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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1925, Page 17

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 13, 1925, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise sunday december 13,1925 Page 17 Cross words Puzzle look out for this Puzzle there Are some words in it that will fool you if you done to solve it slowly and carefully. What s a super mention of sleep a we tax a Quot a division of a somewhat rounded of you can to guess watch for the solution of this Puzzle in mondays paper. Shrubs for picture screen and shelter by mrs. 8. H. Tomlinson before High Point Garden club meeting with mrs. R. B. Terry tuesday morning i. 4. Ii. 12. Ace. 13. 14. Horizontal declared. Us prevention of sleep. A vase. A growth of hair on the a number. To exist. 15. Indistinctly. 17. A Point of the Compass. 18. A floor covering. 19. Part of the body. 21. A printers measure. 23. At this time. 25. To mature. 27. To steal from. 29. Ribbons. 31. An obstruction in a water a. 33. Of a Fine Quality. 34. To bite. 35. One of a pair. 36. Finish. 37. Something absolutely per it. 39. A youth. 40. Relinquishes for Money. 4 2. A Large european tree. 44. 5jfty one roman numerals 46. The Sun. 4 8. To annoy. 49. By. 61. Carried on. 63. A Parent. 54. To free. 56. Part of a Flower. 57. Procured. .68. Acted As intermediary. 59. A division of a somewhat under form. Vertical 1. To inundate. 2. Part of the verb a to 3. Within. 4. The Edge of a garment. 5. A University in the Eastern United states. 6. To look closely. 7. North Dakota abbr 8. Therefore. 9. Tavern. 10. To sow. 12. A narrow minded person. 15. To ask for payment. 16. To tear. 19. Belonging to him. 20. A foot lever., 22. Illuminating orbs. 24. Sticks. 25. To pay Back. 26. Pertaining to birth. 28. Augurs. 30. A dessert. 3 2. To cure 37. Sick. 38. Even. 41. To hit slowly. 43. To marry. 45. To Hurt. 47. Destiny. 60. To fasten. 51. Moist. 62. To run about Slang. 53. A disorderly gathering. 55. Delivered abbr. 56. A Parent. 57. To proceed. Copyright 1925. Bell Syndicate answer to yesterdays crossword Puzzle Averett True by Congo Arth Iii note change in bus schedule the Royal Blue bus line is now operating three busses exclusively Between High Point and Greensboro. A bus every hour each Way first bus leave High Point 7 15 a. In. Last bus leaves 7 15 p. A. First bus leave Greensboro 6 45 a. In. Last bus leave 6 45 p. In. Connections in High Point and Greensboro for other Points. Enterprise wants Are Well read in. Shrubs for picture might safely begin with foundation planting since Bare foundations Sharp angles and straight lines Are the most noticeable features of an unplanned Home. The purpose in foundation planting is naturally to soften and hide the straight severe and often unsightly lines and angles to bring a pleasing attraction out of the fundamentally commonplace. To accomplish this is really very simple and results in vast improvement. One must Bear in mind that it is inadvisable to Plant tall growing shrubs under windows the place for them it Between windows. Also that uniformity in planting Seldom brings the desired softness of effect. If your window Sills Are five feet from the ground which is about the general average of height set out shrubs ultimately attaining four feet but not Over five feet in height. In order that this planting shall not be uniform and consequently monotonous take advantage of the spaces Between windows to Plant taller shrubs. A double Row of plants staggering the rows is most effective. It almost bewilder one to know which of the Many shrubs to select. First the soil should be considered and amount of Sun or Shade then the color of the House forming the background is important and i might add the Type of architecture As sonic styles Call for More formal treatment than others among the shrubs that do Well in our own Piedmont Section is the popular Abelia the dark Glossy Green leaves remain All Winter and for mass planting on the Lawn or at the House foundation is in a class by itself. Barberry Nandina japanese Holly. Viburnum Conton easters hyper cum Japonica English Laurel Lon Icera and Many others Are also suitable. Pleasing effects come from massing sorts so As to produce a Floral display each month of the year. The color of the Leaf during the summer As Well As in autumn is also important. Low growing dense foliage plants Are As essential to a successful group or Border As Are the tall growing sorts. Should a hedge be desired there a Moor Privet japanese Holly fire Thorf japanese Euonymus prostrate cotoneaster and Boxwood the aristocratic Evergreen hedge Plant of both the old and new world Boxwood Long noted both in song and Story from earliest times Bas been one of the dominant notes in English gardens. Much has been written of its odor. It is a thing of extreme delicacy. And will o the Wisp like it is Here one minute and gone the next. It aids much in the giving of atmosphere that indefinable thing so much sought and yet so difficult of attainment in All things artistic. In Early colonial times our forefathers imported Boxwood to Plant about their raw wilderness Homes to secure the old world atmosphere of the England they loved. Today Boxwood occupies the same High place in landscape gardening that it did 500 years ago. It has persisted and flourished where every other semblance of a Garden has Long disappeared. It stands supreme showing no Trace in in its Noble dignity of Victory Over insects and time. For edging gardens walks and All formal plantings the Dwarf form stands without a peer. As a hedge Boxwood May be used freely the faster growing sorts of course Are preferable for this purpose. For All landscape work Boxwood May be used wherever an Evergreen is desired. For specimen planting the True tree Box and remember one thing when Boxwood is planted you Are not Only planting for yourself but for posterity. It is insofar As things of this world go permanent. There Are Many varieties to revel in Silver Box Myrtle Leaf Box Rosemary Box round Leaf Box Willow Leaf Box Golden Box Gold Edge Box Etc., All the difference being Leaf form color and growth habit. Screen planting the planting of shrubs around ones place can be made to do much More than beautify. Possibly there is an unsightly View from some of your windows an unkept vacant lot or the service Yard of a neighbor who is a bit careless and permits refuse to collect in his Hack Yard if so you can improve matters immensely by putting in a shrubbery screen. There Are Many Beautiful shrubs to choose to choose from and one fundamental Rule to follow a namely use for the Back or outside Row tall growing shrubs with possibly a tree or two to give it Point. In the next Row nearer your House and on the ends of the Back Row fairly tall or medium shrubs May be used and in front of this Row s of smaller shrubs to further soften the lines and break All possibly Monotony on your Side of the screen. This presents an Opportunity to use shrubs with Fine foliage or bark colourings As Well As flowering ones. Some of the tall growing varieties attaining a height of 15 to 20 feet suitable for the outside Row Are fake indigo Cornelian Cherry White fringe Blue Dogwood Silver Bell wayfaring tree and spindle tree. Some of these have the added advantage of attracting the Birds the Blue Dogwood wayfaring and spindle Trees Are much loved by the Bluebird. Crow Robin Sparrow Warbler Woodpecker and others. For the next Row which should be planted staggered from the first with shrubs lower growing. J there a Bailey s Dogwood with its dark red branches and White berries in the fall sheep Berry with its fragrant creamy White Flowers and fruit bluish Black. The common snowball with its masses of creamy White Flowers in Early june i smoke Bush with attractive round j leaves and greyish purple Flowers like a Cloud of smoke in Early june. The hungarian Lilac coming after other lilacs have faded. Caro i Una Buckthorn with leaves dark forestry Green turning to yellow Orange and j red. Among the still lower shrubs we have Many of the always delightful Honey suckle family the popular burning Bush Button Bush Elderberry and japanese snowball. This brings us Down to the last rows where foundation plants May be used to soften the lines. The Butterfly Bush deut Zias. Hydrangeas mock Orange Carolin allspice spiraea Barberry syringas St. John Worth Etc. Many landscapes architects prefer the deciduous flowering shrubs and evergreens mixed which makes an interesting and changing screen the year round. The crap myrtles Are to Southern Homes and gardens what Tho lilacs Are to those of the North. It is the most characteristic most popular and most Beautiful of Southern flowering shrubs. An attractive feature of Many old Southern gardens is the Long walk shaded by Many coloured crap myrtles arching overhead. They make a Fine tall untrimmed hedge. They should be in every shrubbery Border and for specimen planting it is a most desirable tree for the South. We have so Many local shrubs of interest. They Are not Only Beautiful but have the added advantage of feeling at Home in our soil. Work is facilitated by real understanding being the most significant change in Tho nation s Forest situation within recent years is the a carte to which Timber growing has become a Matt it r of general interest and understanding declares chief forester Greeley in his annual report to the Secretary of agriculture made Public today. A a National Progress in forestry will from now on be measured most of All. By the rate at which Timber growing becomes part of everyday land usage a according to the report which goes on to say that abundant evidence has been found of the interest of Forest industries in the possibility of growing As a business successive crops of Timber on privately owned land. A a there is no doubt a declares or. Greeley a that forestry a a Public movement is being converted into forestry As an Industrial practice. One has Only to read the Trade journals attend the conventions of lumbermen pulp manufacturers and naval stores producers or to examine the correspondence of state and Federal Gia Idaho Missouri and Oklahoma while Minnesota. North Carolina and Illinois strengthened their forestry activities according to the report. Tile chief forester says that Forest Experiment stations Are an essential part of the forestry move Nii it and urges the establishment of the additional stations necessary to round out the program of having at least one such station for each heavily timbered Region. Six stations Are now in operation. The chief educational objectives of tile Forest service according to the report Aro the reduction of Man caused Forest fires the promotion of the Best relationships Between the National forests and the Public which owns and uses them and the facilitation of the Onward spread of Timber growing and better Timber utilization. In thes. Activities the work of the american Forest week committee is of outstanding importance in the Field of Public relations. Dealers have found business extremely bad. An investigation disclosed that the superstitious japanese Farmers feared that the presence of Sun spots meant that a famine was due next year and that the Purchase of fertilizers would just so much waste of Money. Sun spots Hurt Sale fertilizer in Japan Tokyo dec. 12.�? apr the presence of a spots a on the Sun is declared to have caused a decided slump in the Sale of artificial fertilizer in Japan. A Boom Trade had been expected earlier in the year but thus far Tea murder Battersea eng., dec. 12.�? because he refused to treat him to amp cup of Tea Charles Dearling struck Arthur Massey a blow in the face which killed him. Remote police Post Toronto dec. 12.�?the worlds most northerly Post also the Moat Remote of any Bureau habitation is to be constructed next year for the Royal Canadian mounted police at the far end of Ellesmere Island. Building materials and two years supplies have been cached within easy freighting distance of the Point. _ Aii. Rhode Island is the most densely populated state in the United states. Forestry agencies to see the change among those to Quot be found Quot at Quot our i n the attitude of Large landowners doors Are the Coral Berry or Indian,0&Quot 1 forestry. Currant Fine for Shady places and i a Tho forestry Laws enacted Dur Banks. Its thickly matted roots pre log the 1925 sessions of Hie state vent soil washing. The american Legislatures Are proof that the Holly rather difficult to trans states Are steadily developing and Plant but if Root pruned the year completing their forestry policies before transplanting and defoliated it is All a part of the outward the percentage of loss will be less. Spread of forestry in the United hollies should be planted in groups states. State forestry Laws have a to insure Berry bearing ones. The close relationship to the co opera red Cedars wild azaleas Hazel Tive Federal forestry policy Stab nuts Elderberry red buds Mea j listed by the Clarke Mcnary Law Dow Willows full of Grace May-1 and form an essential part of the Berry Sweet shrubs fringe tree National program. Unfortunately or Grey Beard sumac Hawthorne Black Haw and the Queen of ally the Dogwood while serving a slightly different purpose planting for seclusion and privacy should be treated in much the same manner As that suggested for screen planting. For an All the year around screen the More genuinely serviceable Type to Plant would be evergreens. The effect of fallen Snow on an Evergreen screen of this kind is always attractive and if planted on North or West will make a very efficient wind break. This purpose requires the use of Large sizes for Quick effects As american arborvitae. Cypress Balsam Douglas fir american Hemlock red Cedar austrian Pine White Spruce Norway Spruce Etc., with the lower coniferous plants in front. Program four of the largest timbered states a South Carolina Florida Mississippi and Arkansas hav a yet to adopt a Forest on the other hand the past year witnessed notable Progress by geor for Good Coal phone 354 Siceloff in amp Coal co. A used car with a guarantee we have used cars As Low As $50.00 and with each one we give a written guarantee % Wilson motor co. Buy now an i have off your mind. Our line is the largest we have Ever had. Daggers jewelry store. Meats % our meat Market carries at All times the finest meats that can be bought. Our expert watchers know How to please you. Give them trial. C. A. Lewis Bol 8. Main St. Phone 2188 Market phone 1701 free turkeys beginning today we will give to each purchaser of a Victor special Range a Nice fat Turkey free this offer lasts Only until saturday december 19th. Take advantage of our easy payment plan and get your Range and Christmas Turkey at our regular Price of ranges. Liberal discount for All Cash. Done to delay ordering your Coal another Day place your order now and get Quick service on it and be prepared for the cold wave that is coming our Way. W. A. Davis ice and Coal phone 2141 for her if you Are undecided where to get your Christmas gift for her come in and see our line of perfume sets toilet sets % week end bags and Many other wanted articles. Hart drug co. Victor special ranges Are constructed with the advanced features the Porcupine Wireback. These projections carry tile heat right into the oven giving a greater Radia non and More uniform heat throughout the oven Lins feature alone will Cut the fuel Bill. I Lue construction the Victor also rep resents modern Advance in heat engineering. Hie specially constructed flue strip of the Victor prevents the heat escaping into the due until the heat has done its full duty. Victor ranges Are Large and Roomy guaranteed to bake your Turkey perfectly. Many say it will bake biscuits in three minute. Construction is in h that heat passes completely under Bottom Ovici plate. Drop oven door panel i Black finish $57.50 special prices Nickel base i full Nickel trimmed Blue enamel with Nickel base $125.00 $66.50 $75.00 we Are also giving a Nice Hen with each Victor Loyal code stoves sold during these eight Days. Take advantage of these offers and get your Turkey and Hen free for your Xmas dinner. The Victor stoves Are High Point made and Are guaranteed to give satisfaction. Patronize this Home Industry and keep your Money circulating at Home. Rose furniture company end of English Street car line out of the High rent District phone 41182

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