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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 5, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The weather warmer wednesday More data on Page 3a 90th year a no. 36 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., tuesday afternoon february 5,1974 26 pages Cau us circulation.882-1719 classified ads.885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c three fourths of nation affected truck strike spreads More Laid off by the associated press the Independent truckers shutdown spread Over More than three fourths of the nation today prompting More layoffs and bringing new reports of violence. An Independent Driver Manning a blockade near Wilmington ., was shot in the stomach and seriously wounded Early today police said. It was one of the few reports of injury stemming from the violence that has marked the six Day old protest. Federal and state officials and truckers representatives tried without Success to reach a Compromise that could end the owner Drivers protest Over fuel prices and freight rates. The shutdown or its effects reached at least 39 states. Shootings tire slashing or Rock throwing were reported late monday night or Early to Day in Louisiana Rhode Island Indiana Maryland Delaware and Pennsylvania As Well As in North Carolina. The number of layoffs reported in industries unable to get supplies or ship finished products topped 75,000. There were warnings that food shortages would Start showing up at the retail level shortly. Truckers blocking fuel deliveries caused problems for schools in some areas where British Coal miners Call saturday strike London apr Britain a Coal miners decided today to begin a National strike from Midnight saturday plunging the troubled British Economy into a deepening crisis. The decision was taken by the executive of the National Union of mineworkers which represents 280,000 men. It was announced by the Union presi Dent Joe Gormley. The decision could halt British Industry by Spring. Coal supplies 70 per cent of the nations electricity. Coal stocks Are already Down one third because of an overtime ban the miners have conducted since november to Back their demands for higher pay. The conservative for answers of questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. His music lives q. I heard that Jim Croce got killed in an air plane crash is that True . A. Yes. In Louisiana several months ago. A Honey of a Honey q. When the Lair in High Point last fall i got some Honey in a Little plastic Container in the shape of a Teddy Bear. I would like to get some More and would like very much to find out where this came from. Anon. A. This came from Brady w. Mullinax 330 Joyce Lane Kernersville. The phone number is 993-3667. Prospective parents q. My husband and i Are interested in adopting a child. Is there an adoption Agency in High Point if not where is the nearest one please let us know As soon As possible for we want to get our application in. Thank you. Anon. A. There is an adoption unit in the Guilford county dept of social services located in Greensboro. A direct line from High Point is 883-4224. Mrs. Helen Alpaugh of that office said recently the number of couples wanting to adopt still far exceeds the number of children available from infants through primary Grade Ages. Only if a couple would consider older children is there much Chance. Foster parents for temporary care of children of All Ages Are always needed. The other adoption Agency in the area is the children a Home society of North Carolina 740 Chestnut St., Greensboro Telephone 274-1538. Mrs. Joann Anderson says if a couple is interested in a child under 6, it is infinitely harder to adopt one now than it was several years ago. If they would like one Over 6 a particularly a 9, to or la year old they try to work with the couple immediately. The same is True of a couple who would take one of mixed racial parentage Black White from infants on up. Mrs. Anderson said there is a great need for Black families to adopt older Over 6 Black children. They ask a couple to write a Brief letter indicating their interest in adopting a child giving the age of husband and wife and the age of a child they would be interested in. The society will then Send a packet of material with a list of the Basic requirements and an invitation to attend the next orientation meeting which is held once a month in different cities of the state. The next one scheduled for Greensboro will be March 21,7 p.m., at the first presbyterian Church 617 n. Elm. At this meeting couples can ask All the questions they want to As All the key people of the society Are there. There is no commitment on the part of the couples attending but if they decide they want to continue application forms Are available at the meeting. Sound off we want to sound off a the tar Heel drive in theatre is getting a lot of criticism lately for the Type of movies they Are showing. I would like to say to All scouts and their leaders that they missed an excellent Opportunity to go free on wednesday night Jan. 23, to see american wilderness. I done to know How Many scouts attended but i sure did and there were 19 of us and we had a great time. This would have been a perfect Opportunity to show the theatre owners the Type of movies we would like for them to show. We of troop 564 want to say a thank you to the theatre owners we had a great time and were sorry that there were not More scouts and their leaders there. Thank you. I have a Box of Small Mill cloth scraps if anybody or club would Uke them please Call 883-7008. Government of prime minister Edward Heath put Britain on a three Day work week from Jan. I to save fuel. It has warned that an All out miners strike could Lead to a two Day work week and other emergency measures to save Energy supplies because Power stations have Only enough reserves to last until the end of March. Employment Secretary William Whitelaw had sought a meeting with Gormley this morning to press the government Case. But the Union Leader said he could see no Point to any More discussions and the unions 27-Man leadership group went ahead with the strike decision. Earlier Gormley said a strike was not inevitable and that a better Cash offer from the government might keep the miners on the Job. A strike vote last thursday and Friday ran 81 per cent in favor of a walkout the largest margin Ever recorded by the miners Union. Leaders said the miners executive group would agree to More talks Only if the government increased its wage offer which it says is already As High As possible under its seven per cent ant inflation ceiling. Buses get Gas. Sources close to the negotiations in Washington had indicated monday night that agreement on a Compromise plan was near but the session broke up Early today without a solution. Talks were scheduled to resume later in the Day. Sources close to the negotiations had indicated monday night that agreement was near but the session broke up Early today without a solution. Trucker wounded at blockade Wilmington Apr a spokesman for the new Hanover county sheriff s department said a 57-year-old truck Driver . Andrews of Hampstead has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill in the shooting of another truck Driver. The spokesman said James Henry Kelly of Wilmington 50, was shot in the stomach about 12 45 . Today while Manning a Small trucking blockade on . 421. He was reported in serious condition after undergoing surgery at new Hanover Hospital. The spokesman said Kelly was with several other truck Drivers who parked a tractor trailer truck across the Road with its Flasher lights on at Eagle s Island just across the River from Wilmington. Another trucker drove his Rig around the blockade. He stopped and returned to the blockade. The spokesman said during the ensuing conversation Kelly was shot with what is believed to be a .38 Caliper weapon. The weapon had not been recovered. The spokesman said Andrews turned himself in at the sheriffs office about 8 30 am. The Road blockade broke up before sheriffs deputies arrived at the scene of the shooting. Talks were scheduled to resume later today. The Compromise plan reportedly involved la Points which the truckers consider a minimum acceptable in general the demands involve the Supply and Price of truck fuel freight rates Driver safety standards and Federal and state regulations under which truckers operate. The truckers key Point reportedly is a demand that they be permitted to pass increased fuel costs through to shippers on a Dollar for Dollar basis plus an additional surcharge on existing freight rates. The National guard was on duty in Michigan. Ohio and Pennsylvania to keep order and prevent the shootings Rock throwing and tire slashing that have marked the widespread tie up which began last thursday. One trucker was killed. Guardsmen were on standby Alert in Connecticut Kentucky and new Hampshire. In Maryland police reported three separate incidents in which trucks were fired on monday but there were no injuries officers said. One Driver suffered Eye injuries when a Rock was thrown through the Windshield of his truck As he crossed a Bridge in Baltimore police said. Working late Pennsylvania gov. Milton Shapp goes Over one of the Compromise proposals for ending the strike of Independent truck Drivers with Jim Johnston of Kansas City to. L and Al Hannah of Las vegas. Nev. Early this morning in Washington. Both Johnston and Hannah Are representatives of the Independent Drivers association. A wire photo in Oklahoma protesting truckers blocked truck traffic on . 69 near big Cabin for four hours monday before police ended the traffic tie up. One Driver was arrested. Pennsylvania gov. Milton j. Shapp authorized the use of $1 million in state funds to Deal with the strike after issuing a a proclamation of extreme Shapp said 50,000 workers in the state have been Laid off by the shutdown and predicted the total would hit 350.000 by the end of the week if the protests continued. More than 17.000 Auto workers were Laid off in nine plants in Wisconsin Indiana Illinois Missouri and Ohio As parts deliveries dwindled to a trickle because of the shutdown. The layoffs were projected to last from one Day to a week. In West Virginia at least 3,-500 persons were out of work in Glass and electrical plants because of Supply shortages. The National association of food chains said in Washington that most food stores have enough meat and produce to Supply Normal consumer demand. But the american meat Institute reported Slaughter was Down sharply because of the truckers action. A spokesman said 19 per cent fewer cattle were killed monday than one week ago and hog Slaughter was Down 39 per cent from last week. Concessions Congress works on Bill to truckers indicated competitive state insurance proposed Raleigh a state sen. Gordon Allend person said today he will introduce legislation to put insurance rates in North Carolina on a competitive basis. Allen said his Bill a probably would a bar insurance commissioner John Ingram from instituting his a a Merit classification system for automobile insurance. Allen s Bill would allow each of the More than 200 insurance companies doing business in the state to set their own rates and classification system for All property and casualty insurance including Auto liability. The insurance commissioner would still have the Power to disallow any rates he found inadequate or excessive Allen said. This feature would protect against collusion in rate setting by the insurance companies. Currently insurance rates in North Carolina Are set for the Industry As a whole and do not differ from company to company. Allen said Competition Between the companies would result in if not lower rates at least a decline in the rate of increase on premiums. By David c. Martin associated press writer Washington apr Federal Energy chief William e. Simon indicated today that the Nixon administration is on the verge of taking action designed to appease striking truckers. Simon started to disclose the action to Senate House conferees debating the emergency Energy Bill but stopped when he was advised that the meeting was open to the Public. A i m not going to reveal our negotiating position that would be stupid a Simon said later in response to repeated queries from reporters. Simon told the conferees that he needed immediate legislative authority to allow the truckers to pass along the higher prices they Are paying for diesel fuel. However the conference chairman rep. Harley o. Staggers d-w.va., told him it was not Likely Congress could act soon enough. Meanwhile negotiators worked into the Early morning hours but were not Able to reach a Compromise aimed at getting the striking Independent truckers Back on the Road. Disagreement arises Over Oil Price Rollback emergency Bdl also would give the president Power to order gasoline rationing and other Energy conservation measures. At the ways and Means committee meantime Shultz took a Strong stand against a Rollback in present crude Oil prices despite indications from elsewhere in the administration that such a step May be under study. Shultz termed it a a very poor ideas that would Dampen new investment switch profits Jaworski asks for More papers Nixon greatest deficit spender since Roosevelt by Bill Neikirk associated press writer Washington a once a firm advocate of the balanced budget Richard m. Nixon has turned out to be the greatest deficit spender in the White House since Franklin d. Roosevelt. His red Ink record is a product of a fundamental change in his economic thinking and an Economy that is much More Complex with the Dollar Worth much less than a generation ago. Since Nixon took office in 1969, the government has overspent its revenues by $63.4 billion. The total red Ink will reach about $68 billion when the fiscal 1974 year ends june 30, according to Federal budget officials. On top of that Nixon a proposed budget for fiscal 1975 Calls for a $9.4 billion deficit which would push the total of his deficit spending to $77.4 Bil lion by june 30, 1975, Lyndon b. Johnson ranks closest to Nixon for deficit spending in the years since the heavy world War ii wartime deficits. Johnson had Federal budget deficits totalling a net $45.1 billion from 1964 to 1969. President John f. Kennedy was in office two fiscal years 1962 and 1963, and had deficits both times totalling $11.8 billion. During his eight years in the White House Dwight d. Eisenhower had deficits of $15.8 billion. Harry s. Truman overspent Federal revenues by a net $1.5 billion. Johnson had the largest postwar deficit $25.1 billion in fiscal 1968, As he tried to finance the Vietnam War and great society. Even though Nixon has had two deficits reaching close to that amount $23 billion in fiscal 1971 and $23.2 billion a year later Nixon economists say Johnson a 1968 deficit was highly inflationary while Nixon a were not. The reason they say is that the Nixon deficits have not gone beyond the amount of Money that would flow into the Treasury if the unemployment rate were 4 per cent the unofficial definition of full employment. They say Johnson a did go beyond this theoretical balance. Nixon decided to adopt the full employment budget concept for fiscal 1972. He said that approach guaranteed that deficit spending would help achieve High employment while not triggering inflation. The inflationary Boom of 1973 led Nixon to return temporarily to the a old time religion of a balanced but by the time this fiscal year ends the deficit will still be $4.6 billion. Washington apr the Price Rollback Issue is developing into the newest controversy As Congress tries to agree on Energy legislation. While Senate House conferees on the emergency Energy Bill were deciding in favor of rolling Back the Price of some Domestic crude Oil. Secretary of the Treasury George p. Shultz was telling the House ways and Means committee monday that he a firmly against a Rollback. During the ways and Means committees hearing on Oil tax Reform proposals however Federal Energy chief William e. Simon appeared to show at least some flexibility on Rollback Points. But talking later to reporters Simon insisted he s not clashing with Shultz. Shultz and Simon the Nixon administrations chief tax and _ Turk avar Energy officials spent most of by Donald m. Rothberg monday explaining the details Washington apr of the new proposals to the tax me House counsel James d. Writing House committee. St. Clair and special watergate meanwhile Senate House prosecutor Leon Jaworski will conferees on the emergency meet later this week to try to Energy legislation approved a resolve a dispute Over Contin proposal to Roll Back the Price used Access to presidential of some Domestic crude Oil a tapes and documents the aides said it would apply to prosecutors office announced roughly 29 per cent of Oil pro today. Diced in the United states. Quot this office has received a sen. Henry m. Jackson d lengthy communication from wash., author of the provision White House counsel which said administration officials will require clarification and estimate the Rollback would further discussion Between or. Lower the Price of gasoline at Jaworski and or. St. Clair a a a the by 5va cents. After spokesman for Jaworski said. The Rollback to $5.25 a barrel a we will have no further prices could be increased Only comment until those Dis As a result of higher costs and cushions Are held late this would not exceed a $7.09 week a he added ceiling per barrel. In his state of the i Nion the White House would have message last wednesday night 30 Days in which to ask con president Nixon said a i beg ass to exempt certain Cate Lieve that i have provided All Gories of Oil from the Rollback the material that he and Price ceiling provisions if Jaworski needs to conclude it found that the lowered Price his investigations and to would reduce Supply. The proceed to prosecute the guilty and to Clear the in. I the following Day St. Clair Iai l who recently took charge of a Cit s inside i the White House team of lawyers working on amusements.15a watergate told newsmen he bridge.20a was hopeful he could continue classified ads.15-19a working with Jaworski. A but comics.8a there has to come an end at crossword .20a some Point and Well just have editorials 4a to consider the circumstances financial. .2a As hey hereafter occur a St. Obituaries a 1 Lair Sal it sports.12-14a in a televisual interview Sun television 9a Day Jaworski took Issue women a news.6-7a Day Jaworski took Issue with weather.3a the White House Contention from the United states to abroad and would not a in the Long run a give Consumers cheaper Petroleum products. Specifically Shultz and Simon urged enactment of a temporary tax that would Drain Windfall profits from the recent boosts in crude Oil prices. The Levy would phase out if Price Levels stabilize during the coming years. They also proposed to deny . Oil producers the depreciation allowance on see disagreement on 2a material he needs to conclude his investigations. A to conclude the investigation would mean that it should be concluded with care and with thoroughness a the prosecutor said. A simply to say that i might have sufficient evidence to indict certain individuals is not enough. That a not the criterion As i see Jaworski also indicated he would not Back away from issuing a subpoena to obtain any material he thought was needed. Such a move could touch off a new confrontation like the one which led to the dismissal by Nixon of Archibald Cox Jaworski a predecessor As special prosecutor. The White House is considering a request from Jaworski for additional material despite Nixon a statement last week. A this matter will be discussed conversations and communications Between the offices of the White House counsel and Jaworski Nixon s Deputy press Secretary Gerald l. Warren said monday. When asked whether Nixon stood by that statement Warren said a i would not detract or take away from the presidents statement. When reporters asked if that meant Jaworski a request for More material would be rejected Warren said a i will not be Able to answer that because so Jaworski on 2a a

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