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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 1, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather rain Cool Moro data on Page 3-a 88th year a no. 32 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. Cd a tuesday afternoon february i 1972 18 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads 885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c i for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or writ action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every lines of the 48 q. My Grandfather and i want to know How the original 48 state lines originated and when they were established. Thank you. . A. This would require a thorough study of the history of America. The territories of the original thirteen colonies were mostly Grants of land made by the King to individuals to establish proprietary colonies t like Maryland established by lord Baltimore or joint Stock corporations to found and govern chartered or commercial colonies. There was the Massachusetts Bay Colony of John Winthrop Roger Williams Colony of Rhode Island. When the English took Over new Netherlands. King Charles ii gave the province to his brother the Duke of York who re named it new York and the Duke in turn gave Large Grants of land to close friends political patronage was something in those Days. Tile King also gave Pennsylvania to William Penn. New Jersey originally part of new Netherlands was also Given to the Duke of York who gave it to two friends. Imagine giving new Jersey to two friends i King Charles also gave the Carolina territory to eight friends and so it went. A look at the sizeable territory acquired through Purchase or wars shows the present Day lines of Many states. As a result of the mexican War America acquired California. Texas All of Nevada and hah. Most of Arizona and parts of Colorado. New Mexico and Wyoming the peaceful partitioning of the Northwest territory with Britain gave us Idaho Oregon Washington and part of Montana the Gadsden Purchase from Mexico added land to what is now Arizona and new Mexico. From these territories states were carved when the settlers petitioned for statehood. Some lines follow natural features like Rivers but Many West of the Mississippi have straight Borders probably to make the surveyors task easier. It i work is on the Way q. It there a water catch Basin at the dead end of Tabor Street of there is it is stopped up. The Leaf and dirt Deposit needs to be cleaned out As it is preventing proper drainage along the curb. When it Rains the dirt and water will stand in front of my driveway for Days. Would appreciate it if you could Contact the proper people to take care of this. Anon. A a work order has been made on this. Says Public works director wills sri it should be topped shortly. A a a moonlighting at Home o. I have a Large recreation room at my Home and a Large Pool table that could be fixed for a working purpose. I would like to have some kind of work to do at Home where my husband and 16-year-old child and i could All work in the Comfort of our own Home with the stereo and Coffee pot. Could you help me figure out something we could All do together and still look Forward to payday thank you. Smart and love to be together. A if we could figure that out we sure As Heck would t flounder out of bed every morning to answer questions. The first thing you should do is write the better business Bureau Box 2100. Greensboro for their pamphlet on work at Home schemes which gives advice on what to avoid. Too Many Are Long on promises and Short on profits. Then Check the Public Library resources Magazine articles in Reader s guide ads in local or metropolitan newspapers for manufacturers representatives. Maybe you could set up a Telephone answering service or do Survey work. Have you considered opening a Pool room Vox Populis 0. What is an ombudsman mrs. . A. A commissioner appointed by a legislature in some countries to hear and investigate complaints of private citizens against government agencies or officials. It it five gallon maybe q. How did the term 10-gallon hat originate a. It originated in the West where cowboys wore hats big enough to hold plenty of water for their horses to drink and whose brims provided a lip for the cowboys to drink More easily. Since the capacity is exaggerated Texas cowboys probably originated it. T h i Cost of cosmetology q. Can you go to a beautician school and take the course and pay for it after you get through with it How Long do you have to go to it How much does it Cost anon. A. An instructor suggests you Contact the school of your Choice and arrange for an interview. If you Merit some financial assistance it might be available through a scholarship. Some Beauty shop owners also sponsor students. Besides private schools cosmetology is taught at most of the technical schools. All would be Happy to provide you with details on Cost and length of training period. Textile agreement reached Washington a the United states and Japan have reached an agreement limiting textile exports by the japanese to this country for 21 months starting next Jan. I. The state department announced tuesday. The agreement was reached last Friday through an Exchange of notes Between officials of the two countries the department said in disclosing the arrangement. According to the agreement Japan will be limited to an aggregate total of 453.748.000 Square Yards doing the first 12 months and 357,114.000 Square Yards for the remaining nine months of the agreement which ends sept 30. 1973. State department officials said the arrangement is important and represents the end to a particularly knotty problem Between the United states and its asian ally. Under terms of the agreement the japanese will be limited in the areas of Cotton cloth made up goods which include Cotton Woven goods apparel and miscellaneous Cotton textiles. The arrangement provides for consultation Between the two governments whenever either Side has questions dealing with its implementation. An instance of this could arise from the . Government suspecting any excess concentration of japanese exports that cause or threaten disruption of the american Market if that should happen. Washington could obtain from Japan a written explanation of the situation including an estimation of appropriate future action. At the same time if Japan considers it is being placed in an inequitable position compared to any third country because of the limits in ceiling of the new agreement it May request consultations with the United states in order to obtain modifications and possibly remedial action. The agreement May be terminated by either Side at the beginning of the Calendar year by giving 60 Days written notice. Under the arrangement the japanese will be allowed to exceed the aggregate limit As Well As group and specific limits in ceilings in the event that there is a Short fall in exports during 1971 or in the Case of Short Falls within the categories subject to special a ceilings during the agreement reports on probe of Schorr Washington apr Fri director j. Edgar Hoover has told Congress his agents after being asked to investigate lbs newsman Daniel Schorr interviewed 25 persons in 61 j hours and found Quot entirely favourable information. In a letter made Public today by sen. Sam j. Ervin jr., chairman of the judiciary subcommittee on constitutional rights Hoover said the White House asked for the probe but did not request any specific Type of information. Rather Hoover said agents conducted a routine investigation the Type during which questions Are asked about a Parson s Quot character , general standing and Ervin who opened a new series of hearings into the Freedom of the press said monday he wants to find out More about the investigation. He added that White House officials have refused to discuss the Case or to testify on the general Quot problems of the White House and the after the investigation was disclosed last november the White House said it was ordered because Schorr was under consideration for an unspecified Federal Job. White House aides said the probe was not related to criticism of Schorr s reporting by president Nixon and ome administration officials. Schorr said he had never been offered any administration lob that he did not believe he was being considered for one and that the probe was meant As harassment Quot Job or no Job Quot Schorr said Quot the launching of such an investigation without consent demonstrates an insensitivity to personal rights. An Fri investigation is not a Neutral matter. It has an Impact on one s life on relations with employers neighbors and Schorr said he believes most americans would feel More comfortable if there were Legal safeguards against what he called such Quot an arbitrary intrusion into their he said the important thing see Fri on Page 2-a differs from Nixon s Hanoi gives own Story of How talks broke off by Spencer Davis associated press writer Washington of North vietnamese documents indicate Hanoi offered to Send minister Xuan Thuy to a secret fan meeting with Henry a. Kissinger last nov. 20, but the United states declined holding out for a higher ranking communist representative. Quot no Point would be served by a Washington is said to have replied after a scheduled session Between Kissinger and Hanoi s special adviser. Be due Tho. Fell through because Tho was taken ill. The North vietnamese account of the cancelled session differs markedly from one offered by president Nixon in a nationally broadcast address on the Paris peace talks Jan 25. Nixon used the address to unveil an eight Point peace offer made to Hanoi in october and to disclose that Kissinger his foreign affairs adviser had me in secret 12 times in Paris with Thuy or Tho. Or both in an attempt to breathe some life into the Vietnam War talks Nixon said Quot on oct. D. I sent a private communication to the North vietnamese the contained new elements that could move negotiations Forward and urged a meeting on nov i Between or Xuan Thuy Kissinger and special adviser ii due Tho or some other appropriate official from Hanoi. Quot on oct 25, the North vietnamese agreed to meet and suggested nov. 20. On nov. 17, just three Days before the scheduled meeting they said i a due Tho was ill we offered to meet As soon Asle due Tho recovered with him. Or immediately with and other authorized Leader who from Hanoi. Quot two months ill Core Henry Kissinger since they called off that meeting the Only reply to our plan has been an increase in troop infiltration from North Vietnam and communist military offensives in Laos and Cambodia according to the documents released in Paris monday a . Message of nov. 19 said Washington was ready to meet with Tho. Who is a member of the politburo Quot or any other representative of the North vietnamese political leadership government reports rapid Rise in beef prices indicated by danger signals hot s inside amusements Bridge classified ads comics crossword editorials financial obituaries sports television women s news weather 6b 10b 7 9b so 10b 4a 2a 4b 2 3b 4b 6-7 a 3a s a in 1 Washington api supermarket beef prices already at record highs May be on the verge of a full fledged Stampede. According to new government smoke signals the agriculture department said monday that january beef cattle prices broke a 21-year record set during the korean War. Reaching an average of $31 40 per hundredweight for live animals. Meanwhile the department says retail prices of Choice Grade beef in december before the full effect of the record cattle Market was few to Rose to a record All Cut average of $1.08 per Pound raw farm products Are not included in Federal Price controls and retailers May pass on added costs to customers. Also Consumers appear willing to buy beef almost at any Price. It is the favorite by far. And with second ranked pork rom rises nearly one third of the average family so Ltd Bill. Doubts Over the Cost of me a production were raised monday by the food and drug administration which served notice it will cur1 the use of antibiotics in livestock feed unless the medicines ire proved Safe for meat eaters. Some agricultural spokesmen say that if feed antibiotics Are b nned costs of livestock production would soar and Consumers would end up paying much More. But government exper s Ray tin dec Moonie effects of an Antibiotic ban Are i in Dossi Hie to Tell at this time rising cattle prices Are pro Riding a mixed Blessing for the Nixon administration which wants to see farm incomes improved but shudders at the possibility of a consumer revolt Over soaring prices in an election year a in 1951. When the previous Reco d of $30.30 per hundredweight was set for cattle retail beef prices averaged 88 cents per Pound fully 20 cents less the n today cattlemen costs for shipping Precessing end marketing beef have risen much More sharply so Farmers Are not the primary recipients of higher prices Little consumer Relief is seen for the near future agriculture depart men officials predict cattle prices will continue Strong and see Little likelihood of middleman markets shrinking much this they say is True even though More cattle Are now being fed for Slaughter later As of Jan i. There were 8 per cent More in fattening pens than a be r earlier and cattlemen say herds Are expanding gradually to take cure of future needs. The world of Howard Hughes i Hughes launched Fortune with new Type Drill bit when Hughes was visible bearded billionaire Howard Hughes was escorted by Grover Whalen president of the new York world fair following his arrival at the Floyd Bennett Field in new York after a world girdling flight in july 1938 Hughes now 66, Hasni to made a Public Appeal Ante since 1953. 4ap by Jack Lefler associated press writer los Angeles a Hughes tool co., the Cornerstone of a $2-billion business Enterprise. Is As spectacularly visible As its sole owner Howard Hughes is mysteriously invisible. Its Success founded on a revolutionary Oil Well drilling bit has made its reclusive owner one of the worlds richest men. The juror Over the authenticity of an autobiography of Hughes which Mcgraw Hill publishing co., originally planned to publish in March has focused Public attention on the corporate kingdom Over which Hughes rules from his secret hideouts. Hughes tool tool coi and its Oil tool division Are based in Houston Tex. Its other major properties include a helicopter manufacturing division in California an airline Hughes air West in Western states hotels gambling casinos mining claims and other properties in Nevada Hughes television network and huge real estate editor s note it began modestly enough in Houston Tex., wih a new kind of Oil Well drilling bit. But now the Hughes tool co. Is a splendid business conglomerate. Airlines gambling casinos mines you name it. And ruled by a Man who has not been a Een in Public in almost 20 years. Following is the first of four articles on the Many faces of Howard Hughes. In Arizona and califor holding a. The vast operations have been commanded by Hughes now 66. In imperious manner usually by Telephone. Some of his top executives have never seen him. He has t made a Public appearance since 1953. Last Jan. 7 a Man identified by Hughes Public relations spokesman As the billionaire industrialist held a Telephone news conference with seven news reporter to deny the authenticity of the Mcgraw Hill manuscript. The newsmen who were assembled in los Angeles said they were convinced the voice on the Telephone was that of Hughes. Hughes holds no title with too co except that of owner operations Are handled by executive vice president Raymond m Holliday and senior vice presidents Frank w. Gay and James r. Lesch. What was to become a fabulous Enterprise was Horn in 1909 at Goose Creek. Tex when Howard Hughes or. Successfully tested the rotary Rock Drill bit he had invented. The bit consisted of 166 conical cutters of milled Teeth which chiselled and crushed Rock so it could be brought up through the Drill Stem from the Bottom of the drilling Hole. It solved the problem of drilling through Rock. Ifs estimated that 7 per cent of the Oil Wells in no communist countries have been drilled with Hughes bits. Young Hughes parents willed him a 60 per cent interest in the tool company and. Newly orphaned he took Over its oper f see Hughes on Page 3-a together with minister Xuan Thuy. In order to bring a rapid end to the War it was at this Point that the whole secret negotiating process in Paris broke Down the North vietnamese have yet to name an alternative Date for Tho to meet with Kissinger Secretary of state William p Rogers was asked last week Why North Vietnam failed to respond to the eight Point . Peace plan offered last october. Rogers told a foreign policy conference he thought Hanoi was trying to drive a wedge Between americans and their government. Hut Rogers did not explain Why the United states would not negotiate with Thuy on nov. 20 the White House indicated it would be necessary to talk to Tho to get recommendations adopted by the political leadership in Hanoi. However Nixon said five of Kissinger s 12 secret meetings had been with Thuy alone. State department officials see a possibility that the North vietnamese action in making Public ifs nine Point counterproposal for a peace settlement could be construed As a continuation of the negotiating dialogue Between the two countries British to probe slayings Ireland govern Belfast. Northern a the British Merit sought to Calm the Irish catholics today by setting up a court of inquiry into the killings of 13 civilians in a Battle with British paratroopers in Umidon Derry sunday the catholics struck Back monday with bomb blasts. Fires strikes demonstrations and torrents of abuse. Barricades made of hijacked vehicles blazed in Belfast and Clouds of smoke Rose from a burning brewery and Saloon mobs tried unsuccessfully three times to Burn Down the British embassy in Dublin capital of the Irish Republic. British prime minister Edward Heath announced he would ask parliament to establish a special tribunal with judicial Powers to investigate Londonderry s bloody sunday. But spokesmen for Northern Ireland a Catholic minority threatened not to cooperate with any commission set up by a government which they believe is out to twister protestant Rule in the province. No action was expected against Bernadette Devlin for her assault on Home Secretary Reginald Maudling in the House of commons monday although normally she would have to apologize or face suspension. Infuriated because speaker Selwyn Lloyd would not let her question Maudling about the killings the 24-Vear-old Catholic Deputy from Northern Ireland called the 54-year-old Home Secretary a Quot murdering hypocrite a a then charged across the floor of the House hit him in the face pulled his hair and clawed him. Dragged out of the commons chamber she told newsmen Quot i m sorry i did t get at his she added a both the provisional and official wings of the Ira have said they will each kill 13 paratroops in vengeance for those who died on sunday. That is 26 coffins coming Home to England and i won t shed a tear for any one of them a miss Devlin was in the crowd at Londonderry when the firing broke out. The army insisted the paratroopers opened fire Only after snipers fired on them. But Catholic leaders accused them of wilful murder by firing indiscriminately at the crowd protesting the internment of Ira suspects without trial

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