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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 11, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather sunny Harmer tuesday More data on pane 3a 90 the year no. 42 the he in l Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., monday afternoon. February la 1974 20 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c Coal stocks blocked key Union backs striking miners impeach sentiments measured by Peter Muccini associated press writer London api a a key Union pledged support today for striking British miners in their bid to keep Coal stocks from the nation s Power stations. As the nationwide Coal strike kept the miners from the pits for their first working Day the general and municipal workers Union instructed its members at the Power plants not to handle stocks of Coal arriving at the plants. The Union. Britain a third largest also said that no fuel Oil should be handled after existing stocks Are exhausted similar instructions already had been issued by the transport and general workers Union and the Union of railway engineers. The Coal strike against prime minister Edward Heath s ant inflation ceiling on wage raises started at Midnight saturday. But the miners have not been working overtime and sundays for three months so today was their first working Day away from the Job. Pickets were ordered to the British steel corporation s works at Scunthorpe in Eastern England to halt deliveries of coking Coal other pickets took station at East coast ports to Stop the Landing of some 500,000 tons of Coal from Poland several incidents were report to sunday police had to Clear a Way for safely maintenance workers through 30 jeering miners at a Colliery in for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Firearms maker q. Where in Massachusetts is the Smith amp Wesson firearms company located. I have an old pistol and want to find out How old it is. Or. O. O. A. The address is Smith so Wesson. Bangor Punla co., 2100 Roosevelt Avenue Springfield mass. 01101. You might be Able to find the answer locally at the Public Library by looking through their books on old guns or getting a Catalon at a newsstand or Bookstore such As the gun traders guide or the red Book of used guns. In care of candelabra q. Could you please give me Liberace s address anon. A. Liberace can be addressed co Seymour Heller associates 9220 Sunset blvd., los Angeles Cal. 90069. Gedling. Nottinghamshire three trucks were overturned when their Drivers arrived at a mine in South Wales. Meanwhile. Heath s conservative party in its first Campaign manifesto for the general election Heath has called feb. 28. Threatened to end government welfare payments to the wives and children of strikers the conservatives said if re elected they would Amend the social Security system to make the unions responsible for the support of strikers families Gold Price hits record in Europe London a Gold soared to record Levels on european markets today. Dealers blamed fears for the values of paper Money amid mounting indications that Central Banks May soon increase the official Price of Gold Gold traded at $146 an ounce in London and $147 an ounce in Zurich. The Price at Friday s close in London was $143.50. Opening prices on the Zurich Bullion Market the world s biggest were $145 bid and $147 offered up from $142-$144 Friday. The previous record Price in Zurich was $143 on Jan. 25. The bullish weekend trend was touched off by reports from Johannesburg the mining Center for the West s Gold that a consortium of West european countries including France Italy and perhaps West Germany might begin buying at a Price related to the free Market Price. The trend picked up because of an interview published today in which French finance minister Valery Giscard Deestaing said he expected an increase in the official Price of Gold this year. Washington a both supporters and critics of president Nixon Are quietly trying to determine the chances of Senate conviction in any presidential impeachment trial. With the timing and nature of House impeachment action still several months away most informed persons around the Senate say it is impossible at this Point to predict the eventual vote even advocates of presidential resignation or impeachment doubt that current support for Senate ouster of Nixon is anywhere close to the necessary two thirds majority �?67 if All too senators vote. One informed guess puts it under 50 one Factor complicating any accurate judgment at this Point is the refusal of most senators to commit themselves most including Many who either publicly or privately favor the president s resignation Hope never have to vote on the Issue. Many of the uncommitted Are republicans who fear a gop disaster at the polls next november if Nixon still is in office. These other factors complicate any current assessment a the House judiciary committee has yet to define what constitutes an impeachable of tense and to attempt to draw up an impeachment Resolution on which the House and ultimately the Senate would be asked to vote. A pending judicial action is expected to result in Large numbers of indictments of former top Nixon aides before the Issue comes before the House. One key Factor is whether the indictments will touch the president directly. A possible confrontations loom Between the White House and both special watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski and the House judiciary committee Over efforts to get evidence for their investigations. A Battle with the House panel could seriously imperil the president in the View of Many congressional observers. A continuing investigations. See impeach on 2a Kissinger outlines program Washington Energy conference opens by Spencer dams associated press w Riter Washington a Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger opened a 13-nation Energy conference today with a plea for a positive and productive dialogue Quot Between Oil producing and Oil consuming nations addressing More than too delegates from 13 countries which consume 85 per cent of the world s Petroleum. Kissinger outlined a seven Point program for meeting the current Energy crisis. Kissinger called on the countries represented at the conference to join the United states in conserving fuel to reduce pressures on world Supply. He also suggested that efforts be made to develop alternate sources of Energy and called for emergency Energy sharing by the Oil consuming nations. Kissinger s seven Point program also included proposals for International financial cooperation increased research and development on Energy matters and immediate consultation and co i la Bor at Ion with the developing nations whose needs he said Are particularly a \ nub Kissinger l talks with w. German finance chief Schmidt state department meeting sunday night was preliminary to Energy meeting a wire photo. Truck strike appears to have lost steam by the associated press the often violent shutdown by groups of disorganized Independent truckers appeared All but Over today. There was Only scattered violence during the night and increased truck traffic was reported in a number of areas. There were holdouts among the truckers however with some vowing to continue the shutdown until diesel fuel prices Are lowered. Pollution is illegal q. I would like to know something about the emission control on a car. Can it be taken off and is it Legal under Federal and state Law or. J. N. A. The general statute of the state 20-128 reads a no motor vehicle registered in this state which was manufactured after Model year 1967 shall be operated in this state unless it is equipped with such emission control devices to reduce air pollution As were installed at the time of manufacture provided the foregoing requirements shall not apply where such devices have been removed for the purpose of converting the motor vehicle to operate on natural or liquified Petroleum or other modifications have been made in order to reduce air pollution further provided that such modifications shall have first been approved by the dept of water and air in Case you missed the article a How much can you save a on the Jan. 24 editorial Page the Auto lab director of the environmental Protection Agency in Ann Arbor says the methods used by Auto makers to control pollution cannot be simply removed but would take major modifications to the engine. Some who have had it done elsewhere reported getting less mileage than before. To conserve suggestions Are to keep the engine tuned drive at lower speeds and avoid sudden avoid driving when you can walk As easily. Cancer signs q. I would like to know some symptoms of uterus cancer. D. S. A. A folder distributed by the american cancer society states a the most common symptom is a change in the usual pattern of vaginal bleeding or bleeding after menopause. Unusual or irregular vaginal bleeding should never be ignored or treated with Home remedies. See your physicians at once. Only he can Tell if it Means it emphasizes the importance of an annual Pelvic examination which includes a cell examination for uterine cancer called the a Pap Quot smear named for the scientist or. George Papanicolaou who devised the test for Early discovery. A pathologist can detect cancer even when a growth is too Small to be seen or Felt on examination by a physician often months or even years before symptoms or signals appear. Workers cover Well sunday where boy was trapped a wire photo boy trapped in Well Sii admission of q. What is the address of the office of admission Fayetteville state University and the office of the Dean also where can an Amateur writer of Short stories get some of them published in a Magazine or something of that Type and would like them to be Black magazines if possible. Thank you. . A. The address is Fayetteville state University Murchison Road Fayetteville n. 28301 for any office or official of the school on your second question try a the writers Market in the reference Section of the Library Miami apr Little Glen Greenstein was with his parents in a Tomato Field when he suddenly cried Quot Mother a and slipped feet first into a narrow irrigation Well. A witness at the scene a Field South of Miami open to the Public where a person pays for the tomatoes he picks said the boy had been running toward his father when he a just disappeared. It was like the ground had swallowed him the 2�?~2-year-old boy became wedged sunday about 6 feet Down with water up to his Knees. Sand and debris immediately began sifting in the Hole Only 12 inches across at the top and narrowing to to inches in diameter where Glen was trapped. As the boys parents or. And mrs. Melvin Greenstein and others attempted to pull him from the Well Earth around the opening began to Cave in. Another picker Bill Bayers of Miami said Quot we lowered an older kid head first into the Hole but All she could reach was a stuffed animal the Little boy must have had with the frantic father a Miami area dentist drove to nearby Tamami Airport and asked for Rescue units to be sent out. Mark treble who had just landed his Light plane at the Airport headed for the scene with three friends. Treble 22, tied a rope around his feet and his friends lowered him head first Down the Hole. He said he could see the top of the boys head but the youngster did no to respond to his Calls. A i tried with what tools we had to dig Down to the child a said treble. A we managed to dig within several but a the More we dug the More dirt kept piling in Quot said treble a tree surgeon. A the problem was that the Hole was so narrow. It made it extremely difficult for us to finally a Florida Power amp Light co. Truck used a pole digging Drill to bore a Hole parallel to the Well. Rescue unit personnel then tunnelled across and pulled the child free. But it was too late. Little Glen had suffocated. Efforts to revive him were unsuccessful. In Chicago Large numbers of trucks were unloading produce at the South water Street Market. A we Are quite Busy Down Here and at least 18 trucks Are presently unloading a said one produce merchant. A today is very different from last monday when Only four trucks were a state trooper in Peoria lit reported that a the trucks Are really rolling it s Way up it seems to be heavier than the Ohio Council of Independent truckers became embroiled in an internal dispute with chairman Lester Salsgiver claiming George Lynn had been ousted As president and j. Leonard Fleet As Legal Council. Rynn wants the truckers to continue the shutdown key Federal officials said it looked to them like the strike was Over. Violence during the night subsided but one Driver was shot in the Arm while driving on the san Bernardino freeway in Southern California. A Driver in Beaumont. Tex., was showered with Glass Early today when a Bullet slammed through the window of his moving truck. Police in Kentucky said four truckers were hit by bullets sunday night. Earlier in the strike violence took the lives of two Drivers and several were injured at least 15,000 of the 100,000 persons Laid off at the height of the 11-Day shutdown were due Back on the Job today As Many big rigs headed for markets loaded with meat produce and Industrial parts. There was Little doubt that the strike s effects would linger. Spot shortages of Sot s foods were certain to keep meat and produce prices at High Levels until supplies can be replenished another certain effect is the six per cent surcharge Independent Drivers will now be getting for their cargoes. Those increases w ill eventually be picked up by Consumers. Most of the major organizations involved in the strike that won guaranteed supplies of diesel fuel and higher freight rates for the Independent Drivers urged their men to be Back on the Job today. Reports received sunday from several areas where the strike had its biggest effects indicated Many of them were already there. Pennsylvania gov. Milton j. Shapp the Man who got the settlement talks started said truck a raffle had increased in his state by 60 to 75 per cent. The Perlis truck Stop located in Cordele ga., on the main North South route along the Eastern Seaboard said sunday night its business was 70 per cent of Normal. Truck traffic was reported up in Ohio. In West Virginia officials said it looked As if truck traffic was nearly Normal. Similar reports were received from several Midwest states. With violence sharply Down the Pennsylvania National guard was withdrawing its patrols sunday night. Urgent however Kissinger said the ultimate goal must be to create a cooperative framework in which Oil producers and Oil Consumers will accommodate their differences and reconcile their needs and aspirations. The producing nations must be Given a secure stake in an expanding world Economy and the consuming nations a secure source of Supply Kissinger said he said the United states believes that another conference of Consumers should be called at the foreign ministers level which would include representatives of the less developed countries. He said this would Lead to a third conference of Consumers and producers with the entire process to be completed by May i. A was we look toward the end of this Century we know that the Energy crisis indicates the birth pains of global Kissinger said a your response could Well determine our capacity to Deal with the International Agenda of the however european and japanese leaders remain reluctant to agree on any approach that would arouse anger among the Oil producing countries that could Lead to a Cut off of vital fuel supplies. Foreign minister Walter Schechl of Germany the president of the european Community was selected to explain the cautious position of the common Market countries a France. Germany Britain the Netherlands Italy. Denmark. Luxembourg and Belgium. 4 the most outspoken foe of the . Plan of unified approach was French foreign minister Michel Jobert who conferred late sunday with Scheel and Kissinger. Jobert is an ardent advocate of separate deals by individual countries with the Arab Oil sheiks. He flew to the United states on the heels of a $3-billion agreement by France with Iran health plan views differ Washington apr the hew Secretary denied president Nixon s health plan that Nixon a plan would mean would bring medical services billions in Windfall profits for up to higher standards All Over insurance companies. But he the nation without requiring added a if it results in a Rea new taxes says health Honable profit that does t Dis education and welfare turn me a Secretary Caspar he said Competition and Weinberger. Federal and state regulation on the other hand. Sen. De would prevent undue profits to Ward m. Kennedy who has in the private insurance firms produced a health Bill of his that would handle the vastly own in Congress said the and increased health coverage ministration s proposal does the estimated Cost to not a guarantee Quality health individuals would be from $125 As a matter of right to All to $140 a year said Weinberger a and we Hope it a there have to be adjust would be less eventually ments in these areas in the because of Competition delivery in the guaranteeing the Nixon plan is based of Good Quality health at a principally on private Price people can afford to insurance purchased by pay a said the Massachusetts employers and employees. No Democrat. Individual or family after both Weinberger and paying a share of the Kennedy in separate Premium would be liable for interviews sunday expressed More than $1,500 a year for Confidence that some form of the Broad Range of health health insurance legislation services covered by the would be passed this year. Policy. Weinberger spoke on Abc Weinberger estimated that tvs a meet the press while Kennedy a health plan would Kennedy was questioned on Cost $80 billion and would the lbs radio and television mean a a very substantial in program a face the nation a crease in taxes. A. The Nixon plan w Einberger Mai 7, t 7\ i said would a not require any Vav hat s inside i new taxes a and would mean a amusement,.12b a a a a Attu ? Bil n in or lion. He put state costs at go mad a in Yob Quot for or. Re he also claimed the plan crossword i i i 2b no a 11� tutorials 4a but rather Wou a improve financial 1.17.777.2a sports.?, a we Kenned television so clued the administration plan womensnews8-7a be a Quot a a a a it a a a a Weathers step it Forward

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