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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Feb 10 1939, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 10, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page four Sec. Athe High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center Industry High Point North Carolina Friday feh Ruaro to. To High Point Enterprise r. B. d. A. Rawley Sec a and treas. Hammett a. Cecil Gen. Mgr. Published afternoons and sunday mornings a Mhz j p Rawley. Publisher a i 1915-1937 Carus subscription rates daily and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby towns twelve months.j1� a a fix month. In Quot three months. One month. One week. Camera in nearby towns Are not permitted to collect for More than week in Advance. Carriers in City Are not permitted to collect for a period More than five weeks. Ii a subscription for a longer prl0& payment should be made direct to office. The associated pros la e?.t titled to the use for republication All news dispatches credited to not a Theja Wise credited in this paper and also the local news published therein. Member audit Bureau circulation entered a second class matter the piffle in High Point n. under the. Act Congress March 8. A. National adv. Represent Auie the John Budd co. 420 Lexington ave. New York City Friday. February to 1939. thou Chi but Jesus perceived their wickedness and said. Why tempt be me be hypocrites a Matthew 11 a 18. in one thing to he tempted another thing to . Federal taxation pm by pc securities Ute doubt whether the indicated w purpose the Federal government to make Public securities taxable would increase greatly the net Revenue from taxation but might have a wholesome effect investments. In Brief the indirect effect probably would be More constructive than the direct. The tendency surplus Money to find Sanctuary in tax exempt Bonds is pronounced. The government the nation and All its subdivisions has baited Money away from economic Enterprise. A change plan which would make the Public securities vulnerable to the tax assessor ought to impair the Sanctuary and turn investment interest to More progressive and productive work than financing governmental deficits. The Point has been made that North Carolina would be penalized by taxation these securities because the heavy Public debt the state its counties and cities. Since the announced plan is to tax new issues Only and not to attempt levies Bonds in existence refunding Bonds the penalties would not be serious. North Carolina with a constitutional provision against debt increase is resolutely reducing instead increasing the exploitation its credit. Benes restraint the restraint . Benes former president Czechoslovakia in his answers to newspaper questioners when he arrived in new York is impressive. He came Over for a series lectures an american University but would not have been surprising if he had shown some Point in his interview an emotional effect his fairly recent political experiences. Nothing the kind appeared in his utterances. He denounced nobody displayed no resentment his own Fate and declared his Confidence in the political economic and cultural future Czechoslovakia As an entity. In this poise one May detect the Quality the Man who is credited with fashioning a new country out ancient fragments. Perhaps his rational acceptance the changed order indicates a love his country transcending any consideration relative to his personal fortunes even his individual notion As to the government the country. is interesting to note that this Man does not believe european War is near. The fact that Benes against whom the violence Hitler was directed personally can estimate peace As a reasonably stable condition ought to enable us to discount measurably the lurid predictions some others that an Early general european conflict is inevitable. Death the Pope a great Force for stability passed with the death the Pope. The pontiff who modernized Vatican City had Little patience with the manifestation modern infidelities. A notable illustration his courage and conviction was his warning six years ago when Hitler was rising to Power that anyone who attempted to replace god As the supreme being would be deemed a a senseless Prophet the Pope was militant to the end in his policies and preach ment. He made no improper concessions to the dictator who ruled the people immediately about him even As he made none to dictators a distance. Somehow the Vatican a support the Spanish rebellion appeared a secular consistency least despite the fact that arraigned the Pope alongside Mussolini and Hitler. The Pope was pontiff three Hundred fifty millions catholics whose appreciation him was hardly greater than that Many non catholics impressed by his vigorous leadership. To his Church throne will go another italian if precedent is not disturbed chosen from among the cardinals. He will be one whose mind and spirit have been enriched through years wide experience and devoted service no doubt but the human family will be fortunate beyond reasonable expectation if the selection is one who can hold the High office As nobly As has been held by the Man who was Achille Ratti son a Lombardy silk Weaver. A simple Transfer the tenacious hold life the pensioners wars is a matter record. While few survivors the War Between the states remain the payroll a considerable number their widows draw pensions. Now for the first time North Carolina is about to get Yankee help with its Confederate pensions. The South has paid billions in the aggregate to pension Northern soldiers since the sixties. In addition the struggling area has carried the whole Load Confederate pensions. One result has been a pitiful difference Between the paychecks the pensioners North and South. The veterans the confederacy lived and most them died without witnessing a movement to nationalize the pension Roll. Raleigh yesterday the legislature took Steps w hich May result in getting a Federal contribution to the pensions now paid the widows confederates. The Transfer the pensioners to the old age list and elimination their present classification Are the method. They then will be getting the pensions not because the states sense obligation to the dependents those who fought the War but because the new Deal spread government Protection Over All helpless old people. In the news much the Power the United states Senate which passes under the name a senatorial Courtesy might be taboo without the nations suffering violence however the action president Roosevelt in writing to Floyd h. Rollers objectionable to senators Byrd and Glass Virginia for the office Federal judge criticising the Senate for its failure to confirm Roberts such unconstitutional grounds does not appear in the most pleasing Light. The Virginia senators doubtless showed their anti new Deal spirit in their opposition to Roberts. The president in turn showed by his letter that he keenly Felt that the Senate was attempting to curb his authority by untenable methods if Forsooth was not an indirect Way seeking personal revenge the Virginia senators for interference in matters pertaining to patronage. History has not changed so much since the Days when another Roosevelt lived in the White House. Clearly something ought to be done by Congress to establish once and for All the Point where executive Power ends and a senatorial Cour Tesyk begins a considering course the rights the people Large. The Wilmington Star wants to know a if North Carolinas Highway fund is in such condition that an item nearly eight million dollars can be diverted for other purposes then May we not inquire Why some the surplus is not passed Back to the automobile owners who contributed in the form lower gasoline the inquiry is logical and is line with approved private business methods. The University North Carolina gets this tribute from the Raleigh times a the University always has done work that made a Miracle efficiency with insufficient funds. went through years extreme poverty with a courage that was epic. We can to this time trim for a Dollar without retrograde to with Dale Carnegie author a a How to win friends and influence people Are you faced with giving up something that you hoped to make your life work let me Tell you How a Man named John Albok solved that problem. Bom in old Czechoslovakia the eldest eleven children he had an almost overwhelming passion to become an artist. He was a child Prodigy and Drew so Well with coloured Chalk the age four that an exhibition his work was held in the neighbourhood. Every body said he would be famous. When he was older he copied the drawings the Art galleries. He Wasny to interested in playing with the neighbourhood boys he wanted to paint. His father was a tailor eleven children a you can see what happened. Little John had to work in his father s shop. He had to walk three Miles to the shop and three Miles Back that night after eleven hours work. Tile passion to be an artist still burned and he painted night though he had no time for lessons. He knew he would never be a Painter that rate. So he looked around and picked out what the psychologists Call a a substitute interest a something to replace the interest he desired. This was photography which could give him an outlet for his artistic abilities. He had so Little time for even this that he had to print pictures the Way to work. He carried the printing Frame in his hand As he walked and held this Way and then that to the Sun. Finally he came to America where he worked his Trade tailoring. Every extra Penny he spent photography. Next he opened a Little tailor shop his own. Nine feet and four inches wide 1392 Madison Avenue. New York. He put into his photography All the enthusiasm he could have developed for jointing. took him away from the Drudgery the tailor shop. He Hung his pictures in his shop. One his customers told him that the a new York daily Mirror Quot was sponsoring a contest and that he ought to enter. John Albok held Back he was just a Small tailor a not a big fifth Avenue photographer. Encouraged he entered other contests and has won eleven prizes. Then one Day last year the museum the City new York put a special exhibition his photographs. Think that and visualize the satisfaction that must have been John Al Hoke a a Man who has the tenacity that makes for Success. Hegel the great German philosopher. Famous for his ability to concentrate. Taught in the University Berlin exactly 120 years ago. One Day he walked into his classroom and delivered a lecture wearing Only one shoe. The other shoe had stuck in the mud outside. He Hadnot noticed he was concentrating the perplexing problems philosophy. If he was in Hollywood head just be . Lamour. A Dorothy Lamour telling Why she wants her husband Herbie Hay to have a career his own. His message was a . S. Galbreath Blacksmith legislator Texas referring to the message gov. W. Lee Daniel. While there May be Many things wrong with the Munich pact must be remembered that nobody is in the trenches As a result . The senator who wants no peasants in this country is evidently about six months behind his fashion news for Milady. Vegetable luncheons serve a great need in the scheme things. Nothing contributes so much to the enjoyment the next meal. Now to get him. Back in the bottle Waller wine lie 11 paging Bujo Adwait father time Trad a Fork registered a Yngul t93 011 Mirror in ten years ago the private papers a crib reporter Chicago has okayed wife slapping. No no. Dissented a Philly magistrate. Now Maryland wants to Hoose Gow All buffing husbands for one year. Most households however have their own Law the matter which is papa swings his own colossal a movie As a gone with the wind a had to have a very impressive ceremony to Mark the starting the filming so the inaugural rite was the ousting from the set Frank Nugent movie critic for the n. Y. Times. Virgino Gayda who parrots All Duce s Tough talk in his editorials is being spanked in the brazilian papers for his slams pres. Roosevelt. That a a Little unjust Charlie my Gayda. He does no to know what a going to come out when Benito Bergen starts working that stick in the Back. And Learned that their recent blast ambassador Kennedy for being anti this that was one Hundred per cent wrong. In equally Clear terms we must assert that . Winchell is one Hundred per cent wrong. The nation s dispatch describing ambassador Kennedy a apathetic attitude toward the refugee problem was written by an experienced correspondent who had every Opportunity to know the facts. And the facts As he gave them have never been refuted. Well w e Are glad to reprint the nations reply. Continued Page 5, Sec. By local news a attorney general Daniel g. Brummitt Raleigh will speak Green Street Baptist Church the new stadium Here seems to be assured As workers continue to solicit funds. A High Point will entertain the 53rd annual state convention the Myca. February 20. The elks this City will observe exalted rulers night thursday the Havana evening Telegram Havana Cuba bears this item a colonel John d. Langston Goldsboro n. C., and major Bruce Craven Trinity n. C., Are distinguished visitors to Havana. Both Are prominent lawyers and both hold commissions in the organized reserves the u. S. this minute a Susti Howard Merrill the in til Are going to celebrate George Washington a birthday Madison Square Garden claiming g. W. To be the nations first Fritz Kuhn. There must be some mistake. Done to they mean Benedict Arnold the word you Arr about to look in the split seconds that tiny hit your eyes form a kind reporting. This will take Slaty seconds to read. While you Are Reading these facts the events they describe Are actually taking place. What happens in one minute eat the a world is in motion destiny unfolds itself you May recall the Story Here last week about the character called a win gym who won $11,000 starting with $4 Miami gaming casinos before they were shuttered. Wing rated space Here because he gave away $4,000 the winning to friends who were in met him again last night a they a he hey a. A you know that $4 i ran up to $11,000? Well Here a another scoop. I we that $11,000 Back to $4 Start Reading the worlds greatest Inland Harbor is Montreal Canada where 136 bushels Dominion Grain Are exported every sixty seconds. About people . And mrs. J. A. Green spent Friday in Thomasville with relatives. Or. W. L. Jackson is spending some time in Atlanta. A. And Jacksonville Fla. Mrs. O. E. Kearns and miss Alice Johnson leave wednesday for a visit to Points the West coast Florida. Anew briefs King George England is resting Craigwell House by the sea today. Chill blasts Are sweeping up from the Gulf Mexico to give Dixie the coldest weather the season. The execution the hands a firing squad de Leon Tarral Assassin Obregon mexican president elect took place Mexico City today. Mysterious Burma ships the exotic luxury Jade to China a rate two dollars Worth a minute. Twenty years ago Evie Robert wife Chip Robert the Sec a the democratic National committee is veddy social in Washington and environs if you please. Not Long ago she was the House guest a dowager in the Virginia Hills. Arriving late night Evie got up Dawn donned her shod Diest looking fishing attire and went fishing without meeting the new Butler. Later that Day she returned looking a mess a and toting a Long line big fish a there she said to the new Butler the front door a put these in the Kitchen a. A the tradesmen a he said stiffly a is to the four tourists a minute enter Germany. costs eighteen pounds Sterling a minute to maintain the London bobbies. Police. Every minute every hour someone Dies in Italy two persons Are born. Drug addiction is so widespread in India that the British government collects a tax averaging five dollars a minute opium. Rear in a Lissen Here you soands a intoned la Robert Flavouring her speech with profanity to have you understand that in a a lady a in one minute the u. S. Produces 16000 pounds bran. Cereal. Local new a representative Tom Gold Guilford is favouring the Doughton Bill in the general Assembly which would impose an income 6 Lier cent big business incomes. Or. Gold says that he Luck Lessly makes More than $1,250 a year and hence has to pay income tax but a big business earning great income for its stockholders chief owners pays absolutely nothing. Two negro helpers were burned the Lassiter company a Asphalt Plant near the Cay Railroad saturday. A tank containing hot Asphalt Xmas the contributing cause when valves releasing compressed air were opened. One the men was burned severely and had to be taken to the Hospital. Every visitor to the White House invariably inquires about the room in which Lincoln slept. Col. Mcintyre the Sec a to f. D. R., you a imagine would know More about that room than most people. The other Day a Friend the column visited the White House and Mcintyre was entertaining him until the president was through with another caller. A a where a the Lincoln room a the visitor asked the presidential Secretary. A cd amino a was the believe not retort Over 3.000 corporations in America declare dividends a total value 6500 dollars a minute. California makes five dollars a minute in state Revenue from horse racing. The government collects nine dollars. In one minute As tax matches. With socialized Medicine in the headlines note that the american medical profession spends 12 dollars a minute surgical instruments. Bruce Catton in Washington by Bruce Catton Washington feb. Ion Congress Man Edward Taylor Colorado i Emo Erat figures he has the recipe Success in washing ton. You get along a right he says if to just stay away Fror the idea that your going to be a Grea Man. Congressman Tay Lor is 81, and a been in Congress eve since 1909. He a chairman the pow re Erful House approx Bruce cation privations committe and be recalls that the Job killed is his predecessors All much Younge than he anyway they died while the held the office. But he a getting lion Fine. A i attribute my Long service says a to the fact that i Nevere rec to be great. I have never thought tha i was elected because my to intellect. I have never tried to be a orator. My sole object is to be Thi most useful Public servant Colo add Ever sent to in a All his campaigns for Cong res Taylor has never been opposer for his party a nomination. When pm Tion time cornus he just stands i record. Last fall he was opposed he republicans and Townsend Tea in hot fight. He made no Campaign uttered nary a speech attended be meetings and stayed right in he nil town and won by a wide margin. I does no to drink. But sets Mem up congressman Taylor does not drink and never has hut he figures he to bought More drinks than any Recto Taler that Ever lived. Or started no neg for local offices Hack in the w do open Days in Leadville in the 1880�?Ts the miners All congregated in saloons and to conduct a Campaign you Sim ply walked in told the Barkeep to set pm up passed out cigars made a Little speech. Things Are different in Washington than Lime were when he first Carn Here he says. A for one thing a con Gressmen Lias four times As work As he had then. Congressman and mrs tags r out very Seldom. He feels fit an. La to. Eve that lately he a been a Little Oft his teed and his a a Aas put turn a a baby diet summing up his career he remarks a the Only secret to being returned to Congress time and again by your constituents is to bring Home the a a a a sided visiting ii you have a tear to shed shed for Sheridan Downey wife e Junior senator from California. She has to make 95 Calls before anybody can come to Call her. Making Calls in official Washington is strictly a matter rules. A Sena Tot s wife for instance Calls a get wives All senators senior to her hut band and receives Calls from All hit juniors. Seniority is determined by the office. In the Case senators sworn in the same Day the rank depends the dates which their respect five states were admitted to the Union. Senator and mrs. Downey checked up after they got Here to see where they stood and found that Bena Downey ranks number 96. So before mrs Downey can be a Home to the wives her husbands colleagues she has to pay a Call every last one them. Savino Congress legs congressmen As Well As senators May be Able to ride to work in the near future. Underground passages connect the Capitol with the House and Senate office buildings. Theres a Dinky Little subway car a two Mem in fact running to the Senate building but the House people have to walk. They used to have a subway car too but kept breaking Down. Senators say this was because congressmen were too rough with another explanation is that there were just naturally too Many them. Anyhow a recently introduced Btl would have a moving sidewalk i lied in the House passage to save Wear and tear congressional legs. He said no Man is dead until he is forgot Gibson Lorain o., pub Lisher. About people a miss Ada White spent saturday in Greensboro shopping. Miss Ruth Smith and miss Maude Shelton were among those who attended the play watch your step a in Greensboro saturday. The poetry class the woman a club will meet with mrs. H. A. White Lindsay Street tomorrow afternoon. Should the Independence m vice be threatened you can count Cuba s col Batista Cuba Strong Man addressing a gun la Bor unions in Mexico City. We May revert to the old America idea that the Hest thing in the the feb. 4th number the nation remarks a takes temerity to disagree with omniscience but a sense virtue lends us to courage. On monday. Walter Winchell announced in his most categorical manner a the editors the nation have checked news briefs a fifty four members the i.w.w., alleged agitators and considered menaces to the american government Are being deported to Russia. Four armed men in Jesse James style robbed the Liberty state Bank Minneapolis minn., $25.-000 today. Dogs and roads hit occupying the attention the legislators Raleigh today. Is Straus administrator the u. S. H. A. The Tough part being a fight is you Jact leak have to starve yer Soli the Day a fight tory a Lento. Stop Reading. Imi by Esq Ulm features Lac a lady commissar in Russia who made a Success the cosmetics and perfume business is to be put in charge the fish Industry Russia and is to be expected that Attar herring will be a Moscow product. Their Romance is a bit stronger. A. Benjamin a la no in. Let. Calist Vienna announcing that 9 i Uke and Duchess Windsor Haw both begun eating garlic. A recent pit the thought that the Day May Corm when Hitler will be Only an Annivee sary

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