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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 15, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Thur Dav. Fcker Norv is. Timothe High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry Hatch Point North Carolina Page three Sec St. Louis bears Torch for smoke filled cities mom i let to put $19,. 000,000 per year cure i plan to work i by Oscar k Xuan i it. Louis pvt. 15�? and smoke fouled cities aroused by he economic waste and the Ali heat to health in their soothed atmosphere rip looking to by battled St. Louis for a Soiu i on there a nothing new in the broke that hides the Sun Here u least a third of the Days during the Winter. Frontier St. Hollis suffered 117 years ago bom smoke a in some instances to dense As to Render it needs jury to use candles at what is new is the City s determination to end the acrid irritating palls that int it pitch Black and Cost it an estimated $19,000,000 annually. A civic committee pledge to action has been studying the problem and is about ready to report. No i>1 >1 Cirl no one however expects a plan to end the evil immediately. St. Louis smoke belching from thousands of chimneys comes from imperfect combustion of Beme 5.ooo.ooo tons of Illinois soft Coal used Here a h year. Barring this fuel has been suggested As a Means of getting a instantaneous results in the anti smoke Campaign but Coal communities have threatened to Boycott the products of St. Louis Kagle Fly mid r j i i in sri rising 24,73c r t f Maxwell i la. Or cot Taa House 4 my can pc old i dutch \ Cleanser 2 for. 15c Vanilla wafers 2 for 15c Van Amu homing f a 5 c Kmoch pork amp Beans Quot a 3 for 25c Beans pintos Small while Large White a. Baby Lima 5 Pirk lard 4 la. Ct29c 8 la ct.57c eggs i a on i try lard Doz. 29 Wihry milk 4 tall or m Spinall 25 tomatoes pm. 2 i cans 24< wheaties or Kix pkg. 10c sugar io�?o49< Soi thurn Hill Oleo Pound 10c fancy meats pork chops or roast Kiwi it it Pound 121/jc hmm pure pork sausage Pound. I of fresh spare ribs Pound 12vjc pork liver or brains Pound. 10c Swift s branded Steak hound sirloin Tbone Pound 25c Nice fat White Back Pound. 6c Lindale butter Pound. 33c fresh produce Olden Ripe bananas 4 Pound. 19c Large Kancov iceberg lettuce 2 for. 13c Large Grapefruit 3 for. 10c oranges dozen. 10c grapes Pound. 10c i. S. No. I cobblers potatoes to pounds 23c b h food Stude s eel r service new links forged in Boskon Choins u 5 business sliding into pre War state Blacksmith diplomats of the Balkans Are forging the links for new chains of Alliance As members of the four Power entente unable to form a solid defensive bloc seek out new ties. Black sea pact of Rumania Bulgaria and Turkey and possibly Greece is Foremost of proposed barriers against russian penetration into Southeastern Europe. Merchants who do $40,000,000 business in Illinois annually. Stimulation of the production of smokeless fuel by processing Illinois Coal apparently will be one of the recommendations of the smoke committee. A proposal has been made that the City through Bond Issue build and operate its own processing plants. Sponsor Khz Sti by the Illinois legislature recognized the Gravity of the situation last year and appropriated $186,000 for a study of methods of pro it easing soft Coal. It has been estimated it would Cost not less than $0,000,000 to build enough plants to Supply j 2,000.000 tons of processed fuel annually. Out of this. St. Louin Hopes some Day to have Clear skies and f pure air during its Winter months Hilt a pessimistic citizen said. Quot London has had an unsolved smoke and fog problem for 1200 As far bar k As 1301, King Edward i prohibited use of Coal in London because of the Quot unsavoury Vapours it Howard Merrill cranium crackers abbreviations the following abbreviations Are used commonly. Tell what Calt h of the to Given Here stands for 1. A c p. A by Bart. 2. Al mile by h r. H. 3. Al la. B. The s. J. 4. Al s. A c. A the msgr. 5. A i. W. W. The i. A. R answers on want and Page How can i by Anne Ashley the words you Are about to look at. In the split seconds that they hit your eyes form a new kind of reporting this will take sixty seconds to read. While you Are Reading these fact the events they describe Are actually taking place. What happens in one minute on Earth a world is in motion. Destiny unfolds itself Start Reading americans ars so sensitive about the it Olor of their hair that their factories Are now turning out $4.00 Worth of hair Dye every minute of every hour. Americans consume an average of 2moo Pound of sugar making bread each minute. The Sarong is really popular in the motherland indies. Importing Cotton materials and sat i rugs obliges the dutch islanders to spend $0u a minute. The Canadian spend $300 i every sixty seconds on clothing accessories. I Mil their country was attacked fhe finns were spending a combined total of 10 every minute of eve y hour visiting foreign countries this minute Mars is travelling More than twice As far through spare is this planet of ours is. Ber a use of the War Australia i and new zealand cannot Export j Wool to America which until quite recently was importing an i average of a Hundred pounds of Wool each minute from Down under xxx spend $400 a minute buying specially prepared and pack aged medicines. Stop heading. How can i make less not seethe scratches on scuffed q Able shoes ? a. Rub some vaseline into the it Hoe before polishing and the scratches will he hardly notice Abl after the shining process. Q. How Enn i prevent poached eggs from sticking to the Bottom of the Skillet a. Sprinkle Salt in the water j before the egg Are broken into it. This prevents the eggs from sticking to the hot Tom of the Skillet and the Skillet can be easily cleaned. Q How can i stiffen delicate fabrics that will not stand starch a. Try melting a Little granulated sugar in boiling water and adding to the rinsing water. Lessons in English by Xiv. L. Gordon words often misused do not say Quot he would sooner starve than say Quot he would rather starve than often mispronounced goulash. Pronounce goo lash. On As in too. A As in a accent first syllable. Often misspelled traffic two us synonyms increase verb enlarge expand extend augment multiply. World study Quot use a word i three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today a word confidant t masculine confidante feminine one to whom secrets Are confided. Accent last syllable. Quot mod frequently we make confidants from vanity a love of talking. And to make an Exchange of secret Quot i it a Roche Foucaud look and learn by a. I Gordon 1. In what state were the first Battles of the revolutionary War fought 2. Who was the famous american novelist who specialized in stories of the indians 3. Is Black a color 4. What famous russian Nobleman lived like a peasant 5. What Are the United states two territories in sex ers 1. Massachusetts. 2. James Fenimore Cooper 1789-1851. 3. No theoretically it is the j absence of color. 4. Count Leon Tolstoy 1828-1910. ,5. Hawaii and Alaska. A a a a the american legion a or ganged in fans in 1919. Modern etiquette but Roberta Lee q. Jsn t it rude for a person i to say to another. Quot i should never have gue sed that you were a Catholic or a protestant or a j doctor or an author Quot a. X is. This is a very tact a less remark. It implies that the j speaker is disappointed in a religious sense or that the one addressed has not the hearing or j appearance of a doctor author i Etc. A when a girl enters a pub i lie dining room with an escort should she remove her wraps be i fore she is seated a. No. She should wait until seated and then her escort or the waiter should assist her. Q. How Long in Advance of a wedding should the invitations be mailed a from two to three weeks is the customary time. Hoey not to intervene in execution of negroes Raleigh feb. Is. A governor Hoey said today he did not plan to interfere with the scheduled execution tomorrow of two negroes involved in the slaying of a death Row guard. Tile negroes Nathaniel Bryant and William Young were reprieved in december to make possible a full investigation of the slaying of guard j. S. Chesser. They originally were sentenced in Hoke county for the capital crimes of murder and burglary. I la i Cesar i it a Ltd ors pick i p. Hanker asserts relapse ill re Complete Cleveland feb. 15.�?,7p a col. Leonard p. Ayres declared today Quot unless far Mote numerous and larger War orders Quot Are placed in the United Stites Quot our Economy is Back in about the situation that it occupied before the War in his monthly business Survey for the Cleveland Trust co., of which he is a vice president Ayres said Quot a new business relapse is under Way. It is not As yet very serious and its causes Are not at All shrouded in mystery. Quot it has come because the preparations that businessmen made last autumn were appropriate for the last year and apparently not appropriate for this one. Xxi som Fri hat favourable Quot the present declines in the durable goods May be viewed As being somewhat favourable in the sense that they Lessen the danger of accumulating unduly Large in-1 ventries but it would be More encouraging if the balance could have been preserved by increasing effective current consumption rather than by decreasing production. Quot important increases in the current consume Ion of durable goods Are still dependent on Large advances in the volumes of new capital issues of corporations and so far there Are no convincing symptoms that such advances Are in near term one obstacle in the Way of Quot genuine business recovery a he contended Quot is the fact that Industrial corporations operating at High Levels of production now make match smaller profits than they used pointing to Quot three nearly equal peaks of factory production Quot in the last 16 years he charted production and profits thus production profits 2nd que ter 1929 119 162 2nd que ter 1937 113 128 4th que ter 1939 114 1 11-x x a partly estimated profits based on 120 companies. A apparently corporate profits per unit of production Are progressively col. Ayres said Quot and apparently this shrinkage is especially serious in periods of High level production. 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