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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 4, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Saturday Fol Truar i 1939the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of a High Point North Carolina Page five North. Carolina major Quot activity spot Quot in wage hour administration state concern believe it or not by Robt. Ripley faces initial suit of act two committee already appointed Kep re it ent extensive v c. Industries Quot Washington feb. 4. Map a Industrial North Carolina found itself today one of the major a a activity spots Quot of the newly greater wage Ami hour administration. Of the. Three Industry committees named so far by administrator Mimer f. Andrews to recommend minimum wage Scales two Are for industries which operate extensive in the tar Heel state. A North Carolina manufacturing Plant the Central weaving and spinning corporation of Fay-1 a Deville a was the defendant in the first suit brought by the and i ministration alleging violations of the wage hour Law and thus May serve As a a test cases for the new aet. The states far Flung tobacco Industry which takes the raw pro duct grown in the state and car Ries it through every stage of processing until it i ready to be put on the Market in the shape of cigarettes also has come in for scrutiny. 8kano.nal exemption stemming plants which carry out one of the first processes to prepare tobacco for the consumer have been granted a seasonal exemption. Such plants operate extensively during the tobacco Selling season employing thousands of workers. Moreover Independent Telephone companies of the state have petitioned for exemption of Small exchanges from the act contending wages required under the Law eventually would result in reduced employment higher rates or automatic equipment. The third Industry committee a for the hosiery Industry has just been named. The first committee for the textile Industry in which the tar Heel state is a Leader was appointed shortly after the wage and hour administration began operation. These committees represent the employers employees and the Public to advice administrator Andrews in the highest minimum wage Between 25 cents an hour and 40 cents which will not disturb the Industry to the extent of substantially curtailing employment. The 25 cent minimum is now in effect tinder the Law and in three years ii will be scaled up to 4 0 cents. The Job of the committees is to recommend a wage rate above the present minimum which the Industry can now stand with a View of preparing itself for the 40-cent Gost. Waynic k a trouble shooter one of the members of the new hosiery committee is the labor Quot trouble shooter of former governor o. Max Gardner a administration a Capus m. Waynick of High Point. Gardner called on Waynick editor of the High Point Enterprise to act As mediator Between management and labor in several labor disturbances in the state Aud Bis actions were hailed generally by both factions. Waynick will be one of the Public a representatives on the hosiery committee which Andrews said would meet Here within a week or ten Days. The textile committee has been meeting at various times for several weeks. Other members of the hosiery committee include w. Cedrick Stallings of Durham n. C., and Emil Kiev of Philadelphia president of the american federation of hosiery workers who will represent the employees. North Carolina also has an employer representative of the committee. He is it. O. Huffman of Tho Morganton full fashioned hosiery company Morganton. N. The minimum wage determination of the hosiery committee will be made for employees engaged in notice or executor having qualified As executor of the estate of Catherine Folwell late of High Point Guilford county North Carolina that la to notify All persons having claims against the estate of said deceased to exhibit them to the undersigned at 414 South main Street High Point n. A on or before the 21st Day of january 1940. Or Thea notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. A persons indebted to said estate will please make immediate payment to the undersigned. Thea 2l�t Day of january 1939 Arnold j. Koonce. Executor Walter e Srisaman attorney. 1-21-28 2-4-11-18-25 f i Wilt to Etc leave thee tier forsake thee biblical quotation that has the same meaning when read backwards. Hebrews 13 5. V. In of the Trench revolution Charles de to loss in re an aristocrat obtained a Job As a Handyman inthe dreaded tribunal Ano in this capacity he saved the lives of 340 of people by destroying their execution papers. Amon those saved were Josephine and rim Lafayette Wailer How is w. Lee o Daniel Winch ii getting on As governor foes hold Texas executive has splintered a few planks in his Campaign platform continued from Page four loaf week the pies dope to of j Billy roses Diamond Horseshoe circulated questionnaires among the Chorine and show gals with the usual list of questions. Most of the answers were serious but the one from a stuttering same Dowell a six foot Texas Channer was the talk of the Midtown sector after the wags passed it along. In reply to the query Quot who do Yoni think is the most Over rated person in the world and Why a a she wrote Quot Adoli Hitler a because Abs Lyman is still alive a Quot dear or. Winch ii a writes or. S. Atkinson of the Catholic action group of nativity Parish Brooklyn Quot the members of our group wish to thank you for your article appearing Iii the Mirror on thursday january 26th in which you pay a tribute to the catholics for the big part they have played in the building of the american dream. In these Days of intolerance it is Gratifying to find a writer on the daily press who remembers Maryland and the part the catholics played in introducing religious Liberty in the Early Days of the colonies. With the present wave of anti semitism it might he interesting for you to know that pop innocent the third in the 13th Century issued the following edict a that a jew shall not be constrained to be baptized neither shall his cemeteries be ravaged nor any harm done to his the february roader i it up to has a pen portrait of rabbi Cohen one of the first citizens of Texas. The rabbi is famous for his i eat humanitarian work for All people regardless of their race Creed or color. A there is no such thing As methodist mumps he says Quot Baptist Domestic Trou Hie presbyterian poverty or Catholic broken legs Quot an elderly physician by Holdup men on i one night yelled murder a ,. Dashing up. A Po-1 tend this la a do Max of emf for Fath revolution during the French revolution liar in de la but Lere French aristocrat obtained a Job As sweeper with the dread tribunal of the up committee of Public welfare in charge of trial of members of the French aristocracy. In this capacity lie a it the lives of 94,000 frenchmen and frenchwoman the Flower of All France. Having Acle to the records he would nightly abstract a number of tile hum them in his Houe or destroy them after soaking them in water to obliterate _ due to his activity some victims under sentence of death were never executed and some Wen i. That Story never tried. Among the victims whose lives were saved by this noblest sweeper of them All i d current Ken has and either Herman quieted the victim a Ash the writing. You num not discuss politics so loudly. That end by aka service Austin tex., feb. 4.�?when a Lee of Daniel toured Texas with his hillbilly band and won the governorship in 36 Days with a majority of 30.000 Over la opponents he advocated a six Point platform. It included the Golden Rule ten commandments $30 pensions for everybody Over 65, driving out professional politicians reducing state expenses and bringing More factories to Texas. Now. A few weeks after his inauguration unkind critics Are saying the Only planks he has lived up to Are the ten commandments and the Golden Rule. The Day after his spectacular inauguration before a record crowd of 60,000 at the University of Texas football stadium he dumbfounded the old people by announcing not $30 pensions for everybody but a pension based on need. Astonishment was widespread too when the governor nominated on an anti politician ticket in the first primary endorsed one office Holder of 50 years standing and another who had held office to years for election in the second primary. His recommendation of a 1.6 per a ent tax to be collected prac. Really every time Money changed hands in an Effort to raise $4 5,-000,000, was another Shock to his supporters since $45,000,000 in new state spending was inconsistent with his pledge of Economy. And How legislators asked can the state attract More factories by threatening them with a pyramiding turnover tax on everything they buy and sell for a week not a single one i among the Isi legislators dared sign the transaction tax Bill which i or. Of Daniel obligingly submitted i with his message. Finally a sales beaten tax advocate signed it. But apolo Berlin izod saying he w Oul Dnn to vote for a help j it on a bet. He was merely ex-1 g the governor a Courtesy. Was Josephine de Beauharnais who later became the wife of Napoleon Madame of the famous american hero Anil a great Milliner of others. Lafayette wife state deaths a Uncle rays Corner a Halimi Irina old Hlad Fuson the Enterprise Bureau. 8 Commerce Street phone ass Thomasville feb. 4�?funeral services for Ralph Donald Henderson who died at his Home at High Point route 2, wednesday morning were conducted at the Home at 11 of clock Friday morning by Rev. J. Madison. Rev. Robert Davit and Rev. Vav. K. Jenkins with a Large number of relatives and friends attending during the service Joseph Edwards Sang Quot gathering Birds and Joseph and Paul Edwards Sang Quot does Jesus pallbearers were Carl Byrd. Jr., Wade Sykes Albert Goodman. And Billy Byrd. Interment was made in pleasant Hill Church cemetery in Randolph county. A Lydic Roth in h k the Enterprise Bureau i Commerce Street phone 5j5 Thomasville. Feb. 4. Funeral Servile for Clyde Roth Rock who died at the City Hospital late thursday night will be conducted at Fairgrove m. E. Church at 2 o clock saturday afternoon by the pastor. Rev. W. R. Jenkins and Rev. T. Vaughn pastor of the Pilgrim Church in Thomasville. The body will lie in state at the Church from i of clock until the funeral hour. Interment will be in the Church cemetery. A Little saturday talk sixth in series of sermons Here sunday the sixth in a series of sermons on the apostles Creed preached by or. Embree la. Blackard at the sunday morning services at Wesley memorial will be Quot the forgiveness of notice of commiss Ionics Sale under and by virtue of the authority vested in the undersigned commissioner under a certain judgment rendered in the municipal court for the City of High Point on the a the Day of Jan. 1939. In that certain cause entitled. A City of High Point v. Mrs Emma Brower. Southern Oil company it a1.&Quot which cause is a proceeding for the foreclosure of certain Street paving assessment liens. I will offer for Sale and will sell to the last and highest bidder for Cash at the front door of the county building on South main Street. City of High Point. N. C., at h of o clock a. M. On the 14th Day of feb. 1939. The following described parcel of land being lot no. I of the subdivision of the j. W. Hedgecock lands As shown by plat made by j. A. Johnson. A. Which is on record in the office of the Register of deeds of Guilford county n. A. Said lot fronting on n. Main St. In the City of High Point. No so feet and running a Long College Avenue 1751 j feet to a Stoke thence in a Southern direction l?93i feet to in Iron stake on the West Side of n. Main St., thence sol feet North along the West Side of said St to the beginning. This the 13th Dav of january 1939. H. L. Baumgardner. Commissioner. 1-14-21-28-2-4. Fifty one placements in jobs Here in week during the week ending february 4. There were 51 placements by the local office of the North Carolina state employment service it was announced by j. A. Gawthrop manager this morning. The placement w Ere for private service 26 regular and 25 temporary. The manufacture or processing of hosiery including knitting dyeing. Clocking repairing and All phase of finishing hosiery. Processing of yarn or thread will be excluded however. Andrews said this definition included both seamless and full fashioned hosiery and both men s and women s hosiery regardless of yarn used. The committee membership was a elected after consultation with employers and labor representatives in the Industry he said. Under the lathe administrator May accept or reject the committee s recommendations. If he rejects them he must refer the question Back for further consideration or name a new committee. The administrator himself cannot change a recommendation. For quite some time i have been saving a letter asking a question about our scrapbook club and now at last i have space for it Quot dear Uncle Ray i have been a member of your club for about a year and have enjoyed it very much. I used to read and save your stories every Day before i joined the club. Then a Friend told me How much fun it was to belong to it so i joined it. Now i know i shall never regret that i did. Quot there is Only on question i would like to ask you. Do you have to get a new membership certificate each year i would be very glad if you would Tell me Quot i would like you to print something about famous music writer of the world. Quot i would Uke to join with the Many other boys and girls All Over the world in wishing you All the Good Fortune anyone could have with your column. Respectfully yours Quot Mickey first i want to thank Mickey for the Good wishes. It warms my heart to receive Friendly letters of this kind. Perhaps we shall have space later this year for articles on famous song writers. The idea has been in my mind for several months. J to every Corner of Germany ,. Theodore Irwin and or. S. Hoffman collaborated on the piece which is crowded with amusing anecdotes dealing with the Natzis most of them Are new to these j orbs. ,. Fri stance the Reich Stag fire. Which All but the naive knew was sabotage to put the blame on nazi adjutant rushed into goer Ngy a room and exclaimed a your excellency the Reich Stag is burning a. A what a said Goering looking at his watch. A a already a to the House microphone strode a Smithy sturdy As the one of poetry and swung critical words with the Force of the Sledge Hammer he used Back at Wharton in South Texas. Governor a. Lee . Showered with his fellow Tex Mit criticism and Praise. I a this message was a stink bomb a shouted w. S. Galbreath i the Halo Smith legislator. A if he l going to give us advice like that we ought to pass a Law making it a felony for the governor to address. The Gleeful House members whooped and sent the Echo of cheers flying toward the governor s office on the same floor of the Capitol. Organized labor was wounded when of Daniel named Joe hum Shik of Austin member of a la Bor hated company Union Una it ciliated either with a. F. L. Or c i. Of. As state labor commissioner Hast texans were angry when the governor appointed a Dallas North Texas Man Carr p. Collin. As Hast Texas r presenta Ivd on the Highway commission. American legionnaires w e peeved at the naming of Harry Knox of Brownwood not a member of tile service organizations adjutant general. And insurance executives were flabbergasted when he made Tim Ett Smith a West Texas District attorney with no life i surant experience state life i surant commissioner. Of Daniel blames his Many slips due to Lack of knowledge of stat government the spent his life a the flour business and never be a fore held Public office on the far thar Beisa businessman re error. Far from damaging of daa Lei this is helping him with Man Texas voters who Are proud having a governor who is not politician. When inquisitive Capitol report ers pressed of Daniel with Emba raising questions such As How h stood on legalizing Pari Muir Macerine on Salt a horses. Daniel suggested that he was Quot Runnin out of i news and clamped a Limpf on m a papers of one press con Ferenze a week. O Danie i plans weekly broads j casts from the governor s Man Aion and has prospective Oppon a a tits of his program shaking of fear he will discipline them of the radio carrying news of the opposition to folks pack Home no you do not need of write in and get a new membership certificate each year in order to i stay a member of the club. Once i i Quot 5�r new yorker re.,.quested a favor. Would we write you have joined you always can an introduction for him to some be a scrapbook club member. The j of our Hollywood friends we never important thing is to keep on told him we clipping and saving our daily because we i stories. A and so we each year we have new Mem he persisted. We gave him a be ship certify eaters and new letter. He writes Quot dear scrapbook cover designs. The Winchell you might like cover designs have the number know that your Friend. Harry of the year on them and May be Brand of 20th Century Fox Stu useful to past on a new scrap Dios is the Only honest Man i Book which you May make or met in Hollywood. Because of buy. Your letter he said that he you can join the scrapbook give me any run around club at any time of the year. We and told me that i a did no to have a always Are glad to have new j Chance in the world _ and i capital Short shots by and Man by a vhf la Lynn Nisbet Enterprise Bureau sir Walter hotel Raleigh feb. 4. A Grady Withrow had introduced a Bill changing the name of Hampton a Rutherford municipality to Ruth when up Rose Quot Peter Murphy to inquire whether the town was being renamed in Honor of Tho Ruth of biblical Fame or of the slugging babe of baseball immortals. Quot they just want to make a detested doing so a lady of it a replied Withrow. Not do people Fanon ask for any or. Murphy the Salisbury Veteran referred to in the paragraph above found himself temporarily to outranked on the House floor thursday when Quot courtesies were extended to Wilson a w. R. Dixon who sat As a member of the 1895 legislature and returned again in 1s97. The year a a Peter did his first legislative hitch. Nate Ltd other Well count a Laud to Quot a Charl Tahl is to quoth it showed i amp voted song member. No join. All you charge is made to i did no to need do is to Send thanks a lot a stamped return envelope to me an envelope carefully addressed to yourself with a note saying you want to join the club. As soon As possible it May take a week or More the envelope will come Back to you with a membership certificate a Label for your scrapbook and directions on How to make and keep your scrapbook. I wish i could come right Back with the letter Aud shake your hand to show How happily w e Welcome you Uncle Ray. Page do of a recent time offers a the most gifted women novelists Are Virginia Woolf w Ilia gather Elizabeth Madox Roberts Elizabeth Bowens. What no Pearl Buck who merely wins Nobel prizes join the new i pop Uncle Ray scrapbook flub to Uncle Ray t Are of the High Point Enterprise High Point n. F. Dear Uncle Ray i want to join the 1030 Uncle Ray scrapbook flub and i enclose a stomped envelope carefully addressed to my. Self. Please Send me a membership certificate a leaflet telling How to make a Corner scrapbook of my own and a printed design .orcli1anl a love to paste on the cover of my a crap look. Guilford county realty transfers High Point township j. M. Smith to David c. Bode Rheinier and Millard h. Bodenheimer tract adjoining property of mrs. Annie Edwards. Morehead township Kemp c. Clendenin and wife to Emma d. Hodgen tract on Glenwood Avenue. Or. Lola ii. Hurt executrix to c. J. Broadway tract on Spring Garden Street. Gilmer township name Street or r. F. I. City. State or province. Deep River news tract on High Street. Hazel no Patterson to Clifford c. I Redmond and wife tract on Boone j Street. J Millard Fogleman and other to o u. Ingold tract adjoining property of Lula Ingold. Center Grove township mrs. Brown commissioner to i w e. Marshall and wife tract adjoining property of w. L. Balwin the House took the japanese Beetle Hill away from appropriations and referred it to agriculture and now observers Are wondering of the latter committee argued for nearly thee weeks Over turnip seed How Long will it take to agree on japanese beetles and a $30,000 appropriation. Amendment it aunty Homes Aud institutions As a pitas. A 3 for. 43 against. Quot not and the h d visions for markers we Complete new registration. Teller then went out and cast at 10,000 votes in the next Prin try the highest Cumberland Ever a voted before was around among former legislators to it floor Quot courtesies thursday Ere Malcolm Mcqueen of cum Inland and Tom Smith of Robe on. Succumbs Benson. Feb. 4. Thursday january 26th, from. Jordan Richard m Illiard m. B. David p. Allen 26, 3 to 5 . P. M. Jackie Ray Williams buddy Spivey Johnny Mechanic died yesterday u. T. Juries suffered the night entertained Jones Little friends with a party in Honor of his fifth birthday indoor games were enjoyed and Barbara Ann Yates won the prize. After the games were Over the children were invited to the dining room where u Large birthday cake with candles formed the Centrepiece. Tiny cups of Candy hearts were Given As favors and the Valentine Motif was featured in the decorations. Those present to enjoy the afternoon beside the honoree were Nina sue Wilson Laura Lott Wolliard Barbara Ann Yates la Wanda Payne Billie Jean Fields Mary Faith Milliard. Linda Gail Yates Jean King Colen a number of Briggs and Rodney Porum. Jackie received Many attractive gifts. Or. And mrs. Otis Fulk of Reno Nevada who Are visiting relatives and friends Here Anil the former smother mrs. Lucy Fulk of High Point were dinner guests wednesday of last week in the Home of or. And mrs. R. Ii. Born in or. And mrs. M. Porum also were guests. Isact Magdalene Crumpler and Frances Thornton spent couple of Days last week in dui Ham and Graham. In an Auto truck apr a Farmer of in before crash. Sunday afternoon with or. And mrs. Brannock. Mrs. Vav. Idol Guilford College route i wan the All Day guest wednesday of her parents or. And mrs. T. J. Jones. Miss Lula Parrish and brother my Illiam Parrish attended the funeral sunday of their Cousin. Walter Parrish who was burled a it Farmer. Mis. Rose Parrish spent Surix y night in High Point with Columbus county a Raymond Mallard Hasni to any use for the department of conservation and development and does no to hesitate to say so. He declares himself ready a on or off the record a to Call it the Quot biggest graft in North Quot Why they even get More Money to protect the lives of fishes than the state Board of health gets to protect and save the lives of people a he boiled. Pitts John s. Moore Aud s. O. Worthington sit on directly opposite Side of the House almost As far apart As it is possible for two legislators to get but there is nothing significant about it. Or. Moore says it came about because be was determined to get an aisle a eat at this session Quot two years ago Clarence Stone just about wore my knee Caps off while i was trying to get by when the repeater from 1937 bid for seats he got an Aisler but there Wasny tone immediately next to his. And so or. My Orth the Senate Bill inviting lands Royalty to visit Carolina ban reached the Calendar with a favourable report from the committee on propositions and grievances. Two records were established in the Senate at its Brief thursday session the longest Bill of the session Aud the1 Bill with the longest title were offered senator rain introduced the Quot administration wage hour Bill providing for regulation of workers As to hours wages etc., and bearing a title 112 words Long. Sitting exactly opposite Bain on the West Side senator Gold sent up a Bill of 142 full typewritten pages. Introduced at the request of the governor the Gobi Bill is Quot to Amend and revise Tho Laws relating to the estates of deceased Persona to conveyances by husband and wife to the transmission of property by wills to the administration of estates to guardianship and the repeal of statutes in conflict almost immediately senator Gold announced a thirty minute meeting of his judiciary committee for yesterday morning and members began asking if he expected to dispose of that 142 pages in 30 minutes. He did no to. Senator spark asked for printing of 1000 copies of the wage hour Bill but no one tried to impose upon the printing fund Gold s Book. We a co where senator Quot Bayne of m Aynu introduced a Bill. May be it ought to have been Baya of main or perhaps Bain of my aia that includes about All the to sible mistakes. Eng North shortest and. Therefore amen Hon a i the Best talks made to any co Mittee came from Salisbury s a. Fink. State federation of l Bor president. Before the Eie dons Law group he said a a my Ilmington last summer our organization adopted a Resolution for repeal of the Absentee Ball Law. Thank you an sat Down. In ton later on was assigned the far off one to now occupies. Zeb gave North ii a n t Vance Turlington his Nam to the famed Carolina Bong dry Law the slightest intention of representative John Kerr jr., of Warren Ait Ive on the appropriations committee thinks the committee has been going too fast in lopping off suggested appropriations to state institutions and departments. To had considerable hand in checking the a Economy bloc and insists upon consideration of each Case on its merits. Conditions change so rapidly he a Aid that items which were necessary two years ago May be needed now while others not now important May assume tremendous importance during tie next two years. Or. Kerr is who i therefore opposed to any horizontal cutting or any recommendation without very careful study introducing any measure about liquor at this session. Quot in fact a he told your correspondent Quot if i introduce any legislation at All it will be to permit Rabbit Hunting in the first tie vote in the came thursday while oddly. Speaker Libby was t in the chair Aud House rather maid so the mrs. Kviz Thornton and mrs. Her Mother mrs Betty Morrison. Dora Homey were dinner guests Bill Dillon had a Wood chop wednesday of mrs. Ollie monday afternoon followed or. And mrs. Bill Dillon spent by an appetizing supper. Duty of breaking it devolved upon Nash a Bull throated Claude Abernathy temporarily presid ing. Moore w. R. Clegg had offered an amendment permitting confiscated liquor to be do so far Libby Ward has burned Over the House Gavel to Claude Abernathy Rupert Pickens and one of his rivals for the speaker ship. Bill Fenner but to Dato Victor s. Bryant of Durham the Man Ward beat by Only two votes Hasni to presided by request. Those who think abolishing Absentee voting and markers would reduce the total vote in an election ought to talk just a minute to Cumberland a d. Lacy Mcbride. A Why in our county we repealed the Absentee and All pro representative Mcnair Richmond woke up to realize the a bad amendment had been offered to the Bill providing to donation of seized liquor to hoc petals. And he made a Good spa it it against it. Only trouble was the the amendment had Aire j Bein killed before a a Doc awoke. The amendment would have or Nii Ted authorities to give the liquor to county Homes a for utile charitable purposes too Man members feared the definition Charity. Representative bos Wood a Currituck made on of the Moi effective speeches of the session Friday. He had just sent up it local Hill dealing with his Conn school set up. Speaker my Ard a ked him if he had anything to the genial easter Rose Ani said Quot i Hope the Bill i old. Paul Leonard energetic Leader of the fair tax association reports that business people Ore the state Are delighted with us lion of the appropriations com Mittee this week in reducing % Many suggested amounts to state expenditures. Much Asmi Leonard and his outfit hates the sales tax. He says that his mein hers appreciate More his App Ai Alice before the appropriation committee asking for less. J Pendl Tures than his assaults a the sales tax. Supporting this i Lief the head Man of the f taxes was sporting a new b the gift of a Western Carolin merchant. Probably he made Clear that the hat was a gift an not a Purchase upon the theor that petitioners for tax Reip must make the poverty App or. Leonard hardly expects to any material change in the Sai it tax set up at this session but h warns that resentment is Dee than some legislators think a that it May flare into an open pm Lineal fight most any time. Fatally injured Raleigh. N. A. Feb. 4.-�?mrs. Sam Nachumson. Wife Washington furrier was fax injured yesterday when an a Mobile driven but her in j overturned on in s. Highway i near Here. Nachumson a injured

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