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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 16, 1939, High Point, North Carolina W Esther Cloudy a a ii it i Iii Huip i tonight mid sunday. To in i Hui i Point Enterprise High Point the Center of diversified manufacturing enterprises Voi. 5.&Quot. No. 350 Mem Bah associated 1�?Titess High Point n. Saturday afternoon december 16, 1939 Complete net service Price five cents eds suffer heavy losses it it it a a a it it it a a a he tit it it a it a a a Graf Spee faces Long internment or Battle hungry Allied vessels await German boat s exit from Bay Ajax and Achilles joined by others deadline tomorrow by Harold k. Milks pm Montevideo dec. 16.�? kit apr the alternative of life i Iii interment or possible death Ion the High seas faced Ger in Ian a shot riddled pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee Tori in. The uruguayan government accepting the report of Al naval Board that the warship i was seaworthy gave its commander Unpi. Bans langs-1 Orff until 5 p. In. Sunday it 1 30 i it. In. I St to sail or Al his ship become a prisoner Pere for the duration of the War Between great Britain my Germany. Lurking hungrily outside the j no Bor was a squad rom of i it Josh warships including the cruisers Ajax and Achilles which with j Tho Cruiser Exeter battered the on lulled on in agr two Anama chief executive Dies or. J Milles Sargema stricken by heart disease on Day of ceremony Gorman pocket battleship Admiral Graf spec tons six 11-Inch guns Speed 26 knots. I a amp kit British Cruiser a hires 7030 tons eight 6-Inch guns Speed. 32.5 knots. A ass German treaty keeping Italy out of fight Llano asserts fascist state s readiness to restore peace to world by Richard. Hassock Rome dec. 16.�? apr foreign minister count Gale Jazzo Ciano declared today Italy is staying out of the european War by agreement with her ally Germany and reaffirmed Premier Mussolin Nils readiness to help restore peace. La u lengthy explanation of fascist foreign policy however. Ciano told the chamber of faces and guilds Italy is determined to safeguard Lier own interests. Quot fascist Italy continues to follow the development of events with a vigilant spirit a he said i Quot Ever ready if possible to give i once again her contribution to world peace. In Rotky is Cit St Ink Quot but she is equally determined to protect with an inflexible firmness the interests of her land air and sea traffic not to mention her prestige and her i future As a great Power. Quot this Protection finds itself i guaranteed in the Resolute and i Active discipline of the italian j people in the staunch Ness of j our weapons and in the will pow i i and w Wisdom of ii Duce w hic h \ Are As High and secure As the destiny of the country Ciano disclosed he had in i formed the germans that Italy a considered three years necessary sir,�vjkwsvj.� a i wars�ln�t0n\9ptl,v, few ss.1.di the maximum because of the Rector of the National labor relations Board testified before Drain of the of Thiouf a end4 a congressional investigating committee today that a member of what he called the hoards a Goon squad had told him to make Industry a a fear him and the Board. When Rhett Clark Gable arrived the Star of a gone with the wind a Clark Gable left rides through record Atlanta crowds on Way to hotel from Airport. Carole Lombard mrs. Gable is Between her husband and mayor William b. Hartsfield of Atlanta. Conciliation Board branded coercive Norb member declares a Goon squad operated to make Industry fear body Panama is name. Dec. Is mum it a 9-�?� a r of re is Dent of British Cruiser Ajax 6840 tons eight 6-Inch guns Speed. 32.5 knots. He Republic of ran a. Died of stand death watch the two British cruisers Ajax and Achilles move slowly Back 5r Iii earn the Interior to nip j and Forth at the Mouth of the Montevideo Harbor awaiting Tho exit of the German Admiral he suffered an snack Here nov. I Graf Spee. Given until sunday to leave the Harbor the spec stands Between resumption of reported out of Dan-1 the biggest naval Battle of the War or Interne men for the duration of the conflict. But a out of Dan a i he next Day. And after six j Oaks in a Hospital apparently i As restored to health he re j mined full activities at the Pica no Iai Palace dec. 4. Second vice president Exequiel a. Ii.1111i. Irnvia Vional president. Ion in i \i11 i Cathedral Hells tolled As the Tody of the late president was transported toward the capital. Or. A Rose in in a visited the peruvian legation Friday afternoon my was presented w Ith the Pei urian order of the Sun then he drove by automobile o Pono Nome where he had expected to dedicate a Public works no Grain today about i a in. He suffered a lea11 attack and by personal this Lucian. Or. Carlson Brin was tailed. Death came an hour later Elute or. Brin could reach the president. Cd Kitko in i huh or. Arosemena was elected president Iii 193c and began the ast year of his term oct i. He Sill be sue. Reded by or. Auguste americans fear Graf Spee Captain tells zone violation Story of furious Battle Secretary Hull indicates a Stern National concerned Over Graf daring British seamanship lauded in recount German vessel was a boxed a a spec incident 8, Boyd first vice president he Republic and now Amba Moi Naeem Clit m which the ret t i in Ilion he was most recently Active As Keynoter of the conference of a Anama last kept pm tier. When american nations declared a nou laity tone for shipping in connection with the Kui War. Washington. Dec. 16. A ii a Secretary Hull indicated today that the United states and other american nations were becoming concerned 03er neutrality zone problems which might arise from another naval engagement be tween the German battleship Admiral Graf Spee and Allied War j ships. Asked at his press conference i about the inter american attitude toward possibilities of a new in j Gate men Hull said this would be part of the neutrality problem Al of j ready created by the first engagement in which three British i cruisers forced the battered and i Miral Graf Spee to take Refuge i in the Harbor on Montevideo Uruguay. Some of the fighting at least occurred within the neutrality t continued on Page two Montevideo daring British seam forced the Gen Ning fight Dange roti port authorities Todi Uruguay. De ship Whit h Natl warship in near she baby clubbed to death by step father hungarian motion picture actress plunges to Den new Youk dec. 16.t.t>�? Ola Laszlo 21, hungarian Melon picture actress and daughter t a it. Composer lunged to death Early today i rom he tenth floor apartment of la roil Frederick von Oppenheim to i ii g t him la v her body crashed into the Mariner of the Gladstone hotel in into Street where the wealthy is in to resides. O \ i i to passersby including some who re re leaving nearby night clubs Long hit Quot swing Street heard a Drlek from the air and looked up d see t he Black evening govt tied figure hurtling downward. Miss Laszlo father arrived at he hotel ii half hour later and wanting of the death became yet Erica i. Detectives William Fox and Atnes Brady Haiti von Oppenheim rho described himself As a Long Lim Friend of the lamp Solo family. Hid them he and miss Las to had Eon on a party celebrating bus Lamia Japan China and finally Germany. He Saiti he Hall purchased gifts for her anti her parents anti that while miss Laszlo was looking at them he stepped into another room. He returned he told the officers. To find her missing and a Low filled window open. The detectives said miss Laszlo had left no notes. Nor did they i find any evidence she had been depressed. The Barons whose wealthy wife was refused passage aboard the Rex sept. 19 when she attempted j to return to Germany and her three children after arriving Here j aug. 28 to visit her husband and tour South America a told police he had banking interests in i Cologne. When miss Laszlo arrived in j this country aboard the liner Man March she said she two duels in Budapest once with an actress. Six months later with a male Hun j6,�? it a depleted fuel and was a More than seemed Eredi Admiral Graf Spee into a run a capt. Mans Langsdorff told in the first authoritative account of wednesday s 14-hour Battle with three British cruisers the German commander spoke with mat Ter of fact objectivity. About 6 a. Tit. Wednesday he said lie glimpsed the British Cruiser Exeter off the brazilian coast. The Admiral Graf Spee headed to the South for lungs Dott said his ship already was in a critical conditions due to a Lack of fuel. It it act failed he explained he had been unable to establish Contact with the Supply a flip Tacoma which had loaded at Montevideo some time before. The Admiral Graf spec had a full complement of 1,096 men and was Iii full Possession of combat facilities however. While Langsdorff was taking Stock of the Exeter he suddenly found himself in the presence of the British cruisers Ajax and Achilles and by this time was oppose the uruguayan coast. These two smaller faster vessels mane Vered so the German pocket battleship was Between them and the Shore. Fearing he might go aground Day Dunning and bus n Ile were i a Quot a a a Ltd Quot a �<"1 it it unable charges of in no 8f a or an up not kit Boot the i cause of Little fuel Langsdorff said he found himself a Between the Devil and the deep Blue sea. The j Oden de Fink therefore he went on the of p Atkeson. N. J. Doe. 16 a Ltd a Samuel a Dunning. 34. Who a week ago played Santa Claus for a charitable organization was held without Hail today on a charge of beating to death his five month old step son. Robert. His wife Elsie also 34. Was held with him. The complaint against her alleging she displayed an Quot attitude of passiveness and without i protest witnessed the murdering j and pounding to death of her son As he Lay in bed. The child died in Paterson general Hospital i yesterday. Held without Hail arraigned before recorded j Hugh sperrow in police court to Jpn Mali wars a but nobody has the right to deduce front that he added. A that Italy was unprepared at the time of in dive present la Duce occupied a government Tench amid his new Cabinet in the chamber crowded with shirts As his son in Law blamed it treat Britain and France for Germany s non aggression pact with soviet Russia and the Post a world War peace treaties for Europe a plight. Ciano disclosed he had informed Adolf Hitler of Italy s desire to limit the War when he visited the fuehrer and Ger Tau foreign minister Joachim von it Bentrop at Salzburg last aug list. Ciano stated Italy a opposition so formation of a Balkan bloc of Neutral Powers contending such a step would be useless but he reaffirmed the italian policy Quot to maintain and consolidate peace and order in the Danu Iii and Balkan he was sharply Crl Cital finnish towns left in ashes path of destruction Woven in Northern Sec lion of army s r or eat o continued on Page two Murphy leaves self out of court talk Washington. Dec. amp a attorney general Frank Murphy mentioned widely in capital speculation As a probable nominee to the supreme court believes he ought not to he Given the Post Quot because there Are others who Are much better qualified for it a Murphy was questioned about the supreme court appointment at his press conference yesterday and also asked about a prediction that the 1940 democratic ticket would be a Roosevelt and a i Arn not an astrologer a he said with a laugh and added Quot none of these offers has been made to me and none ought to Stock Holn Sweden dec. 16 i pm leaving villages in ashes the finns were reported falling Back today before the onslaught of soviet russian forces in the mining sector of Salm Jarvi key objective in the soviet Arctic Campaign Bridges were dynamited and the ice on lakes blasted by the finns As they prepared to face r i the enemy further South. The Nickel mine properties at Calmi Jarvi were reported wrecked before the arrival of russian troops from the in Tsanio area. Watched blasting a newspaper correspondent at Kovaniemi South of Salmi Jarvi said lie watched finnish engineers Lay dynamite charges in the Nickel mines. Owned chiefly by the j International Nickel company of i Canada during the night just before the finns retreated. He said the finnish Headquarters i staff later told him the a entire j Workings were blown up. Gen. Kurt Wallenius finnish i commander on the control front predicted the fun Nash Russlan War j might last a year and declared he hoped heavy snows soon would Aid his defense against the enemy j reds Clumsy Quot the soviet artillery is Good j the tanks indifferent the planes \ not skilfully he told swedish newspapermen. Quot the j i Contin tied on Page two a James p. Miller who. Red i As regional dire. Tor at Cleveland. Ohio told the House committee investigating the Hoard i that such advice was Given him i by Fred Krivonos of the Washington staff of the labor Hoard j during the latter visit to the cd Veland office. Sent to i Kysela nil Krivonos Miller said was sent i to Cleveland after Nathan Witt i Board Secretary had written a i letter complaining of the Cleveland offices handling of cases involving the Hoover vacuum cleaner manufacturing company. The witness quoted witty a let Ter As stating that it was Plain hat a new a a Independent Union of the Hoover company s Etti ploys was the same a company i dominated Union which had i been disestablished earlier j the letter Quot just burned us j up a Miller asserted because it j had Quot no foundation in j then he continued a Quot Good j squad member sent in. Quot anytime you disagreed with j or. Witt a member of the t a Goon squad was sent in a he j Ald in reply to questions he continued on Page two minister 92, weds Georgetown s. Dis. Ill a to a a the Rev. Joseph i. King 1 2, Ami miss Lucille Carney 2h, both of Wilmington n. In wets Mal vied Here Day. La. Was the third marriage for tile bridegroom who in pastor emeritus of the sixth Street Advent Christian Church at Wilmington hut tin first for the Bride. Tile ceremony was performed Iii the office of the Georgetown county judge of probate but Sylvan i. Rosen a notary Public. In no j Batlan last i had fought Blan it til Dei. It. I Beld without hit ii on i murder to await action j grand jury. They pleaded cent. An autopsy performed at Hospital today showed police said the child suffered two broken i ribs a broken jaw a broken neck j a broken armband a fractured Skull. Smith said Dunning. Annoyed by the infant s crying beat him thursday night and again Friday morning before leaving for work. He is a $12 a week labourer. The child was born lust july. Smith said when the woman was unmarried. Later she met Dunning and they were married in october. Weather of Tum tax for the w Eek Sot the Vila the s i a test scattered Light rain about Middle Aud at close of week otherwise generally fair mild temperatures followed by colder latter part of week. Lens Ive and opened fire on the Exeter with his 11-Inch guns. The feeler replied with 8-Inch Ammu and a thunderous Duel in continued on in age two a two norwegian steamers sunk London. Dec. 16.tvp a two norwegian steamers struck mines and Sank off Britain s Northeast roast today with to men reported missing seven injured and 30 res cued. They were the 1.907-ton of. C. 1 flood and the i 264-ton Ragni. Captain Ceder Inabu said the Ragni struck a mine during a a dense fog and six of Libs Crew were i missing. Federal grand jury indicts three russian propagandists corporation Washington dec. 16.�? pm three individuals and one corporation were indicted by theft ederal grand jury Here today on charges of falling to Register with the state department and criminal conspiracy. Accused of failing to Register were Rafael Rush Norman Weinberg and Morris Liskin said by government attorneys to be officers of Book Gia corporation american representative of russian publishing companies. The three men and the corporation were accused of criminal conspiracy to enable the corporation to evade the Law requiring alien propagandists to Register with the state department. Weeks chore the indictments followed a week of secret investigation by a a. Henry g. Of Donnie and Floyd m. Rett special assistants to attorney general Murphy. Murphy himself appeared before the grand jury on thursday. Police said two employees of amt org the russian commercial corporation with Headquarters in j new York were placed in custody this morning for refusing to answer questions. They were Botts Nikolsky and a. Illy in. Who contended that questions asked in the grand jury room would incriminate them. Nikolsky and ill Yin were held by United states marshals until the grand jury reported to Justice Peyton Gordon of the United states District court. Released incl study a a Ter the indictment was presented attorney Horace j Whitman asked that the two men be released subject to his Promise to produce them. Of Donnell and rett consented. The indictment charged that Rush sent a letter to Charles Vav. Lost assistant chief of the office of arms and munition control of the state department in which Rush said boo Kniga corporation was not an agent of a foreign principal. Further the indictment said. Boo Kniga was Quot the duly authorized agent Aud representative of the vies Juz Noje Obj Dienie Kniga Quot of Moscow for tile Sale and distribution in the United states of books magazines periodicals and pamphlets of a political and propagandist nature. Finns repulse Broad attacks in South 14 tanks blasted russian patrol boat is destroyed base at jetsam is held Helsinki dec. 16�? apr the finnish High command announced tonight that russian attacks on the karelian isthmus opposed by 50 tanks and a severe artillery fire had been repulsed with a great enemy a communique announced that i 14 of the tanks were destroyed i while four Quot drove up to our Posi a Hon and russian attacks in a number of other sectors also were repulsed with losses it declared. The communique announced Del auction of one russian patrol j boat when finnish More batteries drove off attacks on islands in the Eastern Gulf of Fenland. Nearing it in Clish n the Battle in the Summus Sanii j Region on the Central front i where theft inns previously had i reported russian units Cut off is proceeding toward a the communique said. The communique follows Quot on the karelian isthmus at i the Taipale River in the Forenoon of dec. 15 the enemy began an attack with a concentration of great forces after preparing the Way with severe artillery fire and supported by 50 enemy tanks. The attacks were repulsed with great Ems Iny losses. Fourteen tanks were destroyed and four drove up to our positions and surrendered. Quot the enemy attacked slim in a number of other sectors but was repulsed everywhere. It was Esti i mated in Arious places that enc-1 my casualties reached hundreds hold at i Etha to Quot on the Eastern front the ene my continued their attacks most Hea ily in the sectors nearest j Lake Ladoga but were driven i Bauk except at in Estamo where continued on Page two a a Beds expected i to snub Appeal russian newspapers fail i mention Tanner s broadcast Moscow dec. 16 a lbs soviet Russia was expect a today to ignore the broadcast of finnish foreign minister Vaino Tanner i appealing for a halt to hostilities and resumption of negotiations with Moscow. A foreign office spokesman said j he had no knowledge of the broadcast and russian newspapers did not mention it. Most observers expressed belief the soviet was too far committed against the Helsinki Govert i a tit and its military Campaign to turn Hack now. Tit is View was underscored by an authorized statement which described russians sex. Ision from the league of nations on Finland a charge of aggression As an a absurd i Ron of smile Tass soviet official news Agency said Quot this absurd decision of the league of nations Calls Forth an ironic smile Quot in soviet circles a and can Only make a laughing Stock of its ill starred the statement charged great Britain and Fiance with Basing their policy on a continuation of the pravda. Communist party Organ. In a special article on Canada declared a a Broad musses there High raising the question a Why do we have to take part in the War a a it said living costs had risen at least 20 per cent there and discontent had grown among wheat banners Over the British governments purchasing policy. 4 it us a it Christmas seals protect your Home prom a tuberculosis Christmas seals help to stimulate the building and the use of tuber cd Loans Santoria

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