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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 10, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The weather sunny and cold More data on 2a 90th year no. 41 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., sunday morning february to 1974 102 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads 885-2177 All other departments 885-2151 daily 10c, sunday 25c. Special hardships solved Nixon wants rigs Back on the Road Washington apr president Nixon said saturday the Federal government has met the legitimate grievances of striking Independent truckers and declared a now Story on decision by local anti state Independent trucker to continue to prexy for fuel Price Roll Back is pm a Fie 24. Is the time to get All the trucks Back on the in a nationwide radio address outlining the administration s 1974 transportation proposals Nixon said the Federal government has acted promptly a to find a responsible and just solutions to what he termed the a special hardships that face Independent truckers As a result of the Energy crisis. The president acknowledged in effect that not All of the independents have accepted the solution negotiated Here this week in government Industry conferences. Then he added a note of warning to some of the strikers a in no instance will we Toler. Ate violence from those with grievances a he said. A those who wilfully break the Law can expect no sympathy from those who enforce the Law. We intend to enforce the Federal Laws and we will give state and local officials the assistance they need to enforce their Nixon said he wanted to emphasize that a despite the threats of violence from a handful of desperado at least 80 per cent of the nation s truckers stayed on the jobs after the strike began. Paying a particular compliment to a political ally Nixon said a i want to commend those truckers and All of their leaders such As Frank Fitzsimmons who Heads the country a largest single Union the teamsters for their responsible actions during this Nixon reported that Many of the independents a Are already Back in operations and our highways generally Are free from violence because several leaders of the Independent truckers a recognized that the actions taken by the government Are just and he went on a now is the time to get All trucks Back on the Road. A the trucking Industry plays a critical role in our Economy and it is essential that the truckers continue to provide food fuel and other supplies to All while Nixon a concluded with emphasis on the truck strike the bulk of his address was devoted to administration legislation to be submitted next week in the areas of Highway mass transit and rail transportation. Nixon said one program would authorize $16 billion in Federal Aid Over six years for metropolitan and Rural transportation with two thirds of the amount available to state and local governments for use a where they believe this Money can be spent More he said a local officials who understand your Community better than any bureaucrat in Washington would determine transportation priorities choosing Between construction of highways or Public transit systems or the Purchase of buses or rail the aim he said is to build a a diverse balance transportation system a without environmental damage without wasted Energy and without Nixon also said he would Send Congress next week legislation to authorize $2 billion in Federal loan guarantees to help railroads improve their tracks terminals and equipment. Cargoes rolling increased help will be sought for the jobless miners hang up lamps go on strike a wire photo Britain s Coal mines shut Down London a Britain a 280,000 Coal miners walked off their jobs at Midnight saturday ignoring government appeals and precipitating what May be Britain a worst economic crisis in decades. The miners walked out despite a decision on thursday by for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Missing Bible q. My husband and i have bought a Bible in july 1973 and we spent $52 on it and have not seen the Bible nor heard from the Man. I called the credit Bureau to see what we could do about it and the Only thing they said we could do was to go to an attorney. We would have to spend More Money for an attorney and it seems to me that there should be something else that could be done. I think this ought to be stopped and what we can do about it besides spending Money for an attorney. A. You can Call or write the better business Bureau in Greensboro Box 2400. A direct line from High Point is 888-4297. If for any reason they can to get your Money refunded or the Bible delivered you can write the consumer Protection division office of the attorney general Raleigh . 27602. The buyer beware q. When you Purchase land who is supposed to pay the lawyers fee and any expense for buying the land the person buying it or the owner or the one Selling it thank you. Anon. A. Realtor Bill Hylton says normally the person buying pays All the expenses with the exception that it is the Sellers responsibility to present a deed which is usually drafted by an attorney which the seller pays for. There is also an excise tax in North Carolina on All real estate transactions of $1 per $1,000, which the seller pays for. As a general Rule services Are paid for by the person requesting the service says Hylton. If a real estate Agency handles the transaction the agent usually drafts the contract. Should there be a wary buyer or wary seller sometimes one or both want an attorney to draw it. They could have one attorney and split his fee Between them. Otherwise if they Are very wary one s attorney can draw it and the other s attorney can Check it and both would pay their own lawyer. Costume renters q. Is there a costume rental company any place in the state of North Carolina thank you. Mrs. R. B. A there Are several the formal House 239 w. 5th St. In Winston Salem the Western Center of the South 1837 Spring Garden Street in Greensboro the Hickory costume co., third St. . In Hickory. The Charlotte directory lists three places for masquerade and theatrical costumes Morris costumes amp rentals 3748 Monroe Road Lebows shoe store inc. 124 e. Trade Long s dry cleaning a laundry inc., 3601 s. Tryon. If you re not in a big Rush a local Man Dwight Teer 431-8740 will have in a few weeks a line of costumes to lease or buy. He can show you pictures of what will be available. Re action i read with interest the question and answer about nicotine in exhaled cigarette smoke. It so happens that it is the Carbon monoxide that poses the threat in particular to those with coronary artery disease. In discussing this around the sunday dinner table we idly speculated that if the next non smoker who drops dead of a coronary in the Greensboro coliseum were to be found with an elevated Carbon monoxide leva it would make an interesting test Case for non smokers rights As Well As liability on part of the coliseum. E. To. M d. Sound off citizens of High Point be thankful and would like to give Praise to the sanitation department for their great service in 1973.1 am very thankful that the men that collect the garbage pick it up in the backyard and Are a Lucky City to have such service. Thank you for your service and May you have a Happy new year. Happy citizen. Truckers strike apparently Over by the associated press cargoes of meat from the Midwest and produce from the South began rolling toward the Northeast saturday amid growing indications the 10-Day-old strike by Independent truckers would be largely Over by monday. Transportation Secretary Claude s. Binegar said in Washington that reports being compiled by the government showed truck traffic in Indiana. Illinois and Michigan at about 80 to 90 per cent of Normal on saturday. And he said a even in the states where the slowdown has been most critical truck movements today Are reported to be approaching there continued to be significant pockets of resistance to accepting the proposed strike settlement which includes a six per cent surcharge on freight rates Independent Drivers receive for their cargo Arab terms on embargo reiterated Washington a an Arab spokesman said saturday that the embargo on Oil shipments to the United states from Arab nations can be lifted As soon As the United states a uses its credible leverage on Israel to withdraw from the Arab Clovis Maksoud the special envoy of the league of Arab states said the disengagement of israeli and syrian troops in the Golan Heights area would hasten an end to the embargo As would a the undertaking by the United states that it would guarantee a timetable of israeli Premier Golda Meir said on Friday that Israel would not withdraw from syrian territory that it held on the Golan Heights before the october War. A the United states says it is committed to a phased withdrawal a he said. A this commitment would be sufficient stimulus to end the embargo. And guarantees of All the diesel fuel they need. Brinegar Federal labor Energy expert w. J. Usery or. And other mediators continued on saturday their efforts to persuade Drivers to climb Back in their rigs. They were having some significant Success. The fraternal association of. Steel haulers which claims to represent one fifth of the nation s estimated 500,000 truckers recommended its members accept the proposed settlement. Steel haulers locals began voting saturday and most reporting went along with their leadership a recommendations. But one steel haulers local in Ohio rejected the agreement. . Hayes said saturday night that the 35,000-member Council of Independent truckers one of dozens of loosely organized groups of Independent Drivers which have sprung up overnight had voted to accept the agreement. Hayes is an official of the group. Some scattered acts of violence continued to be reported and state police and National guard patrols remained on duty in at least eight states to escort moving convoys of trucks. But almost everywhere officials reported truck movement up and violence Down. Prime minister Edward Heath to Call general elections feb. 28. Heath made it Clear that the miners pay demands which his government has rejected As inflationary will be the major Issue of the Campaign. A this is War with the government a a said Miner Brian Stansley at a Yorkshire county Pinhead. A the miners Don t care about the election. All they want is More Money a the right wage for the Rotten the strike began quietly at the Yorkshire coalfields. No pickets were thrown up at any of the mines where crowds of newsmen were gathered in anticipation of the walkout. But the miners wives have been bracing for a Long haul buying the cheapest cuts of meat and Bones for making soup. Although the strike by the National Union of mineworkers officially began at Midnight production actually stopped thursday and miners were switched to safety work vital for the preservation of the pits. As safety workers arrived at the Nottinghamshire pits at noon saturday in anticipation of the strike they were jeered by picketing miners. The strike climaxes a three month ban on overtime work that has Cut Coal production by 40 per cent and forced Industry into a three Day work week. The Coal Board said Coal stocks at the pits fell to 9.7 million tons last week. The official danger level is 7 million tons. It said another 13.3 million tons were waiting at electricity Power stations. Coal provides 70 per cent of Britain a electricity and supplies 45 per cent of All its Energy needs. The Power shortage has forced the giant British steel corp. To schedule a 50 per cent production Cut by feb. 28 that will Idle tens of thousands of workers. Detroit a the Nixon administration will ask for special assistance to areas of High unemployment to allow workers losing their jobs to receive Benefit checks for 39 weeks instead of the present 26, vice president Gerald r Ford said saturday night. In an Effort to ease the increasing impacts of the Energy crisis Ford said the administration also would seek to broaden the scope of unemployment programs to allow workers in areas such As agriculture to collect Benefit checks if they Are Laid off. Ford said the new provisions being proposed by the administration to allow out of work persons to receive benefits for nine months instead of six would apply to persons losing their jobs for any reason provided they Are covered by the programs. Ford who spoke at a Republican fund raising dinner did not make a new announcement in saying the administration would seek these new programs. President Nixon has said it previously and there currently is in effect legislation that allows state and Federal government to give workers 39 weeks unemployment in certain cases. Nixon a proposed 1975 fiscal budget sent to Congress last monday noted that another 13 weeks unemployment above the regular 26-week limit can be paid if the National insured unemployment rate is above 4 5 per cent. It also can be paid if a state s insured unemployment rate is above four per cent and also 20 per cent higher than it had been in the two previous years. Preyer still wants Nixon to resign Greensboro a congressman l. Richardson Preyer said saturday he still thinks president Nixon should resign but that he probably wont so Congress will go through with impeachment proceedings. Quot we will proceed straight through with this and there will be no turning Back Quot said Preyer a and we will probably get to a vote on the matter either by april or the 6th District Democrat was the keynote speaker for the fourth annual comm University affair sponsored by the ladies faculty club at North Carolina a amp to state University. A i still think that its in the Best interest of the country that president Nixon should stated Preyer a but he is going to have to make that decision and his Republican colleagues Are going to have to push him on a if we should Back off on this vote Quot he added a it will legit Mize the kind of misconduct we have had and watergate will serve As a License As to How far a person can and Nixon said emergency legislation in effect until March of this year allows states to suspend the 20 per cent provision. The insured unemployment rate cited by Nixon is the number of unemployed workers who Are covered by unemployment insurance. Nixon also said on feb. I in his annual economic report that he would submit a additional unemployment insurance amendments to extend the duration of benefits and expand coverage in labor Market areas that have Large increases in there has been speculation the administration might alter provisions allowing the additional unemployment compensation in such a Way that a locality with High unemployment might be eligible before the state wide unemployment figures reach the trigger level. Ford s announcement that the administration would seek to expand unemployment coverage to agriculture also is not new. Nixon submitted to Congress last april 12 a proposal to establish minimum Federal standards for unemployment compensation and to extend coverage to 635,000 farm workers. Ford did not specify exactly what the administration would propose. But he said at a press conference that the program to insure the extra 13 weeks benefits would not require additional legislation. State to receive extra Gas Supply by the associated press the gasoline shortage hit North carolinians full bore this weekend with Long lines Short fuel supplies and frustrated motorists reported across the state. Motorists who could find stations open were generally restricted to purchases of $2 to $3 dollars and lines began to form Early saturday. A i d been to five stations this morning All of them closed a said George Phillips As he waited for fuel at a Mobile station in Winston Salem. A finally i found this station. They be got a $2 in View of the problem the Federal Energy office said saturday it will ship additional gasoline to North Carolina and nine other states to help distribute supplies More evenly nationwide. The effects will be Felt in about a week the government said. Meanwhile the dwindling reserves have prompted two tar Heel communities to adopt allocation systems similar to the one pioneered in Oregon. Starting monday motorists with Odd numbered License tags can buy gasoline in Alamance county on Odd numbered dates. Those with even numbered tags can buy on even numbered dates. The plan announced saturday by the Alamance county gasoline dealers association was devised after police in Burlington issued 26 citations for motorists blocking traffic while lined up at a service station. Some 95 per cent of the county s dealers have agreed to the plan. On Friday Havelock announced a similar system. Effective monday motorists with Odd numbered tags can buy gasoline on monday. Wednesday and Friday while those with even numbers will alternate. All stations in the Craven county town will be closed sunday. In Winston Salem local dealers plan to meet tuesday to discuss possible allocation systems for Forsyth county. Energy officials had predicted that february would be the most critical month for gasoline supplies. Part of the problem they said stems from confusion Over the new Federal allocation system. Which went into effect this month. Before saturday s announcement North Carolina s february gasoline allowance was Only 78.2 per cent of the amount on hand in the state last february. The government did not immediately say How much extra gasoline would be provided inside Latex pos after a year. Boding More on paddling. Czar Simon Speaks. Classified. Editorial. Women s news. Sports. Television. Entertainment. Obituaries. Mum s the word for Ike s girl Friday new York a Kay Summersby Morgan Gen. Dwight d. Eisenhower a wartime girl Friday says she wont talk about reports Eisenhower wanted to marry her because a i have never been one to kiss and a i am admitting nothing mind you a mrs. Morgan says. A it was a Friendship i recall with tenderness and affection a but that Sas far As in a mrs. Morgan was interviewed by Parade Magazine after publication of Merle Millers Book on former president Harry Truman a Plain Miller quoted Truman As having told him that after world War ii Eisenhower who was later to succeed Truman As president wrote to Gen. George c. Marshall saying he wanted to divorce his wife Mamie and marry Kay Summersby the Irish born wac Captain who had been his Driver Secretary during the War years. Truman was quoted As saying he found Eisenhower a proposal a very very shocking a and that Marshall had replied with a blistering letter threatening to a bust him Eisenhower out of the army if he pursued such a plan. Parade quotes the former miss Summersby now divorced from stockbroker Reginald Morgan and a freelance costume designer As saying that if anyone should know whether Eisenhower wanted to marry her it is she a a and i am not telling a at least not now. A after All Quot she is quoted As saying a some of his intimates Are still alive and there is no Point in raising the she said while she was working with Eisenhower she was engaged to american army col. Dick Arnold who was killed in North Africa and it was Eisenhower who told her of Arnold a death she said the general a was like an older brother to me kind thoughtful and considerate Quot and that when people ask her if she was in love with Eisenhower she replies a yes i was in love with him and so was everybody else who had anything to do with mrs. Morgan says she saw Eisenhower at the Pentagon a few times after the War while she was still a wac officer stationed in California but after he was elected president a i never saw or heard from him Millers Book quotes Truman As saying that when Eisenhower was running for the gop nomination in 1952, Truman got the Eisenhower Marshall letters from his Pentagon file and destroyed them to keep them from being used politically. But Parade quotes retired maj. Gen. Harry Vaughn a Truman aide As saying that Truman got the letters to keep them away from workers for Eisenhower a leading opponent sen. Robert Taft of Ohio but did not destroy them. Instead Vaughn is quoted As saying Truman sent the letters to Marshall with a covering note saying a these belong in your personal files. I done to think they should be used for dirty mrs. Morgan says according to Parade that she has rejected the arguments of friends that she owes a a debt to history Quot and should write or tape record in detail a my deepest memories of a perhaps i should a she adds a but i simply can to bring myself to do that a not

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