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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 26, 1939, High Point, North Carolina We a i ii e a slum or Sloe mixed xxx till rain tonight and wednesday. The High Point Enterprise High Point tile Center of diversified Man ii fart tiring enterprises \ of. 55�?nth 360 member associated dress High Point \. C., tuesday afternoon december 1939 Complete Nea service Price five cent russians Shell finnish town a a a a a a a a Hitler crosses Border onto French soil Ltd a British granted clearance for captive nazi freighter germans protest to canal zone officials on allowing passage Colon Panama dec. 26. A despite a German diplomatic protest the British prize Crew in control of a captive German freighter today was was guaranteed clearance from Cristobal for a British port by the United states army command for the canal zone. Tilt protest by Consul Walter Schmidt a Ulins not been entertained a said major general David l. Stone canal zone commander and Tho freighter the 4.930-ton Dusseldorf was a free to proceed to sea a Tho Dusseldorf was captured Doc. 15 off the chilean coast by the British Cruiser despatch two Duys after putting out from Valparaiso. Heads kor Jam Ica with her Swastika fluttering j underneath a British naval Ensign and with British seamen pacing her decks with fixed Bayonet the do meld Ort completed her transit of the canal in late after noon yesterday and at 7 30 p. In. I e. S. T., was granted clearance for Jamaica. While the Gray painted freighter was moving across Tho isthmus the diplomatic dispute arose. Gen Jeral Stone said the difficulty revolved about the demand of a j passenger Hans von Appel former agent at Panama City for the German steamship line la a Page Lloyd for hospitalization. Von Appen demanded that he be taken to Santo Tomas Hospital j which is in the Republic of Panama this after he had been taken to Gorge Hospital in the canal j zone where physicians said he wag j in critical condition from some unspecified illness and required an emergency operation. Kurt or Edge general Stone said von Appel Panjan j refused to undergo the operation at the c anal zone Hospital. Quot i know it w As a subterfuge said general Stone a shut it was a j question of humanity. The Man was dangerously ill and did not want to undergo the operation at j our Hospital. I could not Force the operation so he was released to go to the Panama just How the demand for hos i Tallat Ion was linked with the German protest against clearance i a if it was remained unclear and so did the general s reference to requests for Fuller official comment were referred to the state department at Washington. The russe Dorf Lay in the tis i Obal Harbor while general Stone conferred last night with the Bish minister to Panama. Hours j Der the effective time of her Lea Ranee she was still at Anchor. Kipper by proxy the ship was still nominally Miler the command of Captain j Peter on. Her regular skipper but continued on Page two fuehrer makes tour of troops at Christmas would have been easy target for French artillery Berlin dec. 26. Map i a authoritative sources reported today that Adolf Hitler had walked across the Frontier into France while he was spending Christmas with Ger i Man forces in the West Wall fortifications. It was the first time since 1918 i that the fuehrer had get fool on French soil these informants said. Then he was a Corporal with i the 16th bavarian Reserve. In Quot no mans land j the authoritative account said that on Christmas eve with orderlies carrying gift packages nazis Nab a bomber a sky Victory for Germany was i now is a no Many a land but which assistant Secretary of Agri capture of this British Wellington bomber and its Pilot flank j u,uj1 a of a a j�6 Alto was Occu-1 culture. A rancher de by nazi officers. Plane was forced Down after Battle Over p Ehe �?��?�gome1 time in the North sea. J Vicinity of spi Cheren Heights be a a tween Saar Kruecken and Forbach. Invaders role a. J Norris ready to conclude North aim Long congressional career it Supply Lino rancher to Washington Grover b. Hill of Amarillo tex., takes Over his desk worked 1934. In the he has aaa since Holiday observed from trenches to fireside finnish soldiers unable to take part led by the Captain commanding that sector he visited French Concrete dugouts and then walked through Woods to the extreme front line. The informants said he would have made an easy target for French guns. Promotions during his visit Hitler promoted the Captain his guide to the rank in Christmas Poilu mommies celebrate about dusk the fuehrer depart ing the Coria Ted pres to Tho echoes of Christmas carols that had a paradoxical Obligato of violence the world rushed today into the last week of a year of bloodshed and bitterness. Holidays score 593 fatalities Iii Inorg takes Lead with 26 deaths Highway accidents Lead again by associated press Washington dec. 26. A up a senator George w. Norris ind. Neb said today that he would never seek Public office again when his present Terra expires in 1943. The White haired senator after i 37 years in Congress said in an interview Quot my work is done. My friends understand and they wont ask j me to run Norris has said in previous years that he would not run for reelection but he has been reelected anyway. Asked whether he would yield to such urging again he replied with an Emp a a tic career he has had one of the most colourful careers in Congress and has been the target of vituperation As Well As High honors and wide commendation. Back in 1917, he was one of a Little band of senators who filius i tired to death president Wilson a Quot armed neutrality Quot Hill. He voted against americans entry into the world War and he was denounced even in Nebraska As a traitor. Norris now 78, never has had much use for party labels. He was a Leader in the House fight w hich stripped away the Broad parliamentary Powers of speaker Quot Uncle Joe Cannon. He has been in the forefront of congressional forces demanding new social legislation and he sponsored the constitutional amendment eliminating Quot lame Duck Quot congressional sessions. Roosevelt Racker he has been one of the leading advocates of a third term for presi Dent Roosevelt a and he has received Many letters from democrats telling him that As an Independent he has no business meddling in party affairs. Norris has been known As the father of the Tennessee Valley authority. He supported or. Roosevelt s controversial Bill to reorganize the supreme court and fought for Many other new Deal measures. Norris spent a quiet christinas at his apartment Here with his wife his children and his grand j children. For the last week gifts and cards from friends and admirers have piled up in his office. Among them was a postcard from Philadelphia hearing the pencilled words Quot a merry Christmas to the greatest Liberal of them Christ ii from the american bristling Europe a Dank air fireside Homes under Lur Western f n Quie through cd truce front to lid cellars of bes ii re for Tibi Security plan goes to work government puts monthly retirement pensions into of feet next month Washington dec. 26.�? a the Federal government puts nto operation next month its in a reaching plan to provide mass Security in the form of monthly retirement Pullions for older workers and their dependents. It will he the beginning of Tho monthly pay off of old age insurance benefits under the so Ial Security Law and estimate indicate that during 19 40 mme Oday its army participated in no i than $100,000,000 will he Dis lighting on Christmas hut that trib Ted to approximately 1,000, British air attacks on German j <>00 persons. A Vanguard boats in the reigned. He distributed gifts to soldiers on watch and As he walked away the Church Hells in nearby Splich Eren Village pealed their curio i this years three Day Christmas Mary Christmas music. Ohday brought death to at least though spi Oheren Village is persons in accidents and oth outside the German lines a patrol i or Forin of Gudden death with entered the town merely to ring j automobile Treffie taking 397 the Bells. There was no embattled finns a half dozen of whose Dies were Hun barred by soviet russian fliers. Ham for finns finnish troops had Ham Tor dinner in their frigid outposts. Russia had no Christmas hut those russians who still profess christianity will observe the Jan. 7 Christmas of the greek orthodox Church. Where the rival Martinot and Siegfried lines lie grimly athwart Western Europe there was a tacit Christmas peace marred Only by the movement of one German patrol which the French Caid they repulsed. The German High command said Iten Oft by eds finally Laim Victory for f first time in several Days troops Register gains against finns Moscow dec. 2ti up Poi i first time in several Day russian land forces in Finland Ere credited with victories in a j id army communique issued j ally today. It said two hat aliens of finns had been Quot Sui j minded and routed Quot at Joie ants and Hie emmy also bad offered a serious defeat a a momus amp aim. is in Middle finial about 15 Miles from the russian Frontier. Yesterdays Inrush comma ique said a Mac Vity is increasing in the bourns.,Almi stator the russians also asserted six Iii Lush Piume w Ere brought Vav n. The communique said a on dec. 25, skirmishes of Conno itching units took place i the front. In a number of was they developed into serious counters brides defeat a in the area of the town of Omu Salmi soviet reconnoitre a units inflicted a serious de t on the enemy and occupied enemy s fortified positions. Quot at Jolo anti soviet recon Teri us units surrounded Ami used two battalions of finns to left Many killed on the Bat held. Thirty five prisoners re taken. Quot soviet aviation made recon stering flights. In air corals six enemy air planes were ought Down. Due soviet air be failed to return to its a land Region had been a machine gun fire. French soldiers received from he government a Cigar and an extra Quarter bottle of wine Way of Christmas cheer. Thor were Christmas plays and song in the Barracks. A la Dier Spe Akk Premier Saladier in a Christmas message said. Quot we will give blow for blow in return for any violence coming from Germany. British mommies Sang carols. Lined on Plum pudding and Turkey and decorated their billets j with evergreens. King George i addressing them and All Britain a armed forces from Sandringham Lee la red Quot we feel lit our hearts i social Fiat we Are fighting against Adolf Hitler Quot first Soldier of lie Reich a paid a Christmas eve visit to German soldiers near Saab Rueken. Col. Gen. Walther von Brauchitsch German commander told the troops a Only when we have won will we be Able to speak again of Pence at Christmas from Dublin prime minister Esmon de Valera broadcast an p pea i that a settlement of the War a the sought now in Good will Ather than wait until exhaustion has forced the requisite die Posi ions of peace a in Northern Ireland about 60 the social Security pay off will not approach the goals of various proposals advocated by old age pension groups. For the most part it May fall Short of the $56 a month average Security wage a Piid spa workers per month government statisticians have estimated that payments for re i tired single men will average about. $26 a month for life. The estimated average for a married j Man who receives a supplemental Benefit for his wife will be about $39. The tops in government old age benefits is $85 a month hut to get it a married Man would need to be covered by the Security system for 4 0 years and he Able to show an average of $250 a month in rantings throughout that period. The Start of payments for january for which checks will each beneficiaries about feb. I j lives. I last year 508 persons died in various kinds of accidents and As i the result of violence in a similar three Day period. I five states Nebraska Nevada j Rhode Island Vermont and Wyoming kept their death slates i clean last year but this year Delia Ware was the Only one. Illinois leads Illinois led the list this year with 60 dead�?29 of them in traffic to by trains eight by suicide seven by violence of one j kind or another and seven from other causes. Chicago reported More than 1,-400 traffic accidents Over the week end und five states reported deaths by freezing or exposure three of them in the South Tennessee North Carolina and new Mexico. There were 12 deaths from coasting in new York state. Although last year was s a a Green one with comparatively Little Snow and ice against a drearily conn., for 0 years in which j Ponder Antly White Christmas this he said he would he glad to Anc year the traffic accidents re Refl. E an Eye if it would help j Maine about the same him to remain in this country j state scores i Quot which i love More than any the total death list by states in the j Alabama 3 Arizona 5 Markau �?�-1 Las 8 California 47 Colorado 9 Connecticut 15 District of Columbia 5 Florida 8 Georgia 26 Idaho i Illinois 60 Indiana 15 a a Iowa 2 Kansas la Kentucky to Rome dec. �?z6. A italia Louisiana 5 Maine 7 Maryland authorities today announced that 9 Massachusetts to Michigan air mall service to South Amer 37 Minnesota 8 Mississippi 3 Lea would be continued regularly j Missouri la Montana i Nebras despite Tho plane crash in which j a 3 Nevada 2 new Hamp Ven persons were killed sunday j a hire 3 new Jersey 12 new Farina Deport i Inni albanian offers Eye Wakefield r. I., dec. 26. In up a mrs Gladys Northup. 42, j Blind since the age of six disclosed that an albanian held by Boston immigration officers had j offered her one of his eyes if she i would intervene to save him from deportation. The specialist attending mrs. I Northup said however that the i Only available treatment was a 1 rebuilding operation which he is j performing. He added that it was impossible to transplant a Complete Eye from one person to another. Mrs. Northup said she had received a letter from the Man. J who identified himself As a Ein i Hayden 45, a resident of water Joseph Davies chosen for special War Post Roosevelt appoints former ambassador to Belgium to work with Secretary Hull Washington dec. 26. Map a Joseph e. Davies american ambassador to Belgium was designated by president Roosevelt today As a special assistant to the Secretary of state to Deal with War emergency problems and International negotiations. A Davies rvs gently returned from Brussels to report at the state i Ria no of Mon for restores Market quota of sugar act 7 thing else italian air service will continue despite crash continued on Page two during an inaugural flight the plane carrying the first Toad of air mail from South America crashed near Mogador French Morocco. Authorities said Pilot Antonio Rapp apparently had tried to Fly through a storm rather than delay the first trip of the new service. Mexico 6 new York 39 North Carolina 9 North Dakota i Ohio 30 Oklahoma 15 Oregon 5 Pennsylvania 37 Rhode Island 2 South Carolina 12 South Dakota 7 Tennessee la Texas 23 Utah i Vermont 3 Virginia 14 Washington 16 West Virginia 17 Wisconsin 7 Wyoming 2. Con. On Page two Steamer wins Battle Thomaston me., dec. How pm the Crew of the norwegian at earner Tana won a Battle with the Stormy North Atlantic today repairing a broken rudder in mid Ocean and cancelling a Call Tor assistance. First fragmentary radio messages picked up by the Mackay radio station indicated the Tana a distress was acute and that one of her lifeboats had been swept away by hoarding seas. An flour later the a,.mia-ton vessel advised the damage had been repaired and that she had resumed her course. The Tana gave Lier he Ilion As 1,350 Miles cast of new York. Churches collectively Back for some responses to appointment of Taylor however doubt i Rue purpose Washington dec. 26.�? Pic representatives of Catholic protestant and jewish churches today acknowledged with gratitude president Roosevelt s proposal that governments Aud religions join in working for world peace and alleviation of suffering arising from the War. Archbishop a. G. Cicognani. The apostole Delegate in Washington wrote the president that Pope Pius Xii desired to assure him that Myron a Taylor would lie Quot cordially received As or. Roosevelt a personal represent live to the Vatican a in a manner befitting the highly important Mission entrusted to Spellman Speaks the Pope s acknowledgement to he amplified later in a personal acid direct reply was for warded through the most rever end Francis j. Spellman Arch the Bishop of new York who said he had been requested to express Quot his holiness profound gratitude for Taylor a appointment. The president in virtually identical letters to the Pope to or. George a. Buttrick. President of the Federal Council of churches of Christ As a protestant Leader and to rabbi Cyrus Adler president of the jewish theological Seminary of America As a jewish Leader said that eventually the time would come to reestablish peace in the we orld and he added that those in religion and in government who have a common purpose should be encouraged in a closer association to bring about peace. Invitation accepted or. Buttrick told the president in a Telegram that his invitation to visit the White House from time to time to discuss world problems Wras a gratefully i Quot we join you he said Quot in prayer that a lasting peace of Justice and Good will May soon bless or. Adler said in a message to the president that it would he a privilege Quot to have the Opportunity to visit you at the White House Quot and added that it was a Quot Noble deed to bring the forces of religion he raid he held the confident Hope that Quot the leaders will unite the members of their churches and synagogues into a unanimous support of your shortly before the three communications were made Public Stephen Early White House press Secretary expressed the belief that when the few who have questioned or. Roosevelt a appointment of a personal representative to the Vatican Quot learn the facts they will be responses vary favourable responses to the presidents action in Many quarters of government and organized continued on Page two Washington dec. 26.�? pm president Roosevelt issued a proclamation today restoring marketing quota provisions of the sugar act. Quot i have issued a proclamation today Quot the president said in a statement Quot terminating the suspension of marketing quotas on sugar which suspension was made necessary on september la 1939, by the extraordinary purchases of sugar by Consumers immediately after the outbreak of the War in Europe and the excessive Spur Gutive activity and advancing prices which accompanied such purchases. Hoarding ceased Quot since that time consumer hoarding of sugar has ceased and the Price of raw sugar has defined to the Price which w As in effect before the War. Quot it should be noted that under the Law the quota May again be suspended of such action becomes necessary to protect the under a newly negotiated agreement with Cuba the United states agreed to return to the duty of 90 cents a Hundred pounds on cuban sugar which was in effect before the quotas were suspended. During suspension of the quotas the duty was raised to $1.50. Department and White House. Today a announcement said official statement Quot the president and the Secretary of state have asked Ambas i Sador Joseph e. Davies recently1 instructed to return from Belgium to the United states to i accept a Post in the department j of state to undertake certain duties having to do with War j emergency problems and policies j and to serve As an adviser on Affa is concerning International j Trade Trade negotiation. Quot ambassador navies will be designated As a special assistant to the Secretary of state. He has i informed the president and Secretary Hull of his willingness to Davies went to Brussels last year after a tour of duty As ambassador to soviet Russia. There was no indication who Davies successor at Brussels would be. Light earthquake strikes Pacific coast or Nicaragua Managua Nicaragua dec. 26.�? pm an earthquake Hook he Pacific coast of Nicaragua today starting about 6 a. In. 7 a. In. E. A and lasting about. 12 seconds. Vii Puri in flames after heavy attack by soviet planes by Lynn Heinzerling Vii Puri Finland dec. 26. Map a Long Range artillery shells burst throughout the night on this seacoast City previously abandoned by most of its citizens. Numerous fires were started and Homes in the Southeast Section were destroyed hut the damage was comparatively slight. The soviet russian forces appeared to be concentrating in this area by Long Range hammering and air raids As the finns took the War into soviet territory in another sector driving toward the Murmansk Railroad the russian s main Supply line to the far North. Eight flames Vii Puri firemen kept a constant Virgil fighting flames started by the shells apparently fired from i batteries 25 Miles away. This would place the russian artillery about is Miles within finnish territory on the karelian isthmus. As firemen battled flames in the Southwest Section of Vii Puri a Shell ripped a big Hole in a a Early backyard. The size of the i crated about seven feet deep led military experts to believe the russians had brought up heavier batteries than previously used. Russian warplanes in a four hour raid Over the ancient City i yesterday bombed a workers Section but the Only casualties j known were two women and a i girl injured. The few remaining residents huddled into Bombproof j shelters at intervals throughout j the Day. Public gatherings for Christmas celebrations were quickly dispersed. One Elane downed at least 30 warplanes flew Over the City and one was shot Down by Auti aircraft fire. Approximately 200 bombs Shook the i City including four or five 200-j Pound missiles and incendiary i bombs. Shrapnel Tore holes in Many Homes in the workers District. Electrical and Telephone service was interrupted periodically Gas was Cut off completely and water pressure reduced. Although the russians apparently were aiming at a railway line through the area the tracks thus far had not been damaged. Finnish troops pressed within 75 Miles of the strategic Mur con. On rage two fourteen go Down on t torpedoed ship Londos dec. My up a the British Reamer Stanho Lnu 2.-47 4 ton wit reported to Lune Lieen Tor a do a and Wiik with a to of i i lives off the West roast of England. Tin survivors Aid the ship Hail been torpedoed without warning Christmas Day. Most of the Crew was below decks when a terrific explosion Sank the ship Only two hours after she left a Ort. The Only uninjured survivor was the Captain. Then was one woman alumni mrs. Malad Jenny wife of the chief Engineer. He drowned. Seaman k. Ii. Evans Aid Quot we had no warning and no time to launch a Lifeboat. I pushed a Small raft we had on deck into the water and scrambled onto it. Quot we were picked up by a life boat of a norwegian Steamer whose Crew had heard the Man kills wife then shoots self Ludington. Mich., dec. 26.�? pm John Slavickas 54. Mad tragedy of his children a Christmas Homecoming by killing their Mother shooting his eldest daughter and ending his own life after a quarrel. The daughter mrs. Christine Hivley 23, Hammond iud., was in a critical condition with a Shotgun slug wound in the Abdomen. Slavickas first wounded his wife Josephine 45, yesterday morning sheriff George l. Col yer said shot the daughter then his wife again killing her and tired a slug into his own head officers found the bodies near a Christmas tree in the farm Home. James j. Britt leading Republican figure Dies Asheville dec. 26.�? up James j. Britt former Republican representative from the eleventh District and former chief counsel of the Federal prohibition Bureau in Washington d. Cd died at his Home Here Early today. He was 79 years old. The funeral will he held it the first Baptist Church Here tomorrow afternoon. It will be conducted by the Rev. John Vav. Inzer the pastor. Britt a native of Tennessee had a Long and varied career in North Carolina after several years As a teacher he served in Hie Asheville office of the collector of internal Revenue and when he was past 40 years old to began the practice of Law. Newspaper editor when the Asheville times local afternoon newspaper was under Republican ownership. Britt was its editor. Among others he held the following Public positions Spe Cial attorney of die a s. Department of Justice special Ion Sel of the Post office department third assistant postmaster general member of Congress and chief counsel of the prohibition Agency. In 1904 he was a Delegate to the National Republican convention and the same year he served As presidential elector at Large t Ong Essman a l a x i Date he Vas a candidate for Congress in 19o6. Minority Leader of the state Senate Iii 1909, and in 1926, candidate for chief Justice of North Carolina. His term in Congress was from 1915 to 1916. After retiring from his Washington activities he returned to Asheville in 1933. He was a member of the National Economy league and the Academy of political science. Surviving Are five cd mrs. W. F Duncan mrs. \. Shuey James j. Britt or Walsh Uey James j. Britt jr., Wal Britt. I i

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