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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 15, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Friday december 5, 1939the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page three u. S moves to fortify its russian Frontier on Alaska s Bering Straits Aleutian islands several thou it Avirl More troop to by concentrated in North country Fly Thomas m. Johnson Nea service stuff correspondent the least desired Possession of Neutral nations just now is a russian Frontier. Poland had one. So had Lithuania Estonia Latvia also Finland. So have Rumania Turkey. So has the i United states. And today we too. Are fortifying that Frontier not with Tho feverish fright of Rumania and Turkey hut not with dawdling Day either. The american army and Navy Are hastening to make stronger their present Mere toehold on that soil of the a s. A. That is Little Over 50 Miles from the red Earth of the i. S. S. H. For Siberia in separated from Alaska Only by rering Strait across done t we to j moment if you your child scratch no prompt action brings prompt text of. Scoff trea Menf soothes instantly. Kilts the tiny mites that Burrow under the skin and cause the itching. Clean Quick cheap and sure All druggists Soi w hich one t an set e on a Clear Day. Alaskans Gao too Square Miles Tho Only american Soli out the in states from which hostile aircraft might bomb cities within those states. Also. Although Alaska is the right flank of the sea defense line that protects the whole of our Pacific coast it is a flank now unable to defend itself. Ski Hans Ark a it a i. Capital shorts Enterprise Bureau. Sir Walter hotel los Henry Verier Raleigh. Dec. 15.�?friends of Libby Ward contend that the main reason there have been no More commitments made in the governor race is that Libby committed himself. Talking to an ardent admirer of the Craven county representative your correspondent was informed that in the a lower Piedmont there is rampant sentiment for Ward. A twas said that these folks Quot just will not commit themselves to anyone until the find out what Libby is going to the informant is one Well versed in the sounding of sentiment but at the same time such a devoted Follower and partisan of the houses speaker that the wish May have somewhat warped the judgment. At All events recent developments Point More and More to the Secretary of North Carolina s democrats As the most Likely Quot dark horse Quot entry in the gubernatorial sweepstakes. Quot this lad is Lucky Quot said John d. Larkin. Jr., director of the North Carolina Jackson Day Campaign. As he indicated the boy who a shining his shoes. Quot he will get a dime instead of a swipe from a sword that might scar him for reference was to the incident in Andrew Jackson s boyhood when a British officer slashed his face with a Saber because Young Jackson a prisoner of War refused to Shine the officers boots. As head of the Campaign today Larkins is getting altogether Quot Jackson conscious and it is not at All unusual to hear him illustrating almost any Point with Christmas Story will be depicted at Church sunday Dolors Appeal to both men and women the Christmas Story will be depicted in Tableaux and music in the pageant to be Given at Wesley memorial Church sunday night at 7 30 o clock. A cast of go people supported by a choir of 35 voices will make up the various scenes depicting the birth of Christ. The Story of the pageant begins at the time of the proclamation of the coming of the Messiah by Isaiah the Prophet and is symbolically brought to contemporary times with the presentation of gifts and paying of allegiance of the Peoples throughout the world to the Christ. Other scenes in the pageant Are the annunciation of the coming of the Messiah into Mary a family by the Angel the holy night with the Star and the City of Bethlehem silhouetted in the background the Madonna and child the holy family and the visit of the shepherds and the Wise men to the Christ child. The music will be furnished by the Junior choir augmented Ivy members of the senior choir. The Junior choir is under the direction of mrs. Charles can Aliy and the music for the entire pageant is under the direction of j. Gurney Riggs. A dress rehearsal will be held in the Church auditorium tonight ult 7 30 of clock. These services have been attended by capacity audiences during past years and people Are re queued to come to the Church Early. Modern etiquette by Roberta eee q. When a woman is talking with a social equal should she refer to her own husband As Quot or. Hill a. No. She should say a my husband or q. Where should one give an after theatre supper party a. At a restaurant club or at Home. Q. Do the same rules apply for engraving names on Christmas cards As for visiting cards a. Yes. To american defense yet Alaska is within Range of Jan incident from the experience two Powers. Russia and Japan a Hickory a experiences that have shown themselves a which by the Way. Were varied resolve and none too Friendly enough to furnish illustration Russia is building up her Navy enough for almost any conceive and has Hie world s biggest air Able Story service whose flyers recently j a a a a a a hopped lightly from Siberia to visit of nya director Aubrey America. True. Siberia is no Williams to North Carolina next Lase for a Winter invasion but week will recall the tall plan Finland demonstrates that arc spoken alabamian s address belie military and air operations fore the 1939 general Assembly Are possible. I before he spoke Many of the for either Russia or Japan to legislators seemed under the in How can i Christmas seals have wide Appeal elaborate program planned by Wesley memorial methodists red and Blue Are primary colors with a curiously opposite attraction. Men like Blue and women like red. Advertising Mon know that. Scientific tests have revealed that men Are More frequently attracted by a window or advertising display lavish in Blue. And a pre Domin Anre of red catches the eve of the women. That a one psychological reason Why the 1939 Christmas seals Are alluring to both men and women. This years Seal has a deep background. That a for the men. And then there a the double barred Cross and the Angel etched in red. That s for the women. And the composite Well the whole scheme is to fight tuberculosis. Uncle Ray s Corner diving attacks hold dangers for pilots by inv Ash eve seize the commanding Aleutian islands would be to Compromise our right flank and establish a base for air operations against our Northwest. From Southern Alaska to Northern Washington is some 700 Miles there is ext Ellen authority for that american army and Navy leaders Are concerned about our position in Alaska air Power had made All the difference Between the tiny Garrison of a thousand men without fortifications which we now have Quot guarding a the roof of the world and what we should have. Admiral Hepburn s Survey retort d a naval sir bases in the alaskan area will he essential Iii time of so Alaska is about to be strengthened by outposts for the Navy patrolling i seaplanes and submarines at Kodiak Island. Sitka and at i a Laska in the strategic aleutians that at Reich within Soo Miles of a soviet soil storm wracked outposts w Here even to Fly to to i filth nature Mitotic then is Ai Job to protect these installations the army will need eventually not one thousand men but five i thousand and is building a Een ral base ready for the g. Ii. G air forces Long Range bombers to use As Takeoff for flights i against an attacking Fleet. The i Job will a oat $12,000,000, and will be done in 1941. To link up this and other help for Alaska with its source in i California. Both services Are lengthening themselves in the i Northwest. Seattle gets a major naval air base for not Only patrol planes hut an air plane Carrier. And Astoria. Ore a submarine and seaplane Bane these j bases will receive a Good share of the s000 aircraft the Navy Hopes to have also the army is Bolding Back from Maneu vers in the South one regular division the 3rd- to rehearse in the Northwest this summer in conjunction with the Navy. The difficult amphibian operation of defending that Russo japanese Frontier of ours. N Ati re a i in All Ahr h Hust Reth of other defenders first hand Mother nature who gave Alaska it i jagged coastline mountains and a climate thai sometimes Means 60 below understandably the 60.000 people Are no softies and remark Quot there s Good Hunting in Alaska a and Good a hey have been asking better in Fen be and will raise the first alaskan National guard a Small detachment. Canada would probably join in hemisphere defense with a naval base at Fuqua Maui. Partly or such defense a proposed Highway via Canada would con Nett our Northwest with Alaska t a Nev pm of a a. Hat Arctic territory a Hest defense is a Tropic territory Hawaii. So Long As that Center of our sea defense line holds out affording in operating base Are the United states Fleet and be Long As that Fleet undefeated sails the a Rifle our Russo japanese Frontier May be raided or bombed but he who tries to Cross it for keeps will find that the a Tor up there is not Only very a id. But very very deep. Presston that he was something of a Quot Boondoggle Quot or a Sissy or something of that sort hut his talk in which he stressed the necessity for teaching to Young people the Quot dignity of work with their hands made a very favourable impression in All Circle. His was one of the Many voices which have stressed the need for More and better vocational training in the state. Recent visit of Rooert Wadlow. The worlds tallest Man to numerous North Carolina cities brought from Bill Sharpe of the news Bureau of the department of conservation and development a Story shout a tar Heel of some Hundred years ago who would have dwarfed Wadlow in everything except height. According to the Sharpe Story the largest human of whom there is any authentic record was a Ler Alively obscure North carolinian. Miles Darden. Who was born in 179s and who died in Henderson county. Tennessee. January 2s, 1 857. Authority of Appleton cyclopedia of american biography is cited. Here what that Book has to say about Darden Quot Miles Darden giant was 7 feet 6 inches in height and at his death weighed More than 1.000 pounds. Until 1 853 he was Active energetic and Able to labor but from that time was obliged to remain at Home or be moved about in a Wagon. In 1850 it required 13% Yards of cloth one Yard wide to make him a coat. His coffin was eight feet Long 35 inches q How can i prepare a Quot Dustless dusting cloth a. Place a cloth in a Strong hot suds of pure soap to which add a few drops of turpentine. I allow to remain for one hour i and then hang out to dry. Cloths treated in this Way will hold the dust. Q a How can i prepare Oyster Plant a. First Wash the egg Plant i then cover with Heiling water. I Cook for 45 minutes to an hour. I or until soft. Then Peel Cut into desired flies and serve with Cream sauce. Q. How can i remove blood j stains from Linen a hold the material under cold running water. Thomasville decorates special to the Enterprise Thomasville dec 15. A Thomasville ill holy gallon water storage tank is ail decorated for the Christmas holidays and is More Beautiful than Ever after the addition of a Large Neon sign in the shape of a Star. The lights will continue to Burn on the tank until the first of the year. Much favourable comment Bas been heard by citizens of the City for the efficient work of the fire department in decorating the tank for the holidays. To reih4 ate Hale Asheville. Dec. 15 a a _ the City a new auditorium Conven Tion Hall will he opened formally january i or 2. Before the european War broke out aviators of different nations were Busy making bombing tests. Among these tests were some we hich dealt with the question Quot can an air plane bomb a tank Quot in practice direct hits were made by the air plane. This was done by diving toward the tank before dropping the bomb. Present Day tanks move fairly fast some of them having the Power to travel about a mile a minute. This makes the problem of hitting them harder than if they stood still. Even a Large sized tank seems rather Small from a height of several Hundred feet. If it did not move it still would be a Small target. Diving attacks can be made in War but they mean great danger to aviators. Anti aircraft guns Are Likely to destroy the planes before they finish their dives. Another thing to remember is that something May happen to the Pilot while he is Quot pulling out Quot of a dive. His mind May go Blank for a second or for Many seconds. The Quot blackout Quot of a pilots mind. As it is called is Likely to take place after a Quick turn at a Speed of. Say 300 or 400 Miles an hour. The turn makes a Man s blood push toward one Side. That is toward the outside of the circles he is making. If the pilots body sways so his j head is toward the inside of the i Circle his feet Are toward the outside and blood rushes into his j legs. With the Rush of blood j away from the head there is danger of a blackout. It is not Likely to last More than half a minute at 3d0 Miles an hour a plane travels two and a half Miles in half a minute if an aviator leaned toward the outside of the Circle the blood would Rush toward the head and would bring even worse results. He might have a blackout lasting for hours if he lived that Long because of the danger of Blaek outs in High Speed turns some persons might fear High Speed air travel. Tests however have shown there is no danger just in Speed. In Ordinary flying with no Sharp turns the plane can sip through the air at 300 or 400 Miles an hour without harm provided the plane dropping Dummy bomb of a tank in practice. Speed is increased bit by bit. No suddenly. It for aviation Section of you scrapbook of you want a free copy of the illustrated leaflet Quot Mexico an Send me a 3c stain pct return envelope in care of the new spa per. Uncle Ray. Tomorrow memory of to two Quot raw accepts probe Post Monroe dec. I 5�?</p� j. T a Vann of Monroe has accepted appointment As attorney for the Senate committee to investigate labor conditions in the maritime service. Beware coughs from common colds that hang on or emulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to loosen germ Laden phlegm increase secretion and Aid nature to soothe and heal raw tender. Inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. No matter How Many medicines you have tried Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of or emulsion with the understanding that you Are to inks the Way it quickly allays the cough or you Are to have your Money Back. Or emulsion , bronchitis Price in advertisement should Nave read $14.95 through an error it was stated in the advertisement in the Enterprise yesterday of the Clemmons furniture company that the time Price on a Philco Label Model radio was $ 12.50. Thia should have read $14.95. Look and learn by i. In. I rum to specials 50 17. 59. Fine granulated sugar salad dressing 10-lb. Bag it. Jar pure hog lard 84b. Ctn. Chase and Sanborn regular or drip grind Coffee 21 Roma you give your boy or girl a 9 Shelby 2 g or of 5 Columbia s a 3 a you give them More than just a gift. You y also give them the y Means for healthful exy revise and recreation. La and you la get a real 6 kick when you see their lessons in English g a a a a St or Cycle this Christmas. Y i. How Many pecks Are there in a Bushel 2 where was the general treaty of peace signed which ended the world War 3 what famous English journalist wrote a Long series of novels which called attention to the prevailing evils of his time and country 4. What is the Battle cry of the circus 5. In what country a the Kimberley Diamond mines ans Erh i. Four. Versailles. France. Charles Dickens. Quot hey South Africa. Lu.1 pkg. 17-oz. Cans Bike 2 3. 4 5. Bye. To Mumin copyright 103� Mont Aho co. 109 South main St. Chock the Days with a smile / done to cry i a a done to a Tim i Stanback it us quickly relieve Ted Scky backache anus end similar ackee due the functional a term toil his Stanback ooh not Cav you Jit titty 4 up words often misused do no nay Quot he is a Man of great this is colloquial. Say Quot he is a Man of great often mispronounced Asia. Pronounce a Zha second s As in unstressed. Often misspelled mane hair not main. Synonyms necessary needful essential indispensable requisite. Vital. Word study Quot use a word thee times Aud to is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today s word emancipation act or process of setting or is King free. Quot this emancipation is dear to ail v of $26.95 to of i y s if p of if $52.50 ask about our easy finance and Christ Mai Lay away plans hot Box at Home High Point hardware company Edenton. Dec. 15.�? Abs the. W fire trucks screamed through the1 of 127 South main St streets with the chief. R. K. Hall amp in the Lead. A they pulled to a halt in front of is of of a Tim in of of i of of phone 3 3 2 7 the chief s own residence where a Chimney was in Lames Oleo Ocean Spray Cranberry sauce 2 Sunshine Kristy crackers Hutchen s make fruit cake 3 lbs. 69 Brazil a mixed 12. Nuts 17. Rib. Box to 23 13 Poi no Pound select eggs 2 i Doz. Cons. 45 every Day mild and delicious coffee3&Quot 39 produce dept. Firm head lettuce 2 Heads 13c Florida Juicy oranges 3 dozen 25c Home grown dry Sweet potatoes to pounds. 19c Well bleached celery Bunch 7$c firm Ripe tomatoes 2 pounds 25c meat dept. Our make pork sausage Pound 10c fancy St. Dry pack oysters quart. 33c Nice White fat Back 2 pounds 13c sliced breakfast Bacon 2 pounds. 35c branded Western Steak Pound 29c Rig Bear Mamma my mrw mob a jul Mowl we deliver anywhere in the City for Ioc

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