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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 14, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise to be carried Over monday afternoon february 11. 1972. Section b Somas 1-Market session cancelled a her mrs. Harry Jacobs mrs. Sanders Dallas jr., miss Palla Arnold l r discuss program photo by Mark Pottin by Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer because of a wide divergence of opinion a a meeting scheduled in High Point this week to consider a proposal for one major furniture Market a year has been cancelled. Announcement of the cancellation was made today by William e. Stevens or. President of the Southern furniture manufacturers Assn. The Board of directors of the Sema was to meet in High Point wednesday to consider the proposal. In his announcement today Stevens said the matter will be carried Over to the regularly scheduled meeting of the Board May 18-19. A it is apparent that More time is needed for the consideration of the subject a Stevens said. A marketing and distribution task Force of the Sema proposed last Dee. 13 that the Industry schedule Only one major Market a year. Presently National furniture shows Are held in High Point twice a year in april and in october. The task Force recommended that the one major Market with major style changes in furniture being introduced at that time be scheduled in the Early Spring. This would meet the needs program to feed elderly launched Here officially by Ray Hubbard Enterprise staff writer the launching of a program to feed some of High Points elderly citizens was formally announced today by several Public and civic agencies jointly supporting the project. At a news conference at Astor dowdy towers it was announced that the Council of jewish women and Church women United will jointly administer the program which initially will feed 50 elderly persons at least one meal a Day for five Days a week. The lunches will be prepared in the cafeterias of High Point Public schools. Initial funding comes from a Grant of $2,000 from the Guilford county office of economic Opportunity $500 from the Council of jewish women and More than $100 from the Plank Road civitan club. Co chairman for the project Are mrs. Harry Jacobs of the Council of jewish women and mrs. Sanders Dallas or. Of the Church women United. It is expected that the first meals will be served to some of those selected for the program within the next few Days a possibly this week. Virginia Mortimer of the High Point Public housing authority who spearheaded a Pilot project last fall said that it is hoped that eventually All of High Points elderly can be fed through the program. A we want to develop with the necessary flexibility to she said. The Pilot program grew out of a realization by the housing authority the department of social serv ices the Leo service centers and several Church groups that provision of meals for the elderly is one area for which no Agency Public or private has responsibility. During the Pilot project set up to test the feasibility of a feeding program Here six elderly men living in Public housing who lacked the ability to prepare a nutritionally balanced meal for themselves were served a hot lunch five Days a week for eight weeks. The meals were prepared and donated by a number of local restaurants and distributed by volunteers from among the agencies mentioned above. Success of the Pilot project led to formulation of plans and financing of the program announced today. Federal funds administered by the state department of Public instruction Are available for providing free meals through the Public schools lunch program in certain cases. And regulations allow others to pay the regular 45 cents for the school lunch provided certain criteria Are met. Mary Dillard school lunch supervisor said a we Are tickled to death to work with this program. I think it will open up a new world for the elderly and the children a horizons will be widened As the High Point City school lunch operation has for a number of years prepared and served meals to such programs As head Start Day care centers and Model cities sponsored summer programs for youth. The meals to be provided monday through Friday will be served in whatever school is nearest to the Homes of the elderly. Some of them probably will live close enough to a school to walk to the cafeteria. Others will be transported to a school by volunteers. Meals will be taken to the Home of a training session for volunteers who have been contacted to work with the program will be held wednesday at to a. In. At the first presbyterian Church. Those already contacted and any other persons a Man or woman a who would like to take part in the program Are urged to attend the training session to be conducted by Bob Weant of the Urban ministry. Those unable to make the daily trip to a school. The menus will be identical to those served students. The Leo has provided financial support for a similar program in Greensboro for the past two years called Mobile meals. Mrs. Mortimer says there Are hundreds of persons in High Point who could Benefit from such a program. Is a in some areas the need very great a she says a but there is a need throughout the a it is not just a matter of having Money to pay for a she explained. A it May be a severe Case of arthritis it May be despair born of sheer loneliness it May be simply inability to prepare a meal. But All of these cause elderly persons to go without proper food a mrs. Mortimer said. A we Hope in time to meet the needs of All of those in these situations without concern for cause or geographic location a she said. Mrs. Mortimer sees two major benefits from a feeding program in addition to the immediate meeting of health requirements. A such a program will mean earlier release for some see program on 2 b at City Council another plea made for burial space by Ray Hubbard Enterprise staff writer another urgent plea was made today for City Council to act quickly to provide a place for High Point s dead to be buried within the City. Councilman Sam Burford made the plea saying that several Black people have had to be buried in Thomasville within the past month because there is no place for them in High Point. A you have seen the pictures of vultures circling Over the dead slaughtered in Pakistan Well the same thing is going to be taking place Here unless we find a place to Bury our own Burford told councilmen meeting in a committee session the problem of cemetery space which the poor can afford has been before Council for several months. Green Hill cemetery where most of the less affluent of the Black Community have been buried for years is full. Early attempts to find additional i adjacent space at that cemetery failed. The matter has been in the hands of City manager Harold Cheek for some time. He promised today that a report on his efforts will be made at the regular thursday Council session. Discussion of the cemetery Issue led to Sharp criticism directed at the City manager from mayor Bill Bencini for Lack of prompt action and reporting on pending issues. A i hate to keep harping on this but i get tired of coming Back to issues Over and Over and nothing is he said a a it a time we heard from the armory question and the location of a new fire station a he said. The National guard has offered a Deal whereby the old armory facilities will be turned Over to the City at a City ready to go i j final plans awaited i 5 Sec on City parking lot w. R. Lemmons Lemmons Dies at age 64 Thomasville William Raymond Lemmons sr., 64. Of Pine Forest Heights was dead on arrival at Community general Hospital sunday night after suffering an apparent heart attack at his Home he had been in his usual health. He was born in Stokesdale aug. 27, 1907, a son of David Penn and Martha Pegram Lemmons and had lived in the Pilot school Community for the past 33 years. He received his grammar school education at Stokesdale and was a graduate of Jamestown High school. He was a charter member of High Point College and was a member of the first four year graduating class of the College where he received his . Degree in 1928. He received his principals certificate from Catawba College a b. Degree from the University of North Carolina and his masters degree also from there. He had served As principal at Pilot elementary school for the past 34 years. He served As teacher and principal during his career in Stokesdale Walnut Cove Pine Hall Randolph county and Davidson county. He was a member of Grace lutheran Church and had served on the Church Council. He was superintendent of the sunday school and had taught the menus Bible club members of the Pilot Grange members of the Nae members of the Pilot school Board and members of Thomasville Moose Lodge. See Lemmons on 2-b by Forrest Cates Enterprise staff writer the City will be ready to Start work on a Long planned of Street parking lot in downtown High Point As soon As final plans Are drawn City manager Harold Cheek said today. A a study of off Street parking to determine if this and another project the parking garage in the Plaza Block have been updated As required has been the manager said. A the updated report is very favourable for both the ground level lot is to be located in the Block bounded b y Washington Hamilton Wrenn and High streets. The property acquired by the City from t h e redevelopment commission has been partially developed for parking. Cheek said that plans will be pushed for completing the development of the lot. He added that at least part of the construction grading and paving will be let to private contractors. He estimated that the work should be under Way in a maximum of four months. He indicated however that the letting of contracts for the parking garage probably will not occur before the ground level parking lot is in operation. A a a e Are ready to move on the next step of the parking garage just As soon As financing is resolved a Cheek said. The next a a step would be Advance work in arranging Sale of Revenue Bonds. The City has set aside its portion of the Cost of the Structure but merchants and owners of downtown properties have not obtained full commitments to their portion. Councilmen Brief chamber on urgency of Bond Issue by Jim Hawkins Enterprise staff writer failure of a Bond Issue to provide $5.6 million for electrical improvements could Force High Point to a put a Clamp on growth a City councilmen told chamber of Commerce members today. Councilmen Roy Culler and Paul Clapp emphasized that the other Choice the City has would be to raise taxes to provide funds for needed improvements to the electric system. The Bond program which goes before voters March 7 was the main topic at a meeting of the chamber of Commerce local and state legislation committe attended by mayor Bill Bencini and six councilmen. City manager Harold Cheek told the group meeting at the Sheraton hotel that it would take a a very substantial tax increase to pay the Cost of expansion of the system. The plan to provide $350,000 through Bonds for renovations to the old City Hall and Paramount theater Structure Drew solid support from mayor Bencini who said the concept represents a a tremendous bargain for this town at this committee member Dean Rich noted that the plan to improve the City Hall building has drawn a positive response and that about 200 volunteers Are out working on this aspect of the Bond program. Culler and Clapp emphasized the need for electrical improvements during t h e breakfast session prior to today s Council committee session. Asked where the City would be if the electric Issue fails. Clapp said it would be a in the he and Culler said the City could refuse to add to service it now has the capacity for or it could make expansions to provide for new Industry or expanded facilities out of taxes. Discussion of the possibility of setting Money aside from income for capital improvements Drew Little support. Mayor Bencini explained that it would not be a a expedient politically for the Council to set aside funds and raise taxes at the same time. This he said would bring out criticisms. The group also discussed the possibility of separating functions of the electrical unit from the water and sewer operations. Mayor Bencini said the present operation is a too big for one department head. Noting that separation would make two units instead of one Bencini said this a should make for better management. In answer to a question about the possibility of letting local Banks collect Utility fees As is the Case in some cities Cheek said this has been Given some consideration but that no action has been taken. He said that if the City found the plan to be advantageous. It would undertake the plan. Cheek also noted that Over the past few years the City has borrowed about $2 8 million including $2.2 in 1959> for electrical improvements. He said that it has spent a lot More than that and that installations have included about 4.000 Street lights in the last to years. One of those present said the City has spent about $3 million out of Revenue for electrical improvements. The meeting today was planned As the first of a series of sessions with councilmen. Hunter Dalton committee chairman said it is hoped that the Sessons will be a Way of providing a Good communications Between the chamber of Commerce and the City Philip Dixon president told see councilmen on 2-b 4k Willard Thomas Thomas succumbs suddenly John Willard Thomas sr., 71, of 1504 Crestline or. Died Sud deny of a heart attack Early today at his Home. He had been in his usual health and death was unexpected. Or. Thomas was born of. 17, 1900, in London Ontario Canada a son of Berley Albert and Margaret Milne Thomas. On aug. 16, 1926, he was married to Mavis Burchette. He had been a resident of High Point since 1910 and graduated from the High Point City schools and attended Elon College. At the time of his death he was president of p. A. Thomas car works. Inc and a member of the Board of directors of two foreign subsidiaries. He was a charter member of Forest Hill presbyterian Church and had served As an elder Deacon and trustee of the Church. He was a member of the kiwanis club of High Point. He was a member of the Board of directors of High Point memorial Hospital North Carolina National Bank and was a past member of the Myca Board. Surviving Are his wife. Mrs. Mavis Burchette Thomas of the Home two sons John w. Thomas or. Of 504 Emerywood or. And p. A. Thomas of 1206 Lancaster place eight grandchildren two Sisters mrs. Melba t. Price and miss Mary e. Thomas both of Pine Ridge drive and one brother j. Norman Thomas of w. Lexing to Extension. Funeral will be held at 3 p. See Thomas on 2-b relatively Low Cost plus a site for a new facility. A new number i lire station to replace the old facility on Hamilton is to be built As soon As a suitable location is available. It Cheek replied that both projects involved negotiating for land and that these negotiations Are not normally made Public. Both issues have been pending since last fall. A subsequent report from the assistant manager Erie Scott today indicated that a site for the new National guard armory is close to selection and that the National guard is pleased with the City a cooperation. In another matter today the City was accused of appropriating right of Way for widening of s. Main Street and now is attempting to have property owners pay for assessments. Two attorneys Charles my anally and John Haworth appeared before Council to protest resolutions confirming assessment Rolls for Street improvements on s. Main. The two attorneys objected on the basis that the right of Way for the widening belonged to private property owners and that the City used the wrong authority in advertising the Public hearing on the assessment. Councilman Paul Clapp of the finance committee said that the state Highway commission which widened the Street from i s. 29-70 to the City limits on the South has been under the impression that it had too feet of right of Way. The matter has been turned Over to the state attorney general for negotiation of settlement with property owners he acknowledged that the City would have to pay for appropriated right of Way. The s. Main assessment is included in a Long list of assessment projects and will be re advertised to Correct the authority under which the assessments Are being made. Of retailers As Well As manufacturers in planning for business during the year the task Force indicated. In response to the task Force recommendation Stevens called a special meeting of the Sema Board for feb. 16. At the same time it was indicated the Board of directors of the furniture factories marketing Assn of the South would Ako meet on feb. 16 regarding the one Market a year proposal. The Fomas is the organization which schedules the april and october markets each year. There is an overlapping of membership on the Sema and the Fomas boards Stevens who i Quot executive vice president of Broyhill furniture industries in Lenoir is president of both the Sema and the Fomas. He also headed the task Force. Presumably if the Sema Board responded favourably to the one Market a year proposal it would also have been approved by the Fomas. The proposal for one major Market a year stirred a Strong reaction within the Industry in the last week in january it was revealed that no meeting of the Fomas Board had been called for feb. I. No meeting of the eem As is scheduled before the organization s annual session in May. Reportedly several of the largest manufacturers of ease goods Are opposed to changing the present schedule of major markets in april and october. Their opposition is causing the backing off from the task Force recommendation the Sema Board reportedly will seek an unanimity of opinion in its response to the proposal from the task Force. Following is the full statement by Stevens announcing the cancellation of the meeting wednesday. A when the marketing and distribution task Force passed its Resolution on Dei 13 favouring one Market a year it also requested that since the subject was of such widespread interest the president Call a special meeting of the Board of directors at an Early Date to consider the Resolution. Accordingly i called a meeting of the Board for eeb 16 a was the meeting Date approaches. I find that there is a wide divergence of opinion that can h rely be reconciled by eeb. 16. It is apparent that More time is needed for the consideration of the subject. A accordingly i have cancelled the meeting of the Board of directors scheduled for eeb 16. The matter will be carried Over to the regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of directors on May 18-19. A despite differences o f opinion regarding the subject. I sense among manufacturers a very conscientious concern for what is actually Best for the Industry and a willingness to discuss it. Ender these conditions i feel that the Best will eventually emerge provided we have the patience to talk it out. Police probing armed robberies High Point police Are investigating two robberies reported this morning about 8 30 a. In. And sunday about 5 30 . The target of this morning robbery was de amp Gene s red Dot in the 700 Block of s. Elm Street. Owner de Smith said he had just finished totalling up weekend receipts of Over $1,000 and placed the Money in a bag when the Bandit walked into the Small store. Smith said he did not see a gun but that the Man had one hand in his pocket leading him to believe the pocket might contain a weapon. Smith said the Man took the bag and fled on foot. Two other persons were in the store at the time of the robbery but both were Busy in other parts of the building and did not witness the incident. Larry Ellison of Dayton Street an employee of Toms Chicken Villa on English Road said he was working behind the counter when a teenager entered the business and stood around for a few seconds. Ellison said the youth then approached the counter pulled a .380 automatic pistol and said a this is a Ellison told police that he jumped across the counter and scuffled with the robber. Ellison received a minor gunshot wound in his hand during the struggle. He said the gunman escaped with about $100 in Small Bills

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