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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 7, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The weather Cloudy drizzle Likely More data on Page Isa 90th year no. 38 the High Point High Point n. C., thursday afternoon february 7,1974 32 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads885-2177 a other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c in Kuwait guerrillas free four hostages by Joseph Panossian associated press writer Kuwait a guerrilla gunmen freed four of their hostages from the japanese embassy today and Interior and defense minister Sheik Saad Ela Dullah said it was possible the siege would end tonight. He said he had a been in touch with the Leader of the gunmen and obtained a pledge that no harm will befall the but the government still refused to let four pro Arab terrorists from Singapore land on its territory. The terrorists who seized the embassy on wednesday claimed they were holding a More than 20�?� japanese and arabs. They vowed to blow up the hostages and themselves unless the Singapore terrorists and their hostages were flown to Kuwait. A special Japan air lines plane arrived in Singapore Early today to pick up the group but the Kuwait government said it would not let the plane land a to avoid further it also refused to Send food into the embassy. The japanese foreign ministry said it had tried a again and again to get the kuwaitis to change but they were Adamant. Kuwaiti authorities estimated there were three to nine guerrillas in the embassy including a woman. They were believed to be arabs and japanese. Police and troops surrounded the office building in which the embassy occupies two upper floors. The japanese foreign ministry said the hostages included ambassador Ryoko Ishikawa. The embassy s first second and third secretaries an attache and a local japanese employee. The Singapore gunmen two japanese and two arabs have been holed up on a ferry boat in Singapore Harbor for a week since they failed in an attempt to blow up a Shell Oil refinery. They Are holding three men of the ferry Crew All singaporeans. They had been demanding a plane to Fly to an unspecified Arab country but the japanese government had said it could not find an Arab country that would accept them. The terrorist squads in both Singapore and Kuwait said their members belonged to the japanese red army and the marxist popular front for the liberation of Palestine. The group in Kuwait said it also included members of the sons of Palestine another Radical group 8$ 5-2051 for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Golf club is of q. I heard that a Golf association had been formed in Oak hollow and this association would sponsor tournaments and wonder if it is Legal for a City course that is built with tax Money to form this what happens when a tournament is going on and the City tax a paying golfer wants to play Golf thank you. A. According to to Morgan of Parks and recreation dept. Which co sponsors the Oak hollow Golf assn., the legality of the Issue is without question since the Golf course and association Are considered part of the recreation program much like the City Pool and City Lake gym which Are often closed for swimming meets and boxing tournaments. However Nick Gettys course manager at Oak hollow notes that the Public will have All starting times not taken up by those participating in the tournaments. Available times will be assigned on a first come first served basis which is normally course policy on weekends. Gettys added that the Only time a golfer might not be Able to get on the course during a tournament is when All available starting times Are taken up by tournament players Uke for example during the summer Enterprise classic. Not any younger q. Of you Are under 16 can you get married in North Carolina with the signatures of your parents Bride a to a he. A. Not until you re 16. The state statute states that Quot a male or female Between the age of 16 and 18 May marry and the Register a of deeds May Issue a License for such marriage Only after there shall have been filed with the Register of deeds a written consent to such marriage said consent having been signed by either the Mother or father without preference if the male or female child applying to marry resides with his or her Mother and on the lines q. Can the City of High Point put some White lines Down on the repaved Road of Oakview Road it is very dangerous and i almost hit a couple of cars and ran in a ditch one morning especially during the fog. Please print who to Contact it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Or. J. A. The traffic engineers have the line painting on schedule and have Only been waiting for a stretch of fair weather to get the Job done. No spider s web 0. Do you know of a place in High Point to re web porch chairs put plastic webbing in porch chairs mrs. Vav. A. You can try Kearns tent and awning co., which re a webs with Canvas or Sailcloth As they believe it holds up better than plastic. Tap on phone q. Is it possible to have a phone Call traced if the person has called and Hung up As soon As you answer anon. A. It can be done so report the problem to an official of North state Telephone co. Sound off i would like to Praise the people of High Point when the world is in so much turmoil and you think there is no such thing As True Friendship or even love. My car stalled dead on e. Green drive and being a woman i did the first thing that came to mind to Call help and during the lapse of time there were More than ten cars that offered Aid or get it for me. My thanks again for such wonderful people of such a great City. Thank you. Mrs. R. S., Thomasville. Election scheduled in Britain by Peter Ebert associated press writer London a prime minister Edward Heath today announced a National election for feb. 28. The decision came two Days before the Start of a nationwide Coal strike. Heath s announcement said parliament will be dissolved Friday and the newly elected parliament will Convene March 12. It said Queen Elizabeth ii would Cut Short a visit to Australia and return Home March i. The Queen must be Here to appoint As prime minister the Leader of the political party that controls a majority in the 630-seat House of commons. Heath s conservatives now hold 320 seats in the chamber with opinion polls indicating the country evenly divided for and against the government Heath fought off election pressure for two weeks. A the government has to accept its responsibility to govern a he declared. A we shall go on doing but that was before the miners voted overwhelmingly last week to expand their slowdown into a stake to support their demand for pay raises in excess of Heath s anti inflation ceilings. With Coal providing 70 per cent of Buntain s electricity economists predict the walkout will put at least 4 million of the country a 25 million workers on the unemployed Rolls by the end of this month threaten thousands of firms with bankruptcy and bring periodic Power blackouts to Homes. Chancellor of the exchequer Anthony Barber an advocate of an election test with the miners indicated wednesday what the conservative Campaign platform would be a the real Issue at stake is whether the country is to be governed by the Rule of reason. The Rule of parliament Andlee Rule of democracy a he told the House of commons. A the vast majority of people in Britain detest the alternative which ultimately can Only be chaos anarchy and a totalitarian or communist he accused the labor party of a doing All it can to stir up envy and hatred a and of encouraging the strike. Financial Relief promised truck strike pact reached by Robert a. Dobkin a labor writer Washington a negotiators reached tentative agreement Early today to end the eight Day strike of Independent truck Drivers. Truckers were promised All the fuel they need and higher freight rates. Federal Energy office chief William e. Simon announced that the nation s Over the Highway truckers will be allocated too per cent of their current fuel needs. Simon said the change will make an additional 76,000 barrels of diesel fuel available each Day at truck stops throughout the country. He said truckers using gasoline would receive similar treatment. There was no guarantee the striking Drivers would accept the pact but their negotiators said they would urge accept Ance. They said it May take at least 48 hours or possibly longer for Drivers to act on the agreement. The negotiators said there would be no formal ratification vote but that they would go out in the Field to explain the agreement and urge that truckers signify their acceptance by starting up their rigs again. In the meantime they asked the Drivers to stay Home and refrain from violence. Details were not immediately spelled out. But government officials said the interstate Commerce commission would announce later today approval for a temporary surcharge that would allow the truckers to raise their rates. The amount of the added fee was not disclosed. The government also gave full Assurance that truck stops would be supplied with All their fuel needs. In addition the freeze on diesel fuel prices ordered by president Nixon tuesday would remain in effect until Congress acted on legislation enabling the truckers to pass on the increase in fuel costs since last May. The department of transportation and the Federal Energy office were to announce later today additional measures that the negotiators said were intended to a let the trucks Roll the negotiators said. Secretary of labor Peter j. Brennan appearing on an no news program said details of action on the passed through the settlement involve the gov fuel costs provision and the Ern ment s new willingness to impose the surcharge on Freigh rates and to study some of the other problems pointed out by the truckers. Brennan said there would be no Rollback on fuel prices and that he did not expect the current freeze on diesel fuel costs at the pump to remain in effect longer than one month. Two of the stumbling blocks mentioned by truckers earlier were no government assurances that the freeze would last Long enough to allow the interstate Commerce commission to Complete Lack of a surcharge to cover increased costs other than fuel. Brennan said both the department of transportation and the inc had agreed to study some of the other problems raised by the truckers. He said some of the problems were As much As 40 years old. The agreement was announced shortly after 5 a in. Edt following a six hour bargaining session among the truckers six Man negotiating committee. Pennsylvania gov. Be truck on 2a rates to have surcharge ratification to take at least two Days truck talk Leonard Fleet Center lawyer for the Council of Independent truckers is flanked by . Hill left trucker negotiator and trucker Al Hannah As they discuss the truckers strike wednesday night in Washington a wire photo Hearst newspapers heiress kidnapping clues scarce by Nancy Day associated press writer Berkeley Calif. Apr authorities say they have few clues to the whereabouts of kidnapped newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst. They Are not ruling out the possibility her captors May still be holding her in this University town. A for All we know they could be six blocks from Here a Berkeley police information officer Richard Berger said wednesday of the White woman and two Black men who abducted the 19-year-old miss Hearst from her apartment Here monday night. A i wish we had some Way of knowing a where they John Kelley assistant agent in charge of the san Francisco Fri office said a quite a number of men were pursuing unspecified new developments. But he emphasized there had been a no big breakthroughs in the Case. Neither the police nor the Hearst family has received any Ransom demand or Contact of any kind Kelley said. Miss Hearst is the granddaughter of the late William Randolph Hearst founder of the newspaper and Magazine Empire that bears his name. Kelley said a special Fri artist from Washington was using witnesses descriptions to make composite pictures of the three kidnappers All said to be in their 20s. He also said agents were circulating photographs of a possible suspects a both male and female. He declined to comment on published reports that pictures of women associated with Radical groups were being shown to persons on the University of California Campus Here. Meanwhile miss Hearst a parents met with newsmen at their estate in Hillsborough 15 Miles South of san Francisco to renew their pleas for the Safe return of their daughter. A at first you Are angry and then you go into depression a said her father Randolph a. Hearst president and editor of the san Francisco examiner and chairman of the Hearst corp. A today is the Day in a hoping we will receive some word something real a said his wife Catherine who is a member of the University of California Board of regents. A a it a been so Long a a miss Hearst a Sophomore Art history major was kidnapped at gunpoint by the Trio who beat up her Fiance and a neighbor and dragged her screaming to a stolen convertible. They forced her into the trunk and drove off toward the Berkeley Hills in the convertible and later in a station Wagon firing several shots to scare away witnesses. Police said the owner of the convertible Peter Bennson 31, a radiation Laboratory worker had been kidnapped shortly before miss Hearst and was bound and blindfolded in the car at the time. Police said he a did no to know what was Benenson told police the kidnappers stopped about seven blocks away from miss Hearst a apartment and transferred her to the station Wagon described by witnesses As a White Early 1960�?Ts Model Chevrolet. Benenson a convertible was abandoned and he was released unharmed. By Craig Ammerman associated press writer representatives of striking Independent truckers say they will recommend acceptance of a tentative agreement reached Early today in efforts to end the violence plagued shutdown that began eight Days ago they said it May take at least 48 hours or More before the agreement hammered out with government negotiators in Washington is ratified they urged Drivers in the meantime to stay Home and refrain from further violence details of the agreement were not immediately disclosed but government officials said the interstate Commerce commission would announce later today approval for a temporary surcharge that would allow the truckers to raise their rates. The truckers have asked for cutbacks in the once of diesel fuel higher freight rates and permission to pass their increased costs along to shippers on a Dollar to Dollar basis. On tuesday they rejected As a measure insufficient to end the strike president Nixon a immediate freeze on diesel fuel prices. After the six hour bargaining session which broke up shortly after 5 a m. Edt. Government negotiators gave full Assurance that truck stops would have All the fuel they need additional measures were to be announced later today. Meanwhile stretches of the nation s highways were under heavy guard As violence spread prior to announcement of the tentative settlement. Extra police patrols were ordered at critical areas in to states and National guard units were on duty in seven states. The shutdown has left at least 100,000 persons out of work and some regions dangerously Short of critical sup plies. The automobile and Coal mining industries began to feel the Pinch and gasoline supplies in some areas were nearly depleted. Meat was being flown to some areas in the Northeast and an increase in rail traffic by food shippers was reported. But officials in the Northeast said a combination of the strike and panic buying by Consumers could soon deplete supplies of produce and meat if the shutdown continues through the weekend prices for available meat and produce in the area were going up governors in Many of the More than 40 affected states deplored the a guerrilla warfare tactics evident wednesday in some areas dozens of it uighur were reported Between no striking teamsters and independents in Pennsylvania. Police said a trucker was shot in the leg wednesday night in Texas. Someone attempted to dynamite a Bridge on the Pennsylvania Turnpike at least to states reported scattered shootings and Rock throwing and Pittsburgh police said 50 men broke into the Headquarters of a steel haulers group and attempted to Start a fire of the 100.000 persons out of work one fourth were in Ohio. Six Coal mines in West Virginia closed wednesday for Lack of supplies and officials said 2.000 miners could not get to work because they had no gasoline. Other appalachian mines were reported near closing. Armed National guardsmen were escorting gasoline tankers into Northern West Virginia. The Tanker Drivers were defying picket lines set up at the Pennsylvania state line. Guardsmen were to begin similar duty today in Western Maryland where Dairy Farmers reportedly have dumped milk because they cannot truck it out. The Auto Industry reported 26.000 persons either Laid off or on Short shifts. The government has made several offers to the truckers and congressional committees have acted to ensure higher freight rates. But truckers spokesmen say that until they get guarantees that Drivers can immediately pass along their increased costs and future increases the rigs will stay parked to use persuasion most controls to end in april by r. Gregory Nokes associated press writer Washington a the Nixon administration has told Congress it plans to end most wage and Price controls by april 30 and proposes to rely in Large part on persuasion in helping to hold Down prices. To dubious senators who wondered if this would be enough director John t. Dunlop of the Cost of living Council said a we ought not to underestimate the Power of persuasion compared with the Nixon forsakes austerity note budget talk geared to elections an a news analysis by Walter r. Mears a political writer Washington a for president Nixon Campaign time is at hand. That May be one of the reasons for the shift in tone and emphasis in his new Federal budget. One year ago the president was warning Congress against too much spending saying that he spoke the expressed will of the people with his demand for Federal austerity. Now he is talking of flexibility and of busting the budget himself if that is what it takes to prevent a serious economic downturn. His Campaign is one of persuasion with Congress and the Public As he seeks to end the watergate Case and vows to fight impeachment if it comes to that. It has to do with an Issue rather than an election. That comes later in congressional balloting next fall. In the current situation he can hardly afford to see the Economy lag into recession. New economic woes could Only make his situation More difficult. For properly or not the climate of National opinion about the president will be a Factor As the House considers possible impeachment proceedings. And Nixon has experienced More than once the Impact of economic recession on political opinion. In recommending a $304.4-billion budget to Congress he said the administration is prepared a to take further action if needed to offset the effects of Energy shortages on the Economy. For action read spending. A year ago Nixon s budget message was a Blunt lecture to Congress against spending increases and for a a change in direction demanded by the great majority of the american people a he urged a rigid budget ceiling of $267.7 billion. Actually spending is exceeding that figure by about $6 billion. There is no such ceiling in the new Federal budget. Nor is the White House threatening the impoundment of appropriations it does not want spent. The withholding of past congressional appropriations is one of the areas under study by the House judiciary committee in its current impeachment inquiry. Inflation was the prime eco nomic problem Early in 1973. Since then it has worsened the Energy crisis has hit and there is now a threat of recession. Recession under a Republican administration was one of the problems he encountered when he first ran for president and lost by a narrow margin in 1960 two years earlier As vice president he carried much of the Campaign Burden during a recession year and saw cop congressional candidates take a drubbing. After a 1970 economic downturn he made Clear his intention to go into the 1972 presidential Campaign with economic growth restored and employment increasing. Now once again there appears to be a meeting of two of the most inexact of sciences economics and politics. Power to order Dunlop said the administration wants authority to expand the Cost of living Council into an umbrella Agency that would coordinate economic policies of other government agencies. It also would have authority to Monitor anti inflation commitments made by industries to hold Public hearings and require reports from the private sector on wage and Price activities. Dunlop and Treasury Secretary George p. Shultz told a Senate banking committee subcommittee wednesday that the administration wants to maintain mandatory controls Only Over the health and Petroleum industries after april 30, the Date the present controls program will expire. Shultz said the administration May propose continuing controls Over one or two additional industries. Dunlop indicated to newsmen that the construction Industry could be one of these what s inside amusements. I of Bridge. 16b classified ads. 11-15b comics. Kab crossword. Of editorials. Financial. 2 a obituaries. .2b sports. 3-7b television. Iou women s news. .6-i2a weather

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