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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 17, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Age four he High Fohn in Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Friday february 17, 1919 High Point Enterprise r. B. Terr president d. A. and treas. Hammett a. Cecil Gen. Mgr. Published afternoons and sunday mornings a a i j p Rawley. Publisher in 1915--1937 Carus m. Waynick. Editor subscription rates daily and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby towns twelve months. $10.40 six months. 5.20 three months. A by one month. One week. Carrier in nearby towns Are not permitted to collect for More than one weak in Advance carriers in City Are not permitted to collect for a period of More than five weeks of a subscription for a longer period is desired payment should be made direct to office. The associated pre la exclusively entitled to the use for republication of All news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published therein. Member of audit Bureau of circulation entered a second c ass matter at the Post office in High Point. N. A. Under the act of Congress of March 8, is 2 National adv. Representable the John Budd co. 420 Lexington ave. New York City _ Friday. February 17. 1939. Cd thou Chi then Pilate Haiti unto them Why w hat evil hath he done and they cried out the More exceedingly i re cloy 15 14. A a a mob is the scum that rises upmost when the nation boils. Dryden. The defense of the Absentee ballot the solemn former state chairman of the democratic party Hon. O. M. Mull of Shelby offered a legislative committee an excuse for keeping the Absentee ballot in general elections though banned in primaries and the committee jumped at it. The excuse is that the Absentee ballots use can be supervised better in the elections than in the primaries because republicans Are present and watchful. Or. Mull is quite Frank in his estimate of the proclivities and habits of his party As he set s them. He is quoted As telling the Ommittee Quot i am not afraid of the charge that we Are willing to steal from republicans but not willing to steal from each other. The Absentee ballot can never lie honestly administered in the primaries because even the Best people seem to have different standards in politics from that they have in All their other conduct and there is and can be no dual supervision in primaries. This Hill takes out All the loopholes for general elections and with this Bill honest administration can be secured through dual i his seems to by equivalent to the admission by a former state chairman that he gees no Hope of preventing stealing through abase of the Absentee where Intra party rivalries Are concerned. If the instrument is that dangerous would t it be better to throw it out altogether instead of trusting to the vigilance of the minority party to keep it honest in some of the close counties politicians in the dominant party have been known to say a we need the Absentee to hold the what does that imply if not a special advantage at least in controlling the machinery through which the Absentee flows if a statute is to in written in the name of election Reform w by try to perpetuate such an advantage in the name of righteousness in North Carolina most of the fight on the average is in the primary. If it is wrong to deny the shut in and other absentees the privilege of participating in government Isnit it deplorable that the Campaign and election habits of the majority party will not permit continuation of that privilege in the contests which really determine the ruling personnel of government not Well timed in our judgment a state wide election on prohibition now in accordance with the Withrow Bill before the general Assembly would be unfortunate for North Carolina. In making that estimate of the Merit of an election at this time we Are not influenced by consideration of the probabilities of outcome of the voting. Of prohibition really prohibited or set up adequate enforcement even reasonably acceptable to the people we would have a Clear Cut Issue Between two policies respecting alcoholic beverages. Our experience was that the general t prohibition Law established an unholy relationship Between crime and respectable citizens from which crime flourished at the expense of Public and private decency. The state now is trying a plan which modifies the absolute Legal aridity. We believe a majority of tile voters of this state would vote against the Sale of whiskey. We Are not so certain they would vote to outlaw Beer and wines. But the state permitted a number of counties to establish whiskey stores in the exercise of local option. This Experiment is not old enough for matured judgment generally As to its merits. The whiskey Issue is not settled in this state or elsewhere but we truly believe that an Effort to Settle it now by a majority vote would split the state and help not at All in moving the whole matter along to what we May Hope will be the Correct settlement. While the Withrow Bill is not a Bone dry affair its passage followed by a prohibition Victory would in a Large measure increase Boot legging in the Commonwealth. This is no plea for state wide sales of Strong drink. But the drinking habit and human nature being such As they Are at tile present time there is Good reason in ref raining from trying to foist new Laws upon the Public to confuse the Issue. If reports Are True whiskey sales Are dropping off and if Temperance is correctly taught the rising generation. The Day May come when our sessions of the general Assembly will not lie worried with the thought of having to pass prohibitory measures. The am ate bus St Ati s worthy of the serious consideration of legislators is the Bill introduced yesterday by senator Gordon Gray which provides for the exemption of newspaper photographers and Bona fide amateurs from the licensing provision of the 1935 photography regulation act. Designed to differentiate Between the newspaper photographer and the Amateur photographer who occasionally sell a picture and the licensed commercial photographers the Bill would exempt from the License provision of the photography act persons in the employ of or acting under contract to newspapers and a get Rio Dieal publications. This exemption however is limited so As to make it apply Only with respect to negatives and photographs made for such specific publications and which arc not otherwise offered for Sale for profit in this state. Tho Hill would also except the Amateur who photographs for his own pleasure and occasionally Sells a picture but does not solicit orders. Certainly neither of these groups is in Competition with the commercial photographer and in virtually every Case w hat photographs Are taken by the newspaper photographer Are made specifically for the publication by which he is employed anti Are not for use elsewhere. When a request for a copy of a photograph is occasionally made the photographers trouble and expense Are usually in excess of his recompense. We see no threat whatsoever to the commercial photographer in the enactment of such a Bill. In the news Bela immedi for nine months Premier of Hungary Lias resigned on the grounds that one of his grandfathers was a jew. Ile Felt that it would be inconsistent for him to go on with his program of anti semitism having jewish blood in his veins. The sex Premier can at least be Given credit for a certain degree of honesty. In full honesty he should Tell his people that he was wrong to begin with that Tho jews were among the first settlers of Hungary and Germany and anti semitism is a show of race hatred and ingratitude Many a inhumanity to Man appears in a sorry Light when it is considered that a not one by it Ixl hath he god made All a five Kansas City fire engines rushed to a fire in a Birds nest according to a recent news item. The report adds Only that the damage w As listed As Brevity in the news can be greatly overdone and this is one Case where the Reader deserves to know More of the facts connected with a Bird s nest fire. And above All did they find the Bird that turned in the we have an idea the Bird responsible resembled the feathered owner of the nest in Only one things he had two legs. Washington Raleigh times a Uncle Sam is proposing to Send trained army experts to South and Central America with the idea of helping against possible european aggression and to create something in the nature of a pan american Reserve Force. Altogether a Fine a a business but it remains to be seen How hard it will be to get the Goose step out of their before the experts go Down that Way America needs to get pan american Trade relations Well established. Already Argentina has curtailed imports from the United states on tile excuse that this nation is shipping far More to her than the great meat producing nation is Able to sol to us. Where German Trade goes there go attempts to Foster the Goose step and it is a known fact that for some time Germany has been capturing much of the Trade of the Central and South american republics. With Dale Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people 4a r"4bfe. It i. Quot a Ity Anay it acc w is i i a a i on by i ii a a ii 4-11 paging father time Trad Mark registered copyright. 193. Del Mirror. Inu my column today is for girls who want to get jobs As models i recently talked to min Victoria Gray. She is one of the Beal known models in new yet it and lives at 5 East 12th Street. She has been tiny Quot Canada dry Quot girl the Quot Janssen Quot girl and the Quot miss Northern new yrs girl. She is especially known As a Quot stylist for she came to new York and has risen to tile top through her own of forts. She gave me these inside tips for it of who want to get jobs As models in new York City. She ays there Are five kinds of modelling a girl can do. A. Rosing for artists and illustrators. I they Pas the lowest wages he posing for photographers. C. To my for fashion displays in the movie fashion displays in the in Ivie news reels. D. Posing for retail clothes dealers. E. Posing for Vav h o i e s a i e clothes manufacturers this is the test paid of All. Miss Gray says there Are a Tut girls in new York who make a living posing. Here is her advice 1. Done to come to new York and expect to make a living As a Model unless you have an income from Home of $15 a week for the first year. 2. Of possible live with a private family that will take your Telephone Calif and give you a touch of Home life. If you can to go in a private family. Then go to a Gills hotel or club. Lots of them in new York. 3. You need not go to a school for models. Such schools charge from Soh to 75 a course. Half a course will be enough. You can learn the rest outside. Done to have pictures taken. This w ill Cost you from $10 to $25 and will do Little it any Good. I go to the manufacturers showrooms. If it is a slow Day they will let you watch the models at we Yak and you can learn How they display dresses to the test advantage. You can find these manufacturers in Tho classified Telephone directory under Quot clothes 5. Dress in Black when you apply for a Job. That is. Unless you have plenty of Money and can afford expensive clothes dark is always Good style and appropriate for any season. To. Enrol with a reliable Quot Model Agency a or Quot Model service Quot you will he charged a commission on your work. Hut it will he Worth it. This is different from a Quot Model 7. When you go to apply for a Job Wear Good furs or none. If soul fur coat is out of fashion or run Down. Then Wear a cloth coat. Usually the better clothes you Wear the Tetter you will be paid. S. Meet people in the business world. You will receive tips which will Lead to jobs. 9 five feet and five inches is a desirable height for wholesale modelling. If you Are Shorter you Wilt probably have to go As a Quot Junior to you w ill stand your test Chance if you weigh Between to and 120 Pound rut now and Tii a a Model succeeds w to weighs Only 105. European developments Are about Jive or six certainly not More than layers ahead of what is happening Here. Tom Amite at the hearing to determine his fitness to become in \ Christian science m o n i t o a tors Tate Commerce commissioner the private papers of a cab reporter when Goebbels included the popular Willie Frueh in his list of comedians barred from All German stages no mention was made of the gag that got Goebbels Goat a they Tell Fritsch would say to a delighted audience Quot that lies have Long legs these Days. But How can this he when the liar has a Short leg Quot. Goebbels has a club foot. Shaking of nails As who Isnit a Adolf and goofing were Riding in a car one Day and Hitler was filling goo rings ears with state secrets. As they paused for a traffic Light another car Drew alongside. In it were two men. Who happen Ltd to Yawn Quot arrest those two men Quot instructed goofing to hrs guard Quot they have been eavesdropping a the other Day Sidney Black Mer the actor was offered a test for the role of Frank Kennedy in Quot gone with the wind a. Kennedy a the sympathetic Guy Scarlett weds in Atlanta. Sidney told Fay Rainier about his Chance at the role. Quot done the Lilly Quot she said Quot Don t waste Jour time a you la never never get it Quot Quot rut Quot said Blackmer. Quot Why not my people came from there. I know the place and characters backwards. I m a southerner Quot Quot that a just it Quot was the retort Quot you will never As Long As you live get in that picture you re a southerner Quot a foe , the comedian now starring at the Continental went to an opposition spot tile other night to Quot play a Benefit Quot. While waiting to go on he got into a Dice game and lost $500 Lewis prefaces his funniest hit to by announcing Quot i did this on the Valier hour a few months ago. It you heard me your radio Wasny to on the bum. The hum was on the radio Quot a the column s readers probably know Quot Wing Quot by this time. Win gym a the lad who ran $1 up to $11,000 shooting craps in Miami and gave a considerable amount to his friends in need a several of whom stood by to watch his Luck the other night Wing lost Back the last few Hundred dollars trying to woo the cutes Gainas he tried to make a Quot nine Quot he seven a and lost and then turned for some Consolation but there Wasny to a Friend in need in sight Quot for gos Sakos Quot he ejaculated Quot whereas everybody whereas my Public Quot. Wing locate any of tin pals he had helped Only a few Eves before to borrow a Dollar for cab fare Home the gamblers Shook their Heads it was an old and familiar Story. Quot hell never grow someone remarked of Wing Quot he had legs the other night and quit. He wanted to run it up to $15,000&Quot that recalled the reason Jack Donahue Tho song and dance Star died too soon from overwork. Jack had saved $800,000 rut he wanted a million the gamblers have a series of similar stories.,. There s the lad who was clean broke recently who did no to have enough Coin for a gallon of Gas for his rented Isotta Fraschina Carau he had was a dime he went up to a hotel Cigar clerk and bought a package of Nickel gum with the Nickel change he bought a Chance on a punch Board and won a ten spot. With the Tenner he went to the race track and won five races that night he played the Dice and Roulette games and ran it up to $16, a Nickel. And then he fell in love. He arranged matters with a dealer to see his girl Quot won $50&Quot every night. This went on for a Long spell at the end of the season she had saved $1.800-�?and he owed $18,000 Quot you keep playing Dice said a Veteran who once was wealthy in a continued on rage Hoven this minute it a Uhr j by Howard Merrill the words Jon Are about to look it in the split seconds that they hit your a gets form a new kind of reporting. 1hi� frill take sixty seconds to read. While you Are Reading these facts the eels they describe Are actually taking place. What happens in one minute on a a Aith a world is in motion. Destiny unfolds itself Start Reading the world product Coke a minute. Bruce Catton in Washington by Bruce Catton a 280 tons of Japan is the worlds 2nd largest producer of sulphuric acid five tons every sixty seconds up in the Antarctic they get five barrels of Oil a minute from their Vav half catch. Italy a Vav Ell publicized air Force costs 135 dollars a minute to maintain. Germany a Jar pulsation increase every minute of every hour on an average in the nazi state there Are 2 births a and a death. President Roosevelt recently suggested that government workers pay taxes. In England the total assessment on officials comes to two Hundred pounds Sterling a minute scandinavian countries Are internationally known for their Dairy products. Denmark exports 2,-800 eggs a minute. The passage of sixty seconds has changed the path of destiny. It Only took about a minute for Adam to eat the Apple for Aaron Burr to shoot Alexander Hamilton for Cleopatra to take Poison for an angry French mob to smash the Bastille Gates and Start the French revolution. Stop Reading. Top Nyght. Ib38. By Faquir feature Lur a ten years ago local new a High Points sixth annual training school for sunday school leaders will meet today at 3 o clock. At Wesley memorial Church. The state . Will open its 53rd convention at the Sheraton hotel Here wednesday morning. Homer Wheeler has been made president of the country club in this the purple Pant Liers Defeated Elon last night in a fast game of basketball a score 38-33. About people or. And mrs. J. Vav. Chandler attended the dance in Greensboro last night in Honor of or. And mrs. J. Vav. Tankersly. Mrs. L. G. Lee is recovering from an appendectomy at High Point Hospital. News briefs the investigation of state departments Lias teen delegated to governor Gardner. President elect Hoover after viewing the grim reminders of the recent storm in Florida praised the citizens of that state for their courage and for the Quick rehabilitation that has teen e. Stone 81. General manager of the associated press died at his Home in new York last night. Twenty years ago local news a. E Tate of this City has been appointed by governor Rickett As Delegate to the Southern Congress of the league to enforce Pratt to be held in Atlanta february 28-March i. The National organization is headed by former president William Howard plans Are being made to have a City wide Observance of Washington s birthday Satin in Day february 22. Fred n. Tate says that there should be a patriotic rally As preventive of that spirit which approaches bolshevism. Levi Chin recently in the Ostrich farm business in South Africa is Here to Start a Box factory. About people born to or. And mrs. Vav. Of. Davis a ten Pound son. Miss Kathleen Brown has returned from a two weeks visit to Randleman. Or. And mrs. John r. Peacock have returned from Elpaso Texas where they have been keeping House for some time. Miss Gladys Hatley of Richmond spent yesterday with mrs. H. C. Poole on Green Street. News Brief there will be a fight in the it. S. Senate against Tho league of nations. The bolshevik its Are reported to he building up a new system of slavery in Russia. Senator Borah because of his opposition to the league of nations refused an invitation from president Wilson to attend a dinner at Hie White House. This country is not merely buildings or great wealth or great lakes and Rivers. Those Are parts of America hut America Means you and Michael l. Igoe. Of Chicago in welcoming 78 former aliens to citizenship. General Franco is reported learning italian and German. On the theory that when peace comes hell want to know How to say Quot get out that Chamberlain umbrella May not shed water but it has certainly done Well As a Peg for jokes. Newness size just boners cause of Vav p a headaches by Bruce Catton Washington feb. 17. A a Good Many of the troubles of spa have come from its sheer size. Others have come from its newness and the nature of the Job it has been trying to do. Still others have been the result of Ordinary human mistakes. Take the last first. Ordinarily spa has approximately 100.-000 foremen on duty at one time. Some of them know How of handle men some of them Don t. Some of Bruce cat to them know How to plan a Job and some of them done to. Working for them Are men from Relief Rolls. Many of these men feel they have a grievance against society. In Many cases they will be doing work they never did before. In addition incentive to Good performance which obtains in private Industry is Larking there is precious Little Hope for pro a motion not so much fear of discharge put those factors together and Youj Are certain to get some spotty performances. One spa Crew May in welded into an efficient working unit another one May indulge in horseplay waste its Energy through inefficient operation or gel out of Contr is of its Foreman and Start shovel leaning. Ross Ehi cation spa authorities Are trying to Rem cd this by an educational program for foremen. For More than a Yea classes for foremen have teen held. A these classes practically everything i discussed from the essentials of Load Reship to safety precautions and howl to Stop fights. At present such classed Are being held in 15 states. Other failures of the human Cie ment have occurred farther up to line. For instance the spa program has to be flexible As the number o men employed is forever rising or fall ing. In a Given locality the spa supervisor May Load up with too Man non flexible project like construction jobs private business picks up and to spa Roll drops As a result that reality has several half finished built Ings on its hands with complot to awaiting either a Rise in spa Rolls o the finishing of of Hor jobs. Again lost motion May enter the picture through faulty planning. I one locality several Small projects a lie under Way separately when the could he welded into one at a Konoid enable saving. A pay a big pvt trouble however a come from the very nature of Itsjo spa exists primarily to put men t work that has to come first eve when As docs happen occasional rust enough n ii work to g around. Johs the the big imperative maj. R. M. Harloe chief engine and assistant administrator of Wiz Points to a typical example wha happened in san Francisco in the a of 1935. When spa was just Getlin under Way Quot our orders wore to get a Corial number of Mople at he say Quot we had to put 20,000 people to to in san Francisco now i he area that City is relatively Small a Only Square Miles. The outlets available f streets and the Airport. Because w were just Starling the procedure of getting projects approved was Slov the City officials were new to it Aln so there was a Scarcity of projects Quot but we had to put those 20. Or i men to work. So we crowded them o he jobs. Maybe we assigned thro a inc As Many men to a Job As wet actually needed. They got in each Oil Eros Way. There Wasny to any Way out that sort of thing Quot till Happ in a sudden depression let necessary to expand a locality spa quota quickly. Engineers bar to plan it. Materials have to be Bough equipment must ire got. Foremen nun get picked. But the men have to go \ work i Stanter. So there is Crow Din More in on Ltd rot than Are not Al and a pay a lost motion is exhibit for All to see. Insists politic s Loc Al . Of com in h is been o it a pay a major headaches. Hopkins recent appear and before a Senate committee in whom. M in it Ltd v examined tin who p ii Ciple of the extent if any to whirr spa administrator May proper make political speeches and App i is a matter of recent memory. U it iut to it a his. Much of the curl a no position to spa arises from the Fri ing that it has teen used As an instr ment of political coercion. A u cannot find at least i car anyone in spa who will admit a a in Many cases local politicians a made use of spa on their own h a this sort of thing has happened local Boss quietly passes out the to that ifs pretty hard to get a i Job without his Okay. He has a pret Tild machine and people Bel him so a flock of misguided re i clients get his Okay subsequently it spa jobs which they would have % anyway and then pay him $1 a mop for Tojo privilege. At spa Headquarters Here. It insisted that the organization is brr ing up this abuse wherever it g wind of it. They say members of Florida a foe Ball team Are employed on or learning to shovel pass

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