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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 1, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The violent women la theyse idealists but murderers. Following is the second of Throe articles on the new kind of violent women in today s society. By Ana Honig women s news service new York a women criminals Arentt what they used to be. They have Little in common with hellcat Maggie who a Century ago roamed new York streets robbing and killing her Teeth filed to Points for Throat ripping her fingers tipped with brass for Eye gouging. Today a women criminals Are More Subtle and More intelligent. They Are part of a generation of women who have been shaken out of their traditional role. They Are More frustrated and perhaps More bewildered. They have brought two new categories to the history of their kind the teen Groupie who flaunts sex and drugs in derision of the establishment. And the High in terrorist who bombs and kills in the name of political revolution. It is the terrorist who is the deadliest of today a women criminals indeed three of the four females on the of big a most wanted list belong to this category. But women Are no newcomers to crime. American history is Choc Ful of aggressive women. It was a woman who raised in a in the nations first mass murder Freydis Leif grids on a half Brothers and their families to death. And there have been women Bank robbers Etta place contemporary of the notorious Sundance kid. And gun molls in the Days of Al Capone. Today a female criminals Are every bit As colourful and imaginative As their predecessors and even More direct and defiant. Take a look at the picture the hippies and hippies and the rioting girls who nailed sanitary napkins to the Walls of Columbia University with ugly suggestions scrawled beneath them Are part of it. Political a most of All the Brilliant females with a political a to grind Are part of it the Campus activists the freelance radicals the weather people accused of assassination and bombings. The Fri recognizes the danger from this latter group. It has put three of them on its most wanted list. Two Are Honor graduates of Brandeis University wanted Tor killing a policeman father of nine during a Massachusetts Bank stick up they Are also wanted for an earlier armed robbery and for fire bombing a Philadelphia Bank All done to raise funds for the a a revolution a a third most wanted woman is Leader of a violent Weatherman group a Arm yourselves and shoot to live a a her rallying cry is now the slogan of americans revolutionary Young. These women Are Bright educated and politically Hep. They demonstrate March confront police barricades. They Are a new Breed of woman criminal. A female political extremists Are tried for torture and murder a Norman Hill editor of a a the violent women popular Library observes. A the front pages o f newspapers report on girl terrorists who detonate bombs Hijack airliners Rob Banks shoot guards assassinate one underground press report says 70 per cent of the weather people Are female a practising karate Street fighting. Making bombs. In the Spring of 1970. An elegant old townhouse on a quiet Street in new Yorkus Greenwich Village blew apart killing 28-year-old Diane Oughton and two youths. Two other Young women escaped death in the blast. Bomb factory the House was a a bomb making weapons for the in november and december of the same year a half dozen females were arrested in connection with bombings or attempted bombings. First police found a bomb a a factory in the apartment of a 27-year-old woman librarian then six persons three of them women tried to bomb the first National City Bank on Madison Avenue in new York then two girls actually did bomb the Royal National Bank of new York on fifth ave. Women Are More fierce in a fight than men anthropologist at wit s end she holds record by Erma Bombeck As everyone knows i hold the record for the longest postnatal depression period in the history of obstetrics. I could hardly wait for the empty nest syndrome at which time i was going to climb in it eat Bourbon balls before breakfast watch soap operas and eventually run away with a j e w i e r y Salesman. On the Day the empty nest became a reality i found to my Honor there was a dog in it. Which the family explained would keep me company. I needed company like a Man Reading Playboy needed his wife to turn the pages for him. The dog was Friendly enough. Had fair manners and was playful. He Only had one hang up he had to be let in and out of the House 2,672 times a Day. Some dogs have a Blade of grass Complex. They can to seem to pass one without stopping and making it Glisten. This beast never passed a door without scratching it jumping up to the door handle and howling like he Only had two seconds before he would no longer be responsible for what happened. At the end of the first Day i was near exhaustion. I had not gotten the breakfast dishes cleared off the table the Beds made nor the laundry started. A til bet you were playing All Day with that teased my husband who has sense of humor like Jane Fonda. A what makes you think that a i asked. A look at the Way that Little Dickens is jumping up and a the is aiming for your Throat he wants a a done to be ridiculous he just came finally the dog let out a Shrek that took off the tops of our Heads and threw himself at the door. A Why does he want out a asked my husband. I opened up the door and the dog leaped in again. A Why do fairies dance on the Lawn Why is the Pope always a Catholic Why does Simon hang around with Garfunkel Why indeed a the dog ripped and i opened the door for him to leave again. A you mean to Tell me. Ifs this Way All Day a i nodded at the same time opening the door so he could Bounce in again. A i got it a said my husband snapping his Finger. A Well go out w Hen he goes in and when he comes out Well go in. That Way Well confuse him into not knowing if he a in or standing there huddled in the darkness on the cold porch scratching with our paws to get in i tried to figure when i went wrong. I think it was when my Mother said a try marriage. Yum la like open 6 30 on hour it to Mumm. 6 30 most in oar Uanino for our customers who missed our sunday 1/2 Price ad., i a it a Coupon bring this Coupon with clothing and receive 1/2 off All dry cleaning on tues., wed. And thur., feb. I 2 4 3. Offer 0000 with c0up0h ohly Cut and save Money 5 shirts i a i 3 locations a 2351 English re. Beside Anderson drug a Fairfield Plaza a 2406 n. Main St. Beside varsity drive in Ima Margaret Mead has noted. To. The girls from Bloomington. Ind., who put on witches outfits and pelted people with birth control pills were Only amusing. The girls who invaded a Berkeley. Calif menus locker room demanding coed karate lessons succeeded Only in sending the poor Fellows scurrying for cover. But beneath the trivia runs an undercurrent of danger. A let s face it a a Philadelphia liberation St said a if women want to end discrimination they re going to have to get and some women Are angry enough and Tough enough to smash the Law and the order. Next new female violence High Point Enterprise tuesday february i 1972 7a dining room for dogs too much for sensible Reader Days Ultra feminists in and out of women a lib Are proving it. Hill in his Book Points to the growing ferocity of women a karate trained women a lib a soldiers Force their Way into business offices and intimidate male executives. Glamorous movie stars disrupt army installations. Kick custom officials. And advocate armed revolution. A female family cultists commit grisly mass murders. And most of this murder and mayhem is committed in the context of political motivation a crime writer Ellery Queen i pseudonym for m. B. Lee and f. Dan Nav even thinks men Are in mortal danger from to Davis females. A just How extensive Are the symptoms of this Homicidal hate the Man syndrome a Queen asks. A How real a threat is faced by the largest of the world s minorities the male of the species a a pogrom and he wonders. A will it wind up in pogroms and Buch in Waldsp a certainly a look at modern crime annals shows How women a rage Over male domination is bursting into violence. Valerie Solan is. Disgruntled actress who attacked pop artist Andy Warhol was not satisfied to kill him with a single Bullet. She riddled his body with slugs from two guns smashing bullets into his spleen stomach oesophagus. And lungs. A the had too much control Over my she later told police. And some far out feminists applauded her action distributing leaflets that proclaimed a a Van Erie is much of the current feminist movement is simply sound and fury signifying nothing terribly criminal. Burning bras and storming editorial offices Are admittedly a waste and a nuisance. Respectively. Social Calendar tuesday 7 30 p in a Pilot club of High Point meets at the Sheraton hotel. The executive Board meets at 7 p in wednesday to a m red Spivey is guest speaker at the midweek Extension homemakers club meeting in the Home of mrs Glenn Brown 220 Woodrow ave. To a in. A midweek Garden tub meets with mrs Robert t Cottam. 407 Parkway. To a in a mrs. Worth Ivey addresses members of the Garden study club meeting in the Home of mrs p. C. Smith 8y Ann Landers dear Ann Are we a nation of screwball in a beginning to think so. Either that or somebody is trying to make us look like decadent lunatics. I have heard from a very reliable source yesterday that a restaurant in new York has a special dining room for dogs. The mutts Are provided with Satin pillows and their food is served on Silver plates. Please Check this out and let me know. I d like to pin that party s ears Back. Thanks for your help Huntington station dear Hunt the party who made the statement is half right. The restaurant was closed recently. It was the Colony in new York. They did indeed have a private dining room for dogs Complete with Satin cushions and Silver plates. Dear Ann several years ago you printed a letter signed a Star w it was a list Oil rules that you guaranteed would break up a marriage when i read the column i thought it was amusing. I did t realize that my own marriage would one Day be destroyed by inlays. I would be very appreciative if you d reprint that column this time with a suggestion that All parents who have sons and daughters of near Marriageable age clip it out and keep it for future reference thank you a Corvallis Oregon sadness buy your. M engagement Diamond w n modern manner select your Quality in flawless Fine fair pay Only for what you get a or or Dutiful or \ hit St bran i it i Olla or x n main is Tri m2-mis 3 air Quot Quot Quot jewellers phone 885-2251 come did you know our dedicated service to the Community As funeral directors is Well known. Perhaps you did t know however that we also devote As much of our spare time As possible to participating in Worth while Community activities. Of a natural Extension of our service minded less dear Corvallis several others have requested a rerun. Here it is 1. When a son or daughter lets you know they plan to be married show open hostility to the person of his Choice. After All marriage Means less love and attention for parents and they have a right to resent it. 2. Expect your married children to spend every sunday and Holiday at your Bome. Act Hurt if they have other plans. 3. Of your married children have problems with their mates encourage a hem to come heme to you. Let them know your Home is still their heme no matter what. Listen attentively t0 All complaints and Point out additional faults which May have gone unobserved. Remember a drop of water at a time can Weir away a Rock if you keep at it Long enough. 4. Of your Maried children Are having financial problems Rush in with the Check Book of you Are having financial problems yourself borrow if necessary but let them know they la never have to do without anything so Long As you Are around. 5. Of a married child has a drinking problem keep telling him his mate drove him to it. It will make him eel better. Eve Yone needs someone to blame. 6. Of your married child gets an Opportunity for advancement which takes him to another City Tell him family is More important than Money and if he leaves god will punish him for not obeying the commandment a Honor thy father and they 7. Of there a grandchildren smother them with gifts of the parents object Tell them to keep out of it. After All grandchildren Are to spoil. Sneak Money to the kids secretly if you have to. They la love you far it. 8. If your married child has a difference of opinion Wilh his mate get into the act and fan the Marne. Family loyalty is a Beautiful think. Maybe you can turn a minor argument into a major hassle and break up the marriage. Sign me Star witness who saw it happen dear Star Beautiful. Just Beautiful. . Huneycutt interiors custom craftsmanship on a a a Vin pop a i to ii a f Al Toi i w.�. 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