such Apenitis of effective action As Odus till j. R. Vogler and Frank Tay a or. At yesterdays session for a a Nile All members of this quartet Titer publicly or privately excised concern Over the fact that in committee is not yet ready to Ake any report to the floor of e House on the Absentee ballot Jestion Contes Soddy the chief me of Contention and the real us of the committees problems. Ioc ble i Mim if difficulties of the situation Are uht plied by the multiplicity of her committee meeting a fact Ohleh makes it very hard indeed get the elections committee Tother As frequently As is desired those who really crave action. Another delaying Factor is the t that everybody on the remit teen or almost everybody at i but to w us a Ltd nothing on the Absentee ques a and usually what they have say requires much time in the ving. Take yesterdays meeting As an ample of How hard it is to get Pue i a a a it Illy a 11 the omit tee members were in flu a pumped place St the appointed ne�?10 30 a. a few of ube Ommittee members in thing Chan a ii inc Ca n it ii i a. Of an earlier committee realm and did t go in for Nome no like a Quarter hour. Once the late arrivals had me in. Things started at a Ira ably brisk rate or Carru a was asked to read the Bill pared by the subcommittee measure which would abolish Absentee in primary elections i surround it with Many safeties for general elections. Is a Long Hill and that Vised a lot of this. Then it seemed t there Are Only ten copies of Hill in existence not nearly nigh to go round to the mein a. There was talk and a re lilt was noticeable believe it or not by Robt Ripley lessons English How can i by w i Gordon by Anne Ashley words often misused do not say a mrs. Doctor say Quot doctor Browne if a woman Phy Blan or if Hie wife of or. Brown says a mrs Brown a or a the wife of or. often mispronounced Joist. Pronounce the t. Not join. Often misspelled fellow rim i of a wheel distinguish from j fellow. Synonyms Wilt me verb dare. Rik. Hazard undertake. Word study a Ytse a word three limes and it is let us in it cease our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today sword abstemious sparing in use of food and drink. Pronounce e As in Tea accent second syllabic the was abstemious at ail Clifford Ball a Sullivan Tenn has 3 rows of Teeth Gold fish kept in a dark room turn White oar a i a Blue Hills Golf club Roanoke a. A it Lek Kim on in Ricly Ltd by we. V. Secretary american t i Ken Ify on tract Bridge league that John Kerr jr., one of the group which does t want any a thing done if it can up helped. Talked at some length urging that j everything Stop until the Bill can j w then or. Mull got the floor and i if tricks must be lost let them go when it will help your play said and done nothing but an almost word for word repetition of a previous address to the very same committee on the very same i subject. By the time he was through it was time for the House to Convene so adjournment was hastily taken with the election Reform i Hill just about As far from being reported and acted on As at the opening Ltd the mornings session. A few More such delays and it will he just too bad for the i chances of any real Reform at this session. Announcement of the 19 a a. World Bridge olympic on april 27 has started Bridge fans wondering what this years hands will be like. 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Hospital Atta Hen said last i night that they believe the injuries will not prove serious. The Thomas police department reported that charges of Drunken driving have Bein lodged against i him. King Fok m wok Clinton. Feb. It .1 Carlisle Jackson county tax Coiler a Tor and former sheriff w ill of a pose col. George l. Peterson in i Cumbest in the mayoralty race j in april. Col. Peterson seeks a third term. 4 a 100 8 3 v k732 a 5 653 k q j a q85 a aq987 7 6 5 2 a a 4 j 10 9 8 7 4 2 4 a j 1096 q 6 4 3 2 k j to rubber neither nil. South meat North East pass i pass i a pass 3 n. T. Pass pass opener to. 17 now a club finesse enabled do Darer to run the suit and the ninth trick could be set up in Spades while West still had the Queen of hearts to Stop that suit la will he noted that there was j nothing freakish about the hand. Which simply needed logical play ii or Success West would lose i i contract if he took the club flutes i be before losing a club trick. To i Ike the finesse he would have Jio use Dummy s heart Ace. Event Dutilly South would w n a club Rick and Lead hearts through j West s Queen. This would give North and South three heart Telcka together with the Spad i Send dub they were always bound to win. Lea each hand Bas been a real Gem. As this example Lorn last years olympic shows. The Correct play was for West to Cash the i monds after j i Rick w Ith when the i Laded to top. T he depended up the club suit. A Low it Lii at j win with h s ten. South returned Lite hearts West playing t Clit Iii it \ winning with a let and King of Denning the first the Jack of Spades. Queen of diamonds contract Obi a bringing Iii West should Lead once letting South sensational offer j Efird s contract problem solution in next Ivanue a weft has the contract at three no Trump. He wins the opening Lead and cashes the King and Jack of Spades. South is in with the King of diamonds. 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