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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 15, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Wednesday. For Druary 13. 1039ttfr Mon Point Enterprise of ind attry Tuch Point. North Carolina Page three budget takes it on Chin actions w ill he reviewed on floors of hot ii houses by Hin by Krim Enterprise Bureau sir Walter hotel Kaleigh feb. 15. Kid balanced budget took two hard pokes to the jaw in yesterday s fight in the finance committee ring. To begin with the committee roared Down without even demand for a division a motion to reopen the sales tax Section with a View to replacing Basic building materials in the Ever lengthening list of goods wares and chattels upon which tar heels must Fork Over that much cussed three pennies on the Dollar. V then a bit later it fixed the franchise tax on railroads operating in the state at 75 cents per $1,000 instead of the of cents the present rate and the rate recommended in the budget commissions draft of the Revenue Bill. The first action stalled off. Temporarily at least vigorous efforts of Senate chairman h. P. Taylor to get Back into the Revenue Bill the $400,000 annual return estimated from the tax on Basic building supplies. The second took out of the estimated receipts for the next i biennium something Uke $230,-000 ant Faux. At that the committee As a whole recaptured something More than $70,000 which would have been sliced off each year s prospective returns had the report of the subcommittee on railroads been adopted. This report called for a slash to 70 cents on the $1,000. In passing it should he said that both these actions will be reviewed on the floor of both houses of the legislature and that the a figures and findings Are not St All certain of adoption in the final writing of the Revenue Hill. % Mystic rites figure in Quot murder for profit Quot mystery definition of newspaper is asked by Gold Enterprise Bureau sir Walter hotel by Ivy is but Bai . Feb. 15. Question a what in a Tho newspaper Quot has never been legally answerer in North Carolina but a Bill offered by senator Tom Gold and now pending before his judiciary committee attempts in Supply the answer. This Bill if enacted into Law will void advertisement of Legal notices in papers which have not been published at least once a week for fifty one of the to weeks immediately preceding the first advertisement. Other requirements Are that the palier Lutish have second class mailing privilege arum have a regular subscription list. No stated number Elf in liver Biers Ane no lived size of paper is required. Tile Bill is sponsored by the state press association Ane is designed to Weed out the Fly by night sheets that Spring up just in time to work political pull and gel publication Elf tax lists and other Public printing Ami then Fob tip Ane quit. Re a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a 4 4 4 4 Herman Petri limbs. Alfonsi a Many As Fen murder to collect Klio us insurance Are Sun murder ring timing investigated in Philadelphia. Belli xxx it ii out bail who peddled a fatal Quot charms. Arrested with him was his Cousin h a Olina Era a to Ami mrs. Stella Alfonsi xxx bos late husbands Are f lbs Pravato lice Ted to have been committed by is Paul Petrillo a tailor desc Alieel by moan Petrillo alleged head of the Ca inn to be victims. Pm Petrillo Iii alleged Philice a ring. Also Tri state arsenic a a switch doctor Quot held were mrs. Plus for Protection Charlotte. Feb. 15.-- a a a plea that America fully protect herself but keep out of other Peoples quarrels was made Here last night by general Smedley d. Butler retired officer of the u. S. Marines. Help stomach digest food without Laii Tivvis and you la est everything Bota soup to nuts to h thou 14 e1i it two Pound of frat it i it Xvi of j mint i try it j. Pm it or Rich food or you try nor out Burn #4 to re p or tvs your Hsy re Chi in twee out Tao it Irh hold tour food Dot it n l Elf Oil id Vuu hit St Herthum. A in Pun or tour a eoe i a too fool Lour. Turk and up #11 pm pot to my or Ruk a i us to for Komi a pin it id i rom a Ltd no la it a toot Tibt High Tito a so int for Indef a Ion Tontak the of a to Motoh sold her Rory of a a a it Tim to in til a of a Yew of in Jar for re of i an Mark la a muting pm in sap. Kro a it. A tar bes to for . Dry cleaners Given lesson in Quot cleaning Quot by attorney fees Caffey of Guilford collected Over three thousand dollars for commission via no Nisbet enter pro Bureau sir Walter hotel Raleigh feb. 15.�?when figures showing collection and expenditure of Money by the dry cleaners commission were made Public a number of legislators began to wonder of the commission Hadnot been Given a pretty thorough cleaning itself. Representative Virgil Wilson of Forsyth thought so when he introduced the Bill to abolish the commission. Figures presented at the committee hearing Oto the Wilson Bill show that Warren Mcneill of red Springs executive Secretary and John w. Caffey of Greensboro attorney and current chairman of the House appropriations committee got a Good Deal More than half the Money Gpe fit by the commission. Mcneill is listed is having received $5,850.00 in salary and $2,520.07 in expenses As Secretary while Caffey Mas paid $3,-747.1 7 Safe a for Legal service and diem 9452.94 expense Money s total for these two men of $12,-570.18. A headache Quot Relief Stanback Speed will amaze you Law great for neuralgia and similar inorganic pains. In use 27 years. Millions of Stan backs used yearly is Stanback faster try it and see snap fuck with Stanback Quot a of a 25t meantime the per dip of the commissioners the salary of the office manager per Dienje and expenses of four inspectors office equipment supplies Pic age Telephone. Etc., including every other i expense except the executive Secre nary and the lawyer amounted to $10,186.91, in other words i messes. Mcneil and Caffey got almost exactly 55 per cent of the total Money spent by the commission. In spite of this heavy draft upon its resources however the commission had on january 31, 1939, a balance of $10,003.91 in its Treasury. Or. Wilson does no to think that there is any justification for a commission collecting that much Money and rendering no More service than this one has done and he wants it abolished. Or. A Affey who sponsored the Bill setting up the commission two years ago. Is apparently Well satisfied with the manner in which it has operated. Greenville hit by Strong wind three Mons injured arid several houses in suburbs a roofed Greenville. S. C. Fob. 15. A a a Strong wind struck several Greenville suburbs Early today a roofing a number of houses and sending three persons to hospitals with minor injuries. Coming from a southwesterly direction around 6 05 a. Rn., the a storm struck Gantt Section about four Miles from the City and j caused damage to a number of residences. I the Poe Mill Village and the Mckenney on Bridge lose a trick to save a contract but protect entries at All costs by we. F. Mckenney for Farj american contract Bridge l eague cd hoj Ihms a pm ii amp a but Bown whether it Means lower prices for a month or for Jim a Day Jarl Lee a will continue to offer you lower prices e try to be one of the first to take advantage of a break in prices in the Market to give you sales to save von Money is 11 a r 11 e e a s idea of Good business for everybody a and we will have sales just As often As the right merchandise can he offered at lower than prevail no prices. Prices Are lower at Harllee s but Quality will be kept to Harlleen a High Standard. The question of entries surely a simple problem is one that sometimes stumps Many better than average players. South thought he could probably win a1 of the Diamond tricks As he held eight with three top honors in the combined hands. But suppose the suit did no to break when the Spade Jack held the opening Lead South saw that he needed Only six Diamond tricks a j4 v a q j 4 3 a k a 108 4 2 75 v k9 870 a j873 a k 7 a ass a to a a to 9654 a 6 5 rubber a. And w South w at North 1 a i a 2 v 2 n. T. Pas 3 3# pan 3 n t opener a to. An Ltd overtaken with the Ace the Queen followed and when West discarded. South had reason to be proud of his careful play. A Diamond trick was conceded to East a Jack and South fulfilled his contract. South would have been set if he had blandly assumed that three straight leads would drop the Jack of diamonds. If he had cashed the King of diamonds he would have to use the Ace of Spades to continue with the suit. Then when the suit failed to break South would have no pos Bible entry for his Long diamonds. I contract problem solution in next Issue North a what appears to be an impossible contract six no Trump. He has a loser in every suit. How can he play for a squeeze that will give him Victory a k 8 6 v 6 a a 10 9 5 4 a a 9 new shipment of 9384 pieces Ohio pottery on Sale commencing tomorrow Rin of the Kiln Beautiful Bright mexican colors the door slides Down. For maximum storage space slide rite wardrobe vases Mower boxes Flower pots in dozens and dozens shapes and color a beige if perfect would Well up to St of 12c in Iid pottery water Bright colors with handle of perfect would be Sec Quot curses foiled. By that new Brown bottle Quot of give him his needed nine. He i was sure of two Spades and the heart Ace. Dummy clubs pre a vented any run of a Large num Ber of tricks in that suit. The danger was that the South it hand might be left without an j entry for the Long suit. If an a attempt were made to win seven tricks in diamonds. For this Rea soon the Diamond King was leu a q 5 2 Vjio 7 3 a j 2 a 7 4 3 2 a j 43 a 9 8 5 4 a q80 a 10 5 a a 10 9 7 a a j2 a 7 a q j 8 6 duplicate both opener a 9. Vul. 15 Uncle rays Corner i Page fiesta Mem colors an do with Spring ing Flowers t vases defiled in event. Would be lie coming bring my so Many this is a time. 8 toot wide is Inch deep i Lee Tell the inexpensive closet Aith expensive features Orange crush announces the safest bottle under the Sun a yes sir sunlight in a grand thing in its place. ,. But of inside a beverage bottle for sunlight is the Archenemy of Many delicate flax ors a penetrating Ordinary bottles a and stealing the flavor away before the bottle is Ever opened that a Why or nok Crl so has developed the vein Broun flavor guarding bottle a the bottle that Maxs a unix a to harmful Light rays that protects every last hit of All the original goodness of or Ange cd Usi carbonated beverage this new flavor guarding bottle is your i surant that von get All of the frosty fresh fruit flavor that is sealed into or Ange Brusil. And remember there a no increase in Price h Hole Sorne. Thirst quenching of a nge crush is still Only five cents a bottle. Drink or carbonated beverage in the sew Broun flavor guarding bottle a approved by Rood housekeeping Bureau Orange crust carbonated beverage in the new Brown flavor guarding bottle a Short history of China a his a ran and Korea More than 2.500 years ago Japan was settled by people who were later to play an important part in chinese history. The Early history of a Ian is not dear in every Way. We do not know the exact a a a lock Quot of the japanese but it seems certain that their ancestors were of mixed Raies. Most Early japanese Are believed to have been settlers from northeastern Asia. Relatives of the chinese. We have Good proofs however that Large numbers of people from the South sen islands reached Japan in an Dent times. They must have married with the settlers from Asia Japan obtained its system of writing from China. There have been Many changes to be sure hut present Day japanese writing is a great Deal like chinese. The islands of Japan were settled Long ago by people known As Ainos. The minus were driven from one Island to another by the later settlers those now left keep to themselves and have Only a few villages. Their history May lie compared to that of the american Indian North of Mexico. The it real japanese that is the people who now make up the vast majority of the inhabitants have Black hair and lightly coloured skins. We Hie in the custom of speaking of their skins As a yellow Quot but it is closer to the truth to say that the japanese have very Light Brown skins with a tinge of yellow in the Brown. Stretching far out from the coast of Asia and almost reaching the japanese islands is a jut of land known As Korea or chosen. It is nearly As Large As Italy not counting Sicily and is like Italy in some other ways. For instance it has a a Mountain Backbone Quot like Italy a. Legend tells us Korea was settled by 5,000 chinese led by a Man named Kija. This is supposed to have happened almost 3,100 rears ago. For a time my see big window display no deliveries a no Laya Vav no c o d. I on Sale Down stairs this is Iti your yearly Opportunity $1.69 tomorrow Friday saturday Tho japanese invaded Korea three mid a half Century ago. Korea wag a kingdom. It became a part of the chinese Empire in the time of Kuniai Khan. Three and a half centuries ago. Japanese soldiers made attacks on Korea they won some Success hut at length were driven away by chinese armies. Forty four years ago Japan made War with China again and this time they were the victors by the peace treaty. China gave up Korea. Japan let it he a a free country for a time hut in 191 added it to her Empire calling it when Japan obtained Power Over Korea it gave her a foothold on the Mainland of Asia this foothold has helped Japan a armies to win Power Over Manchuria and other parts of China. For history Section of your scrapbook if you wish a copy of a True adventure stories Quot you May secure it by addressing a request to me in care of this newspaper. Enclose a self addressed 3c stamped return envelope. Uncle Ray. Tomorrow manchus and pigtails Park place Section were hit shortly afterwards and first reports revealed a number of negro houses in the latter area were levelled. A number of houses also were a roofed in both sections. Plate Glass windows in a num Ber of Uptown stores were broken by the Force of the wind and flying debris and a dozen or More chimneys within the City limits were wrecked. No immediate estimate of the damage could be obtained. Hospital attaches said it was believed the injured persons were Hurt Only slightly. Wit Dent con eeb in it e Greensboro n. Cd a feb. 15. A i pm the North Carolina methodist students conference will open bore tomorrow and continue through saturday or. Hornell Hart of Duke University xviii or the keynote speaker. Or. Davis speaker Durham. N. Pm feb. 15 up a or. Loyal Davis of Northwest pm University medical school will speak at a meeting of physicians from the North Central Section of the state Here tonight. 4 a dui free Toni traction a sets up in a Jiffy fold hat when it not in use a equipped with full length Pat j anted Odora retainer which emits a penetrating fragrance 4 mail and phone orders filled i regularly is regularly $1.15 regularly $1.25 si00 si10 lust once a year Nomen stockings Are Avail Able at lower than regular prices. And women who know these famous Long wearing Beauty till stockings buy enough for months ahead / i or these Are no Odd lots or left overs but fresh new Stock in the season s smartest colors and a full Range of styles and sizes of you be never worn Nomen stockings before Here s an unusual Chance to get acquainted with their Many Many Virtues. 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