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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Feb 10 1939, Page 3

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 10, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Friday february to. 1039the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center no a High Point North Carolina mfg three Sec. I Wilson resigns Guilford county Winston Salem realty transfers serial Story women want Beauty by Louise Holmes copyright. 1039. Nea service. Inc Winston Salem feb. To. Pm mayor w. T. Wilson reined As Public guardian of Forth county yesterday in tile dist of the hearing of a potion in Superior court to oust in. Judge John h. Clement reused the hearing until today to unlit Wilson a counsel time to raw an order setting out his a signal Ion and assenting to a permanent receiver for his act ants. In offering Bis resignation. Wilson s counsel recorded Bio de Ial of All allegations of the petition for his Moval contained. To is said by some automotive tig1 neers that a heavy Load in he rear seat of a Light car will sometimes cause the headlights Lee incorrectly focused. A11 it Keh i and township Dora c. Millershan fld husband to . R. Warren and wife tract on Groomtown Road. J w Mann and wife to Carl m Britain and wife tract on Woodbine court. Carl m Brittain and wife to a. K Moore tract on Chapman Street. Gilmer township r. A. Schoonover and wife to Christopher c. Fordham. Jr., and wife tract on South Elm Street. T l. Paschal and wife to l. R. Huckabee. Tract on Ward Street. J a Mest in towns ii 11�?T Clarence o. Benbow and others to r v. Johnson tract adjoining property of r v. Johnson. Jennie Staley Hughes and husband to John a. Venable and wife tract adjoining property of John m Davis. One car manufacturer now uses an optical Tost system to improve the efficiency of the headlight on his automobiles. Comet is whole Grain uncoated Rice a untouched by human hands a scaled and vacuum sterilized for absolute purity. Measure it from the famous red and yellow package into boiling water you la get perfect results every time. Comet Rice always Cooks Light Wwhite and Flaky. Uncoated whole Grain vacuum sterilized Cornet ilium he. In ast of h Ahac ters Sisik Lampertz sin served a affixes and dreamed of being Beautiful. It it in to Kim Ink a he liked Susie s waffles hut lie see Susie. Ski i How my a his chief Coneen was to make Susie As Beautiful As site wanted to lie. Yesterday Susie a it Goodby to Dirk giving Bim a present. Later. Hick sends Flowers to Lier but they Are not Ore i is. Chapter i Susie a cry was a Challenge and the fates must have heard. Else Why did they busily begin to pull strings and a Iii t a new background for Susie but it takes a while to rearrange the muddle of human personalities even for the fates it takes a while to make the proper moves Iii tile Tricky game of life. So Susie went on through the summer adding Public speaking to her course studying far into the night because it was one Way to pass the endless meaningless hours. Her eyes became strained Abd bloodshot and she was titled to spectacles heavy Horn Illume affairs which were the last disastrous touch. Not that the owlish effect of the glasses mattered to Susie. She had slumped mentally and 2-drop cold Relief Enetro Ann Are High in Quality Low in Price do Anc Ann Page la of Chi d to fill la we a per Tomato sauce can aun 1 in i to i no Civco aborted Jar of sparkle �?~5= 3 10c Spaghetti dressing 2 super markets ii Usi Washington 1300 South Hun free parking Ann fag Gelatin desserts Ann Page prepared Ann Page salad i Jar soft twist or Pullman Arp bread Mello wheat i i a White House Iti i Lull evaporated extracts Pancake flour Ann i re Page pkg tall cans Ann Page assorted Rajah blended aun Page Tomato syrup juice Arp peaches a amp p peas 2 shred or halves 3 Faa 3�17c 17c 15c 17c 23c 17c 5c 25c 17c 27s 25c 2-0. Bot. 200 pkg 120 bots. 3 cans 2 age cans 2 no 2 cans while Kaliel Bacon Pound ____25c Aap tonality Chuck roast Pound 21c a i i Quality round Steak Pound ____27c Tai tonality sirloin Steak Pound ____35c Virginia medium oysters pint.17c Home killed fryers Pound ____24c Waldorf tissue 4 15e Lux toilet soap 4 Sultana Peanut butter 2 Spanish Pepper Pimen toes la Jar 25< 23< 4 a a can a americans must popular Coffee mild amp Mellow 8 of clock 3 coff a la. A kor. 9 i la. Pkg study fiend Creamery in qty. Butter prints. La Atlantic soup flakes in a. Pkg 33e 10c Hein soups 2 a 25c Blue Rose Rice 2 a 7ca. A we to Texas Larue Hunch carrots 2 for teams Large Hun ii beets 2 for 9c 9c Fred i Ark apples 4 lbs. 15c Grapefruit 4 for 10c strawberries 2 pts. 23c Brussel sprouts it 15c 10c lettuce 2 Heads 13c Large a Broccoli la. Hot Moline rhubarb la. In in 15c celery stalk 5c a i i Lii pm i�?~4 own to Ain Ops Aati d by the great Atlantic amp Pacific Tea co. These Price apply to our Kumi South main Street and 112 kit Washington Street stores Only put 2 drops of Enetro nose drops in each nostril to relieve congestion secretion in head colds. Every breath a you feel Relief. Noss drops spiritually. Her hands went in cared for she allowed her hair to grow pushing it behind her ears ignoring the ragged fringe on her neck she bathed and dressed and let it go at that. She plodded wearily to her classes and the shop at night she plodded Hack to her lonely room. She scarcely thought simply endured. She considered going Home Haik to the Wisconsin farm Whit ii she had left when the agricultural snuggle was at its Peak. Susie s father was on the farm a lovable blustering individual who had once been a Power in the Community. President of the Rural school Board a director in two Banks proud possessor of a Fertile Section. Before Susie left Home he had Given up outside interests and become a Dawn to dark grubber for a livelihood. Susie adored her father often she longed to see him. There was also a Stepmother on the farm and she a the Mason Why Susie decided Agama going Home. Memtha was shrill Aud positive aim a Dagger. Her disposition had not improved when Prosper by went out the window. Susie could net her pot up with Martha s tyranny herself. Nor it mild she endure to be a daily witness to her fathers unhappiness so she stayed on in hopeless apathy. A a it was in the Early fall Susie had just passed her 23rd birthday. Although in her sagging maturity it would have taken the family Bible to substantiate this tact when the fates made their ii St definite move. And even out humiliating the girl How to give it a new Angle or a a that a what i hire you for Quot Harker observed mildly. Turning to the Young assistant he said. A you see it. Done to you Jeff a a you Jeff replied eagerly. A i m sure we could work out a scheme that would make bikers of new York let s find a homely girl not simply a Plain girl with Good features creative Light burned in Jeff a eyes. Harker slapped the desk with his open hand. A a we la Stop at nothing plastic surgery braces on Teeth anything. I want our girl to he talked about her Progress Kane seeing the trend wisely faced about a a ii run daily articles in the papers what our girl is doing sometimes it la tie up with what we have to sell. Sometimes not. No matter. Jet women to follow our Lead to make themselves Over through our daily advice. Bus All right chief a swell idea. I am beginning to see it John Harker tapped tile Glass top of his desk with a Pencil. A the thing is to get the right girl a he said. A to develop personality anti harm to bring out attractiveness that s lain hidden behind a homely face to find spiritual perfections it thrills me boys you find tile girl and ii do tile did the fates smile did they a Uncle rays Corner a a Short Story of China a Printer of Al Quot i i i Kira �1 Quot Iii Mph Fokker has a built a new seaplane the ship has a top Speed of igi.4 Miles an hour Eru Laev at 135, and has a ceiling of ir.325 feet. Valentine special Large 11-on Nee Box chocolates in heart shaped Ile Siv Mize Carters Little liver pills the t o in continued a a Necro executed Richmond va., feb. I 0.�?</p> a John Anderson 27, negro of then no one could have seen thai i Purcellville. Va., was electrocute the move in any Way concerned a at the Virginia Penitentiary Tootsie Jav for a criminal attack on a the to a a a a a pl., won. In. The office of Harker s depart a i ment store. Chicago. Harker in the past five years had steadily improved and was rapidly taking its place As one of the leading emporiums. John Harker j Long a silent Junior partner had i gained Complete management of the store at almost simultaneous deaths of his father and Uncle i the staid unimaginative senior pm diners. Immediately changes be an to occur at Harker a. A modernistic front All chromium and Bent Glass out dated fixtures replaced with the latest Mode practically ail the Stork dumped into a Modem bargain basement. New branches with imported goods the highest paid advertising men in Chicago the highest paid chef in the tearoom. The highest standards of i merchandising in each and every i depart sent for two years markers went i monthly More deeply no the red while waiting for Chicago shoppers to Wake up to the fact that the new stole was Ultra modern. The tide turned slowly. John Harker and Clifford Kane. His advertising head watched each step. Now after five Vears of ceaseless Effort markers had become the place to buy Mink j Coats parts evening gowns Irish linens the steeped authority on j hair styling and Home decorating. If an article was Nice if it i was exquisite and exclusive. Markers had it and gradually prof4 to the owner had taken place of loss j perhaps in looking about for strings to Pill the fates decided Jon John Harker bemused they knew he was a step ahead of his time because he obtained results with a bulldog tenacity without counting the Cost. Whatever the reason. John Parker set at his i mahogany desk one morning with several leading magazines open before him John was a handsome a Nan Iii the late forties a big Man with Iron Gray hair keen eyes and an indomitable Energy John was a widower a fact which had been carefully noted by Many Chicago women but which they seemed unable to do anything j about he had two Fine boys a College and he had vision after perusing the magazines for half an hour he sent for Clifford Kane head of the advert Ling department and Jeff How a Man. Kane s promising assistant i they. Answered the Call imme i a lately. Kane Small and Quick. Jeff Bowman big and Rangy and i red haired. A slight enmity existed Between the two advertisers i Kane ignoring his sub Ordin j Jeff eager and frustrated. Boys. John Harker remarked when they were a Good a a what do you mean. Chief a Kane asked instantly on the de i i Tensive. J Haiker pushed the magazines i i across his desk. A these make the i i most of Louisel f contests for i j homely he said. A the idea i j is going Over big in new York j Why Basil t someone in Chicago 1 thought to do it Why Haven to you. For instance a Kane glanced casually at the j advertisements and articles the letters written by unattractive i girls the before and after pictures. Jeff waited patiently. I the thing in t i Kane said at last. A homely women done to want to he exploited. Its nothing but a Racket for the beauticians and cosmetic ans. They Only choose girls with distinct j possibilities. The whole thing is i j temporary and of Small value. Aalt i i say it s a a a a a new dealer and in the Long Story of China we find several great inventions also records of men who tried to do things which May seem very a a modern to us. Perhaps most interesting was China so new his name was Wang an Shih my he lived nine centuries ago. Wang was not the ruler in name but he was the prime minister under one of the Sung emperors and had great Power a fall the he said a should be Able to obtain Good Homes proper clothing and enough in an Effort to bring about that end. Wang put new Laws in effect. He tried to raise wages and hold Down prices to tax the Rich and give to the poor. He caused seeds to he sent around to Farmers and helped the Farmers to obtain Loans at Low interest. Wang s a new deals lasted for 18 years. His enemies at last led the emperor to make him give up j the chinese had no alphabet of the office of prime minister. The sort used by the Western living at the same time As j world. They wrote with thou Wang was one of the famous Sands of different letters or pie printers in world history. Titre words. Chinese printers name was i Sheng. And he is j found it was More trouble to thousands of a a the words on he did his work Tun years new blocks time they had a i Sheng a famous of Alnese Printer of nine centuries ago. Together in new was and used in printing Hooks of Oiher kinds. The movable Type idea worked Well in Europe hut not in China Schoolboy Dies from injuries received in fall under automobile Wilson feb. To. I Willard Nix 12-year-old we Stoneburg Schoolboy whose spinal Cord was nearly severed when he fell under the wheels of a car six Days earlier died at a Hospital yesterday. Physicians were amazed at the boys clinging to life for nearly a week. At one time his temperature touched to degrees. Young Nix was the Moi of w. V. Nix principal of the Walstonburg school. Townsend plan advocates hold meeting in Salisbury a Usbie by n. �?T., feb. To. It it a Townsend plan advocates in North Carolina came Here my f i for a called meeting to elect a permanent state chairman and Oiler officers. Grant i owe. Stale organizer said lie expected representative from counties in tile state where units have already be to organized. The principal speaker will lie Jerry f. Carter of Tallahassee Fla. Chairman of the Florida Railroad commission. Witch Thole attention to sumo. Honoured a a probably the but Man up pm or plodding Home from the Waffle of apr i a a Moraine Typo in Prim-1, shop tag. Before Coster of Holland and go new Book to print of there had been a Short Chi a Nese alphabet the country might Tenberg of Germany. Although i Sheng is believed to he the first Man to print with movable Type the Art of printing have made much better Progress movable Type in Europe meant was know n in China before his i Low Cost Hooks and cheap Hooks i Day. The older printing was in a j helped spread knowledge far and i different form letter were Cut wide in blocks of Wood. And Ink was More about chinese history on i placed on the blocks. When the j monday blocks were pressed against a the leaflet railed a seven won j per they left their Maiks Liers of the world May he had1 a whole Page of a Book was by sending a in stamped return i printed with each Block. I i envelope to me in care of this Sheng a idea was to Cut the blog a paper. Apart so the letters could be put tomorrow blizzards and winds. I the ingredients in Caput inc Are so efficiently combined that headaches neuralgia and muscular pains Are quickly relieved. Try this delightful remedy. Note How quickly Comfort returns you feel More cheerful and nerves become steadier. All drug stores. 10c-30c-60c Cap Udine 140 South main Street 5 Williams Quot of Attix Homo Quot shaving la Del with Ach s ounce Soho of Aqua Velva z/3. A be w Hilt 39 c 125 feet citrate Wax paper 13c toilet tissue Valle Iii i Rax teed alarm clocks Satin Flower and ribbon trimmed domed Hertt packed with variety chocolates. I a a 2 and 2 a Pound Aire. 17 ounce domed heart with ribbon and card $1.50 a White and red brocade Satin heart # it a variety a Norment. J i and 2 Pound Iii. To pm my nut and fruit heart a milk chocolate heart a whim red moire heart a Charm it scotch plaid and Taii Ilei heart a a j Sqq 1 4, a i an<1 2 Pound Cize. Pm mid $2.00 to porn my .50 Lor size Almond Rose lotion Sud kit is Woodbury s soap a jut value Llola fur h late we r Norris variety package the. Featured package i dressed for Valentine in Exquio Ite Gold and red Multi flowered and figured wrap. I 2, 3 a and 5 Pound size $1.50 the Pound retail. Complete assortment Norris Nunnally and whitmans Fine Valentine candies Llu a of Oil. Is he a cleansing 9 tissues one Imp in Hospital Cotton i size to Bem i. Jeff Bowman edged Forward Oil his chair. A i think you re wrong Kane a he said a dead wrong Quot it a this sort of thing that incurred the aet in displeasure of Jeff a Boas. Harker listened to the argument watching the two men through narrowed eyes. Jeff continued. A for a Plain girl to become Lovely even temporarily is an adventure the most exciting adventure the most exciting adventure in the world in this establishment we have everything under Hea in to make a woman Beautiful from the gym on the roof to the imported perfume on the main Kane frowned a usual ignoring Jeff. A look he said to Harker. A we done to want to cheapen our store in the Sarn Hest Way. Frankly in a afraid of this thing. How to publicize it with \ a 31 Elk hand fainted on and Box of Candy for of Valentine specials a Biti a la of Nii heart filled with m in Fri its and reams in stalk paid on Candy mailed an a Here in i. S. A. Pat agr it fight Gillette thin Blades free City wide Candy delivery hair tonic 57c. Asp or pm. I i l a Bint milk of magnesia it Eta Lar size electric Irons 79c one Boi no boric acid. I in i a Itta i i x 154 Terry Wash clothes in ilk t la bps baby foods. I lie on e Boi no Brazil nuts a i de one Boc and m gov Ecko Brand Coffee i7e tooth paste 33c in --4 Boul of of it train aspirin tablets a

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