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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 21, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page eight Sec a bus Driver Dies Charlotte dec. 21.�?cvp a s. J. Moore 51, died unexpectedly yesterday while driving a passenger bus of the Duke Power company. Passengers noticed something was wrong As the bus moved slowly up a residential Street and one stopped the vehicle. The High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Uncle Ray s Corner be careful we specialize in Correct prescriptions Betts drug co. Ocean liners use huge steam turbines servicing engineering contracting Industrial automatic sprinkler co. Phone 242 Quot your warmest Friend Quot Only tile Best grades of Coal City fuel co asm Park St Platone Mua Sprinkle gasoline service from exports saves serves satisfies it tax paid Pek gallon Sprinkle service station 1.108 n. Main St. Re proof now. Pay Laur no Down payment Low Strait charge 3 Viars to pay a under provident of National housing act Barber 6enasc0 roofing Many modern Ocean vessels have steam turbines instead of the old style steam engines. When such a vessel is being made ready for i service it sometimes happens that a giant a a Rotor is lowered i into it by Way of the smokestack the Rotor of a steam Turbine is a great Shaft which turns around at High Speed. It is fitted with disks and Blades. A Rotor used on an Ocean liner May weigh to tons or More. Windmills make use of wind. The wind strikes the Blades and makes them move. In much the same Way steam strikes the Blades of a steam Turbine and makes the Rotor turn. The Turbine uses both the pressure of steam and the Power of steam to expand. Instead of having a few Large Blades As a Windmill has the Turbine has hundreds of Small Blades each one curved a bit. The Blades Are made with greatest care and each is the right size Down to a thousandth part of an Inch. Coal and Oil Are the fuels used to produce steam for turbines As they Are burned they heat water in boilers. From the boilers the steam passes to the turbines. In Many vessels the turbines Are geared directly to the propeller shafts. In other cases they Are used to run generators. Electric Power from the generators goes to motors and the motors turn the propellers. The steam which goes into turbines is used so Well that almost none of its Power is wasted. In automobiles the gasoline is not i used nearly so Well a great Deal of the Power in the gasoline goes j to waste. Thursday december 21. 1939 super Sleuth a Koto re of Turbine being lowered through a ships funnel. Turbine will be used in automobiles at some time in the future. If this Setnes about it will he after scientists and inventors have worked out certain problems. From the Point of View of using Fuell Well it would be Good. For general interest Section of your scrapbook if you want a free copy of the illustrated leaflet a your body at work a Send me a 3c stamped return envelope i n care of this newspaper. Uncle Kay. Tomorrow Mountain building. Hatch act won t Cut party funds horizontal 1,8 most famous detective of fiction. 13 to wander. 14 to relinquish. 16 Orient. 17 to rent. 18 tedium. 19 Onsager. 20 Small tumor. 21 accorded. 25 half an pm. 26 uncooked. 29 trial ending with no decision. 34 Mineral Spring. 35 being. 38 seaweed. Originator. 52 witticism. 53 turning machine. 55 the supreme being. 37 female fowl. 56 front Hall. 38 indefinite 57 opera article. Melodies. 39 Entrance. 58 Persia. 40 Sun. 60 he is the chief 43 measure of area. 44 peaceable. 48 he is More famous than his. Or answer to previous Puzzle amp unfilled Pion Sel , cavity in a w7u Rwy a lode. 20 religious homage. 22 insect. 23 an accuser. 24 to Daub. 27 Monkey. 28 Pale. 30 Wayside hotel 31 melted. 32 sick. 33 epoch. 39 Wrath. 40 Oriental guitar. 41 preposition. 42 purple Flower. 43 god of War. 45 Indian nurse. Cranberry adds color to Christmas Tea table vertical 1 senior. 2 pit. 3 opposed to Odd. 4 to soak flax. 46 african tree. In a series of stories. 61 he was created by sir 11 existence. Conan -. 12 Street 5 to be indebted. 6 food Container. 7 relative. 8 female heir. 9 thin. To spar. 47 Light Wagon. 48 to scorch. 49 Money changing. 50 conservative. 51 land right. 54 Cravat. 56 South Carolina. 59 new England. We americans Are More and More adopting the English custom of serving Tea. It is such an easy and informal Way to entertain and there is something about the cosiness of a Tea table drawn up before a blazing lire that cannot be captured in a More formal setting. Now with the Christmas holidays upon us the Tea table will be in constant use what with friends dropping in to extend Christmas greetings and to leave gifts beneath the tree. Very Little preparation is needed for informal Tea. Just keep the Kettle Bolling be sure you have a Good blend of Tea and plenty of Dainty sandwiches or Small cakes. In keeping with the Christmas Rotor scheme we like the Cran Berry team cheese spread Given below. A Ake a Jar of it in the morning and store it in the refrigerator. Then when friends drop in it will take Only a Jiffy to spread it on strips of Raisin or nut bread. The Christmas cookies Are also a Tea table delicacy and can be made several Days in Advance. I a n Kerk it beam i Heese spread crush with a Fork 1-3 cup jellied Cranberry sauce. Blend with one 3-oz. Package Cream cheese. Spread on thin slices of Raisin or nut bread. Christman cookies 1 Tup butter h cup sugar 2 eggs 2 Tablespoons Rind i Teaspoon Vanilla Tablespoon grated Lemon Rind 1 2 Tablespoons Lemon juice 2 cups flour Cream butter add sugar and egg Yolks. Add Vanilla Orange Rind Lemon Rind Lemon juice. It Ift measure and sift flour. Add to first mixture. Shape into bal a Roll in slightly beaten egg Whites lightly then in chopped Walnut meats. Make depression in top of each Ball and top with Cranberry sauce cube. Bake in 350 degrees oven and about 201 minutes. _ grated Orange Model Supply company a a Complete plumbing and heating service Quot lot a. Broad St. Phone 3249 Kaleigh dec. 21.�? up a the the Blades of steam turbines Hatch act does not pro Holt a vol Are made to Wuhrl at great speeds they turn around several thou unitary unsolicited contributions to a political Campaign Sand times in a minute. In recent attorney general Harry Mcmurl i tests the United states Navy has an ruled yesterday. I tried steam at higher pressure than had been used before. Continuing his interpretation of the statute relating to gov a a it Vii u w Icia uus to gut scientists have made tests with Ern mental employees participation tiny Gas turbines. They report in politics Mcmullin said it was Hedgecock i a mud in Milieu in Utah Iron a w in a i ."�?ol�&Quot.0. 1emp"�? a Ltd it Mer. Employees rv.��iv0, Oti v Oti u i kill a Tiu it i that the Blades turn from 250, a criminal offence for any out-000 to 500,000 times per min Sider to solicit funds from a spa Trull a a .rmtttvlrt--1- phone 4wos i around half a million times a is Ward St i minute. It May be that some form of we Ere forbidden to solicit such funds. Persons occupying supervisory and administrative positions in the spa come within the terms of the act he said. The ruling was made in reply to a query by Ira t. Johnston chairman of the Ashe county i democratic executive committee concerning contributions to Jack on Day dinners. Quality food specials Christmas candies fancy Christmas mix candies la 12k a a Cuk Center a a a i chocolate drops a 12 c Hest Grade i Orange slices la. 12k Pirk sugar stick Candy 2-lb. Box.24c mrs. Darlings this minuted Mckenney on Bridge mrs. Young passes shaded bid lets opponent get into trouble by mks. It. C. Young a told to urn k. Mckenney America s card authority i cherries la. Box 25c St impello puffs la. Pkg. ,15c by Howard of Rill the words you Are about to look at. In the split seconds thai they hit your eyes form a new kind of reporting. This will take i sixty seconds to read. Whits you i Are Reading these fats the Jet Ems they describe Are actually staking place. What Nappert in i is in motion. Destiny to i be minute on Eaith. A world folds itself. I Start Reading seven carloads of automotive j freight Are shipped in the United j states on railroads in this coun try every minute of every hour. The British government is aiding its shipping Industry with Loans of Hoo a minute to tramp land cargo liners $25 each minute for deep sea vessels. Nazi shipments to America have dropped from $100 Worth a minute to half that amount. Removing the rubbish Iii a to v a 732 a k65 a q j 9 3 2 mrs. Young a a 7 6 3 2 �8 a q 8 7 3 2 a 6 a k qj985 a 65 a a9 a 10 8 4 duplicate none Vul. South West North East 1 4b 2 a double pass 2 4b pass pass double pass pass pass opening Lead a k. 21 i he jumped into trouble by Doub Ling the two Spade contract which we made with ease. The two heart contract doubled would also have Bene made by East and West. Next not All timid bidder of in a 11 fir in i my. Fir or if a pork hams 8 to la Poi ind Pound 17 2c pickles it sour or Dill it. Jar 12/2c Christmas nuts r English walnuts i mixed nuts la. Pecans la. Women Are thu is the i by ii of a series of 12 Art idea by mrs. It. \ inline of Philadelphia the world s no. I woman Bridge player. O a a. Part score hands Are in my opinion the most difficult to handle. As they present percentage b i is a a a a i Coconut i la. Bag.21c be refrigeration see our beautify Lee Urfrig Fratori primers and terms will Arr rom you Central k k delivery How it it or mid Street Compani poor 4, a ,can,3for.25c i a new York City the sanitation j problems which women Seldom squads there find other items in bother to figure out. But a lit the junk. In just one minute tie they find an average of a too pounds of old shoes 60 pounds of books and Glass. Sound reasoning will guide the government of fascist Italy is now spending $20,000 a minute you in these cases. When my partners hid of one 50 pounds of bottles i Spade was Over called by West i with two hearts i Felt that a i double was justified and that it j would also Stop my partner from bidding too Many Spades. You i can t blame him. How Ever for re Italy ships $i0 Worth of Gold fusing to allow the double to every minute to foreign countries Lund the impulse with the North Tor Trade payments. I hand now would be to bid two the Canadian eat Soo Pound nor to or free of Quot a of biscuit a minute. Ito a Quot to a pm a Al in run a with a population under three j Lull 1 in it it a a by n,u81 i j have a shaded bid. And if i Pas million Norway still drinks Over de. Bust might get into trouble i a i. A have your Tiki i recapped with i Gener Al mileage try Al we us the same Grade High Quality rubber that is used in building the famous Blowout proof gun or to tires. I Greene tire company i 213 College St Tel. 3219 a aaa Krawec in or my. In v met fir w of i i a i a Christmas fruits his i it mimic liner pineapple oranges bag All sizes 79c dozen 10c, 12l 2c and 15c tangerines no. 1 Box si.25 dozen 175 size. 12c Grapefruit in. Size 3 for 10c coconuts size 80 Raker Franklin 2-13 Suga r to Pound bag 50 fania Deberg my in no pounds of Coffee every sixty seconds. Stop Reading. 1 that is precisely what East j j did. He was so delighted to be out of the two heart double that j i0uii0st be wet hocus lettuce 2 for 15c prunes 2 lbs. 11c Large Malk celery 2 for 15c raisins 15 i pkg 9c Small lean and i i i pork chops la. 15c select eggs 2 dozen 45c fresh whole Imre shoulder la. 13k Kirby s Brand no. A Cin i pineapple 2 for 27c six 17�?� Lunet Gnu your friends and neighbors at the Carolina trailways Send you Best wishes for a merry Christmas and a Happy and successful new year. Through the holidays As always we will strive to give you the Best in travel Comfort safety and Economy. Duty touted of enquire feat tree inc reproduction at Letl prohibited copyright 1939 Lequir warm Lur 2 rot c Gulford county tar these purposes g realty transfers Cranberry sauce 25 Sweet mined pickles 22 of Jar 15c cranberries la 15c i i la Keam cheese la. 20c cranium crackers growth of i. 8. The United states As we know j it today did t always exist. The present area of the United states and her territories were gained through continual expansion from the beginning of the 18th Century through 1917. The following list is arranged without regard to chronology. Rearrange the list so that the oldest acquisition will be first the oth Era following in proper order. Texas Gadsden Alaska Louisiana , Florida loud from Spanish treaty Panama canal zone Guam mexican cession Oregon Virgin islands. Puerto Rico Samoa philippine islands hawaiian islands. Answers on Waul and Page. High Point township w. V. Beard to c. C. Woodson and e. A. Mcmahon plat adjoining lands of Lloyd. Borum and others. Friendship township j. Mark Mcadams and wife to l. L. Winfrey plat adjoining lands of Lea Roach and others ill Mph township h. M Lloyd and wife to Jesse Leach Aud wife plat adjoining lands of Robert Hill and others. Margaret b. White to Ernest i. Stad Lem and Harry w. Schuffman lot on Macon Street. Rock Creek township Sam f. Wallet a1 to Wesley Fuller and wife plat adjoining lands of c. E Dean. C. E. Dean and wife to Wesley Fuller and wife plat adjoining lands of Sam f. Wall. A Morehead township r. E. Smith it Al to Abc Smith plate on South Elm Street. George Wallington fire insurance company to Pilot life insurance com any tract on Ashe Street. Burt t. Bryant and wife to r. L. Green and wife plat on Gregory Street. Beer drinking in Japan increased 21.7 per cent in the last year. To consolidate Bills facilitate repayment and relieve your mind. To meet unlocked for expenses. To take advantage of opportunities. To pay taxes and insurance premiums. Cost 6% discount a no extra fees. Repay on a convenient monthly basis. I sugar xxx or Brown i la. Pkg 7%c vah e Brand Bacon la. 19cbbains la. 10c pork liver la. 12k Sii a a ii set fifty v or. T it in e s. W. Horne s store Corner Ennis and Tryon phone 6496 i0eal grocery Highland grocery Coutu. Chough and Bucko Pooh Sam Hio Lahd Miu. Phons 7478 Fairmont grocery Hillcrest grocery a Housh Stuit sets Hsioh phots 5491 818 to spot Stuit phots 48181 Oak Hul grocery Lambeth grocery of Shes Chough and Buston phots 4048 713 Mangum phots 4387 v a u wit phone 4367

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