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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 2, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather Chance of rain Coo More data on Page 3 a 88th year a no. 33 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., wednesday afternoon february 2, 1972 60 pages Call us circulation 882 1719 classified ads 885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25� for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Glue sniffing problem q. I have a son who is sniffing glue and i wonder what to do for him and what can be done for him to get him off the stuff. What harm will this do to him will you please Rush this in for me soon As i am worried Over this. Anon. A. Anyone who needs help for themselves or others with drugs glue sniffing or other problems can Call Contact 882-8121, Day or night. If the person answering cannot help directly with a specific problem or if More counselling is needed than can be provided Over the phone you will be referred to another trained person who can help. Glue sniffing can cause permanent liver damage so waste no time getting help for your son. A a no Patent on vittles o. What is the address of the place in Washington where you can get a Patent on a food product i was wondering if you would have to have it patented to put on the Market and How much it would Cost. J. G. A. You can order from the superintendent of documents u. S. Government printing office. Washington d. 20402, for 20 cents a Booklet entitled a general information concerning the Public Library also has material. From the Section devoted to what can be patented it seems that food products Are not patentable. The statute applies to inventions or discoveries of a any new and useful process machine manufacture or composition of matter or any new and useful improvements by process or method they mean primarily Industrial or technical processes. A these classes of subject matter taken together a says the Booklet a include practically everything which is made by Man and the processes for making the Law does provide for the granting of a Patent to anyone who has invented or discovered and asexually reproduced any distinct and new variety of Plant other than from seeds such As by Root cuttings found in an uncultivated state. Asexually propagated plants Are those reproduced by Means other than from seeds such As by Root cuttings layering budding grafting Etc. A trademark can be obtained through the Patent office. These rights prevent others from using the same name on the goods but do not prevent others from making the same goods without using the trademark. It in it nocturnal Bowser Trio o. I m crazy about a three dog they it at tha top of my life in great Rock groups. I d like to Start a collection of every album they Ever published. Could you please Tell me the names they have on the covers the order from the oldest to their latest and where they May be obtained. Thanks. Anon. A. Any music store or record shop will be delighted to give you the answers and sell you All the 3-dog night recordings your heart desires and pocketbook can afford. A gunnery scrimshaw o. Is there a Gunsmith in High Point that puts designs on guns s. A. A Gunsmith says this can be done by any competent engraver provided he understands the working action of the weapon to be engraved if you want a Metal plaque engraved to put on it a local jewelry engraver can do it. A Hiz Zonner the 24th q. I would like to know if maybe somehow i could find out who the judge in the High Point court was on nov. 24th, and i think it is the District court and it is real important to me d. S. A. The District court judge on that Date was Fentress t. Horner. A a a How far off Center q. Pertaining to a traffic violation How far from the Center of the Road on either Side does the Public Street or Highway extend does it go beyond the Edge of the pavement or. B. A. It extends according to g. S. 20-38 36 a the entire Width Between property lines of every Way or place of whatever nature when any part thereof is open to the use of the Public As a matter of right for the purposes of vehicular it it it weekend warrants q. When did it become that you can t take out a warrant on your husband for no support Over the weekend just As Good As you can during the week and i would like to know that Don t be afraid to print this in tha paper. . A. Okay we shall be real Brave and pass along the comment from the court that there is no reason Why you can to. It it it Julie Julie. Q. What is the address of Bobby Sherman s. A. You can write him at p. 0. Box 890, radio City station new York n. Y. 10019. Under Leaden skies angry Londonderry buries 13 dead Londonderry Northern Ireland apr Londonderry buried the dead of Quot bloody sunday today under skies As angry As the City a mood. Shivering crowds stood through the morning outside St. Mary a Church in the roman Catholic Creggan District on a windswept Hill overlooking the old walled City. Inside the Church Lay the coffins of 13 men and teen age boys shot in sundays still disputed clash Between the British army and Catholic demonstrators. The Gray Stone Church newly built As the Centrepiece of a Catholic housing development was packed to its 2.000 capacity. Outside stood an overflow congregation of several thousand stamping their feet against the cold. Thousands More lined the 300-Yard route from the Church to the cemetery chatting quietly sometimes joking then falling silence As the first cortege swung into View. William Cardinal Conway. Roman Catholic archbishop of Armagh and primate of All Ireland led the scores of clergy at funeral service. The requiem mass was celebrated by or. Neil Farren Homan Catholic Bishop of dry Wyo urged restraint on Northern Ireland a Catholic minority and expressed gratitude for the worldwide sympathy which the shootings aroused. The Irish Republic which declared this a Day of National mourning sent six of its Cabinet ministers to the funerals. Another visitor from across the Border was Paddy Kenne draft lottery May end with this one Washington a the draft lottery for two million men turning 19-years-old this year began today with no. 29 being assigned to those born sept. 26, 1953. The second draw Elf capsules from two plexiglass Drums in this fourth draft lottery perhaps the last in the Vietnam War Era that will actually draft men mated no. 319 to men born oct. La 1953. Nov. 24 was drawn from a red capsule and no. 180 from a Blue capsule on the third match of a ceremony in the Commerce department auditorium that is expected to last about two hours. The lottery decides these Quence of the Call to military service in 1973, at least until july i of the year when a he current draft authority expires. President Nixon has pledged to achieve a Zero draft by the and make another Extension of the draft unnecessary. Draft direct r Curtis a Tarr. In remarks prepared to open the ceremonies in the Commerce department auditorium said a it is a continuing goal of president Nixon to establish an All Volunteer armed Force arid thus to end Reliance on the draft by mid-1973. We do not know As yet what the draft Call will be in 1973. A nor do we know As yet what the Call will be for the remain Der of 1972, but we do expect Calls to be lower than they have been in recent Tarr traced the Short history of the draft lottery starting in 1969. Saying a both the . Military situation and selective service have changed a great Deal a the manpower requirements of the armed services have decreased considerably. And there has been a corresponding lowering of the number of men inducted each Tarr said the goal of All the changes in the draft a has been to make the draft for As Long As is necessary As fair and equitable As possible to All Young High stakes old timers finish up hand at Tampa s Spanish club in the latin Quarter oblivious to sen. Hubert Humphrey d-minn., who was touring the area in a bid for votes in Florida a March 14 democratic presidential primary. Humphrey was on a swing through the City tuesday visiting clubs restaurants and factories. A Wir photo do Republican member of Northern Ireland s provincial parliament who since last August has been on the run As an associate of the outlawed Irish Republican army. St Mary a overlooks the bog Side Quarter where the 13 were killed sunday in a Battle with British paratroops. Revenge see Keg gunmen of the Irish Republican army campaigning to end British Rule of Northern Ireland struck Back tuesday night and killed an army sentry in Belfast the provincial capital. Lottery numbers Washington a following Are tile birth dates and Matching numbers in today a draft lottery in the order in which they were picked nov. Aug. Sept feb. Nov. Sept. 26 29 oct. La 319 2i in 12 198 Jan 3 42 Ort it 14 15 235 i 112 17 284 a it Roll 30 69 feb. 16 227 nov 21 287 june 17 9 dec 31 june la nov. 22 nov. 27 feb 20 Fob 2 ii 64 102 135 106 278 May 4 172 april 22 261 nov. 26 344 March 16 91 Jan 16 399 aug. 13 329 oct. 4 79 sept. 28 70 Jan. 24 62 May 23 122 May 9 276 nov. I 107 sept. 13 229 March to 331 Jan. In 72 feb. 22 20 Ort 29 349 dec. 19 168 june 25 143 sept. 17 189 Ort. 6 4 of 5 86 dec 17 294 feb. 15 308 March 9 321 nov. 30 134 april 8 50 nov. 5 223 feb 25 260 join 8 355 May 22 333 Jan 31 240 april 9 234 aug. To 249 aug. 3 3 feb. 6 271 oct. 2 128 aug. 15 241 aug. 28 40 nov. 29 147 March 28 45 Jan. 9 197 april i 12 of t 23 193 july 13 306 april 7 163 july 9 179 sept. 19 228 july 12 340 feb. 4 68 Jan. To 37 March 2 322 june 3 245 Jan. 17 231 feb. 14. 348 March 24 71 Fob. 26 51 Jan. 25 243 sept. 2 17 july 19 332 sept. 20 141 sept 16 225 sept 24 236 april 5 254 oct. To 342 april 6 88 May 29 133 feb 21 316 oct. 8 157 Jan 8 206 june 27 330 july 30 200 March 3 220 july 17 199 March 12 44 sept 3 226 n in 20 Joi May �?T6 101 Jan. 30 114 aug 25 290 june 23 212 nov. 9 151 feb. 24 261 nov. 25 25 sept i 219 april 27 265 april 3 104 june 29 75 feb. 23 247 nov. 12 66 april to 272 oct. 18 192 june 16 32 oct. 20 352 dec. 26 351 oct. 16 59 oct 27 325 july i 39 oct. 25 9 june 13 318 dec 6 336 March 5 266 sept 7 144 Jan 15 221 sept 23 296 april 12 23 oct. 28 327 May 5 292 nov. 18 160 March 27 181 March 19 358 Jan 23 258 March 15 152 dec. 5 31 Jan. 19 303 dec. 18 13 March 29 21 feb. 5 % nov. 19 270 june 6 87 feb 18 la july 18 12 aug 24 138 april 25 255 Jan. I 150 april 15 343 june 22 146 sept. 18 289 sept 8 97 Jan. 13 298 March 23 22 feb. 8 347 july 3 109 sept. 22 268 july 2 297 dec. 8 210 july 7 285 aug. 29 84 Jan. 6 36 March 22 317 May 12 115 be lottery on 2-a the Soldier s death raised the fatality toll to 233 since communal violence erupted in l ister 24 years ago. With relations Between the rival religious communities completely severed As a result of sundays Bloodbath catholics were on strike everywhere in the North. Shops were shuttered factories closed and streets were empty in Londonderry and other predominantly Catholic communities. A we re living in ghost towns a said a local priest. Anti British feeling was boil ing Over in the Southern Irish Republic where an official Day of mourning was declared More than 2.000 demonstrators besieged the tire blackened British embassy in Dublin late tuesday for the second straight Day. A gel ignite bomb shattered its windows and partly smashed the main door. One policeman was injured. In Dun Laogaire seven Miles from the capital the office of a British owned insurance company was wrecked by a bomb blast but no one was seriously Hurt. Tax filing simple it says Here Washington a the internal Revenue service is pushing a do it yourself movement among the nations taxpayers in Hopes that More will fill out their own returns this year. Irs officials say they expect a decline in the number of taxpayers who use professional accounting services to fill out their returns for them. Commissioner Johnnie m Walters said he Hopes at least 30 million people can fill out their own returns this year. Irs says there is no reason a taxpayer who earned under $20,000 a year most of it in salaries and wages should pay a company to fill out his return. A we have stressed the fact that its simple w alters said. A a the instructions and the illustrated examples in the tax Booklet make filling out a return in a number of cases the commissioner said taxpayers who take the Standard deduction have paid to get their return filed he said the return is so simple that if a Standard deduction is involved a your daughter in the fifth Grade can fill it out this Walters cited the Case of a Florida Man who paid $85 to get his return filled out last year when the simple one Page form Kho was involved and the Man took the Standard deduction. The irs has Tai in step to eliminate abuses traced to errors by professional tax preparers. Walters said a number of sanctions Are being considered against such companies such As extending the negligence penalty to cover persons who prepared returns for Money and requiring preparers to keep copies of All returns for at least three years. The irs has put into effect this year a system allowing an automatic t w o a in o n t h Extension of the april 17 filing deadline for taxpayers. Under this Rule a taxpayer must make a t e n t a t i be estimate of the tax he owes fill out an application for Extension and pay the estimated tax by the deadline. He can file his tax return two months later so Long As he pays interest on any additional amounts due. If he has underestimated his tax Bill by to per cent he must pay an additional 6-percent penalty. Students Aid principal one held in fatal stabbing at school Hillsborough. No. Apr one youth was in custody and sheriffs deputies sought several others today after stabbings at Orange county High school in which one student was killed and another seriously injured the stabbings occurred tuesday afternoon As the students both White went to the assistance of Vernon Copeland Black assistant principal. The principal Fred Clayton said Copeland was being threatened by a group of Black no students who had come onto the Campus. Donnie Riddle. 18. Of Hillsborough. Died at a Durham Hospital and Billy Goodwin 17, also of Hillsborough was reported in satisfactory condition the Orange county school Board was called into special session tuesday night following Fuddle s death the Hoard was told by sheriff c. I. Knight that Alvin Parker 21. Had been arrested on charges of trespassing on school property and assault on the assistant principal. No motive was advanced for 30% wage hike nullified by taxes and inflation the attack but the principal and the assistant discounted and racial involvement. While details of the incident were still clouded reports alter the Board meeting indicated that the assistant principal was overseeing the loading of buses after school he reportedly noticed some no students on the Campus and ordered them to leave the grounds when they turned on him. The two White students went to his Aid. One report san at least six Young Blacks made up the no student group. Hillsborough is about to Miles West of Durham. Little change Washington a the in u c a heralded breakthrough toward improved chinese american relations has proved nonexistent in economic and cultural terms. According to officials at the state and Commerce departments there has been no direct Trade Between the Mainland and the United states since president Nixon s june to announcement doing away with most . Restrictions on Commerce Between the two nations. New York a wages and salaries have been so seriously depreciated by higher taxes and inflation that breadwinners who gained increases of up to 30 per cent Over the past six years May have actually lost buying Power the tax foundation says. Five base incomes Analysed by the private nonprofit foundation show that in the six Vear Span a 30 per cent increase in Dollar pay resulted in a decrease in a a real pay. Or. Elsie Waters senior research administrator for the new York based organization said economists and tax people a Are considerably concerned by the trend. They Are focusing on whether they will Ever be Able to control government spending. It seems to have run the tax foundation based its calculations on a family of four with one person working. A 30 per cent increase in a salary of $10,000 in 1966 would be Worth $13,000 today. How much is it Worth in buying Power now actually $156 less according to the foundation which deducted $745 As the increase in taxation in that period and $2,411 deducted As the inflation bite. This represented a 112 per cent decline in purchasing Power. A raise in salary from $20,000 in 1966 to $26,000 in 1972, less the $4,596 inflation bite and the $1,722 increase in taxation resulted in a net loss of $318 in buying Power the foundation said. A raise in salary from $30,000 to $39,000 in 1972 minus the $3,-244 increase in taxes and the $6,523 deducted for inflation resulted in a net loss of $767, or 24 per cent less in purchasing Power. Or Waters blamed the loss of purchasing Power on escalating inflation and rising state and social Security taxes. A state and local taxes Are going up faster than Federal taxes a she said. A from 1965 to 1970 these taxes Rose by 12 per cent a year which doubles them every six years. In that same period consumer spending was up 7 per cent and the Gross National product was up 7 per or. Waters said that 30 per cent was a a conservative Quot estimate of salary and wage increase since 1966. A but the figures make it quite Clear that you would have had to get increases of at least 35 per cent in that period to just stay even in terms of buying Power a she said. 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