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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 15, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Page two Sec. Athe High polm Enterprise Piedmont Center of High Point North Carolina thursday february 15, 19 weather to stamp Cut Cotton surplus Cloudy Friday possibly today noon .30 Low last night .37 High yesterday .61. A a North Carolinas partly Cloudy continued cold except slightly warmer in Southwest portion and in the mountains tonight Friday increasing cloudiness. Slightly warmer followed by rain in West portion in afternoon or at night. Winds Hatteras t o Jacksonville a moderate northerly winds becoming Easterly partly Cloudy to overcast weather tonight and showers Friday. Sandy Hook to Hatteras a Strong Northwest winds diminishing tonight fair tonight and Friday. Charlotte. Reb 15.�?i apr official weather Bureau records of the temperature and rainfall for the 24 hour ending at 7 30 a rn., in the principal Cotton growing areas and elsewhere station r Alk Asheville. 30 21 Atlanta. 42 30 00 Augusta .47 .30 of Birmingham. 47 29 of Boston. 32 22 a 73 Charleston. 49 33 00 Charlotte .39 24 00 Chicago. 38 23 6� Columbia. �?o7 27 of Denver. 27 of Detroit 31 16 00 Evansville. 38 24 of Galveston. 33 4�?~ 08 Greensboro .,37 27 ,00 Hatteras. 33 33 33 Jacksonville. 35 3 co key West. ?2 53 0� Little Rock. 30 30 of los Angelea. 6� 31 .3d Memphis. 47 31 c0 Meridian. 31 33 .00 Miami. 72 48 w mils St. P. 31 Aioo Mobile. 34 38 of new Orleans. 31 43 of new York. 33 21 1.44 Raleigh. 30 30 of eau Antonio. 37 46 to ban Francisco. 37 49 .09 Spartanburg. 40 28 .00 Tampa. 58 43 -�0 j Washington. 42 25 66 Wilmington. 32 32 of j More about Roosevelt swings Confin cd Frow in met one of isolation the Navy radio system was to a to keep him apprised of any important develop-1 Enta at Home or abroad. White House officials added that the vacation could be ended at any time if need be. They retailed that the Prest Dent cancelled part of a cruise on the Tuscaloosa last August to hasten Back to Washington in the Twenty cd it n on transferable Cotton order subject to conditions prescribed Syth a Secretary of agriculture King Cotton is too fat by millions of Bales. Secretary of agriculture Wallace plans to reduce the Kings surplus by the same method food surpluses where shrunk with Stamps Good for free Cotton merchandise. Relief families will be Able to Purchase $1.00 Worth of Green Stamps receiving free an additional $1.00 Worth of the Brown stamp pictured above. With the $2.00 total they May but new Cotton goods at retail stores. Critical Days before War began in Europe although Only one destroyer the Lamg was assigned to the Tuscaloosa As an escort ship last summer the lung and the destroyer Jouett were selected As escorts for the present trill. The Chance that or. Roosevelt might take the Opportunity to sail out into tile zones of the american neutrality patrol or perhaps look in on Fleet and Landing exercises provoked speculation among persons interested in International affairs Twenty two naval vessels left Guantanamo Cuba three weeks ago on a cruise described As Quot routine a to venezuelan ports and some of the Netherland West indies. Several thousand sailors and marines were ordered moreover. To engage in Landing exercises at Culebra Island near puerto Rico. Navy officials would not say whether the Landing exercises or training cruise still were in Progress or whether or. Roosevelt would he Able to witness them if lie chose another possibility which provoked speculation was that the cruise might extend As far As the mexican and ventral american coasts. Or. Roosevelt recently urged that americans desiring to travel investigate the opportunities in latin America. More about four German it continued from rage one contraband controls were fair game for German submarine. A German spokesman has contended that Germany would have a technical right to sink Neutral vessels under such circumstances. In ii ii 00 00 00 Palace theatre Salem Street 1 in Jot Idle Thomasville coming tomorrow a King of the turf a with Adolph Menjou last times today a a child is born with Jef Rev Lynn and Gladys George also on staff Quot Star of tomorrow a a admission 25r admission Adi its children Loc 2 for 25c exc a Eft or its. Aud saturdays. Ioc >0 n is 00 00 00 the senator said in an interview Quot i think we ought to operate under International Law instead of the neutrality act which i think has been encouraging Hitler to make the threat against american shipping. A under International Law any nation at War has the right of search and seizure for the purpose of discovering whether cargoes contain contraband. The United states itself asserted this right when it entered the world War and the Allied nations Are within their rights under International Law to make searches and seizures of ships transporting Glass voted for the neutrality act because he said he wanted to eliminate the former arms embargo. He sharply criticized provisions placing restrictions on american Commerce with belligerents however. More about Clark offers continued from in age one would recommend that the committee a expose Hollywood the House was reminded of the possibility that it might have to elect the next president if no candidate received a majority of the electoral tote. Rep. Rankin a miss raised the question As the House adopted a Senate approved Resolution to create a joint committee to arrange for the presidential inauguration. In the event of the election being thrown into the House he said that body would fact difficulties arising from limited time to act As a result of the so called a flame Duck Quot amendment to the Constitution which fixed the inauguration Date As Jan. 20, less than three weeks after the new Congress convenes. Quiet efforts by the Navy department to restore part of the $111,699,000 slashes from its budget by the House approx Ria is today Keuter Broadway to High Point g a a. My a a. I. R in mgt Hie beyond words. Hie Rev end belief. Munificent beyond Compart Charles Laughton in Victor a Lugo a a the Hunchback of notre Dame tons committee appeared to have netted Only polite rebuffs from congressional leaders. Admiral Harold r. Stark chief of naval operations discussed the reductions yesterday with chairman Vinson a a and two other members of the House naval committee Stark emphasized that the $966,772,878 outlay recommended by the appropriations committee would be insufficient to finance the Navy for the year starting july i but he apparently got Little out of the conference beyond a Promise of help to restore some of the 224 air planes eliminated. President Roosevelt has expressed a Hope that the battleship Money would be put Back in the Bill. The House scheduled further discussion of the drastically trimmed measure today after Sid tracking it yesterday to consider Indian legislation the Senate turned to the $1,-032,784.1 1 1 Treasury Post office appropriation Bill which was increased $629,103 by its appropriations committee. The measure still was $1 1,000,000 below budget estimates. The special House committee investigating the labor Hoard recessed its Public hearings until next tuesday. There Wras conjecture As to whether it would begin drafting amendments to the Wagner act in the meantime. Getting ready to bring a rec Onmin Dalton for a three year Extension of the reciprocal Trade program before the House next monday democratic members of he ways and Means committee filed a report yesterday asserting that Quot our highest National interests Quot require the Extension. More about 15-Day Battle continued from Page one in a week. The finns Are falling Back with a heavy losses a the communique said the main line still holds however. The finns reported and everywhere else on the isthmus. North of Ake Ladoga and on Finland s Quot Waistline front the furnish Story was on it of sue mss. The russians bought the Summa outposts at High prices in men munitions and machines the k inns said. A communique related that Quot thousands of enemy fallen and dozens of wrecked tanks were heaped before the finnish lines. Russian infantry still stormed Over the isthmus Sheil cratered Fields of Snow to he met in Manv cases with finnish Puu Kos hat to the crashing accompany Hunting knives in Hend to hand combat to the crashing accompaniment of shells and bombs. Imp it pack to last the finns indicated hopeful belief that the red army could not maintain this terrific Pace much longer and that delivery of food and munitions through i in Ingrad to the russians maed on the narrow isthmus must be an Ever increasing problem. Added to this possibility were finnish reports that the 54th russian division was in serious trouble in the Khmo sector about 30 Miles inside Finland at the Waistline Frontier and that attacks North of Lake Ladoga in a flanking attempt had been thrown Hack. Discussing the invasion which began nov. 30 after Finland refused russian demand for territorial and military concessions Finland s president Kostl Kallio the a a first peasant a told news Cor re it Pond erns a everyone knows we Are outnumbered fifty to one but the issues at stake Are Clear. We j appreciate the sympathy shown us by americans in our struggle to be free indeed to live at ally i Bitt we really Hope our cause might stir onlookers abroad to offer us material help. A for after All we Are defending interests common to All civilized Peoples a if. However such help does not arrive we cannot change our course. A regardless of the Quot overwhelm Jing kids we would still carry on our fight if it must be alone. A the alternative is extinction for our nation. A if the world ignores us in our need we have no Choice but j to fight to the last the venerable president spoke after the finnish army had been augmented to an undetermined extent by the calling to the colors of the class of 1197�?men of 42 and 43. Many of this age already Are serving As officers in the Little army whose maximum strength has been estimated at about 350,-ooo. Ordered to move her Collie i Hess from the Hospital miss e land a Young nurse gave up her position with in Ollow View Hospital near Blackburn fug land rather than be parted from her pet. A Uncle Sam s worst Forest fire occurred on sept. I 189 4. When a fire swept parts of three states j Michigan Minnesota and Wisconsin. Many persons saved their lives by standing thin deep in lakes but More than 600 Whites and an unknown number of indians burned to death. Where mob violence followed Murde St negro witnesses saved from angry crowd by troopers special meeting of the stockholders of the Atlantic building a loan association a special meeting of the stockholders of the quantic building a loan Anocia Tion will a held on the 4th Day of March. Imo at seven thirty o clock p m., at Security Bank building High Point North Carolina for the purpose of electing s Board of director receiving and acting upon tit reports of officer considering and acting upon proposed amendment to the Constitution and by in we of the company in respect to the time of the annual meeting the notice required for the annual meeting the duties of the executive committee the authorization of additional classes of Stock raising the age limit of minor to own and Deal with Stock a person of age. Extending the territorial limit of Security uttered for Loans repeal of Section 3 of article i of the Constitution and for such other business a May properly come before the meeting this ult 26th Day of january Imo. Board or directors. By e c. Cridlebaugh. 2-8-15-22-29. Secretary. It t pictured above Ere the scene of the murder which precipitated mob violence in Maryland mid principal in a supposed ditching attempt. In Conter is the Stockton ., farmhouse where Harvey. Pilchard a murdered and his wife wounded by intruders. Following the reported jailing of a suspect in Snow Hill ., an enraged mob smashed into the prison seized two negro women Inse Lichi As material witnesses Man in Black rollick la .1111 Lier daughter Virginia. Stale police Pur wed tile Kidnap minion Ade Aud replied the women Atter ii titling Lite mob. Slid Hall who attempted to bold off the Molt is pictured at Rij with Pollee thief a. W. Hitting Liam in uniform of pts Moke . To Dye or not to ? that problem Fach Gray haired woman mum deride herself by Elk i \ Haim Nea service staff writer a to Dye or not to every woman faces this i. Lemma the Day she notices that the few Gray hairs she has been ignoring have Milt Plind to the Point where ignoring them is no i longer possible. When All is said and done the advice she gets on both sides of the question will serve to make the Issue More confusing her friends who have had Gray hair for years will Tell her that Only a j silly frivolous superficial kind of woman would think of dyeing her i hair. Those who do have their i hair dyed will insist that Gray locks make one lok older and offer at least 19 obvious i reasons Why no woman wants to look older than she is. Let a expert Dye Hui you probably the sensible priced a tire would be to discuss Tho prob i Lem with nobody. Either go on and have Gray hair meanwhile is 9pr he w 4 we in in him g y in i it a in r Jay in i a a a before her White hair is Lovely of course but it does definitely put her in the a older homa Quot category. Hoping that it will soon be All White instead of a mixture of Gray and Brown or Gray and Black or else have it dyed and say nothing to anyone. Whether she makes Tho latter Choice for reasons that have to do with her career or because she feels that Gray hairs Are synonymous with Heartbreak Are or for some other less serious reason so ought to make up her mind to have the Job properly done by a really Tine hair Dye expert who uses first Quality Dye. Then and there sin might As Well face the fact that it will be necessary to go Back to the Hairdresser of least once every two weeks. Nothing in the world is More unattractive than dyed hair which obviously needs re touching at the roots. She will have her hair dyed to match exactly its natural color. In other word if it la Brown with touches of Gray Brown Dye will be used a not Black not lighter blonde not red or Henna. When the Dye experts says that he prefers not to Dye the Short fuzz which frames her flee at the hairline she wont insist that he do it. This always is lighter than the rest of the hair. If he s determined to achieve a natural effect he probably will want to leave it lighter. In pm y a after Lier hair dyed to match its original color the Model looks years younger mature but youth fully so. A or go a a ii a of firs we sir Jefe x \ t v Wjk jul / Chi we a prep flashes of i by the associated press Ihm Rigi Rue Pittsburgh. Mrs. V4rl we. >2, robbed of her pm by a pick pocket was told by lice to walk on the other Aid the Highway to Lessen Chaur attack. She followed instructions a negro grabbed her purse. Her loss two , Siu Cash ail two pairs of Glasser farm problem it i v he. rut i r misled Iii cow and Call no High la a it a to help find her. Ten Days later Huller it no a Pitchfork into it Straw i into i her in wat ii in input weak from Lark water and feed. Pals Bethany .�?. A Lewis found a rat in the to of a barrel a wait till i get the cat Quot her husband. He tossed the cat into the in if Tilo Nae is waiting to watch the kill. After dinner he looked in barrel. The rat was snuggled tent edly beside the purring is Happy ending sax franc int 4. A for Oldis drifted apart from his Anre lit year ago. Recently lie retired it it hit a firm and the co Piid i 11. I i Currie a tribute to him. Marilla Hest Horn Iii sweetheart Hgt then a wid read ii and invited Oldis to a her. H i a a u n ii in and Are going to Honolulu their honeymoon. A a a fuel dealer of Germany handling less than to tons a a Nom ii Lim and o \ he Iii 2on tons before Tho present to age. A dyeing hair dyes have improved within the past few years. The process is simpler not so expensive and produces More natural in satisfactory results than formerly. Icl7p this i the prehistoric riot heres were not True pigs nor even related to them although the resemblance to wild hogs living today in Europe is striking. They had very powerful cutting Teeth two heavy clawed toes on each foot and have no direct descendants extant today. A favorite wartime songs in Australia Are a we re going to hang our washing on the Siegfried line a a Little drummer a a done to cry when we say goodbye Quot and Quot there will always be an a a. Argentina has voted additional funds fur reconstruction of the trans Alpine railway Over the Andes mountains. I t q a i % company in its s. Main St. Stop look read special Purchase 39c sue Dine slippers extra 4 value extra Corn it t an sufi tiny in Mui r ism st3 added sol in and heels. Lined thursday Friday saturday Only special Sale ilk in Nish heart a Klages Rosser lockets pins Signet rings by be Leth free a engraving a free also Argentine Gem Whitestone Hirth Ston in wedding Rands la of Onyx dinner rings Cameo Blue irions each ring perfect in net and color unlimited guarantee against tarnish. Loss of atone or brilliancy. Must be seen to be appreciated. Each ring stands acid fire or water tests. White or yellow mounting to choose from. Hey Les for men women and Mildren it v a bring this Coupon and. Make Youk Selet Hon Karly Efird s dept. Store Point n. C. Do not confuse this with any other Sal

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