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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 4, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page fourth High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina saturday february i. 1039 High Point Enterprise it. B. l. A. Rawley Sec a and treas. I am Mett a. Cecil Gen. Mgr. Published afternoons and sunday mornings j p. Rawley. Publisher 1915�?193? Carus m a Well month. Ill months. Greene month line week. Carriers in nearby towns we not permitted to collect for More than one week in Advance. Carrier in City Are not 2 it for a period of More than five week. Or subscription for a longer period is Dwino Dyment should be made direct to Oil ice. The associated press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of All Lew dispatches credited to it or not 01 her Nae credited in this paper and also the Deal news published therein. Member of audit Bureau of circulation subscription rates Dally Aud sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby town $10.40 $ 5.20i Quot in month. 2 so .90 entered As second class matter at the Atonic in High Point. N. C., under the t of Congress of March 8, i�?�7 National adv. Represent aut the John Blud co. 420 Lexington ave. New York City saturday february 4, 1939. Jha Uthi and All Israel heard of the judg ent which the King had judged and Ley feared the King for they saw Tat the Wisdom of to of was in him i do judgment. A i Kings 3 28. To be perfectly just is an attribute the divine nature to be so to the most of our abilities is the glory it Ian. A Addison. The vulnerability of a governor the ephemeral character of political popularity has been manifested to the governor of Texas. With a sound truck and Hill Billy music he charmed the voters of tile Lone Star St Ito away from their traditional Loyal ies and they made him the nominee of the democratic party with a Joy fill whoop. He went to the governorship Isiah the pol it i it in in. If it and the country gnat thy Liv d an Eye on Texas to see h a the whole irregular business a it uld work out. In some Quai to Imah i before and after the election Daniel was appraised As distinctly More than an entertainer Rhey said he had courage and business gumption. The first appearance of the new governor before his legislature Lave strength to the hoary bemused there he advocated a tax Dan which would finance Public ervice but one which was Greet d by lawmakers and gallery in Tern silence. The Day of the Houting masses had closed for a Daniel he was Down to the in a it Pular business of balancing budgets. This week the new governor tumbled when he announced the of mutation of the death sen ence of a negro murderer Tor he expressed purpose of giving he Man an additional 30 Days of expiation. Texas could t Stom Ich the suggestion of torture and ill four estates Are flaming with condemnation. We regret it because we liked he forthright manner in which he strangely promoted Man Bejan his governing. The governor Las Given the Opportunity to his enemies to get even with him not Only for the mistaken inexcusable use of the Power of Colum nation but for other things. The inspiration of most of the attacks and much of their violence undoubtedly Are considerations oth or than the cruelty of the governs towards the prisoner. Living for atmosphere mountaineers of the great smokes Park area will not be squared to leave the ancestral vastness. They will be allowed to Hay even encouraged to stay to Ive a a atmosphere to the Park. Perhaps the Mountain folks vill not object to furnishing a a atmosphere provided there is a substantial consideration directly it a indirectly supplied. They have sense of humor and get As much enjoy mint out of the freakish Ness of the tourists As the tourists it out of them and their habits. One of them joking another lout their future Many Moons Igo forecast the pie ent departmental decision when lie said fete you know what they a planning to do with us i Heer de they was going to fit us with tails and use us for monkeys in the keen witted people whose simplicity is a Way of living and not a mental deficiency Are those North carolinians and tennesseans who inhabit the High Hills. The same humorist quoted above told the Story of the scientific expedition headed by a College professor which penetrated to portions of the great smokes where the foot of White Man was presumed not to have been set before a and did it with a great amount of nation wide publicity. A they went for Days and Days a the Mountaineer said a and then one evening just about Sundown they come upon what do you think a one of them prehistoric steam americans first Rit outdoor advertising the report is published that Brenas College has been Given Emory University so find a the engraved Stone said to have been discovered on the Banks of the Chowan in North Carolina and held to be a last message to the world from the lost Colony. The engraving contains nothing to invalidate the theory that the lost colonists were the authors of it the new ownership is quoted As saying. Not even the fact that the engraving in Good English promised a Reward to the Indian who reported to Whites expected from overseas promised to aborigines whose Mastery of elizabethan English was far from impressive leaked the air fortunately for International rest Veness the president was in position to deny and did deny vigorously the militant phrasing of policy viewpoint attributed to him. It is one thing and a substantial one for the president to encourage variation in our neutrality policy to give democracies an advantage in the armament race but it is another for him to be uttering sentences w h i c h pledge our entry in unborn warfare. We Are pleased that he could give the lie to the allegation that he had said the Rhine would be the american Frontier in event of another world War. Perhaps there Are Many americans who believe our fortunes would be determined on a Rhine Battle line in the event of such a War but discretion bids the president not to say so. We take unquestioningly As truth his positive assertion that he made no such statement. Or. Roosevelt a denial helps to curb foreign resentments and it is Likely to have a similar effect upon Domestic concern if not Domestic vituperation. In View of the a scotched stories of the incident before the military affairs committee senatorial questioning of our executive policy seemed in order. The president took advantage of the Opportunity while denouncing mis quotation to assert clearly his View of our International policy. That statement May satisfy Many of the honest questioners in the Senate. In the news the Lexington dispatch says that a Cash taken out of a Road fund when the state desperately needs to make safer the highways on which we Are sacrificing the lives of a thousand citizens a year and bringing pain Long or permanent crippling and a Load of expense on Many thousands of others actually Means a restriction of life at the other end of the line. Incidentally since the sales tax seems now to lie unmovable it might meet with popular approval if the legislature should fully convince itself that the state is actually getting every Dollar it should realize from this source. Collections should become More efficient each year the tax Well said and appropriate Statesville daily a for unadulterated nerve we nominate the member of the appropriations committee who proposed to lop off $23,800 from the amount set up by Hie budget commission for salaries of clerical help in the next general forget Ting the nerve it might be news to Many citizens that the work of the committees in the general Assembly Calls for quite a number of typists. In other Days legislators could carry a great Deal of the work accomplished in their Heads. Not so now. North Carolina has grown up and her government is no Small replica of that Washington. Greensboro record a the Philadelphia evening bulletin refers to senator Robert Rice Reynolds As North Carolinas $10,000 a year one Man circus the bulletin evidently does not draw the line at giving the circus free As if the senator needed it Charlotte news a Cut the salaries of state employees Knock Down the Mullet line to the highest bidder increase income taxes but done to forego that investment in a greater wealthier advertised North with Dale Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people have you Learned to quell your anger and refrain from spitting Back an answer that would Malte the other Fellows hair curl if you can do that very simple thing it May mean the difference Between Success and failure. Let me Tell you about Giovanni Martinet world famous Tenor of the metropolitan opera in new York. He told it to me himself. He wanted to lie a Singer but there Wasny to much Chance. The family was poor and unable to give him a musical education. His father was a Cabinet maker in Italy. Giovanni himself was the eldest of fourteen children. Nothing interested the boy but music. He Sang As he worked at his Trade of cabinetmaking Side by Side with his father. The town where they lived was Small. So the family raked up enough Money to Send Young Giovanni to Milan. He was Happy. He believed he could thrill people with the music deep Down inside him that cried out for expression. He believed he could conquer the musical world. He did. Two years after he arrived in Milan he made his de. But on the operatic stage in Verdi so people shouted and tossed their hats in the air. He continued to study six years passed. He was Good. He was excellent. Then came the word that the Brilliant Arturo Toscanini was coming to Italy to look for Talent to take Hack to the metropolitan. What an Opportunity Young Martini Iii made up his mind that Toscanini was going to take him Hack. He decided to sing a part that he knew would Appeal to Toscanini the role of Dick Johnson in a girl of the Golden that dealt with America Toscanini would approve he would hire him. Martinelli studied with feverish intensity. He threw himself into the part until he lived it. After rehearsal he would sit for some moments before he was Able to come out of the part so vivid was it to him. Sometimes the stagehands spoke to him and he did not hear them for he was still Dick Johnson. The great event was to take place in Rome. The Day came. Martinelli walked out. Knees trembling. Then he got hold of himself again and became Dick Johnson. As he Sang he knew he had never done so Well before. When it was Over Toscanini sent for him. A i can to take you to America. You re a Martinelli was enraged. What a Greenhorn Why the people of Milan had shouted his name. Lie had taken six curtain Calls. He would Tell Toscanini something there was an interruption and Martinelli had a moment to think. Toscanini was sincere he had spoken As he Felt. So he calmed his temper. A after he said a it is a great privilege at my age to have Sung in Rome before Toscanini had expected Martinelli to a go temperamental,1 but he had t. Instead of arguing with Toscanini and insulting him. Martinelli did the unusual the generous the Superb thing he complimented the great Maestro. Toscanini was pleased. He agreed to hear Martinelli again. Two years later. Martinelli was singing for Toscanini m the metropolitan. Sure he had ability but he had something else almost As important As ability he had the Art of pleasing people. Of course i still have my right hand and i can always buy a William Goudy in new York master Type designer after fire had destroyed his studio and plans. The most Brilliant of our Amateur diplomats suggests a pair of seed Cata logs for two european firebrands that la take their mind off Warman lug i or a ulna. Any objection to this Guy being dropped Waller Winc Liell on Tho Adwasi trod Mark registered copyright. 1931, Dally Mirror. Inc. Paging father time notes of a new yorker Well it just goes to show you. You never can Tell from is the name of a personable Young Man a known wherever Dice houses Are. We know him from Broadway and Hollywood he is a Dapper lady the girls find him a gentleman too. Last year when we were spoiling film for Darryl Zanuck we saw a too Lye seated with four fierce looking Fellows in a cafe one 3 in the morning. Talk about gorillas. High Check Bones sunken eyes Pale faces grim expressions. Perfect casting for any Edward g. Robinson did no to want to be caught speaking to them a and so we made a Hasty ,�?� said Tooly last night a How come you put on the Ritz with me and my friends that night they wanted to meet you. They were newspaper men on the los Angeles papers a during the week to Power was shooting his Way through life in a Jesse James at the Roxy Wally Beery and Boh Taylor were engaged in slugging matches in a stand up and fight at the Capitol Doug Fairbanks jr., and Cary Grant were battling in a a Gunge Din at the radio City music Hall John Garfield was breaking beaks in a they mad me a criminal at the strand a the son of Frankenstein was at the Rivoli and in this and that night club some stage managers were bulldozing chorus girls or a when nobody was looking a beating up their wives. Continued on Page 5 this minute a win gym is the nickname of a Phila phia character now in Miami at the race tracks night spots and other rendezvous.,. Wing is what you would Call a Quot sportsman when you mean to say Wing is a Good sports hence he is a sportsman. This is Why. Before the gambling was halted again the other night a Wing risked $4 on Chemin de for and ran it up to $275.he invested the $275 at the craps table and won almost $11,000. Then Wing flush with All that Money telephoned every lad and lass in town that he knew was broken behind in the room rent Etc. A a done to Tell me no lies a he cautioned. A Don t fool Wing now How much do you have to have tonight for your rent and other things no lies now a. Wing gave away nearly $4,000 of his winnings. A Good buy. He does no to believe in saving he argues. A when in a 65 i get my social Security which will be enough to make a couple $2 Ted Lewi headlined the new girl production at Art Childers Beautiful Royal Palm club in Miami and teds Stooge Quot snowball had to Black up during the engagement. A a snowball who is Black anyhow corked up and wore Black gloves and one of us wondered Why. A a it a the Law Down Here a someone explained. A fall coloured entertainers have to Black up and in most Southern places they Arentt even permitted to sing or dance Etc that reminded us of a Law we have in new York is perfectly Okay for night club or stage shows to feature nude girls but while they re on View the nudes must not move. If they move it is they done tits a a tableau and therefore Art. By Howard Merrill the men wanted Section of the n. Y. Times the other morning offered the following advert who resembles the president to demonstrate game. A balance the budget in store windows. Salary $50. Also wanted Man who resembles of a worker illustrated in card game. Salary $60,�?� in other words if you look like the president you Are Worth $50. But to earn $60 you merely have to look like a we a worker. The word you Are about to look at in the split seconds that they hit four eyes form a new kind of reporting. This will take sixty seconds to read. While you Are Reading these facts the events they describe Are actually taking place. What happens in one minute on Eaith a world is in motion ,. Destiny unfolds itself Start Reading note for the second world War in the sixty seconds now passing Russia is expending an estimated 54.000 rubles on army and Navy defense. The German National debt is reliably computed to by accumulating at a rate of 34,000 Marks a minute. Three people a minute become out patients in a London Hospital. Every minute someone is born in France the South africans make Industrial alcohol from molasses and grapes. 32 Gallons a mini Ute animals in the United states consume 6,000 pounds o f prepared feed in one minute. Every minute firearms makers sell six pistols revolvers rifles and shotguns. The holc Home owners loan receives seven Hundred dollars a minute on an average a in principal and interest payments from its debtors. According to the National resources committee unemployment is increasing at a startling rate. In addition to those men already unemployed the net in unemployment w works out so that there a a new unemployed Man added to the list every minute of every hour Stop Reading. Ten years ago local news a three Inch Snow was on the ground this morning and proved to be the first Worth mentioning for thirteen months. The flakes began to fall shortly before three of clock a. the local chamber of Commerce has issued a Booklet for 1929. Many handsome cuts illustrate the City s Many modern and permanent improvements a tuberculosis clinic will he held Here next week. The Crescent limited crashed into a Snow plow at 10 30 this Rooming at the main Street crossing. There was no derailment the plow was knocked Loose with no apparent damage. About people a miss Lizzie Gooch has just returned from a buying trip to new York. Miss Elsie Gates spent yesterday in Greensboro and attended the Schumann Heink concert. Mesdames t. O. Whittington Bas Combe Jarrell and George Powell motored to Rome ga., today. New Brief flu is raging in Europe. A Standard Oil of Cincinnati has declared a 50 per cent Stock dividend 50 cents on the share and the regular dividend of 62 1-2 a share Snow has blanketed North Carolina. Clinton s. Carnes defaulter of Atlanta has drawn a sentence of from seven to ten years. He is alleged to have embezzled nearly $1,000,000 from the Southern Baptist Home Mission Board. Twenty years ago local new a a. R. Pickett one of the most highly respected citizens of this Community died Early this morning of heart failure j. E. Kirkman announces that he has traded his Stock in Snow lumber company to other stockholders of that corporation. He will in the future devote his time and Energy to the giant furniture company. About people a or. W. J. My anally left last night for Richmond. Va., on professional business. Miss Pauline Simmons has resumed her studies at Salem College. Miss Katherine Harmon has returned to Guilford College. After a visit to relatives Here. A miss Mamie Jones is spending several Days in Baltimore. Stephen c. Clark is recovering from an illness of several Days. Miss Irving pay Lor of Raleigh spent yesterday in the City with friends. Bruce Catton agricultural act Bruce Catton in Washington by Bruce Catton Washington feb. 4.�?after Sis years of strenuous and expensive Effort the new Deal program to help the Farmer is Back within shouting distance of its starting Point. The farm Belt is sore again and it soreness is reflected in Congress. It is quite possible that this Congress will go ahead and write a Brand new Type of farm Bill tossing production control out of Hie window having the govern a e n t underwrite the Farmers Cost of production providing for the dumping of Export surpluses and greatly broadening the Field in which the present operates. An influential bloc of farm Belt senators and representatives has lined up behind such a Bill. A similar Bill failed to pass the Senate last year by just six votes this year the Bills backers May find those six votes and More. A Good Man to discuss the whole situation with is senator Arthur capper. Senator capper a Kansas Republican admits freely that president Roosevelt and Secretary of agriculture Wallace Are perfectly sincere in their desire to help the Farmer. He says this administration is More Friendly to the Farmer than any in Many years. But he also feels that the new Deal farm program has failed and that it is time to find a better one. Self control for Farmers just before he came to Washington this Winter senator capper held a conference in Topeka with 900 Kansan Farmers. He also had letters from 1000 More. He believes he has a pretty fair idea of what the Farmer needs. First he feels that regimentation and restriction of production must Stop. If there is to he any control he says let Farmers impose it on them selves rather than submit to some thing devised at Washington. Next he believes the Farmer Mut be assured of the Cost of production of his crop plus a fair profit As far As crops grown for Domestic consumption Are concerned. Surpluses he feels should be exported for whatever they will bring either with or without government Aid. He would shape Tariff and foreign Trade policies to present the american Market in Toto for the american Farmer. He would keep the present soil conservation program and would continue to finance agriculture through the farm credit administration but he thinks 3 per cent interest is plenty for farm Loans. All of which comes reasonably Clos to expressing the provisions of the Frazier Lemke Bill introduced recently by the farm bloc. Not unanimous senator capper admits with a wry smile that Farmers themselves Are far from United in their views. A those Farmers i talked with at Topeka certainly weren to in agreement. Most of them i think do want the aaa act of 1938 repealed. But one group a Small but noisy one. Wants the government to Stop trying to do anything at All for the Farmer. A larger group wants some control of surpluses to keep prices from going Down too far. Still others bitterly oppose production and marketing control but do approve of the soil conservation the senator remarks that the new farm program sought to he keyed to the family sized farm. In too Many cases he believes the aaa program has been a Fine thing for the big land. Lord and the corporation owned farm but a bad thing for the Little fellow. The senator is not irrevocably committed to All the details of the Bill which the newly organized farm bloc has brought in. A i joined in sponsoring it because i want to see it brought before cop Gress a he says. A i want to see it examined and studied carefully. Maybe it Isnit just what we re looking for. But it at least deserves our Earnest for. Believes senator capper something has to be done. For years he remarks at least two thirds of All american Farmers have operated at a loss. The present administration a tried to help but As he puts it a a they be made Little or no Progress like the others in the farm bloc he believes some new approach must ii tried maybe the Frazier Lemke proposal. New Brief a the peace conference at Paris is making a record in handling business. A league of nations plan will probably be announced within the next two weeks. President Wilson a three year naval plan has won out in the House naval committee an annual appropriation of $750,-000,000 has been asked. He said it i have been silently watching the # bellowing tax . W. I a of Daniel of Texas commenting on the opposition to his proposed transactions tax. Hitlers new study is to be 88 feet Long which will probably allow for Chest expansion of Der fuehrer. The new injun dance is built around the idea of an Indian buying a radio tuning it into Harlem and getting swing. A Donald Sawyer new York dancing instructor warning the Ohio state dancing teachers at Cleveland. The dismissal of the German finance minister came As a great Schacht to Wall Street. The new White rabbits no longer produce cheers As they Are pulled out of the hat. A representative Bruce Barton of new Yorik commenting Ca president Roosevelt. Broadway was a very Tough Pluto it co jul hts in it est i Quot a term a a it one of the More tolerant nazis is i am going on a journey of explore reported suffering frequently from Tion. Information and education. A nose bleed. His heart is just too big Frank Knox Chicago publisher Tail for his head ing for Chile

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