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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 11, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Pregnant woman does t appreciate phone Calls High Point Enterprise monday february la 1974 a your family decorator dear Ann please print this letter and you will be the Patron Saint of every pregnant woman who has a Mother a Mother in Law a sister a sister in Law a Nosy neighbor a close Friend or a Maiden aunt. Dear ones yes i am overdue. Two Days to be exact. My big mistake was telling you my due Date. I wish i had kept my Mouth shut. Today i received eight Telephone Calls and its Only supper time. A Are you still Home a that was my aunt. A i thought you a be in the Hospital by this that was my Mother in Law. A Are you sure you figured right a that was my sister. A maybe it s twins. Doctors done to know that was my Mother. If you Are on Edge How do you think i feel it does no to help to get a dozen phone Calls from people who Are worried about me. One Friendly caller said a when you re late sometimes the water Breaks at Home and you have a dry birth which is Sweet of her to Tell me. I just Hope every person who telephones a pregnant woman and asks a Are you still Home a will get this reply a i answered the phone did no to i a d. Senseless dear in your message is Clear a a done to Call me Honey Ann Landers says ii Call dear Ann my Girlfriend fell off her shoe and broke her ankle. This is no joke. It actually happened. She was wearing a clog with a two Inch platform a Sling Back and a Viz Inch Cork Heel. Emergency rooms All Over the country Are treating dozens of people who Limp in every Day and not All of them Are women. Several men who Are unaccustomed to the higher Heel have tripped on curbs escalators and staircases. A word from you might help. Ann please say something. A . Dear o a i la try but i done to think ill get anywhere. People have put style ahead of Comfort and common sense for centuries. I see no evidence that it will Ever change. My advice to those who insist on wearing High fashion cripples is to walk slowly stay sober and carry your Hospital insurance card. Dear Ann we Are a group of welfare mothers who meet once a week to help one another with child rearing problems. Take it from those of us who know welfare kids Are discriminated against daily. They Are begrudge free lunches laughed at and taken advantage of by teachers who make them clean up the classrooms because they have free lunch cards. Traumas experienced by welfare mothers and children Are countless. However our reason for writing is not to complain but to say thank you for your efforts to educate the Public about welfare recipients. You be done a tremendous service and we Are grateful to you. A the Magnolia parents group in Houston dear Houston friends in a glad you wrote. The mail ran heavily against me but i knew it would. The ignorance and bigotry in this country particularly on this Issue is appalling. Hut i still feel it is better to Light a single Candle than to curse the darkness. Is alcoholism ruining your life know the danger signals and what to do. Head the Booklet a alcoholism a Hope and help a by Ann Landers enclose 35c in Coin with your request and a Long stamped self addressed envelope to Ann Landers . Box 3346, Chicago Illinois 60654. Tortoiseshell look very popular by Carleton Varney president Dorothy Draper amp co. Inc. Its time to think Tortoise Tortoise Shell according to w Ebster a dictionary is that a mottled Horny substance of the Shell of some turtles used in in laying and in making various ornamental websters is a bit behind the times i think. Today websters might define Tortoise Shell As that a mottled Horny substance of the Shell of some turtles formerly used in making various ornamental Why the a formerly a because today turtles Are being protected a we done to want them to become extinct. So real tortoiseshell ornaments Are no longer being made. But Tortoise fans deprive themselves. Thanks to Modem technology skilled artisans and antique collectibles the tortoiseshell look will never be extinct. There Are still Many Beautiful antique tortoiseshell ornaments around and they have increased in value considerably. A tortoiseshell picture Frame a pair of tortoiseshell bookends and a tortoiseshell cigarette Box which graces the Coffee table in my Den Are All valued treasures in my Home. And if you want More than a touches of Tortoise you can have As much of it As you want thanks to Man made reproductions of this natural hitchhiking never Worth the risks food franchise schemes tempting but dangerous new York a remember Glenn Turner and his Kos cot Mink Oil cosmetics and dare to be great self improvement course and the Holiday magic cosmetics sales plan in which Many people invested As much As $2,500 and More in Hopes of making big Money Kos cot and Holiday magic were two of the Many a a Pyramid Selling plans that burgeoned in recent years and then became the subject of Many Legal actions by the authorities and disillusioned investors. In general such plans Promise profits from recruiting other people to invest. Among other Pyramid sales organizations that have been subject to state or Federal Legal actions in recent months Are bes tune products which Sells soaps Golden products another soap distributor Sta Power and Bob Cummings inc., a Vitamin Selling Pyramid plan. Numerous Pyramid plans based on self improvement courses like dare to be great have proliferated under such names As dynamics in motion exciting life think and grow Rich opportunities unlimited and so on. Families and their older children seeking to make some extra Money or looking for jobs should be warned that while some of the older Pyramid plans have been restrained new ones crop up. Perhaps the most dangerous new Pyramid promotions Are those based on purported food delivery systems. In a typical plan of this kind the company sold distributor a a franchises for $5,000 or More. The company claimed to operate a phone order food delivery service. Supposedly customers could buy food from a Catalon to be shipped from a Central warehouse and the a a distributors would get commissions on these orders. Once such plan did have a warehouse. But people who has invested in franchises complained that supplies were not adequate to fill orders. This company soon went bankrupt. A similar operation started by promoters associated with the first company did not even have a warehouse when it came life seem a hopeless a give us a Call. Under the scrutiny of new York City authorities. The real purpose of such plans is not the Sale of food As much As to sell distributor franchises for $3,000 to $7,000. The franchise holders Are then supposed to make Money by recruiting other investors. Such food pyramids Are especially dangerous for the very reason that people Are worried about the High prices of food and both potential franchise investors and customers May think this is a Way to reduce costs. The fact is the customary retail margin in Large stores of 22 cents of your food Dollar is too Low to allow for phone in and delivery service and for paying commissions to distributors. This is the same obstacle that bankrupted Many of the food Freezer plans which proliferated like weeds a few years ago. Moderate income families who thought they could make Money on such Pyramid schemes borrowed from credit unions Banks and finance companies to invest. But when they found it hard to sell their soap or food let alone recruit new distributors they still had to pay the lenders the amounts borrowed plus interest. In cases on record some Pyramid promoters themselves persuaded potential Small investors to take out a loan from tanks or finance companies. Some Pyramid promotions Are directed especially at Young people. One based on Selling Oil additive to service stations has used College placement offices vocational schools and classified ads to recruit Young men. This company which had been Active in California and then moved into the East even got a major University in Long Island new York to permit use of its facilities to recruit students about to graduate sinus sufferers Here Good a a a for yowl a thu i a new a a How a Cote Quot Syna Cleta Decow Gettone Tablet act Lintlaw Tiv and Cleat All Natal in it cavities on to Ord co a a Tablet gives up to 8 Bour toilet rom pain end pressure of can tettion allow you to Teolk eat Dye top it watery a yet and Tunny note. You can buy Syna climb at All drug store. need tot a prescription. guaranteed by maker. Try it today introductory Otter Worth $1.50. Cut old the add take to one of the Toret cited below. Purchase one packet sync Clear 12 and receive one Mote Syna Oear 12-pock Fie. New York a every year thousands of teen agers willingly commit an act that May end in robbery rape physical assault or murder. They Hitchhike. Hitching should be a great Way to get around but the problem is it s never Worth the risk. The los Angeles police department alone gets three reports every Day of violent crimes related to hitchhiking. If you still insist on thumbing a ride Here s some advice from the february Issue of a seventeen Magazine a a girls should never Hitchhike alone. Go with a male Friend if possible but hitching with others Isnit an absolute safety guarantee. A Don i Hitchhike with a sleeping bag it s a signal to the Driver you wont be missed from Home for a while. A never accept a ride from someone who a passed you. Circled the Block and come Back. A avoid hitchhiking Early in the morning and after dark. In addition to putting your life in jeopardy hitchhiking itself is against the Law in several states new York City. On interstate highways and Many other areas. The ride you hitch is free a it it Mav also be your last. Wonder. William Weaver a Friend of mine who is a great craftsman creates painted tortoiseshell finishes on tables chairs cubes a you name it at this moment in a having the top of an old Queen Anne table finished in the Tortoise look. The table will be used with Queen Anne chairs that have chocolate lacquered frames and seats covered in vibrant Emerald Green. And did you know that manufacturers make Tortoise design upholstery fabrics and Wall coverings for Tortoise lovers Here s a look that s sure to please. Cover Walls with Tortoise Vinyl Wal covering. Paint Woodwork and doors White and finish ceiling in reflective Gold Leaf paint. Hang tangy Tomato red draperies and valances Over White or Silvery 5mall-Slat venetian blinds. For upholstery choose a print of beige Pale Blue and White on a Tomato red background gub chairs can be covered in a beige and Champagne textured fabric. Shiny brass lamps on Black lacquered end tables would be my lighting Choice. Paint Coffee table tortoiseshell. And accessories with a red lacquered chinse Melon Box and Clear Crystal Ball. And who said candlesticks Are Only for the mantel i would like to see a few wooden candlesticks topped with White tapers added to this Coffee table grouping. Dear family decorator a the dining area in my new apartment is windowless and dark. Would White High gloss paint or wet look wallpaper help or would that be hard on the eyes. I have a White Pedestal table and natural Bamboo mrs. . Dear mrs. T. A do you have a window in the room next to the dining area if so Sheet Mirror the dining area Walls that s opposite the door leading to that room. It will pick up and amplify any Light coming from the other room. Then choose a Light color scheme a not necessarily White. For instance cover floor in White Vinyl with lattice style feature stripping in Pale Coral. A landscape a mirrored Walls with an Oriental or tropical Scenic wallpaper to give an airy outdoorsy feeling. Light your Pedestal table with a Rattan or Bamboo hanging Light fixture. It will shed a Bright glow. And. These fixtures Are Inex naive a family decorator a your living room is carpeted Wall to Wall with dark Green carpeting. Club chairs Are covered in an Orange velvet and a third chair is covered in a two toned Green Tweed. What colors should i use for sofa upholstery draperies Walls and lamps a mrs. C. I. Dear mrs. C. I paint Walls Cantaloupe with White ceiling and Woodwork. For sofa and draperies select a Geometric print of Melon sky Blue and White. Lamp bases can be brass or Avocado Ceramic with Crisp White pleated shades. Accent sofa White and sky Blue pillows pillows. Or. Varney welcomes mail from readers but cannot give a personal reply. He will answer the most interesting questions from readers in his column. 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