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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 26, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Tuesday december 26. 1939the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina tahe five state Banks continue steady climb Hood asserts Bankers out of dog House banking holi Thuv carried since 1933 Groat offensive has aided in building i p capital Structure kid torn a note ranks in North Carolina Are in Fine condition says the Hank commissioner and Here he tells the 193ft Story by Gurney p Hood commissioner of r inks Rale it la. Dee. J6.�?o�?T a Bankers in North Carolina Art no it Liger a a Iii the dog House Why ? recalls after the Day in March 1933 on a magnificent offensive to rebuild the capital Structure of their inst till i ions to the Point where they would fully meet tile require-1 merits of sound Hanking and demand the respect of the Public and. As a result All of the Banks in North a Arolina that applied were admitted As mein her of i he Federal Deposit insurance corporation. Al 13 d Fiji i Frfd this offensive on die part of the banker Lias been kept up until now they Are in a position to serve the people of North Carolina. Bank lug Wise in every respect a and they Are even advertising for Loans and asking for them by personal solicitation. It appears now that Hgt tile end of the year the surplus fund of All the state Banksia North Carolina will equal or exceed die common capital which will make North Carolina an a Honor Roll state. North Carolina has 395 state Banks and branches and 48 naj tonal Banks and branches making a total of ,153 Hanking units. These j or. Mid Bossong for Home mrs. Char is xxx in first prize de Corn t Ion German artillery barrage nazi Light artillery along the ave stall goes into action against the French. Movie tone news photo from Nea. Services at mishaps snuff the churches qui four lives off minute Christian a Christian Jert of the j Christian so societies Hunch the Golden Isaiah 52 9. Joy sing Ogeth a i in f f science was Esson Senni Fence ii Tiff i he sub it a in All Hen and y. December 2 4 text was from break Forth into a. Be waste places tin or i stat to take needs of i now a Good in pc hard to buy and cd collateral Foi Ink. Ii Are soffit in the Bankin Bank Stock ment. It i considered Good loan in another i a of High it appears now that the total Bank resource of North Carolina including state commercial. State Industrial and National Bank will reach an All time a High As of december 31, 1939. The get Cath of our Banks indicates that North a Arolina i again a prosperous state. Youth killed at roadhouse furl Latham. 21. Shot in sulm manse killer alleges of Jerusalem comforted his cd among the Al prised the Les. Following from the i it ple. Hot Ord h re Dei 11 h m action whirl a Sermon w the Bibl. Which was from the which we have heard have seen with our eyes have looked upon and have ii tidied of the Woi ,. That which we have heard declare we unto be also May have fellow us and truly our Fellowship with the a tiler and with his St Jesus la John 1 1. La tile lesson Sermon also in in de the following passage from to a on i die tha t beginning which we which we our hands d of life seen and roil that i h i p with a is in Thomasville Man Dies i Hen liar crashes South of i a Bison i it Char Lotte. Dec. 25. I a at least four persons were killed in automobile accidents in North Carolina Over the Christmas holidays. One person was killed by a train. A child was also burned to death and a Man was killed by filling tree. Clarence a. Johnson 45. Of Carteret county was killed near Beaufort when he was run Over by a passenger train. 111 ii in Muth Between Winston Salem and Mocksville a Highway Accident Cost the life of Fred Ca tilde of satisfy howar0 Mir Rill the words you Are about to look at in the split seconds that they hit your eyes form a new kind of reporting. This will take sixty seconds to retd. While you late Reading these fats the events they describe Are actually taking place. What Nappe a in is in motion. Be minute on Haithi folds itself. I Start Reading fight hogs a minute i Reed in american r Bailment i of people a Minim Road trains in Egypt scientists claim that the num i Lier of sheep on Earth is increase no now by 20 a minute. Destiny in. A world Are Slaugh Tail estate Board rail the mile up aim to she reel new win a to to Sali Iii. Pita of Riff Fin dyed in i Here i Sai. Fri att a Iii died yester gunshot in g. Shore a Ion Dhoti a Tat inlay dec i of Willy in a wounds said he lira w i ctr Titian science textbook. It i a Nee and health with key to the Seri mute a by Mary b Aker Eddy. A a it Hristian science re Teal infant t of Erti Bly that mind i All in All. T i Al the Only realities a re the divin e mind and idea. Thir great Falt 1 is not however. Teen to he to Punu Ted by sensible Evi de Nee until it divine Brincil in la Demotis n red by Healing the sick Mil car of i Juanita Leui was i serious How a re Igie of s Haw. 1 a tally in of trued Whit Leriou Hurt f Dei Tisbury of Al ired w he overturned near Eliza Powell of Thomasville of an automobile he on a Highway near and was fatally in morning. Sherii f Shore said he was holding f j. Thompson operator of the roadhouse on a charge of minder pending a hearing in id Tati it pal court. The sheriff quoted Thompson As saying Lait item tried to assault him with a tire pump and that he filed at the youth in self defense. Thompson the sheriff said told him lie had go out of a sickbed to go to the front of tin roadhouse and try to quiet Latham and some of his companions who were creating a Dis tit r Hance and tin divine Oiler cd Jesus o my do. That sen will he whether i speak tin a a it of p Rove a i l la Union said e is Iii in. Of Solute i la lie r his mine to w i be r my i w of god. La do the Doc or w h Page Aud ii no i eked. Sons t his i his Trine i a i her j i of i a archbishop Spellman praises Roosevelt for peace moves he and Joe a fit win is .md., was a automobile bet h town. John w. Lost control was driving Thomasville Jared child of it Nam boy Cowan four of in. C. F. Moore Boro was burned to his night clothes Ca he was standing heft fireplace at his Home. C a. Vestal of court be Booneville was killed by tree. A Tauti was watching Posum in a tree which friends were Felling. Barney Childress Kab. Was de in an automobile Accident urls near Booneville. On a it a of y in a e re Mons on his Xvi ounce the e Iii ducks the. Til i n it t e of Gold Mil Ute of Ery hour to taken from my lion i or. And j general i mention i Cranford i ingrain. D a idea to k a it e by in it pit rat Mil log Ala it of ear a of Deal ought it re it son a Reens i when fire As n open near falling an of some kill sat chiefly Weed a i medicines. World de regain each min h u ii Gay of it 4 development a in i n ii t e the Irish put 900 i a minute into their and in one minute i8 id. Norway imported another pounds of common Salt just you were Reading this Stop Fra Ding. Pro Lenic eco and a Trade wit smashed is still i is now o pounds id night. Rumania Balkan it rth $40 a of mall and three i too while Lei or. And or. L. F. Milks. Or and mrs. Arthur fresnel and j or. And mrs. H. I Sykes window decoration mention. To mrs. A laude Luck for her scene of the shepherds and or and mrs. Ever left Boling. For the noteworthy Trees. Or. And mrs Horace Anderson or. Sud mrs. Ernest Kiese a Wetter the Kemp alexanders and Charles foxes the presbyterian Dows with the Chr i pictures is also be was mentioned fax judges. Church Wio it Mas Story in y Lovely and a my by the a diver but d of to airs features Loc. Kept duct Ion strictly prohibited open get i has Esquir gesture Lur new a rebid express Over p York hop old rial esdent dec acis plea Roo. 2 6 j spot Hui t Eveltn a by main a i 9 de the record our pounds a agriculture ii 19 a do figure and the i Askin apply Hie of c Rop read of 900.00 ministry people an Apple of to a .49 Liman might move a for hum miss Josephine Bak can Star of the folios Paris. Headed a troupe girls who gave an for Royal air for Freud. Pm a men Bergere in of Folies entertainment e men at the to Quot join w it to other fore peace for charitable and Eularian Quot As an a in Erica a living working and willing to die for the welfare of my country and my countrymen All of them i am very Happy Itiat president Roosevelt has harmonized the voice of Pope Pius Xii with Ilia own Clarion Call for peace among nations and Peoples a said the Leader of the new York roman look and learn modern etiquette it i. C. Ordon by Hobert off Catholic ment. Archdiocese in a state Juhe new epidemic is now upon us but there s no need to become Panicky. People usually escape illness if they fortify themselves with the a Circle of Protection a that is take the following precautions 1. Aet St Trad tight hours lerp Ever night. 2. Obit window wide before retiring so a to get plenty of for hair. Rut avoid draft. 3. Refrain from overeating e s to Hulljr sworn. Keep the Bowel open 4 exercise at least fifteen minute in the open every Day. 5. Wash hands frequently so a to keep them free from germ As fur a possible. 6 Gold overheating in Home or office. Important or err breathe through the Mouth. Univ the nose can warm up Road air before it strikes the tender membrane. Onto the nose ran Iii Ter out irritating dust and other impurities huh break Down resistance to disease. If your nostrils Are flogged if up due to a cold or nasal Catarrh insert meat hold i no in them night Aud morning. Mentho Latum will soothe the irritated membranes and help relieve the local congestion in the nostrils thus enabling von to breathe More freely through the nose instead of the Mouth. N b if any member of your family has sore Throat Feyer it Over us decrees Hills headache extreme weakness. And aching of bark and Limos put him to bed and Call your physician at once. St Mentho Latum bus Cive co Stfort deity pc a 1, wha i famous document Besin with Tho wolds a when in Tho course of human avonts a 2. Which of Tho More popular sports is Genera by conceded to be Tho Quot fastest Quot j what i. S president coined tile phrase. Quot die strenuous life Quot 4. What Are the first and last Lefter of Lite greek alphabet 5 what liver hounds die i. S. For the greatest number of Miles inst frs 1. The Dee i ant Ion of Independence 2. Ice hockey. .1, Theodore Roosevelt a. Alpha and Omega. 5. The Rio Grande How can i i to inf Ash Rev q How can a Chimney tire be extinguished quickly a. By throwing a handful of Sulphur on the fire and closing the Bottom draft. Tile fumes of i the Sulphur will ascend the Chimney Aud put out Hie flame almost immediately. Where possible Dan Ger of such a fire exists it would be Well to keep a capful of Sulphur nearby to meet the emergency j How can i make a lotion for whitening the skin a. Mix two tablespoonfuls of Oatmeal a tablespoonful of powdered Borax Aud 1 a pint of Rosewater let stand for two or three Days. Then St lain Well and add is ounce of alcohol. Q How can i prevent fish from sticking to the pan while frying a. Put a teaspoonful of Salt into die Pun and rub thoroughly with Wax paper. A a a a a designer of first american a boat Dies at Candor Home Candor dec 26 a Dias. I Beaumont Edwards. 72. Designer of the american Navy s first torpedo boat., cited at his Home Here sunday night. He moved Here from Pittsburgh upon his retirement in 192k his widow and a daughter survive. J. If a girl has Nett been going with a Young Man very Lone and i folks invite her to have Din Lier should i a there j Milet not j Young Man Lions in his does not i i might be inferred j was serious <1, when you hav with a Friend and has no maid is you to help her she accept or refuse is no reason Why she accept unless the is becoming too a attentions which she tit. And she thinks it that she too in been dining your hostess it Alt right for lean off the la de stack dishes gather crumbs. And the like a it is not Well to do this unless the hostess has asked you. Or you happen to he a very intimate Friend. I. Isnit there an old proverb compares a gossip to a Frog yes a gossips and frogs drink that a. And lessons in English try w. L. Ordon words often misused do not say. Quot i Ani going to consult the opinion of an say Quot i Ani to consult an or Quot set lire the opinion of an often mispronounced tapestry. Pronounce first syllable tap not tape. Often misspelled Region i one s d served at a meal synonyms shed submissive Dutiful word study Quot i time Aud it is a crease our v desert arid sen course two so a. Lient obeying. Yielding e a Wold three is a let us in toaster a ulary by lug one word each Day. Today sword dilatation an enlarging in size. Quot it is in the Bour of Clia action of the heart that the real character Burke of n i discerned a p lashes of life by the associate pre. I pm of i f it Mfd j Pittsburgh Earl Hulk lifts i his left foot High in the air when he hits a Golf Hall and is never quite sure where it will go. Hap Slater decided something should he done to remedy the j situation to for a Christmas present he gave Burke a left shoe of the Correct size but made of Cou Crete. It weighs eur pounds. Now All Burke has do to is figure out How to Carty it around i it if i i i if n Kwh s Bloomington hid. A tile Lily Rev in Den old luvs requiring children under it Loim Home after to to p. Iii., Iii attempt Tortich a juvenile crime wave hut could t find a in 11 or Vilii Lac loud enough to to heard through lid Community of in Ihm. Ulicy Fil mily till on the plan of driving a fire truck into hic Street at curfew and turning Oil tile Siren. Musing Man Olathe a. Snow and i freezing weather notwithstanding James g. Manning insists he Sun a covered a sure sign of Spring a Hen hate lied eight Chicks in a barnyard nest. Fath kit weak end Kinnas i tvs Edward la j i a lushly. 23, Fili ally a i father Wear a hat. Edward j. T a Idy a lattice Man had i picture taken with a hat Oil 27 year ago. Dis plea de. Lie turned to Cap. I children revolted. They gave him a hat for Fri Fra and delegated Edward to put it on i father head. He did. At he Koth fit de Dos Moines la state we fare officials sent notice if renewal of a 122-a month old age pension to a woman recipient Back came the notice wit ii i i written on it face a a i have been ill. I can not be bothered wit ii this the officials said an Investiga-1 Tor probably would carry the Good news to the lady by word-of-1 j Mouth and try to make Lier listed. I even if she would t read a the Sudan is trying to Stop the i shipment of agricultural products i to other countries. Polick chief Soi Thern p i pm a a. Jar Here for the dropped dead ? minutes after Driver for a tray Cleath was attrib attack. Dik it is dead nos. I in 2 6. Los. Police chief a ast ten years esterday a few arresting a bus a violation his used to a heart it Colosi 35 a Bott Yentho ated creosote Roe i capital Short shots Asheboro gives Holiday awards special to the Enterprise Asheboro dec. 2 6. A residents of Asheboro have joined the merchants of the town this year j in decorating their Homes and Yard until the entire town is Gay with festive colors. Several weeks ago the woman s club announced they would again sponsor a contest and a number i of the merchants offered prizes i j for the most appropriate decorations. Over the Christmas weekend. A committee of twelve made a circuit of the town awarding these prizes first prize for the Best general Appeal i j Ante. Or. And mrs. Charles bos a song s new Home located on the i Lexington Highway won first i prize for its Gay and colourful lighting arrangements. The cur by Loflin Home won second place As Well As considerable admiration with the Star lighted join Dows. Festooned doorway and floodlight display. Tile most attractive porch prize went to tile it. Fletcher Bulla Home for the stocking Hung fireplace entering j i to improvised Oom at Christ j Mas time. The prize for the Best j Chimney decoration went to tile1 a. J. Britt Home on Cox Street where a 13-year-old child had j made Santa Bend Over the him i j Nev while the Sleigh and rein j Deer waited atop the House for the Hest door or. And mrs. Cd j i Steele Home on Sunset Avenue i won the prize. The Best lighted a window was that of the Harry i i Anderson a on Park Street a the j window depicting the scene of the nativity with a Blue lighted tree beside. Honorable mention honorable mention went to or i and mrs. O. L. Pros Neli for their i Cedar entwined door Way with Sil ver Ziells flank Byrd for a color i fill display or. And mrs will j coffin for their Large red candles i or. Sud or Dan Burn for their red and White door. Honorable for chimneys went to j or. Vance we borne i appearance honorable to or. And mrs. Cd or. And mrs. Henry 1 or. And mrs. Bob Lew Al Enterprise Burma sir Walter hotel by Henry Weihl. Raleigh. Dec 26. Announcement by Jim ricers Boone Newspaperman that he will run for Congress against a Farmer bobs dough ton was received with considerable Surprise in some political circles Here but in others there had been Advance notice of the step. Those who claim to be in the know bout the matter say that the Rivers candidacy is entirely due to local complications and that the candidate himself has t any delusions about Success against the Veteran Bob. One rather unusual feature of River announcement was his Flat statement Quot the hundreds of letters and dozen of telegrams frequently mentioned by potential officeholders have not been received. In truth and in fact no Man or woman a urged me to make this Asheboro recently completed and its official occupied a Brand new $75,000 municipal building i but at the same time clerk a. A vein Gingham revealed that the i City had in 191 i. A City Hall that i weighed four pounds. A it came about thus the City owned no building and so the clerk devised a 24-Inch by 18-in. J velvet lined Chest for the town records. Like the lawyer with his office in his hat. City government entered where i he Box Lay. Win Ingham says he sat on the Box j while waiting for the town Council to decide where to take it for a meeting. Of course communities All Over North Carolina As in other states a Are All busily celebrating Christmas and Santa s annual visit but nowhere does the Yule season j Start earlier and last longer than in the lower Cape fear country. On Christmas eve. Thousands of Wilmington ans and guests gathered beneath the City s official living Christmas tree the largest in the world incidentally a huge live Oak ornamented with nearly 3,non lights and other gadgets which sparkle and glitter. Long after most communities have hurled festivities and resumed business Wilmington has an Echo of Christmas on january 6th with a Celebration of twelfth night or up Phany. The next Day at nearby St. Helena a Community of orthodox russian catholics old Christmas is observed Iii Chapel and Homes. The n. C. State employment service has had a registration from a a liquor the title covers a Job in a Roanoke rapid pulp Mill and does no to involve Pursuit by Federal or state officers. The liquor referred to is a chemical solution used Iii the treatment of Wood pulp. The Santa Claus wanted by the Goldsboro merchants association on a Rush order was unusual. He had to he Large enough to fit the uniform already purchased a married Man with children and a High school graduate hut the i employment service produced one j to fit All specifications and did it within an hour. A t on Tiso leh Hei Omni in ded i m do if Hie recommendation of unt verily of North Carolin executive committee of Trust is accepted by the full Board its meeting next thursday As expected William i. Marino hat j jr., a member of the new vol i Stock exc Bange will succeed to late Charles t. Woollen As co troller of lie dealer live sit a graduate of the in Diversi at Chapel Hill where he a i j outstanding in scholarship St Tara curricular activities. Carmichael is a native of Ham and is prominently conned in North a Arolina and n York. A five persons die in Auto Accident Bennetts Ville. S. D 26. Five persons were k de and four More were injury in an automobile collision no Bennettsville saturday the dead were mrs. Ca Griggs of near Hartsville i six year old daughter. Christi and Edith Winton n. 16, it Laurinburg. N. It and two identified negroes Carl grist Iii daughter Dorothy. Or windburn and Elbert Muon in were injured and brought f Hospital Here. Was Var a Jujia Dacoff snap Hack with Stanback out they go Odd lots broken sizes incomplete assortments values every one we re regrouping repricing before taking inventory. We cannot advertise everything but you la find bargains in every department Thrift High pointers come Early pre inventory feature men 42 of. All Wool jackets 2.jilt Rich plaid slide a Tenor fur Jun k i i toy a to Al sweat a smart the hic saving ers c h Rotor i Del nabbed i Ofori i i in til \ warm part Wool blankets 1.4 0 tit x is i Inch Mac Rich solid colors Ali or priced to so in ii to act yours now Sci it no to we t Hildron its on panties i4 a Good Quanta Rayon in beat Alyslea t i Ildron sunny Tucket dresses a so Colo fast adorable a vie boy now save lactic c Halk taffeta slips Rte Plain or la it to t rimmed1 size 32 to 44�?T i old in Rayon taffeta slips 77e taffeta or a in tailored. Ste 32 to 44 plaid pairs 1.4 4 Kach 70\80 Inch sl/e1 colourful plaid sate p e n n e y s pc. Penney company incorporated a

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