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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 26, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page four High Point Enterprise published afternoons and sunday mornings pm i j. P Rawi by publisher Chi 1915�?1937 r i Terry. President d. A. Rawl by secy and treas. Hammett a. Cech Gen. Mgr. Ca pus m. Waynick editor subscription rates daily Slid sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby towns twelve month. $10.40 31x month. $ 5.20 three month. $ 2.150 one month .90 one week. .20 Carrier in nearby towns Are not permitted to collect for Mort than one week in Advance. Carriers in City Are not permitted to collect for a period of More than five weeks. If a subscription for a longer period la desired payment should be made direct to office. The associated pres to exclusively up to Lulea to the use for republication of All new dispatch credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published therein. Member of audit Bureau of circulation entered a second class matter at the Post office n High pm int n. C. Under the act of Congress of March 8, 1872. National adv representative the John Bidi co. 420 Lexington ave. New York City the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry a High Point. North Carolina is of the opinion that costs could this does not add up right. Evolur be managed through department Tion has neither eradicated Many a Tai shearing. That newspaper says appendix nor his periodical lapses a the Federal bureaus Are All Over into barbarism. We agree with the news Argus when it says a that which science will do for us is a bit hard to it seems to us that if religion could work More effectively with science in changing Many a spiritual and crowded with consequent unnecessary swelling of studied giving the Story of the woman who cast All her savings in amount a Farthing into the Treasury of a mental Powers humanity general Temple and received the co Mem by could feel More hopeful about Dation of the Christ has furnish the world of tomorrow. Of Many preachers a Good theme for sermons on this referring to the new contract Story too has had its parallel in of the International ladies Gar modern times. Of course All of us Merit w orders which Calls for an have heard of the poor Indian who out of gratitude for a after Santa Claus tuesday december 26, 1939. Cd j to Light beloved think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which i to try you. As though Nome strange thing unto you. A changed heart offered his Blanket dog and gun to a a sky Pilot and lastly thinking he had not done enough said a Indian give the Story also has had its opposites Mark Twain told a Good one to an Overly am bit ions insurance agent. Mark said that he once heard a minister make a very impassioned address in behalf of an orphans Home. The humorist for Cline in living costs. In fact there the first thirty minutes was great is a belief that if High wages were by impressed and decided that he paid throughout the nation living a a automatic upward adjustment of wages when living costs Advance five per cent or More the Elizabeth City Independent says a this seems like a sensible provision but Why the clause should Only come into effect w Hon living costs Advance and not have any activity when living costs decline escapes it would be a rare sort of labor organization that would make a bid for a reduction of wages in proportion to the de 1 Peter 4 12. We arc always in the forge or on the Anvil by trials god is shaping us for higher things. A h w. Beecher. A Vatican minister Tor Uncle Sam the restoration of diplomatic relations Between Washington and Vatican City comes through the naming by president Roosevelt of Myron c. Taylor As the presidents personal minister in the court of the Pope. Not since the sixties of the last Century has an american minister been accredited there even on the More or less impermanent basis of or. Taylor a assignment. The american i it Roplo have been suspicious of the mixing of Church and state and they have been Content to have our government ignore the secular Power of Vatican City. Perhaps some doubt As to the reaction to this present appointment is responsible for the cautious manner of the restoration. Or. Taylor is an interesting Choice for the assignment. An american Story spoke of him As a Quaker while Rome mentioned him As an Episcopalian. In his Brief biography in a a who a who a or. Taylor names a multitude of boards of directors and clubs of which he is a member but forgets to name his religious or political affiliation. The head of the roman Catholic Church is a sane influence at the present time and the presidents will is to cooperate with the Pope in promoting lie Nee. Yet the people in this country who Are passionate in their determination to have no official mixing of their politics and their religion w ill include Many who will continue to believe that the government might Well limit our formal diplomatic contacts to ministerial representation at truly secular capitals Only. Would make a donation of $400 but this amount went Down Down As the speaker went on with his Harangue for Over an hour. Finally when the collection plate came to Mark he took out a Quarter. Sundays Asheboro courier had a Story that was a close second to Marks. Here it is we have received a complaint that should be passed on to the Ixia re of elders and deacons of the presbyterian Church. A Young Man 11 years old attended the pageant last sunday and when the collection Basket was used was embarrassed to find that he had Only a Quarter in his pocket but quickly he dropped that in the Basket figuring that he could easily get some change about 20 cents probably would have been Light but the Basket was let Assed so fast that he got Only a Nickel and on his return Home sought compensation for his enforced donation which of course was not forthcoming. So if the Board can put a governor of some sort on the High Speed collection baskets it will to a distinct favor to the Young son of a scotch Mother. Costs would stay up. Further it is believed that such a state of affairs is conducive to Prosperity. But this is beside the Point. The garment workers Are considerate in their demand and it stands to reason that their employers will be equally considerate w the workers know when diminished profits necessitate lower wages. I1 i j with Dale Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people 1 in of it h Uncle Sam m. D. The late or. A. G. Dixon minister of Boston something Over Twenty years ago delivered Many Chautauqua lectures on the subject a Uncle Sam m. he advocated Federal health insurance and the governments setting up hospitals for the care of the sick among Low wage classes. He gave outlines of the Progress made in England Germany and other nations in Europe and prophesied that America through Force of circumstances would one Day exceed the old world in her provi Sions for the health of the people. It now appears that or. Dixon a Campaign is to Bear fruit. Hospitals ale to be built by government Money and these will have the approval of the american a medical association. President Roosevelt has said that the Only requirement he would place on a beneficiaries for the hospitals Xiv Ould by ability to maintain them Lii tingly. He feels that if proposed plans for the hospitals work All right they might be extended to the provisions of the Harrison education Bill. All these plans would of course mean a Large expenditure of Money but the Wilmington Star a path safer than any known Way laboriously the King of England delivered an address by radio yesterday morning to the a it eople of the British Empire despite the slow and somewhat Laboured utterance of a Man struggling with a barely controlled impediment of speech the messages eloquence was not marred in the delivery. Preceding the King was a scotch Shepherd of cotswold. In the Choice of that simple introduced first and then in the language of the address itself Christian history and idealism were stressed. The King closed with a very Fine sentence quoted from some unnamed author a go out into the darkness and put your hand into the hand of god that shall be to you better than Light and safer than any known in the blackout which threatens to spread from the physical into other realms of Many a experience that a Good advice. Indeed it is Good advice even when there is More Light than presently illumines the Road for european Peoples. Man walks most surely As Well As most safely when he walks by Faith. If he May have his hand in the hand of god surely he will w Alk in a path a safer than any known possibly the trouble lies in conflicting opinion As to when and by whom that hand to hand Contact with Providence is established. There san of say in that there Are two Kin one comes Home and to Wile his business won tries to save her by no into her ears. Which is the better a course much depends Upo Wile. I la show you How out. Fred w. Drumh or and open Lite of a City la was not just an ordinal Day garage but the second ii Kansas City. Its name was the Teeth and Baltimore garage welter Winchell on Broadway copyright ten Mirr i or business . Is wife hts the other iring them i it i n Quot us o w Type of of Ort. A big Ford in the news contemplating the world of tomorrow the Goldsboro news Argus says a if we could have our Way w e should like to have a world free from disease and suffering which blight human happiness. At least we Are striving to eradicate diseases which plague and torture the human a yes victories gained by medical science seems to indicate that Tho War against diseases is being gradually won. But the thought comes Why make and keep people Well if they Are to become the victims of War madness this thing we Call science in one area is trying to preserve human life and yet in another area it is inventing and shaping weapons to destroy life and the work of menus hands. Or. Case worked her wan the own Gal age in Kansas a every ingest in p a four a and it was located at 1401 Baltimore Avenue. One sad Day or. Brun Heller died and the problem arose As to what was to in done with the garage there were buyers for it. But it Al teared that it would have to in sold at a sacrifice. His widow was prostrated with grief hut the decision had to be made. Mrs. Drum he Lier surprised her family and her friends by sating she would run the garage business herself. What a woman run a garage. That was a mans business if there Ever was one. But her husband always had discussed his business with his wife not Only the general policy but the details of the business and he had always asked her adv ice before making a derision. She had seen the business grow she knew the plans for the future so she took Over Tho desk where he had sat. Her rivals smiled. Well Well pretty soon they would gobble her up. Hor first step was to continue the working staff her husband had engaged. The next was to try not to Boss them but to look Union them As coworkers and let them know that she was working with them. She realized that handling her stall presented a greater problem than handling the purely business end. So she tackled this end of Hie Job first and won the support and the admiration of the men. They saw her there Early in the morning she stayed late in the evening. She worked As Haiti As any of the men. What happened Well that was two and a half years ago. Her business has grown steadily. Not Only does she have this business but. In addition she has a business of an outside parking lot which is just As successful. She is now so far As i have been Able to learn through inquiry the most successful woman garage owner and manager in the United states a i could not this business husband had not with no and made me thoroughly Laminar with the details. I should have had to sell it at a sacrifice. His willingness to discuss his business affairs has made All the difference in the world to and Why should t a Man discuss his business with his wife some Day a crisis May come arum it May make a vast amount of difference to the widow. M w a Koi t Tou n Miriam Hopkins according to Chitter Patter in her set will wed Bennett the i xxi publisher her Holiday guest. Dewey a Racket chief will break Story Jan. 2rumor has Haien quitting the fair in 30 Days. John who directed a grapes of Wrath Quot didst take any pay. Asset secy of state lit lie will produce the platform that will keep the democrats and Liberal. Married. Sherman Billingsley the Stork clubs Santa Claus nearly $20,000 in Bonus Coin to his staff of 200 a plus 3.000 Bott Femme guests and 300 radios to Debs. The Hal Kempso blessed be a 4th of july Sparkler. That Sable come from s. Claus but from european a menace so Active in Reno these Days i How to say a Quot gave away of perfume to Emps blessed adventure will Coal Quot Honey Chile Wilder has did t Danker Keith Trevor. Why Are the. A or. G. Is teaching Peggy Joyce a re intent House Volt will not enter the democratic primaries next month. When his Legal adviser t. Corcoran was Aska a by reporters of f. D. R. Would enter Corcoran replied a gentlemen the Ibio presidential race is a seeded tournament Quot meaning that other contestants Are merely playing for the Pri Liege of meeting the Champion. I Ley Wood Brouny will Bequeaths Over $50. Connecticut Farmland valued at $750 per acre and debt to his wife and son 60-40the Kus Michael brings plan a division mrs. O of. Rube Goldbergs and Inez Robb a a Stokowski them it do in insurance plus Loo acres of and a Home a free from mortgage morgans Are imaging the Intyre is Back in town. The making her Christmas holidays Gayer. Can Thia Cavanaugh tin shove get gave Stokowski the Timonee Field Are Richard Watts. Jr., and Jean Tierney the actress Chimes As Rumor see ,., juror no. 8 in the Fritz Kuhn trial n Mous Holiday card from Jamaica l. I., staling Quot May your merry and your new year verdict against Fritz Kuhn per Back to the tuning wedding scribed an anon Christmas be As Happy As your in american and unchristian numerous Delicatessen store owners and lither Yorkville shopkeepers who contributed to flu Hail Bond for Fritz Kuhn threaten another scandal for tin bund and its jailed fuehrer. Some allege they have not had their Coin returned Anil threaten going to Dewey about it. Tile d. Is office has Recd Many letters from Detroit storekeepers and elsewhere asking of it Tan help collect Money owed by Kulm. Florence amp has several love letters from i Ritz juicier than those read at the trial. In one Fritz said he did no to Quot believe in the bund Quot. That it Quot is a lot of tried meddling her Story to the papers no Luck yet. That a strange assortment of or. Small and Roach la i make a for Bori Kmit a Montreal names United artists boasts Alx iut Loew Sidney Kingsley delayed his show a the world a year hoping to get Helen Hayes for the Margo role. Irene in Vurr is Clive Parker of Ottawa. Gus Edwards is Loo ill again in Movi Eville. His Kin hurried to to with him George rafts Shadow has blown his bankroll and to the Dubarry Lahr de Dahr. C. Vanderbilt every. Mack Grey of Over Betty Allen of jr., is the latest stage door Johnny 4 p. at the int i Casino. Has a crush on one of the Man trappers. Employees of Columbia picture 1�?1 a a a a a tile big moment for the of a. A had a swell time at their Christmas at fair. In in came when Boss Jack Cohn Tim on his Fanola while doing a Rumba and had to be carried out of the room the countess Etc Etera hitlers Fried she came Here for the Sun. She climate because of the Frost she lid Electra told the press Means of course that she wants a warmer got in London. And where Iii certain cafe society spots her Corance was a signal for Many to get up and walk britishers Daniis Quot it Wasny to a question of tolerance it was a she will receive tile same cordial reception Over Here As Hollywood extended Bruno Mussolini and the Quot Welcome Quot Llano Stangl. Out one question of treason Quot new Fork gave Putz Ary Grant Phylys Brooks bust up started after her Pinky decorated with a ring Given by is looking Moil Home on ish since i lie a. Started alter u Tiff when he noticed a former heart. Christine Fisher her neat nose Bob Job. Betty Grable who is seeing much of her sex husband. J. Coogan is standing up other challengers having some wait for hours in linty Moore a these after curtain times. T. Manville has been getting Anonymous threats again via Mil. John Blondelle skin in Brooklyn ditto. How True is the Story that a nazi was trapped in an wont those sailors Selling those photos Man Navy is All Beer ilium Vij Man Hoover is making a Boner in not taking that $23,0 x a year offer to be Quot Czar of professional tin we know venture but , leading first land. This is not a glorious and a Job that has to be done. Andrew Mcnaughton Canadian troops to eng British submarines do not wage War on Neutral vessels. They do not attack Humble fishing boats. Winston Churchill first lord of British admiralty. I Quot a a Chufe him in Germany. The Iii i Lank i Raven announcing lilt names Ould Sion of a a our town will show doing away with the tiresome screen news Brief insanity is san to lie the reason Why c. B. Lawson. Stokes county Farmer seized a pistol yesterday killed his wife and six children and then put an end to his own life. A three Young men were killed in a plane crash at Dunn the White House offices were destroyed by a fire Christmas eve. President Hoover has set up official Headquarters in the White House presidential study. Twenty years ago local new Christmas Day was very quiet in High Point. The absence of booze is thought to be the reason for the orderly Observance of the Holiday. According to the records the local Post office handled More mail during the pre Christmas season this year than Ever before. About people David Yow formerly of High Point bul now of Columbia. S. Cd a spent Christmas Day Here. Miss Ermin Baldwin is the guest of miss Stella Norman. Miss Mildred Bedford is spending the holidays with friends in Charlotte. New Brief eight men Are dead and others Are dying As the result of fake Holiday booze in Hartford Conn. Former German liners which were used As a e. F. Transports by this nation during the War. Have been turned Over to the British government by order of president Wilson. A two Hundred barrels of new England rum left by Steamer from Boston today for constantinople. If a people believe they have reached a Point in their National life when they must either fight or give up a principle then it would certainly do something to the spirit of the nation if they did not go through. A mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt. Credits for the first time. Vera Van Buren whose pop is chairman of the Board of the Gobel packing company Frankfurter makers gave a party the other night in Chi and served Whirlie made by pops rival. Swift there ire four identical Brownstone houses next to each other on e. 51st Street. So that stay outs who May come Home a Little w oof led wont get lost a their respective front doors Are painted a vivid Rod Blue Black and Green in that order. Lazy Elinson had a Lotta trouble seeing the screen during the last half cd a gone with the wind. The kid sitting in front of him grew up tuesday december 26. 1039 a Quot i i a a a ill i i Iii Iima a its Bruce Catton in Washington pc father time ten years Alii local new Christmas Day was a quiet Day in police circles in High Point. There were Only two people arrested and they were charged with being drunk. Sixty or More poor families were provided for during the holidays by the salvation army. Sufficient food to last several Days was distributed. The empty stocking fund provided 253 boxes for those listed As needy cases. About people a a. E. Futrelle. Who won out in the pre Christmas insurance contest put on by the Northwestern life insurance company was directed by the company to Purchase a 12-Pound Turkey and have Bill sent to them. Mrs. L. B. Dutton who has Len quite ill is said to be recovering or. And mrs. Alton Stutts Are spending the holidays with relatives in Georgia. Or. And mrs. Cleve Loman of Roanoke rapids have been guests in the Home of mrs. R. C. Loman. A Den Berg widens Liberal g. O. P. Split Washington dec. 26. There has been a great Deal of talk about disunity within Tho Democrat party not so much discussion of widening cracks in Republican Unity. But they Are there and senator Arthur Vandenberg of Michigan drove the wedge a Little deeper in a Magazine article which is coming in for a great Deal of discussion in the capital. A the new Deal must be salvaged Quot is Vandenberg text in the current american Mercury in which he quite frankly comes out As a his favorite theme for a Long time but never before so clearly brought out. Vandenberg is in the Hing Vandenberg is a candidate for the presidency. Let there be no mistake about that simply because he insists he is doing nothing about it. Vandenberg article makes it Clear that he thinks a Republican Campaign based on a Black reaction Quot a repeal the new Deal Quot or any such expressed or implied slogan would be a dismal failure. There he bases his claims of re publican Victory on holding fast to adequate Relief a but with More local administration to farm Relief a but under a re vamped Mcnary Hau Gen plan to the Wagner act a but amended to be More equitable to so Cial Security a but better administered to Hank Deposit insurance a of which he claims much credit himself to the rec which he credits to Tho last Republican administration Atli to Security and Exchange regulation a a but better administered. Want to g. O. P. To make new Deal work thus he bases the Republican claim to the voter on the theory that it take a a democratic administration to think up a lot of Fine progressive ideas and a Republican one to make them work needless to say this is not the am proach to the Campaign of Dewey Hoover or Taft or to the wealthy. Us tra conservative group which is look ing for a Quot dark horse Quot and which hag Given a Good Deal of thought to gov Einor Bricker of Ohio. Much Specula Tion has Arisen Here As to Vander bergs motive especially since he Point cd out that he has As much right to interpret Republican policy As anyone until the convention Speaks. Does he seek to protect his party against a Quot reaction against reaction Quot f does he see extreme conservative re publican candidates wearing themselves out in Early campaigns doomed to failure and a convention turning to Vandenberg As a a coalition Compromise candidate who can hold most of the regular Republican vote yet not antagonize too deeply relative progressives and perhaps attract Many of their votes these Are the questions being asked in Washington today. Al i Winene a Bast comes Oft the sudden prominence of Otto Kuusinen As head of the russian Quot Stooge Quot government set up Quot for Finland at Terjeki has some repercussions in Washington. It is not the first time that Kuusinen has tried to do Moscow i work abroad. Ten years ago this same Kuusinen was trying to capture the american cooperative movement for Moscow lie to led completely hut bitterness is still Strong against him among american co operatives and especially those of the co operative league w i i a units have run in. My. In of i finnish blood. Kumsun n at line in pies it a was already in russian exile from Ina native Finland. In the summer of Ugo he sent i x wife and another representative to supt rid wit with credentials from the cd mull n Aru order s in take Eon nil a 1 a a whoa lie Ai Superior then an outstanding unit of american co operatives. \ it of i the co operative builder at Superior the Moscow representatives were re buffed whereupon they launched a Savage attack in the communist paper on the Central co operative. Brevi ties the czechs will in jail on ratio cards thinning dec 29 the ticket u do Iii ii ii i Mil mi1 i it Chi Minas but you be been eating Loo a new etiquette Hook for gentle Sci warns never to give a cab Driver Nickel tip. That a not etiquette that i self defense. Switzerland seems to be forgotten the current affray. Ii is Only the plaid where the league of nations meets. A ventriloquist sold toy dogs thai would t bark when he Wasny to around i i. .1 i won Sinai m in could Hay found enough unemployed vent Nib quilts to go with each dog. Incidentally we never did hear hoc the Idem Roosevelt made out on those Christmas Trees he went Home to Marl Ket one week end. I took a decision w hich really w Al forced on me. Quot Apt. Hans Lait Dorff of Admiral Graf Siee before commit it d suicide

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