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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 14, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 6b High Point Enterprise monday february 14, 1972 a a a a /w.wav.v.v. .v.v.v.v.vav.wawam.mai. �?�mv/.v.v.v.viviv.�?T.viv.v.1 9$&$i$$,&9&99si9s&s99& x French writers across i French novelist Emile 5 Pierre 9 Eugene a a 12 goddess of discord 13 biblical name 14 Guido a note 15 town in Alaska 16 habitation garment 41 Sun caused coloration 43 internal Revenue officer a 44 secretive group 45 noun class 47 French poet Paul 49 resort near Venice answer to previous put ale l-rw79� i Iii Rar Iii ii Arr a Bra a a Ltd Plab in. A r la i to your Good health ng3ki 7i raw if Flam Kimi �61ji1u 18 French writer 52 chemical Marcel a 20 Ohio town 21 request 23 peer by nth smother 24 gaelic 25 apply color 27 capable 28 girls name 29 French writer 33 of summer 35 journalists concern 37 Swiss Canton 38 fall Flower 39 hindu suffix 53 object of worship 54 shred 55 Foo like part 56 withered 57 breakfast food pm Down 1 form of buddhism 2 Gold up 3 West Indian Birds 4 Jacobs son Douay Bible 31 shy 5 water Flower 32 Pitcher 6 corpulent 34 son of Belk 7 portable bib shelter 36 theatrical 8 Cyprinid fish abbreviation 9 Plant ovules 38 too 10 forearm 39 play part Bones 40 Buenos a a 11 consume food Argentina 17 carnivorous 41 singing voice mammals 19 Cereal grass 21 brazilian tree 22 mentally healthy 24 finial ornament. 26 artificial 27 everybody 29 1,006 roman 51 roman 30 Digraph goddess 42 anoint 45 French writer Andrea a 46 otherwise 47 dignitary. Coll 48 three toed sloths 50 excavate i 2 5 i a Quot 6 a 6 4 16 ii 12 13 14 15 16 of 18 19 j a 20 21 22 i in a 24 25 w l 27 28 b 31 to 33 34 a 36 36 3? r i 39 40 a 41 42 h 43 44 a 46 i i Titi by 52 53 54 55 56 57 14 Jacoby on bridge1 first trick keys . By Oswald a James Jacoby Oswald a your Mother and i will be in Minneapolis when this article appears. The Minneapolis athletic club is running a four Day Jacoby spectacular. We will lecture on Bridge Gin Rummy backgammon and any other games we May be asked Jim Quot Here is a re Good hand for a rubber Bridge lecture. South has Only 15 High card Points but he also has three tens and a couple of nines and his hand is Well Vorta a no Trump opening. With 9 High card club suit. North is Correct in jumping to game and it is up to South to make his Oswald a the contract is a Good one. South should win the first Spade because if lie ducks. East is Likely to shift to diamonds. Then if he takes the club finesse tie will wind up in the soup because East will win and Clear the diamonds. West will get in with the Ace if hearts and will Only come to eight Jim a it is up to South to see that he should take the club finesse immediately. He has an alternate line of play that gives him an extra Chance for his contract although it does risk a set of several tricks if everything goes wrong Quot Oswald a at trick two South should Lead a heart toward Dummy. Since West holds the Ace of hearts South will be sure to make a heart has enough doctors London apr Britain a National health service employed 21.709 family doctors in 1970 a the biggest number since the service was begun in 1948 the health department said that for the first time it appears to have recruited enough doctors to handle problems created by the population explosion. North 14 852 vk63 94 aq87s West East q 9 76 4 Jio Vas vqj74 a j652 4q873 63 k 4 2 South d aks v 109 8 2 Akio j 108 none vulnerable wast North feat 3 . Pas pass opening iced 6 South int. Paw when the doctor find fibroid tutors by George c. Thosteson . Dear. Or. Thosteson i am 33 with a child a year and a half old. My last checkup with my of doctor revealed a fibroid tumor. He did Tell me the size but did say that surgery was needed but he would prescribe birth control pills for me. Now that i know it is there i can feel it on my left Side. When is surgery recommended is another pregnancy advisable now will the tumor grow i now think i May have had thus tumor for years. Could this have caused a mis Carriage three years ago a mrs. J . First of All fibroid tutors of the uterus Are at All uncommon. They can be Large or Small single or multiple. Your doctor said Quot no Quot on birth control pills As a precaution he wants to avoid the Chance that the hormones in the pills might Speed up growth of the fibroid. In the majority of cases these fibroid cause Little or no trouble and it is accepted practice to leave them alone but keep track of whether they Are growing or remaining Static. It is quite possible that you May have had yours for some time. Of a fibroid becomes Large enough to cause trouble bleeding discomfort or the like that is time enough to remove it. If it Isnit causing any trouble then leave it alone. Indeed fibroid quite often shrink after menopause and in that Case nothing Ever need be done about them. If surgical removal is necessary occasionally a fibroid can be taken out without removing the whole uterus Hysterectomy but often. More generally the uterus has to be sacrificed and that is a Good reason for resorting to surgery in a woman your age. Whether the fibroid had anything to do with your miscarriage is problematical. Maybe maybe . The presence of fibroid does in some cases interfere with pregnancy or prevent it. However the fact that you have since had a healthy baby is proof that you cows trick which will give him his contract. In Case East held the Ace South would still be Able to try the club now open Fin amp fur pet shop 2295 English re g Ody Honey tue Owr it a i u restaurant 11 the floor a Green drive Wing Southern furniture exposition building fresh seafood Buffet wednesday night 5 30 pm a 10 00 pm Uve entertainment fresh flounder fillet French Fried shrimp seafood Newburg with Rice Turkey and dressing assorted salads Coffee or Tea children�?~1.75 adults�?~2.00 can have children fibroid or . You did no task but i dare say you Are wondering whether a fibroid Means cancer. In general fibroid Are cancerous. In some instances t h e fibroid like any other tissue in the body May become malignant but just because it is a fibroid. If bleeding undue growth or any other sign discloses cancer then of course it must removed but there is no reason for you to expect that. Your doctor knows the fibroid is there. He will Check it from time to time. Just let it rest that Way. Dear or. Thosteson my husband will be an alcoholic if he is stopped in time. Can a doctor give pills so you wont want so much alcohol i understand there Are such pills mrs. . Yes. There Are such medications antabuse being the Best known. These medications have to be Given under a physicians supervision. The principle is that when a person is taking them he becomes violently ill if he drinks any alcohol. The catch is that the person has to want to give up alcohol and be willing to take the medication. Not All do. But in the right Case this can be effective and helpful. Note to mrs. C. J. This continued painful Intercourse better i to rental rent to own 882-8319 Ria to a and stereos Iii love american style Quot love and the sock Quot starring Sonny amp Cher Stuart Margolin amp Terence Bushman plus love of and the trip Quot starring Ann b. Davis and John Mcgiver. _ _ the munsters super funny show of Friendly kooks and spooks Gilligan Island the castaways build a raft because the professor says there is a special Ocean current that can take them away from the Island. Wild wild Wes agents West and Gordon foil a plot to recover a Fortune that was destined to help the Confederate army. Stars Robert Conrad. A nightly news hour first in a series of special reports on life in North Carolina s prison Camps. Green Lisa decided to bring a Little culture and Charm to Cooterville by Means of a Beauty parlor. The men Don t like it. And the women refuse to do their work 3 14 Wujs television Intel movie a a v monday Friday at 11 30 pm Busine to pleasure Dine with us and enjoy your business lunches. Fast service Fine food a Hearty portions. Open 7am til 6pm Tendoy Friday sunday lunch 12am-2pm closed saturday coach noise main floor Sheraton hotel ? tonight Sidney Poitier in Quot a Patch of blues television log is Normal. It May due to a Hymen that is thicker and tougher than usual or vaginal inflammation or inadequate lubrication. Whichever i t probably can be corrected quite readily so go to your doctor before you suffer any More. Pageantry history on to for a comprehensive discussion of How to Cope with the change in life including scores of pertinent questions and their answers write to or. Thosteson in care of this newspaper for his Booklet a make menopause easier Quot enclosing 35 cents in Coin and a Long stamped self addressed use zip code envelope to cover Cost of printing and handling. Or Thosteson welcomes All Reader mail but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received daily he is unable to answer individual letters. Headers questions Are incorporated in his column whenever possible. Phased out the fellow who used to live High on the hog can scarcely bring Home the Bacon today. My to by Cynthia Lowry a television radio writer new York a the network channels were ablaze with the splendor and pageantry of ancient Days on sunday night. There was a Cleopatra Quot on Abc a Eben Hur Quot on lbs and happily a a Elizabeth Regina Quot on the Public broadcasting channels. the $40-million film of nine years ago finally made it to the Small screens. A fantastic riot of opulence and mob scenes the goings on in Caesars Rome were very entertaining. The 1959 spectacle a Wren Hur Quot has been broadcast before and was also drama painted with a Broad Brush. Both were made to be shown on the huge screens of Heaters with the result that the vast scenes with hordes of people tended to look like disturbed ant Hills when seen on television screens. There can be no complaints about a Elizabeth a rec import that picks up in a six part series where a the six wives of Henry Vii Quot left off. With Glenda Jackson playing the vital fiery daughter of Henry and Anne Boleyn the first episode concentrated on the Rocky Road to the Tudor throne the death of ailing teen aged Edward i. And then of Elizabeths older half sister Mary. There were plots schemes double dealing skulduggery jealousy and even imprisonment in the Tower of London for the future Queen. Tile series was made expressly for television and used closeups and comparatively few people to carry the Story. The Fine acting authentic costumes and backgrounds and the Well written scripts made English history come fascinatingly alive. Earlier on sunday Leonard Bernstein and the new York philharmonic orchestra appeared in a lbs a Young people s concert. The subject was Franz Liszt and his preoccupation with the legend of Faust. Bernsteins informal and incisive commentary was As Lucid As Ever and heightened the enjoyment of the music for the average viewer. Abc on saturday night took a first tottering step toward restoring Sherlock Holmes to television. It presented a 90-minute Pilot feature an adaptation of a. Conan Doyle a Quot the hound of the while it remained fairly faithful to the Conan Doyle Story and attempted to recreate the atmosphere of victorian London and environs it lost something in the transition. It was hard to accept former matinee idol Stewart Granger in the role of the master defective. Somehow it still belongs to the late Basil Rathbone the Way a Perry Mason Quot belongs to Raymond Burr and James Bond to Sean Connery. The Story suffered from age and obviousness. And even Holmes ostentatious detective work came out As a gimmick. 9 00 monday night movie a a Cleopatra. Elizabeth Taylor Richard Burton ugh pts Ann of cd a my Greensboro is a Btu Charlotte be Wunch University station cd a Gap High paint cd soc Charlotte Dos Wols Roanoke he Wujs Wittor Selem Lorn i saw a . I news. Sports. Weather 3 the scene tonight a electric company 8 evening news d eyewitness news Jaq 6 of cock news 6 30 t lbs news 4 tvs science club d to Tell the truth cd a Abc news 7 00 . I we alter Cronkite 2 d Andy Griffith 4 evening edition 8 a truth or consequences q news 7 30 . 3 Buck Owens 3j Best of Hollywood 4 n c. News conference a make a Deal 3 Dick Van Dyke to to Tell the truth 12 Green acres 1 00 . 2 Charlie Brown 4 special of the we Eek 8 monday night special 5 0$ a laugh in 1 30 . 2 or. Seuss Lora 9 00 . 2x5 Dick Van Dyke a look at Lincoln cd monday movies cd a movie 9 30 . Go Book beat 10 00 pm a political perspectives Dod Sonny amp Cher 10 30 . D beyond Vietnam 11 00 . 3 night beat news cd the scene tonight i news to a news 11 30 . 2x3 lbs movie d Dick Cavett cd a Johnny Carson monday night at the movies a operation kid brother a Bao . 11i 6 am x Sunrise semester 6 30 . 2 Good morning show j5 today on the farm 7 00 . Cd lbs morning news cd u. Of Michigan series Dotty today 7 30 3 lbs news Ca the morning scene 8 triad in perspective 6 00 c2 Good morning show 3 capt. Kangaroo 6 30 . J old rebel show 4 eight Steps d Mumper Boom 9 00 . 2 capt. Kangaroo $ Hazel cd math d i Matins for dollars movie f Mike Dougl amps show a Virginia Graham cd today at Hume 9 30 cd Comer Pyle d learn to think $2 Virginia Graham 10 00 . C2 c3 Licy show 4 sesame Street to a Dinah a place 10 30 do my three sons concentration 11 00 . 2d� family affair 4 cultures 8 bewitched 30� la Sale of the Century 11 30 . A a love of life a that girl �10 jul Hollywood squares 12 00 noon 2 where the heart is 3 the scene at noon 8 news at noon 3d midday news Loti jeopardy 12 30 . 30� search for tomorrow be electric company 8 password is news Doi who what where i too . C2 today a woman cd Betty Feezor show 4 ready set go cd All my children 3d jeopardy to a another world Somerset 1 30 . Cd Ai the w in d turns he lets make a Deal Dio a three on a match 2i00 . Cd met my Sale adored thing 4 Ripples cd newlywed game cd a Days of our lives 2 36 p. M. 3� guiding Light be cultures cd dating game cd a doctors 3 00 . <31� secret storm d film cd general Hospital do so Somerset 3 30 . 23chd Edge of night 4 math 8 one life to live j Lassie a 32 Bright promises 4 00 . 3 Gomer Pyle 3 Daniel Boone 4 occupational safety 8 movie 3 Flintstones to Rifleman a love american Styli 4 30 . A Flintstones 4 Miat Erogers 3 Gilligan a Island w big Valley 12 the monsters 5 00 . 5 a big Valley a Green acres 4 sesame Street be Petticoat Junction a Gilligan a Island 5 30 . 3 truth or consequence cd news a Dick Van Dyke a what a my line7 a wild wild West capsule views of today s evening programs 7 30 p. M. 12 a Green acres a Usa decides to bring a Little cub Ture and Charm to Cooterville by opening a Beauty parlor. 8 p. M. 2 Charlie Brown Charlie takes drastic Steps when snoopy loses his Cool and runs roughshod Over the neighbourhood a an animated special starring the peanuts gang. 8 monday night special a a journey with a team of a earthquake Hunters Quot along the san Andreas fault As they investigate what causes earthquakes and what May prevent them. 12 laugh in Carol Channing guest stars As a nurse a Ballerina and As crazy Clara a used car dealer Charlie Callas Dick Cavett Richard Crenna. Mona tera and Slappy White make appearances. 8 30 p. M. 2 or. Seuss the Lora a an animated adaptation of 12 the newest or. Seuss Book in which the author turns his Talent to the problems of ecology and the disastrous effects of Many a greed upon his own environment. 9 p. M. 2 Dick Van Dyke Dick and Mary Tyler Moore stars to their own situation comedies showcase their singing dancing and acting talents in a one hour special. 8 monday movie a a Cleopatra Quot part ii with Elizabeth Taylor Richard Burton and Rex Harrison. A monday movie a Quot operation kid brother Quot with Neil Connery Danisia Blanchi and Adolfo Celi

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