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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 6, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randii b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor Washington merry go round 4a wednesday february 6,1974 Pacific ism is the easy Way How comforting it would be in these Days to be a too per cent pacifist a and a too per cent Optimist. How easy it would then be to solve most of the nations Money problems. The presidents budget Calls for spending $85.8 billion for defense which represents a boost of $6.3 billion Over the current year. For comparison purposes it is bigger than the arms budget for 1945, the year when the nation was at the Peak of mobilization for a working world War. We would not for a moment believe that there is not some fat in the figures. Even the most blissfully unaware can be assured that military spending knows few Peers when it comes to wastefulness. Duplication a or is it Tri plication a of Effort jealousy that still exists among the service branches serious miscalculation in needs questionable judgment in Cost projection and what has traditionally appeared to be monumental unconcern for the Quality of Thrift Ness these Are All tied up in that $85.8 billion which will Chew up 29 cents out of every Dollar the Federal government expects to take in during the next fiscal year. Nevertheless there is Likely to be More Public Static Over the defense portion than any other in the projected spending. A nation that is sick of War in addition to being sick of the uncontrolled Rise in the Cost of government would like very much to see Sharp reductions in spending for arms and armies. Trouble is to accomplish that admirable end is closing eyes to reality. Only a year out of Vietnam we have already had to Rush to the defense of one Little ally and of what we perceived to be a threat to Western world Freedom. Only we stood squarely Between Israel and annihilation. Are we prepared to let the next threat wherever it might occur go unanswered is our growing sense of isolationism so great that we Are Content to Retreat to the fastness of our own a Little Isle a or do we recognize that Salt talks or no we Are living in a world in which International danger continues unabated the israeli armies and pilots ran into some unexpected sophistication in weaponry when they poured across the Sinai to Quot the Borders of Egypt. Long assumed Aerial supremacy almost disappeared when it collided with Kremlin supplied Missi Lery. It is in that unwanted race that we must either compete or declare that we Are no longer equal to the task of defense of the free world against patient totalitarian its. Detente of the Kitchen or Ping Pong table variety notwithstanding. We have yet to perceive any Yackaway from the threat of communism to Bury us. A Volunteer army costs lots of Money much More than a conscripted one requires. So does a hydrofoil Navy with submarines not made obsolete by newest defences. A continued Force of reasonable size in Europe May be a costly exercise in tokenism but it is an essential element in the glue that Sticks us to potential allies. As always we petition the government to be As Thrifty As it can be but to do what is necessary to maintain what liberties Are left in the free world. Without essential defences designed to Cope in a Small Way or a big Way we might never have time to turn the other Cheek. Who got Here first the Fate of that Small group of English settlers who landed on Roanoke Island in 1587 and who Are remembered As the lost Colony remains one of those mysteries of history that intrigue scholars for generation after generation. Another is the question of whether norsemen particularly one Leif Ericson knew about America before Columbus made his momentous discovery in 1492. Scholarly debate Over this question can flare with the intensity of an International crisis. Since 1965, the dispute Over Ericson or Columbus has revolved around the so called Vinland map. Donated to Yale University anonymously the map purports to show what is now the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the maritime province of Canada As the Region was known to the Vikings hundreds of years before Columbus. The map was hailed As a the most exciting cartographic discovery of the Century a much to the Chagrin of the supporters of Columbus As the discoverer of America. Now the famed or notorious Vinland map has been termed a work of forgery by one prof. Luke Jelic of the Seminary at Zadar Yugoslavia. Or. Jelic spent most of his academic career arguing that a roman Catholic Hierarchy existed in Vinland Long before the voyage of Columbus. Two Yale professors the news Robert s. Lopez and or. Konstantin Reichardt both assert however that the Ink used on the Vinland map could not have been produced before 1920. They attribute the forgery to or. Jelic on the basis of certain wordings on the map which Are also found identically in Many of his papers. Reaction to this development was predictable. The supporters of Columbus feel they have been vindicated. The italian historical society of America urged Yale University to a take the moral and Legal Steps to rectify the harm and injustice that was inflicted upon but scandinavian scholars insist that the discredited Vinland map does not alter their conviction that the Vikings knew about America first. A your evidence was that the map is genuine a said George Painter of the British museum in London. The reactions Only prove perhaps that historical mysteries Are never resolved to the satisfaction of everyone but tend to go on forever. The partisans on both sides of this Issue should not forget however that the indians were in America Long before any european arrived on these shores and their presence is proof that neither Leif Ericson nor Christopher Columbus was the first to discover the new world. Legislatures and watergate one of the Foremost lessons of watergate nearly everyone would agree is that Laws governing Campaign spending and financial disclosure Are in need of drastic Reform. Congress seems reluctant to accept this reasoning but not the state Legislatures. In its year end review of state legislative action the Council of state governments reported that a More than half the states acted in 1973 to bolster the Public a decaying Confidence in government at All Levels by passing financial disclosure Laws Campaign and lobbying regulations open meetings rules and Many other forms of open gov emment this year 42 state Legislatures will meet in some form of regular session and at least two in special session. And a virtually every one of them a a Council spokesman told editorial research reports will consider Campaign Reform and related issues. Legislatures that dealt with the Issue in 1973 will take a second look at their Handiwork this time around. Congress meanwhile has been mired in bickering. Last july 30, barely a month after the nation heard How president Nixon a 1972 re election committee had helped to finance the watergate burglary the Senate approved the first comprehensive Campaign Reform act in 48 years. The Bill placed limits on expenditures and contributions in campaigns for Federal office lifted restrictions on broadcast appearances and created a new elections commission. Food for peace Seldom hits target by Jack Anderson United features Syndicate Washington the food for peace program established to feed the hungry of the world has been perverted into a food for War program in Southeast Asia. This sinister change has been manipulated quietly by the National Security Council. Of the $1 billion Worth of food that is shipped abroad for the needy the Csc has insisted almost half should go to bolster the military strength of Cambodia and South Vietnam according to classified documents. Elsewhere the food is sold through regular commercial channels to alleviate shortages and prevent hunger. The United states foots the Bill treating it As a Low interest loan to be repaid Over a Long period. But in Cambodia president Nixon gave the Lon nol regime special permission to use up to 80 per cent of the proceeds from the Sale of american food for a common defense and a internal in South Vietnam the Thieu regime is permitted to spend a full too per cent of the food proceeds on military buildups. Classified documents show that the president started off this fiscal year with a reasonable request for $30 million to finance food for peace shipments to Cambodia. When the Bill reached the House it was left to twist slowly slowly in the wind. Critics accused Wayne l. Hays a Ohio chairman of the House administration committee of stalling tactics. For his part Hays promised to report out a version of the Bill by february 1974 in late november 1973, the Senate tried another approach. It attached an amendment calling for Public financing of election campaigns to a Bill extending the Federal debt ceiling. But the House refused to accept the measure and when it returned to the Senate a filibuster killed the amendment. Ave a t the state level the Campaign Reform movement predates watergate. An initiative approved by voters in Washington state in november 1972 opened Campaign funding the personal finances of Public officials and lobbying activities to Public View. Strong enforcement Powers were Given to an Independent commission. Colorado voters took similar action Alabama a new code of ethics enacted in 1973 with gov. George Wallace s Strong support May be the most comprehensive in the nation. It covers certain state officials state employees members of the press and persons having business dealings with the government and requires them to disclose their economic interests and the incomes and occupations of their immediate families. In addition the code prohibits Cabinet members and gubernatorial appointees from owning any interest in any Enterprise that does business with the state or from receiving income from any other governmental Agency. A fancy meeting you a word edgewise but bit by bit the White House requests ballooned to $173 million and Are Likely to go higher. Even More food Aid has been earmarked for South Vietnam although the jump in the request has been less drastic. While most food Aid to the two embattled countries has been in Rice the documents show that 175,000 metric tons of wheat will be supplied by next july. Yet the wheat shortage at Home has pushed up the Price of bread to 50 cents a loaf and has forced the United states to import wheat at exorbitant prices. For years the food for peace program along with the peace corps has won friends for the United states among the worlds poor. We have seen Burlap bags of Grain and boxes. Of Cereal with big a us a markings going into impoverished villages. But in the besieged cambodian capital of phenom penh one of our informants witnessed a different scene not far from a Camp where hundreds of refugees complained of food shortages. He counted 50 trucks filled with bags of . Rice lined up outside a military warehouse. Instead of feeding the starving refugees it was going for army rations. Asthma Bonanza a Senate subcommittee has found that a National fund drive for asthmatic children has raised almost $10 million but spent Only a miserly 14 per cent to help six youngsters. The rest has gone for fat salaries and expenses for fundraisers plus a promotion Campaign to sell a Book by a director of the asthmatic children a foundation. In hearings beginning this week sen. Walter Mondale a children and youth subcommittee plans to probe children a Charity drives which use the sympathy of contributors for children to line fundraisers pockets. Mondale a investigators have already discovered that the asthmatic children a foundation whose main office is located in Miami Beach raised $9.9 million Over the last decade purportedly to Aid youngsters who Are wheezing and sometimes dying from breath robbing asthma. Touching pleas. The foundations solicitations Tell of the a Many children in our residential treatment centers and include touching pleas for funds to help those a who will not be at Home this actually the Mondale probes found Only about 50 or so youngsters Are under full time care in the foundation s treatment centers. The same co citation urges contributors to buy a three Dollar Book by a foundation director or. Harold Abramson. What the solicitation does not say is that 86 per cent of the Money contributed for asthmatic kids has been used for a fundraising activities a mostly salaries and expenses. Over $7 million has gone to a Chicago fundraiser named . Giesler amp co., a Mondale staff report shows. Giesler when queried by Mondale a sleuths explained that it takes Money to raise Money. Other probes the hearings this week will also include advice from Well run foundations on How costs can be kept to a minimum so that the children can get most of the contributions. Mondale is also seeking ways to let the Public know which charities Are doing the Best Job. In coming months Mondale a former crusading attorney general in Minnesota who exposed corrupt charities there plans to probe More children a foundations. Already he has found evidence that donations to other charities have been used to buy luxury items for fundraisers pay $50,000-a-year salaries provide hidden compensation through insurance deals and pay for visits by fundraisers to sumptuous hotels. Blacks Basic problems Are not unique by John p. Roche King features Syndicate John Roche is travelling. His guest columnist today is Bayard Rustin director of the a. Philip Randolph Institute and distinguished Leader of the civil rights movement Over the past Quarter Century what Are the most serious problems Black people face if asked this question a few years ago. Many Whites would doubtless have answered that the problems were measurably different from those confronting the rest of society. Whereas poor people and the working class have traditionally suffered from unemployment bad housing Lack of Access to education run Down crime infested neighbourhoods and other inequities built into the economic order Blacks it was thought suffered above All else from the racist attitudes of individual Whites. The belief that personal attitudes were More important than economic injustice was reflected in the reaction to the Kemer commission report. Despite its explicit condemnation of the racist behaviour of institutions a As opposed to the racist sentiments of individuals a the report was widely interpreted As a Call for Whites to look inward. Unhappily the commissions findings were made Public at precisely the moment that America could least afford to indulge in self analysis. Ghettos were burning and the country was traumatized by racial disorder. Black people were intensely disillusioned a not so much because of the persistence of individual prejudice a but because government was failing to follow through on its promises to remake our economic and social Structure. Same problems now the new York times has published a study which while not exploring racial problems so comprehensively As the Kerner commission presents a More accurate reflection of what Black people want. Its significance lies in its findings that the problems of Blacks and the problems of Whites Are basically the same and moreover that these problems have almost nothing to do with attitudes or prejudices. Both Blacks and Whites for instance were More concerned about crime than any other social 111 Blacks if anything were More emphatic in their feelings about Law and order. Both agreed that the other most important problems were housing drug addiction and to the editor about movie choices and wailers they agreed that the Rich the corporations landlords and organized crime received preferential treatment from government. And while about one of every five Blacks acknowledged to having been victimized by discrimination almost none listed racial Bias As the most important problem they faced. In Only one respect did the Survey find Strong racial differences. This was government programs a such As busing or the placement of Low income housing in Middle income neighbourhoods a to further integration. Otherwise Blacks and Whites expressed very much the same attitudes toward social problems institutions and what ought to be the priorities of government. What has been written Here is in no Way meant to minimize the awful spiritual and psychological toll which prejudice exacts from our society. Nor is it my intention to deny that racist attitudes can and certainly do determine the policies of government and the functioning of institutions. Economic but the primary answer to America s racial problems is economic and political not psychological. Blacks recognize this the Challenge therefore is to drive the Point Home As emphatically and often As possible to All americans who Are concerned about inequality. If we have Learned anything from recent experience it is that social myths can infect the entire political system. As Long As racism was the principal enemy concerted interracial political action was impossible. And to the degree that the nation turned inward the More Likely it was to believe that a government programs done to make any we would be much better off today if we had attacked the Basic social problems about which the majority of americans Are concerned. For the mobilization of a coalition of the majority of americans who need social change lies the solution to polarization and hate. And in the Resolution of these problems lies the ultimate answer to racism. To the editor As i opened my nightly paper again to the movies showing in our area i just had to protest against the Choice we have today. If it Isnit an a rated film it is a horror film or worse than either a violent bloody film. No matter what kind of movie you go to see whether a adults Only or what have you just look around. It is mosly attended by teen agers. In the last few years since this Type of movies have been dominated our screens murders ratings and sadistic killings have been rampant. Everyone knows there Are always a few who go out and try the things they see we saw evidence of this recently. One thing excites one person something else excites another. Just when you think everything has been shown that could be thought of someone comes up with the movie a the exorcist a about a wild 12-year-old girl of All things possessed with demons. I suppose when this highly publicized movie is shown around Here we will have More innocent Little girls attacked molested and perhaps even killed needlessly. We cannot pick up our paper anymore without seeing a Little girl kidnapped and killed never knowing what torture she went through before death. When Are we going to Wake up and speak out against what we do not believe in some will say they make movies according to the Public demands but i disagree. The a Billy Grahame films Are always Well received. A time to run was held Over and the movie was enjoyed by Many. People enjoy Good clean fun movies. It is just that there Are no Good ones and since there is no other entertainment for the Young people they go to the movies every time the picture changes whether it be Good or bad. I am not suggesting we have Only religious films but i am suggesting that we let the movie industries know we Are against these King of movies that Are warping the minds of some of our wonderful Young people the leaders of tomorrow. By the Way on this particular night showing at the movies were 4 brutal bloody films 5 that were rated a a re or a 3 that seemed like an enjoyable movie. I rest my Case. Mrs. Joseph Mars loud sirens to the editor today february 2, 1974, Tho quietness of a Rainy Day was shattered suddenly at 12 00 noon. The huge civil defense sirens that Are mounted High on their pedestals around the City blared out their ear piercing noise for a period of More than 3 minutes a counting the wind Down time. My residence is Only a Short distance from one of the yellow monsters. Why do we have to be subjected to this very unpleasantness for an extended period would not 60 seconds be sufficient i also wonder about the credibility of the testing program. I doubt if people would recognize a real emergency if one existed. There can be malfunctions occasionally that can be misleading and disturbing. The sick the tired the sleepy the animals and folks like myself whose ears find it very uncomfortable to tolerate the frequency that the sirens Emit would be grateful if the testing practice was shortened or discontinued completely. Harold Stroud 125 Marywood s world inc. A 1974 by Nia 7 know you re a regular customer or Walker but we re out of Gas and that a that a

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