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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 14, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Or a Micro fair tonight Friday fair and warmer. The High Point Enterprise High Point the Center of diversified manufacturing enterprises vol. 55�?.no. U8 member associated press High Point n. Thursday vat Kroon. December it 19.19 Complete Nea service Price five cent Russia ousted from league a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Reich battleship cornered blast British shipping while the Admiral Graf Spee is tied up in Montevideo the most treacherous of nazi pocket battleships the deutschland is in action in the North Atlantic. The Commerce Raider is shown in action with its 11-Inch gun Battery blasting away. Three English ships lauded by Chamberlain prime minister praises attackers of Graf Spee in House attire is British casualties in War total 2,100 Loni Hix dec. La. A a great Britain s total casualties in the first three month of War were approximately 1,100, prime minister Chamberlain said today in Ngov to a question Iii the House of commons. This figure for ail British Force compared with Isi Soo Lim Iii the first two month of War in toil he said. Chamberlain did not Divide the casualties according to the various arms of service. However the latest report on Royal air Force fatalities listed 442. Naval losses were approximately i fido. London dec. 14.�? a prime minister Chamberlain declared today that a the Gallant action of a three comparatively Small British ships against a much More heavily Ai med adversary Quot probably would free the South Atlantic from depredations of the German Raider Admiral Graf Siv. Lauding the league of nations action in Condo inning Russia for the invasion of Finland Chamberlain told the House of Coin j Mons that Quot Germany alone among the nation even Nom is a bet Ting by word arid deed the russian help Akk a we must Kip Shat help ands support we ran to la a latest victim of this destructive Force j the prime minister said. Quot but the finns fought a fierce de meanwhile it is Only by Coneen laying action said advices Reah rating on our Tak of resistance my this Noth Nian Gulf towns and to German syr it Ion Sud thus look a heavy toll among the soviet attacking the evil at its Root that russian soldiers a ran hop to a. The. Nation. A in of enrol from lit. nil ref the . Burned Undine and removed livestock in the badly damaged by unanimous vote soviet vessel clings becomes first nation Ever , out of British guard Assembly nazi liner Columbus will attempt to run blockade russians put finns on run night Lfting offensive Drics fiercely fighting Back Tor Nio. Sweden at the finnish Frontier i 14. Pic red forces Wega reported today to have roiled the finnish Back in a night Long offensive East of Guver Norkoski in Tho Petsako Region of Northern most Finland. Germans Hail Battle at sea Berlin arouse b Titi ii attackers of i sing Gas wont Interne ship huge Steamer slips out of Vera Cruz in Early morning Vera Cruz Mexico dec. 14.�? apr to h e 32,581 ton German liner Columbus slip three cruisers wait for crippled ship to leave Montevideo Montevideo Uruguay dec. 14.�? apr the Ger Man pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee her steel i rent by British Gums and 36 j of her Crew dead Clung to her Refuge today in this Neutral port while two of the three British cruisers which engaged her in a 14-hour running Battle yesterday mounted guard out at sea. A tile thud it nuttier. The crippled Exeter which was knocked oat of the fight after four hours of Cann Nading limped into the Rio j lie la chitin to a position 12 Miles off Monte Ideo. As British legation ministers j sailed out to Board her. Reports wore current there were Many dead and wounded aboard the Cruiser hut nothing official had been issued on casualties either among the Crews of the Exeter or her fellow fighters the Achi j in and the Ajax All of which were damaged. Internment Sirk interment for the duration of Ped out of Vera Cruz in the a a a of darkness Early today on what i which Germany in the Days Berlin Dee. 14. J German High command today that the German battleship Graf spa the British merchantmen and fit Mons Hall when t encountered by three cruisers in the South was an a Tarent attempt to i run the Atlantic and reach a the German port through the Al red lied naval blockade. Also at sea was the German freighter Ara urn. Which cleared Vera Crux Harbor with a mixed cargo of fiber nitrates and other consignments for new Orleans la the Columbus a Rich War prize if it Falls into the hands of Allied a ships obtained pocket i nun Ial Roa the w As hellish i Atlantic otherwise must overtake he told the House that a Battle of Quot severe character had been fought in the South Atlantic Between the Admiral Graf Spee and the British cruisers Exeter Vechil Lek and Ajax and that the Exeter had been forced out of the fight. Quot two six Inch gun cruisers however continued the Pursuit Quot he continued amid and about Midnight the German ship which turned out to be Thad yesterday. Author fixed sour. Is at the Kame time vigorously denied that the Graf Spee would he interned in j Trana Atlantic crossing. I Montevideo where if went after Titi so Wati Ufi i. Being damaged in the sea Battle secrecy of her departure was because of the presence of naval limitation built to outrun or outrun any other warship afloat. Her other Chol 1 would he a desperate Gamble Ai escape after repairs. Besides the i germans killed a the casualties included Kab wounded in the Crew which normally i total 9 26. I Otto Langmann. German min i later to Uruguay visited the vessel and renewed cd i Crew men were Suffrin is Tor a Pye injuries resulting from Gas shells lire by the British Belle of the Breeze Here at last folks is Atlanta a Scarlett o Hara. Picked from a blossoming crop of Southern a gee that debutantes miss Margaret Palmer 20-year-old Junior trom lung eager Vas found to have measurements closest to Thise of Vivien Leigh who plays Scarlett in the film a gone with Finland a Delegate fails to cast ballot in ousting procedure Geneva dec. 14.�? apr the league of nations by unanimous vote of its Council today expelled soviet Russia because of her invasion of Finland. Four members of the Council including Finland abstained from voting on the expulsion motion. The others were i China Greece and yugoslav i via. The vote was on a Resolution which declared that As a i result of russians actions toward Finland Quot the . No longer is a member of the j i numinous vote of the Council j is necessary to expel a member. Abstention do not affect unanimity this was the first time in league history that a nation had been expelled. The Council a it Ted after the Assembly had condemned Russia As ail aggressor called on its members to Aid Finland and approved an invitation to non a Leagus nation such a the United stat also to help the utile Republic. \ Ink her no ent follows the Council and Assembly i both adjourned after taking action on the russian finnish is Joseph Paul Rumour to a i French Delegate just before the. Council vote declared that although fran would give pm a Lay nil possible help and would vote for Rowdan expulsion she i could not do so without recalling to aggressions. These sources said the ship want to Montevideo merely to Bury 3 6 dead seamen and to provide Hospital treatment for gassed and wounded men and re abandoned sections it was said making More difficult the occupation by their foe. That the finns themselves were not running Short ,. Of kippur we to Dlce to by the. A a a a a Stuhl. Dmm a by my arrival of to ton of Rren Dorr a Rrt a a a a he he a Ltd re meat at Vanvik Norway for sex ii1., British Dent athe British admiralty today re Alan bombing plan up Donld Boltl a �?z.1vv a. Pealed this morning Over Salmi Arvi on the norwegian Frontier but the reports from there did age. Miral Graf Spee carrying six la. Ainu Inch guns took Refuge within Ter 1 Rit orial Waters and is now anchored off i in is improved Iii his final War review before parliaments Christ Mas recess Chamberlain declared that Quot the finnish array has proved itself by far the better fighting Force in Anc thing but in confident tones Cha tuber Datu continued on in a two English lose destroyer in sea collision London 14.�? i in the admiralty reported today the British destroyer Duchess had collided with another warship and sunk with an indicted Hiss it of 120 live Only three blows All dealt by Germany have been More disastrous the British Navy since the outbreak of the War. They were the sinking of the the finns reported destroying three russians tanks in the night s fighting at Hauk amp Lama. It was difficult to ascertain what if any Progress tit russians were making in their at tempt to bisect Finland. Salla retaken the finns say they have retaken Sulla near the. Rural Eastern Frontier which the russians captured after driving through Kunia Jai i in the direction of Kemi Matvi and to Vaniel strategic junctions on the route to the swedish Border it Tornio. Uninformed reports have said that the russian were planning to throw 1.500,000 men and 1,000 planes against Finland s 1.000-mile Eastern Frontier. Other reports also without con a out inned on Page two using Gas Berlin was elated Over the Admiral Graf Spee s South Atlantic Battle which in the newspapers was Givi n a display reminiscent if the 1914 Victory of German in ii of War under command of vice Admiral count spec off the coast of Chile. Afternoon papers devoted their e a ire front pages to what they jubilantly described As the Quot attack iou a Superior Banne dines read Quot Graf Spee in heroic Battle Quot a Quot sea Battle i in South Atlantic Quot a. Quot Admiral Spe fought Down three British cruisers Quot whiskey paddlers i i it rested Wilmington Der. I 1 police officer Here arrested two negro bicyclists and charged them with transporting Untal i paid whisky British warships patrolling Gulf and Caribbean Waters. Representatives of the Columbus had Given Oslo Norway a her destination in obtaining clearance papers and Ainee yesterday afternoon the vessel had been at Liberty to sail without further notice to mexican authorities. Crew members had been recalled from Shore leave and the co j Iamb us was heavily provisioned and fuelled. Its the past week she had taken aboard More than 20, 000 barrels of Oil. Ship s agents also obtained a pore yesterday for the German continued on Page to Hee. H Rand March at Atlanta a Charity eighty kilted in rumanian three students Hurt in crash Oil explosion the admiralty in London and Tho wearing a Scarlett of Hara gown in a town Prim minister Chamberlain to j gone wild with Tho wind miss Palmer will be Belle of the fore the House of Coin Mon a Den Bleeze is she leads the my As entirely without founds i ,. C Ion German libation that Ball the night of the premiere. Mustard Gas grenades or shells j had been used neutrals binned Neutral inspectors were not permitted aboard the pocket battleship. One of two gravely injured crewmen disembarked appeared to have his sight from wounds. The commander of the Graf by had a minor Arm wound. It was believed the Exeter was preparing to enter the Harbor to disembark wounded but the Jax and Achilles and possibly other British War Craft hovered offshore waiting to resume the Battle should the German venture out. Continued on Page two Hydro Case continued to next Spring term counsel for City ask for time to study briefs filed by Duke Yadkin attorneys on request by counsel for the City the state supremo i court today continued until the first week in february Ora Appeal arguments in the High Point Hydro Case arguments were scheduled to begin Friday. J in a Long distance Telephone a a. J conversation w Ith the Enterprise j this after Pytoon City attorney 14 Iii Charest. Dec. eighty persons were killed Aud Lynchburg for Pic three students at presbyterian College Clinton South car Olina who Wert injured Early Fth this morning when their car was it Grover h. Jones gave As a primary reason for the request for a continuance a desire on the part of himself and his colleagues to give further study to the briefs week 37 cases so that it filed by Duke Power company have been impossible for and Yadkin county attorneys in j reach the High Point Caser Case. Tuesday of next week. I. The nerd in the Ca it la Quot Quot 10 Quot adjourn on a id cause of the illness of judge boy i. Deal special counsel for the City. Further it was stated the supreme court has before it this v on id it to Are Rivers lures governors to Atlanta by premiere Atlanta dec. In blk a Public service commissioners in gov. E. D. Rivera dung today wife to meet w Ith the governors to his belief that he could hitch declared his group would As Isoo others Wert gravely injured j wrecked near Piney River in Nei j voluminous and briefs a very in fore Courland might aircraft Carrier courageous with the souths freight rate Cane to usual he Well represented. Governor Rivers tried several the fact that times to get Isis group Here using a loss of 576 men Royal Oak with the battleship 86 men Aud a movie Atar. And that Dot pit Only five of the 13 in Tho Southern governors conference had signified they would gather to map strategy for obtaining freight Calli Ion occurred or. Not Len Felt la Rlland. Inh Doolit. A look in at Quot gone with the wind. The armed merchantman Rawalpindi with 26f� men. Details unknown details of where or How the iodine in on explosion at a cello lose Plant under i lit Cit control at Earnesti. Manx of the injured were feared to in living. Whole famine. Were wiped out in their sleep by tile Early morning blast of an overheated 1,000-gallon Kettle of chemical. A ii i g ii w id spread the flames and carried chlorine fumes Over the vol luge. Many inhabitants tied to tile Woods but numerous families living near the factory were Simoff he out. Among them were the families of two factory directors and an Engineer. Tile casualties included All of the Plant workers. Many townsfolk including Small children were Over aim in their sleep. Following s disaster the government ordered a Mill i son county Are believed to be recovering at memorial Hospital her they Are Donald Draper of Wilke Abarre pa., suffering from a nose fracture Aud a Cut on the Long or Jones stat a and it was Felt in Justice to both the court and the attorneys the Case should j Savod Volt if we wet a i go Over to enable counsel to give j a Ore time to Analyse Hie Brief further study to the Brief. Attorney for Yadkin county i my the Power company plaintiffs it was Felt that ample Tim not have remained for a Hearn of the Appeal Quot time could b Given n in the Light of the record Quot he said William h. Hoyt Bond attorney who approved the proposed Revenue Bond Issue was in Accord with the opinion that the hear in lip miss fan Roe Farrell of Wilke Abarre who lost three Teeth j in the two actions that were con land Robert Wysor of College sol dated for Appeal purposes of Park my suffering from Shock j posed the motion for continuance. I should be continued. Or. Hoyt has miss Farrell a Parent were it i Deal ill been in Raleigh with or. Jon ported on their Way Here this another reason for the petition afternoon to take her Home a the City attorney stated Vas be cont in Mal on Page two cruisers played hit run game but it was disclosed that it happened yesterday. The admiralty said the other whip Iii he was not immediate identified was undamaged Only one officer Aud 22 men were saved it said. The Duchess was commanded by Lieut. Commander it it ii. White. New of the disaster came As Victor a against German naval Power in the North 8 a and South Atlantic were being Mark. A the latter against the German pocket j battleship Graf Spee. 11,aim Hub hunk the admiralty announce last my Mimi on of t to football games As his lure. But he had lit the Success the other governors having football games in their own states too. A no wow Quot an Aue but Quot a wow Quot was an Ace. And Ary guard Over All Oil Fields. Rivers held it would win the preliminary list of attendants Talon arranged a two Day eluded governor Prentice Cooper of Tennessee with his Mother Burnet Rhett Maybank of j South Carolina and mrs May Luik Fred Cone of Florida and mrs. Cone Frank Dixon of Alabama and sirs. I i on Hugh White of Mississippi and mrs White. Mrs. Earl Long hit of the Louisiana governor accepted in her husbands pm a it premiere festivities lilt ers chairman the. Is Agenda starting today to press the advantage the South gained in a nov. 30 decision of the interstate Commerce commission ordering reduction of northbound rates in a dozen commodities. Rivers is chairman of til conference. The governor predicted that before tomorrow the Quot a wow Quot premiere is tomorrow night it ii would have More than a majority representation of governor. Chairman waiter Mcdonald us film Star injured in train Accident on Way to premiere three British vessel snapped at a heels of big German battleship m on Tevi Deo dec. I i up How three British cruisers ilk Well trained hounds worrying a Liege hear. Slashed at the German pocket battleship Admiral Graf spec until the badly damaged i hed smoke screens the British made Quot magnificent Quot use of smoke screens witnesses said to avoid exposing themselves i disastrously to the Admiral Graf j speeds heavier gunfire. The cruisers were said to have darted from behind these sheltering smokescreen to fire their own salvos then retreated swiftly from sight i of Dantly shifting their positions. Although out ranged and Lack \ k i Erst i ill a. Dec. 14. The passengers on the southbound Dixie limited including agora Hope rows of the films were shaken up today by derail me it of three cars at Hall station. Via. There were no injuries. Miss r i Waii Luau i it Audi a a w univ it id Lui. They Sou <5 it continuation i the association of i of Utthi arrangement her. I a group of governors met at Crews who plays the part sheilie n. A recently and aunt Piny Quot in the motion j decided to Nam Rivers co Odin picture Quot gone with the sought continuation i a Asen route to Atlanta for it warship was forced to take Refuge j lug their opponents heavier Armour a Iii it is ii official said the lighter cruisers had to dose it despite the 850-Pouud projectiles in it pocket battleship was hurling to avoid these shells one of which almost ripped a Turret from tile Exeter Early in the Battle til British cruisers resorted to hit and run tactics mane vering at behind their dense in tile Neutral Harbor of Mon fear do was described by eyewitnesses and authorities today. From their accounts was pieced together a picture of Tho Day Long Battle. P showed the Brigidi t truisms Exeter Achilles anti Ajax their guns outraged at least 3.-000 Yards by the in Lnch German guns used every trick known to High Speed i warfare to heat Down lied by these tactics they worked in close enough for the Exeter to train its eight Inch guns firing 256-Pound shells and Fin Achilles and Ajax to use their six Inch guns throwing 100-Pound pro Joe tiles. Accuracy of the British gunners was attested by the battered appearance of the Admiral Graf spec. Lying in Anchorage in Montevideo Harbor. It appeared that at least four eight Inch shells struck tile German a ass a two crashing into the armoured area around the Bridge and two others entering near tile Bow and the Tern. Smaller shells appeared to have battered the starboard Slot of the warship but it was impossible to determine f to 11 damage from the Shore. Uruguayan guards kept Spectra Continuo a on Page two reds isthmus drive stymied observer say finns in position to organize counter attack Helsinki. Dec. 14. Up a military observers reported the finns were in position today to organize counter attacks after stopping the soviet russian invasion on the karelian a Tenuis. A finnish army communique reported last night the lied army had been brought to a standstill and that fighting on the isthmus was localized. On the Eastern or Middle front the finns said the russians continued ii rce attacks but that counter attacks Cost the re sea o a it Quot great five russian tanks five anti tank guns four held guns and Many machine guns were reported captured. Reds report gains i y russian communique from Headquarters of the Leningrad military area said an Advance of Between to and g6 Miles into Finland had been made on the Eastern front. This would Indi Tate a push of about 2�i Miles beyond Mark Jarvi where the russians were reported tuesday. On Hie Northern Shore of Lake Ladoga the russian communique reported an Advance of about seven Miles. Tit added that unfavourable weather prevented Aerial action the finnish communique said russian planes flying it Bove Tho Clouds had dropped bombs in the Vicinity of Hanko. Southwestern tip of Finland and 20 Miles farther Inland. Bombings successful the finnish air Force it said. Continued on Page two 8 of a use. A a. Jck Christmas h 8 to tact your Home prom it tuberculosis i was cd Ruuti to Atlanta Tor Tisi Laval warfare to beat Low i West tree meter Tom my night. Larger opponent s deft ave i make screens to throw the gel. Tot it away from tile arca near the i Man gun layer off the target Anchorage. The red doubts barred Cross be prominently displayed on this years Christmas Seal stands Asse Emblem of Hope end health Hope to those who Wleh to protect them selves from Tbs disease

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