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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 15, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Page four Sec. A Ige Point Enterprise put fuhed it Moons and sunday mornings the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High j. P. Rawley. Publisher 1915�?1937 b Terry. .7.i president a. Rawley Sec a and Tress. Amm set a. Cecil Gen. Mgr. Pus m. Waynick editor subscription rates Dally and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby town Larch month. $10 40 x months. T 5.20 free months. $ 2.60 be month. 90 be week 20 carriers in nearby town Are not permitted to collect for More than one week in Advance. Leat in us. i a a jct for a period of More than five weeks. Ii a us ascription for a longer period la desired Ornt should be made direct to office. I the associated press is exclude Lovely in hied to the us for republication of All dispatch be credited to it or not other ise credited in this paper and also the peal news published therein. Member or audit Bureau of 1 circulation in a Span of just a few years. The pens As a our governors former one Cost the late governor and school teachers Are alike also Ritchie his hold on office. In this they Hope for much sex the Lynching spirit in that part pet Little Are gratified to a de of Maryland is neither weaker Gree Over any a a plums bestowed nor stronger than that which by the conservative general As arises under the same kind of Sembly and persistently plot new provocation in other sections far lines of attack. That a life the Thor North As Well As farther condition in general of Man who South. The Law enforcement offi never is but always to be Blest. Cers of the states and those Citi Zens who work for general social improvement Are making Progress against that spirit. We believe that the Reidsville review holds the opinion that a War is never Good for we Are not so sure Federal Assumption of of that. It is True that Many Citi larger police responsibility might Zens in America during the world have about the same effect on War suffered from indigestion As this evil that it had on the Whis the result of anxiety but others key evil. Victory for Law and or thrived because of food rationing Der in both instances must be won Many Learned that they could get on local Battle grounds. Along All right with loss Moat and a a a Pond class matter St the Oato Flor n High Point. N. C. Under that of Congress of March 9. 1872. Strife and failure the Story of wars in the world is for the most part a sordid that bread made of Corn meal and potato flour was really wholesome. Certainly eggs milk and vegetables won new friends be National adv. Represent Atlee the John Budd co. 420 Lexington Ava. New York City Story a record of human wast cause of the War. After All this age and the destruction of some is a we still have memories of of the finest achievements of Man mpa rec digestion As Tho result in his Best moments in times of heartless meatless and wheat peace less Days a not so much Over the the Story however is Illumin themselves hut from the ated by High courage in spite of Bakers brewed by the dicta it the himself shall heavy Odds and we of today Are orders of Tho various and ror Hughie the him the heirs to that spirit which do drum strata is Bah the very idea k Aba minted those of other Days the a usin Sor hum in coff it in the men who for great ideals love of p e of sugar thursday february i5, 1940. Cd Jim Ign Elf shall be . Luke 14 11. It is wonderful How near conceit is of Insan h. It Waer s latest of his to f Kurn the year of the death struggle of the old South. 1864, it orge Washington Carver Nero scientist is at an age when los natural expectancy is for a Ery Short period of further serve. This week he gave his life savings too in Cash and government Bonds to a foundation to continue research in creative chemistry a Field in which he forked with great distinction. Some years ago a Bank failure deduced or. Carvery a savings and it understand the $33,000 is about All to has loft. But Tho lean rears which ate his substance mid not consume the contrib dons his Genius and his Devotion id made to his own and succed generation. The South partic i i a my obligations country and Home were willing to Battle to the death. William Wetmore Story an american poet of the nineteenth Century in a Flo victims a Sang a the hymn of the Low and Humble the weary the broken in heart who strove and who failed acting bravely a silent and desperate part whose youth bore no Flower on its branches whose Hope burned in ashes away from whose hands slipped the prize they had grasped at who stood in the dying of Day with the wreck of their life All around them Unpi tied unheeded alone with death swooping Down out a their failure and All but their Faith the finns today Are not a Sun pitied unheeded but the help that is trickling through to them seems quite inadequate in View of their desperate situation. The president of Finland last with Dole Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people o this coloured Man born of slave Arents who turned his creative kill to channels of special importance to the Region. Among the achievements of or. Ai ver were the discovery of 300 Tau Able uses for the Peanut 118 for the tweet potato and Many for Cotton waste products. The barrenness and poverty in his environment challenged a great Hind and heart into liveliest of one Day a Hawker Selling maps left one in the Home of a peasant boy in Poland. The boys name was Josef Korzeniowski. After the Man had gone he examined the map. And the More he looked at it. The More fascinated he became. A spot that especially lured him was a Pink one in Africa the belgian Congo. He put his Finger on the Blob of Pink and said to going there. In a going to see that some he Bent All his energies toward carrying out that idea. But he found that he would have to learn English if he was to travel on an English sailing ship and so he began the study of the night told newspaper Mon of How English language which he not Only mastered hut which he Learned to love so intensely that the desire to be a thursday. February 13. 940 Walter Winchell on Broadway Trade Mark Het Aera. Corral i in. Dally mar Rwy me emf he to we news press i prop and editor w. Winchell greatly his Quot country needed material but he followed the statement with this poignant word a of however such help does not arrive we cannot change our course. Regardless of the overwhelming Odds we would carry on our fight if it must be for parallels one thinks of the spartans at the pass of thermopylae the British in the charge 9 a a a mrs. W Atri a Little girl who is beaux As we All have heard Tell but Home in March from abroad where writer grow on him. He changed his name to Joseph Conrad and to Joseph Conrad the English language became an Art he Cut to psf out of the language As carefully and painstakingly As a lapidary Chisling a Diamond. Finally he went to the exact spot indicated on the map where he had put his Finger. He not Only went there. He wrote a Book with the scene Laid in that Section. He formed a purpose and he never wavered. A Young Irish italian boy was Reading on Day in the journal of Ren Nick named Brenda Frazier has Many the one she May marry is expected Back he works for Uncle Sam in the diplomatic corps. His name is Ogden Hammond. Jr., it seems be editor Pooh Pooh a Dame Rumo but Young Hammonds Mother is so saying. D Kenyon of the. Tical fire out of a Cloud. The boy was Pickett a charge in the High tide fascinated. He hunted of the Battle of Gettysburg. Wrilen in 1750 hunted up Franklin s to the Royal a a a journal a i no fort in his Case and he comes to Lient brigade at Balaklava Iran it a Franklin in his journal Frank lit old age Rich in achievements using the crimean War. And h, a Quot my in the admiration and gratitude of millions of his Fellowmen. Or. Carver is of that limited com it and of the truly great a that Small number of men who extend the frontiers of known truth and who Are privileged to Wield in the interest of the common Good a newspapers who was sick is up and about As usual. There was great excitement among Kin in the Midwest who first Learned about it Over their radio and thought they heard the Man say that mrs. Runyon had hit him. That be True of course. Ii cause mrs. R. Had Cut Heitell in the Kitchen and had her hitting hand in bandages at the time. Tom Corcoran who works Over at the White House is seeing the sights up Montreal Way. Looking Over honeymoon Sites Tom Roosevelt the Pic resident boy pulled off a Good one the other morning. When a reporter from the news press asked him what he thought of Bill Green of the a. F. Of l., and John Lewis of the c. I. Of. Young Roosevelt said that Green wants to run the unions and John country. Wants to run the t. De Marco the Slick stepper is in a quandary. His wife Renee is considering a divorce but the other night at their opening at Art Childers Royal Palm place she got three bouquets of orchids from As Many admirers including his but the ones she wore that night were Tony a. Faint heart ten years ago % local a we a principal R. Johnston of the local High school was one of the speakers today in the meeting of principals at Wilmington. A or. Charles e. Maddry Secretary of the state Baptist Mission Board will speak tomorrow sunday night at the first Baptist Church. A the High Point Kiwan ians gave a Valentine party to City children last night at the country club. About people a a Bootlegger and a negro whiskey buyer have been arrested in Washington d. C. The guilt of the purchaser is to be determined in a test Case. A Corra Harriss. Famous novelist is to head the chair of Quot evil at Rollins College Winter Park. Fla. A the Byrd party is breaking Camp at Little America. A president Hoover will leave Florida today for Washington. Twenty years ago Bruce Cotton in Washington Navy system faces shakeup by Congress Washington feb. Hie whole argument Over the Bauc organization of the u. S. Navy the system which is blamed for those much written of Quot to heavy destroyers and so on is about to get a thorough overhauling by Congress. Out of it May come a Long overdue revision of the entire Navy set up. A special sub Committer of tile Housel naval affairs commute is currently be ginning hearings on two plans for nay reorganization one submitted by congressman Vinson of Georgia chairman of the naval affairs committee the other by congressman Maas of Mii in to to the ranking Republican on the committee. These Bills differ widely in details but both Are aimed at the same defect a system under which the Navy lacks Central professional authority and does its work through a set of almost completely Independent bureaus. Military control is divided As things stand now. The Navy actually has no one military head. Chief of naval operations is the High est ranking officer but he is Only in charge of the operation of the flee and the preparation of War planes. Thi mine Bureau through which the Navy routine work is done Are not r Hie to him at All each one is headed by a rear Admiral w to is named by the president each Bureau has its own appropriation the bureaus accordingly Are to great extent their own Bosses. The Secretary of the Navy has authority ova them but when there is a conflict Between two bureaus he is Apt to get saddled with an intricate technical problem he is not qualified to decide. Top heavy destroyers result of system out of All of this according to competent critics come such things a this top heavy destroyers. Those destroyers Arentt really top heavy by the Way in the sense that they re unsafe sea boots one Bureau construction and pair designs hulls Armor plate Ane so on. Another engineering is responsible for propulsion machinery. A responsible Foi tonsils Iwami never won fair lady. Tony As the Well known saying goes. Still. A ,. A ,. Electrical society of London and read that within Man which helps in j to Quot in a going to find out to to was what that electrical fire was Quot the boy third ordinance armaments. Suppose construction and repair starts a new Cruiser. It Consulta wit. The other two bureaus finds out wha they re going to put in the ship an where they re going to put it and Goe ahead. Some months later the design finished. Meanwhile Advance in or fingering and gunnery have Hee made. The Bureau of engineering specifies certain new machinery ordinance decides to make a few changes to in stall for instance a set of the new 1.1 antiaircraft guns where it original planned to put the much lighter Caliper machine gun. Result a Ahi whose stability Factor in t at All wha originally planned. It s nobody fault simply happened because of they tem. F. I. K once tried to reorganize Navy Secretary Edison has Bee striving to set things right. He made some shifts in personnel hat ant him to Force his a heart and nerve. And sinew to serve his turn in a started in soon found out worthy cause regardless of the he Tad Trindl consequences to himself is just he never deviated from it during his that which the world will not will whole life. That Irish italian boy Inelve let die wars Slaughter and Marconi inventor of wireless Telegram Unda mental creative Power. All a a d1 wars Slaughter Ana Phy and a a Thor of rirti0. A. Amer ii in destruction cannot dim the glory this does t mean you should go to onor to this great american. Of hat. U he a Noik in Congo or to Tho North r4 i a a germans will not be marking time Germany jealous of waste at All times is not Likely to be maintaining a million or so men in the Siegfried defences in idleness. In All probability the West Wall is being strengthened not Only for defense of the Reich but with a View to a Spring offensive. The allies Are Alert to this probability. In fact their engineers Are speculating As to the extent Ger Man forces May be tunnelling Toa a f�?oo7jla Parnes y and. A sincerely you will gain some modicum wards the Maginot line. It is of Success. You May not be president known that German miners have of the United states but you will Dis been withdrawn in Large numbers Tina ish yourself the world ii full of. ,. ,. Purposeless people ships without Rud from their Ordinary work. The a a presumption that they Are employed in tunnelling is logical. When the fighting really begins in the West after Winter ends some important effects from this period of apparent watchful waiting Are to be expected. These will new and View a Are confident i designated the chief of the by p him. In i a. A a or. Billingsley wife of the 53rd Street storekeeper a been promoted or. B. Has put her in charge of i Branch around the Corner Quot the 9 6�?Tclock club Quot by name patronized by the snippy set. Art Godoy Champion ainu to who we on renown the other even a by fist fighting with the easily Scart. Art once saved four Folk from drowning in rothing sectional about i 111 mob Nimri i interracial conditions worse than those in some of the deep Southern areas where the coloured population outnumbers the Whites exist in Hie Peninsula known As the fast pm Shore of Maryland. This week rioting has occurred in the area and state police Are there now supervising Man Hunt with orders to present Lynching at any Cost. A Lynching is not unlikely if the mob now searching for a negro murderer and rapist finds its Man. If it does occur the incident will be list d to Point the need for Federal anti Lynching Law. The fallacy in the argument will be the notion that a Federal statute with its penalty applicable against officers of the Law and the county i would Abate the kind of fury that is raging on the Eastern Shore. In the Waters around the Peninsula Many of the country a finest i Oyster Beds Are located. Congregated there among the workers in connection with the fisheries Are Many Tough individuals criminals and near criminals from All reports. The social conditions Are abnormal. The hideous crime and the Aro sement of the people against the criminal which occurred this week constitute the second incident of the sort in the to pole or work toward new discoveries in radio but it does mean that you can met you Naif a purpose in life and never deviate from it. If you do this and work conscientiously your purpose will carry you far. Do not flit from one purpose to another. Get a deep driving impulse and stick to it. It is one of the secrets of Success. Thomas Carlyle the famous historian wrote something else than Quot the history of the French something far far Shorter. Something very important. This is it Quot have a purpose in life and. Having it. Throw into your work All the strength of mind and muscle that god has Given _ Sui a me a vein Iii is it i la 11 a ill the shark infested Waters near Minsky Spier in Miami. According to report around the stove Over at Breeding s Gene a store. I pm Holt the actor pulled off a funny joke around or. Roney plazas Pool on the Sabbath. Seems a big town Colum and radio Feller was grumbling about How he had a Colum to scribble and a broadcast to fill up and then another broadcast the same night to the coast and such. said the complainer Quot i got to read and answer a lot of Quot Yeh a said Lorn Quot and then you got to take All that Money to the Bank Quot. People standing round laughed fit to kill. A i sorry Fisher the Man who got prosperous Selling bodies for autos attended the crap game Over at a Deuce a a place but just looked on. Nothing ventured nothing gained Larry As the saying goes. Col. Kelly of n. J. Was a big player the same even a. Every time he puts Sido on a Quot hard Way number and it wins he turns those winnings usually from 8 to to to i to the most attractive Belle nearby. Abner feel of the radio a become quite a Masher of late or since i former spouse Matilda Talmadge gave him the go by. Ever time he sees a new Cutie in these parts he gets cute like and says Quot who a you a Ile took a show Gal named Bunny Waters to the Hialeah race track t other afternoon and sporting like wagered $10 for her on a Hunch because the horse happened to be named Quot Bunny Rabbitt a which had no reputation to speak of and sure enough Quot Bunny Rabbitts came in first paying about $j.70 across the Board As the saying goes but Abner lost $13 on the Day a a Iii Phillip of new Haven and other parts had a joke about be editor in his Colum space t other afternoon. Seems be editor Hod written some. A us thing about wondering How come his hair was thinning so considering no Ders. They blow first one direction body among his Kinfolk Ever had such trouble. Iii answered Back me be it then another. Is because of Quot All the incessant combing Walter. Well perhaps me be i meant Quot combing All the time for news or Quot combing people out of his i the lower regions will be Frozen Over and satan giving a skating party before postmaster general Burleson reigns. The hotel proposition is looking up to the extent of nine Winston Salem journal finds that there Are no cuss words in the japanese language but adds that with the shipment of Many Missouri mules to Japan the japs May be trusted to invent some. They now propose to exile the Kaiser outside of Europe. Maybe the United states would be willing to lend the Island of Yap for that purpose. Birthday of statesman today. February 15, is the birthday of Elihu Root. He was born in Clinton n. Y., in 1845. Both As a private citizen and As a Public official he has performed labors which have securely established his claim to the gratitude of the american people. He has been Secretary of War arbitrator in the Ameri can Canadian Boundary dispute. U. S. Senator and u. S. Counsel on several International tribunals he was awarded. In 1912, the Nobel peace prize in recognition of great services in the cause of world peace. Or. Root died feb. 7. 1937.�?compiler. My sleep was untroubled my appetite was better and i had much More fun out of life w Hen i was just a supporting Tracy Hollywood actor. Reau of construction and repair a4 coordinating officer. Both a Foiw Pamental change in set up is Needer although they differ on the nature in the change needed. Changing the Navy s organization a Tough Job. Barit in i i 4 an assistant Secretary of the Navy Naomd Franklin Roosevelt a named Vad of a com Mittee to study the system and Recor mend improvements. The committee worked hard am made recommendations but nothing Ever came of it. The first propagandist in the work w a a w a Man w to t liked a Man into eating an Apple in the Garden of Eden i n c w it i a a 1 la it Poliy department. L Nive sit it of Idabel mayor la Guardia will have to \ from now on or someone will elect him president behind his Back. A or Izzy keen he said it hair we guess. Whether you like the government they have in Finland or whether you be surprises Only to the extent the on Lik it it 1jlat government it is cer Allied technicians by failure in alertness permit them to be. That the germans will be using the period of a a waiting for something More promising than Ordinary drilling is a certainty. Mainly not for you to decide. A mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt addressing american youth Congress in Washington. Too bad about old Dan Parker the sporting writer ailing that Way. Works too hard so say we. And for what so say we just to be called the Best All around sporting writer there is get better soon so say we which is the sincere wish of All his admirers both male and female Etc. Elaine Barrie who needs no introduction must be getting famous. Seems there is now a dance act called Elaine amp Barrie appearing Ort the boards appearing Elaine a too. Hereabouts. A better act it seems than Quot information please quartet on the radio poked John Lewis indicates he is willing to Compromise a. F. Of . I. O. Dif As Long As everything goos i Ranky Adams of the fun last week people Are Only too willing to outlaw movements they fear. They Are Only too easily diverted from the real issues confronting the country in the tragedy of unemployment and poverty by the red herring of communism drawn by the Dies committee across the path of n. Baldwin. Director american civil liberties Union. Feigner his Way. In the news i he Greensboro news declares mrs. Rooms that Roosevelt s efforts to locate via Telephone for american youth Congress delegates turned out a governors come and go to be pretty successful she will he. M. I much in demand to conduct Telephone and for that matter of do school Rympa sons Fol. slim on Ftp the. Teachers a and nothing much Hap Benefit parties. B. Bernie who is fit again after ailing with an operation sure has a red face of late. Seems that during the two weeks the old Maestro soands was away sick his program rating went from 11.5 to 13.4. Hats off to judge Rothenberg for fining two Law violators $5 each. It is High time Justice was done so say we about the loafers who take the confucius savings from pc editor and soil them in hut Uhos for a Nickel when Biti them for Only 2c, the mice of the sayings from be editor and soil them la it Ai Aubic Roberi know they can alway All hell is liable to break Loose in Europe this p. Kennedy. U. S. Ambassador to great Britain Home on leave. Palier. Besides As the saying goes nothing makes confucius feel in Doghouse As seeing so Many copy cats. Thought for an editorial by be editor a lot of Fellers who refused to embrace the stars and stripes seem t he winding up with just the stripes. With caution hit seems like the Waring nations of Europe air anxious to begin hostilities. Trouble is they All know better than to Start fighting where they re at. According to the papers they of a notion to shift action to the near East in the Early Spring if they Fol get the neutrals to help out he Raiv and Turkey air making plans Fer warm reception but they ainu to extent in no invitations till the it get Beth offers. Italy ainu to Sayin much. Reminds me of the time we wan cd to have a sunday school pm Al everybody wanted the picnic but be body wanted to have it close to Watermelon Patch. So Uncle Doc up it. He said Quot lets everybody eat picnic dinner at

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