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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 13, 1925, High Point, North Carolina Rich Point s population u. S. Go err Cert census. 1923 22,279 the sunday Enterprise High Point the growing Industrial City of North Carolina has a total of 125 manufacturing plants Zeather i forecast fair sunday colder sunday night monday increasing cloudiness and colder of. 34�?no. 69 full associated press. Highpoint n. Sunday morning december 13, 1925 2s pages today Price five cents clean says Asheville mob world court was tax Bill reaches embers can to expect Arctan real debate topic Romh islands on any plea Etter of victim in it effect denial is made of n col. Mitchells Annot influence the governor to release those who stormed jail Raleigh dec. 12.�? a no executive clemency May expected by those convicted mob violence in the trial of Ivin Mansel Asheville negro til they show that they Are not Silty said governor Mclean re today. Quot the Only Way to suppress Ching is to let those who Enge in it understand that they la be punished and punished merely Quot continued the Gover a. The governors statement was opted by publication of the let written by mrs. Lucie Carter of Neville victim of Mansells Agit who asked clemency for the to now sentenced to die Jan a 13, and for those in the mob Ich attempted to Lynch him who now serving sentences in prison. He the governor said that since formal presentation of the mat had been Given to either com sooner Hoyle sink or himself he Given the matter no definite Side ration he added that a no further Light shed on governments View of the defences of Island National Republican club discussed it and heard it discussed test stage before in a live meeting Congress monday general endorsement by both parties developed during the week Lenroot defends it Tinkham and Gibbons attacked world court in principle and practice Twenty hours debate Tinkham is vigorous Washington dec. 12.�? apr colonel William Mitchells charge that the War department was guilty of a almost treasonable conduct in failing to provide air defense planes for Hawaii in 1923, was denied today before the army court martial trying the air officer. Major Lester j. Mcnair who was at the time serving on the staff of the hawaiian departmental commander showed the court the plans of 1923. Ile said they existed when colonel Mitchell then assistant chief of the army air service made his inspection of the hawaiian air forces and reported that the air defense of the islands was lacking in War plans. The major said he was revising the War plans when colonel Mitchell visited the islands and that they had been continually revised and kept up to Date Ever since. On Cross examination however it was brought out by the defense counsel that colonel Mitchell had asked the ranking air officer in Hawaii in regard to War plans for the air service. And bad been told that none existed. This information it was said has been the basis for colonel says court invites America to become untangled objectionable with foreign problems friends of the measure predicted that the Bill will pass in week some Points assailed opposition to the Bill or any parts of it does not seem to be organized on party lines Salon Mere sediment should in j Mitchells charge. New York dec. 12.�? apr although the topic for discussion Washington. Dec. 12.�? apr the 1325,000,000 tax reduction ,.Bill reached the test stage in the at the luncheon Given today by the Houge today and on monday 80me National Republican club was a the j 0f its major provisions will be effect of the Locarno peace pact on taken up for approval. Or plane connection of Yew York and Florida is accomplished definitely St. Petersburg Fla., dec. 12.�? apr St. Petersburg and new York were connected today by air plane freight service with the arrival of a plane piloted by w. H. Mcmullen with a shipment of women a clothing valued at $2,000. The plane left new York wednesday and made Washington that night. The following Day it succeeded in reaching Fayetteville n. C., but was delayed there Throe hours on account of difficulty in obtaining Gas. It made Savannah that night and flew yesterday in a driving rain from Savannah to Inverness Fla. It reached Here tills morning at to of clock. Adverse weather conditions and Short delays in fuelling at several stops were Given As the reason for the Long trip. Nhean completes police Here arrest two men Board of control and recovered clothes valued new department at several Hundred dollars or forms robbery san four bus rights Over cities Are shown three of Rootes by investigation six men Are made directors of department of conservation and development department expanded once was geological and economic Survey of Long period of service students select a Phillips is in charge Camel City coach company acquires important License from local Man Lexington Man named As chief executive of the department by governor Mel can on Frida y into a Case of this kind. Senti to should be All on the Side of people whose sovereignty has a unlatched from Asheville report mrs. Carter has consented to t the governor and commissioner pardons in Raleigh to make a Sonal Appeal for the mob mems now in prison As Well As for Noel following commissioner is suggestion that he would like ear from her a personal exp la of her a unusual attitude he matter hell be reports also say that a number of signatures have obtained to petitions for exe clemency for the men on the just before adjournment. Representative Frank r. Reid chief defense counsel told the court the trial so far As the defense was concerned should end next wednesday. The court welcomed the statement and promptly agreed to the saturday afternoon Holiday which it had been unwilling to authorize previously. X Coolidge approves the discharge of officer they were Only a very few e hundreds who took part in attempt to storm the Buncombe to jail. Washington dec. 12.�? apr president Coolidge Bas approved the court martial sentence of Dis ads that they have dependants i Missal from the army of Captain Frank m. Niho of Montgomery w. Va., for embezzling funds of which he was custodian of the 42nd infantry Camp Galliard canal zone. The president criticized the court for substituting in the charges the words a unlawfully converting by borrowing for a wrongfully converting to his own use a declaring embezzlement a is a violation of Trust no matter what May have been the intent of the accused and Acy attempt to sugar coat the offence by calling it some other name would nullify the Octant conference re ring plans to be held tuesday Ogress is being made in workout plans for High Points High school building Accord to t. Wingate Andrews sup indent of City schools. Andrewes said an important Tenet will be held Here t us afer that conference it is d to have the plans sufficient o ahead us the details the conference will be Mem of the City school Board the text Harry Barton of greens and or. N. L. Engelbardt of York educational advisor and building expert. Engelhardt it was said will the entire Day in High Point be purpose of going Over the As drawn by the architect o make suggestions concerning new Structure. E High school will be erected Een Jones and Chestnut streets e Western Section of the City for the Structure having been ased by the school Hoard some ago. Tiler Newport news r Petersburg will Ter Virginia Loop Rham dec. 12.�? apr Ort news and Petersburg will enter the Virginia league for 926 season it was announced tonight by William g. Bram president of the old Dominion t. A i have been informed by raters of these clubs in the cities that they would be in prepare their franchise and Grything in proper shape for 1926 season. However a ent has been started for the be of the two clubs into the in 1927.�?� prexy Bramham with the decision of new news and Petersburg to re rat of the league the Virginia e next season will go on As past with six clubs. Popular Bible class Hopes to get 500 men great enthusiasm has been aroused by members of the Peacock Bible class which meets this morning at 1 30 in the Broadhurst theater on North main Street Over the Campaign now going on to reach the goal of 500 members. This class had to find larger quarters to care for its Large membership so it is meeting in the theater auditorium. The classes Are taught by or. Dred Peacock who has resumed a talks after a Long absence. City tax books Are ready for the year City tax books for 1925 Are ready it was announced yesterday by City collector David Bullard. Taxpayers Are urged to make payments Early inasmuch As the City needs the Money. The foreign policy of the United states the world court and the Hague tribunal a the meeting resolved itself into a spirited debate on the world court Issue alone. United states senator Irvine l. Lenroot of Wisconsin defended the tribunal and urged America s immediate entry and congressman George. H. Tinkham of Massachusetts and or. Herbert Adams Gibbons War correspondent and professor at Princeton University strenuously attacked both principle and practice of the world court. Senator Lenroot derided the criticism that joining the world court would commit this country to foreign entanglements and insisted that the reservations with which the proposal has been surrounded would protect the Sovereign rights of tile United states and would expressly absolve this nation from adherence to the league of nations. The world court Wab first advanced by this country at the Hague convention of 1899 and again in 1907, the Wisconsin senator stated and the great statesmen of the United states had constantly urged its creation Long before the world War started. Joining the world court he insisted would incur no other absolute obligation that that of bearing this nations quota of the expense of maintaining the court about $35,-000 a year. Congressman Tinkham characterized the world court As the a creature and tool of the league of nations a and declared that for this country to join it would mean that this country would be under moral if not Legal obligations to pursue a foreign policy directly opposed to that Laid Down by the founders of the nation. A a the world court a he declared a is but a bold and Brazen attempt on the part of the internationalists to wrap the United states up in a mass of foreign entanglements and to destroy its oldest traditions. Texas Man admits he killed Stepson but he denies All other crime fort Worth tex., dec. 12.�? apr confession that he shot and beheaded his Stepson Bornie Connally on november 30, near Stephenville Texas we As made to authorities Here tonight by f. M. Snow 4 6, Wood Cutter. Snow said he shot and killed Connally at the Snow farm House when the boy attacked him then carried the body to a Mountain top about six Miles from his farm Cut off the head we Ith an a left the body on the spot and carried the head to the farm where it was found in a ruined cellar tuesday by a trapper. Snow denied he had made away with his wife and her Mother the Mother and grandmother of Connally. He said they left for Waco three Days prior to the killing. Tonight Snow was being taken by authorities to the spot we Here he said the body could he found. A i done to know Why i did it a Snow said tonight. Crew of 22 rescued after they had been adrift without food Tampa Fla., dec. 12.�? apr a the Tallapoosa had been leading the Twenty two men aboard the the search for the Barge since Mon Barge Altamaha who have been j Day and Tad been joined by tugs More than Twenty hours of debate on the measure this week developed general endorsement from both democrats and republicans but the Bill faces at least a dozen amendments which will be offered next week on vital Points. Sponsors of the measure which was framed by the ways and Means committee predicted tonight however that it would be approved by the House before the end of next week and practically without change. The non partisan character of the Hill has won support for it during the Long debate from both sides of the chamber. Representative Garrett of Tennessee the democratic Leader today gave it his endorsement though he opposed vigorously the provision to give life appointment to members of the Board of tax appeals. Scattering opposition also appeared during the weeks discussion to the proposed 50 percent reductions in the maximum surtax and inheritance. , fight against of Isis two and the the Board provisions Are expected to constitute the most serious opposition when the Bill is taken up monday for amendments. The opposition apparently is not organized on party lines against any of the provisions and representative Green Republican Ohio chairman of the ways and Means committee and representative Garner of Texas ranking Democrat on the committee were prepared tonight to Lead the fight for com ple approval of the Compromise measure. Or. Green has served notice he will not Sanction any increase in reductions of taxes proposed in the Bill. Debate was enlivened today by another attack on the movement instituted by the Texas and Iowa tax clubs for repeal of the Federal inheritance Levy. Representative Connally Democrat of Quot Texas charged that the clubs had been organized in the two states by the american Bankers league which he said had been repudiated by the american Bankers association for the purpose of a intimidating the Heads of the ways and Means committee chairman Green of Iowa and representative Garner of the league hoped he declared eventually to destroy All inheritance tax Laws both Federal and state. Life term memberships for the sixteen members of the Board of tax appeals As proposed in the Bill was characterized As undemocratic by representative Garrett who said he would propose an amendment limiting the appointment to to to 12 reply representative Mills of new York a Republican member of the committee declared administration of the income tax Law was a a the crying need of today and life appointments were necessary to obtain the right Standard of % in. Proposals to increase personal exemption further than provided in the Bill were opposed by representatives Chindbloom Republican of Illinois and Deal Democrat of Virginia. They argued against narrowing the base of the income tax Structure pointing out that the Burden of these taxes eventually would be on the Middle classes. Representative Lozier Democrat of Missouri denounced proposals to repeal the inheritance tax declaring this Levy had been in use in Many nations for centuries. South a Delegate this raised a storm in the meeting of new organization in Princeton southerners get out conference then sought to cure tile breach but the trouble was too great meeting broke up lords prayer concluded session when organization proved Defeated hopelessly on race Issue Princeton n. J., dec. 12 a the new Mai Erat on formed tonight at the National collegiate world court conference was wrecked when a degress was elected to the executive committee and two representatives of Southern institutions withdrew from the conference the election of the negress threw the conference into an uproar several persons attempting to speak at the same time. After the withdrawal of the representatives the conference was adjourned without Date. Mabel Halloway negress representative of Howard University of Washington d. C., was the Center of the storm. She was elected to represent the entire South on the executive committee which is composed of seven members representing geographical divisions of the country. Immediately after the election k. L. Kiser of Louisiana state University withdrew from the organization and his move was followed by the withdrawal of William Webb representing Bernau College of Gainesville a when the two Southern representatives withdrew the conference voted to have two southerners on the executive committee. Upon the passage of this motion. Edward Duffy of Dartmouth University declared such action had raised a racial distinction and he would take no part in the student organization. Robert e. Lewis of Leland Stanford University also opposed the measure hut did not threaten Raleigh dec. 12. Map a governor Mclean today announced the appointment of the six members of the Hoard of conservation and development for the supervision of the department of conservation and development. The appointees Are s. Wade Marr John h. Small h. L. Mcclaren h. B. Shaw or. D. D. Carroll and James Mcclure or. Their appointment today follows that last night of major Wade h. Phillips of Lexington As director of the department. Or. Marr is a Raleigh banker or. Small of Washington n. C., was formerly a member of Congress from this state or. Mcclaren is a Charlotte manufacturer or. Shaw is director of the Experiment stations at the North Carolina College or. Carroll is Dean of the school of Commerce at the univer site and or. Mcclure is connected with a Farmer s organization in Western North Carolina. The department of conservation and development was created by the last legislature to continue the work of the geological and eco Iii Fiaseu Survey. The statute names the governor As chairman sex offi Cio of the Board. The governor announced today that he will Call a meeting of the Board at an Early Date. It is the governors aim for the new department to a greatly broaden the scope of the old geological and economic Survey a by adding to its functions the duty of establishing a close official relation with Industrial Aud commercial enterprises of the state. These All grow directly or indirectly from the use of natural resources. They need encouragement and every legitimate state Aid in directing to them the attention of prospective Industry and capital and to this end it is important that there shall be an official Agency which can he depended upon to act As a Clearing House of All information pertaining to the states natural resources and their utilization in a one of the first the governor said a of the new department will be to begin the collection in cooperation with other state agencies and with Chambers of Commerce and Trade associations. Of the essential data necessary for the publication of a year Book including accurate information As to the geographical and physical characteristics of the state its industries manufactures and Commerce As Well As its equipment in natural resources of All kinds. Ultimately it is expected that this year Book kept constantly up to Date will serve As a practical reference and Raleigh dec. 12.�? apr Sale by h. F. Moore of High Point to the Camel City coach company Winston Salem. Of the former s License certificate and rights to operate busses Between Winston Salem and Charlotte Over highways numbers 6 5, 7 5 and 26. And Between Winston Salem and the state line to we Ard Martinsville va., Over Highway number 77 was approved today by the state corporation commission. The Camel City coach company was chartered by the Secretary of state today with an authorized capital of $125,000, it is understood that the new concern anticipated putting much new equipment on the two lines taken Over by it. Clever detective work re suits Iii arrest of members of alleged band Winston Salem dec. 12.�? apr the Camel coach line will operate busses Between Winston Salem Mocksville Statesville. Mooresville Davidson College Ami Charlotte and an auxiliary line Between Salem and Martinsville a. Upon arrival of new equipment the concern will replace present motor busses formerly operated by the High Point line with a yellow coaches which will he larger and have a much larger seating capacity. Formation of the new concern As yet incomplete will elect officers monday. Issued five permits for new dwellings in the City on saturday five building permits were issued yesterday by fire chief a. A Hor Ney. All the permits called for erection of residences in the City and none involved any Large expenditure. The list follows s. D. Townsend five room dwelling on Gazelle Street $1,100. V. L. Young five room dwelling on Jefferson Street $1,700. M. Johnson five room dwelling on Winslow Street $2,375. D. Bean and son eight room dwelling on Hin sell Street $3,500. Henry Champlin repairs to dwelling at 106 Gurley Street Sligo. Statler is worried Over Fate of yacht to withdraw and later Duffy with a compendium of information for All Drew somewhat from his stand. J who Are interested in knowing the the conference then voted to state and its have 14 members on the commit-1 a tee instead of As originally planned each Section to he represented by two members. Lewis Fox presiding officer called for the members to unite in prayer and after repeating the lords prayer the conference adjourned. Johnson place sold at auction yesterday Detroit dec. 12.�? apr anxiety was expressed tonight by e. M. Statler hotel magnate for the safety of the Crew aboard his Pri vate yacht Miramar and the Miramar Junior a forty foot fishing boat lost in the Atlantic off Charleston s. The Aid of the United states coast guard has been end listed in the search. There eleven aboard the yacht and Jon the fishing Sloop. While anxious for word of the two boats and j their Crews from whom no word has been received since november 30, or. Statler tonight expressed i the express office. I the possibility that they May be Safe in some Harbor. I a it is possible that bad weather adrift in the Gulf almost nine Days with Only provisions for six men for a week were rescued today by and air planes from All ports along the Gulf coast. Most of the men picked up today the United states coast guard Cutter Are off the tug Gwalia which Sank Tallapoosa and Are being brought Friday december 4, while towing to Tampa. The Barge Altamaha with a car the Cutter with the rescued sea Load of gravel from Mobile to men is due to arrive Here about Tampa. No cause of the sinking noon tomorrow according to a has been made known Here hut wireless report from the Tallapoosa picked up Here tonight. The message said the Barge had been found about 130 Miles West and half North of the Tampa sea buoy. Most of the men Are from Mobile. Word of tire Accident was brought to Tampa monday by tile master of the steamship Tampa who reported he Hail talked with the Crews of the Gwalia and the Altamaha and they had declined a Tow to tills port. Windows lend touch of Beauty to City the spirit of Beauty prevails in the Many Christmas windows to be seen under the White lights of the City and one of the most Beautiful is that of the Emerywood office on North main Street. The entire office Bas been turned into a Jolly Xmas room with a very Large Aud beautifully decorated tree and Many incidentals which add to the Genera scene. The windows on All sides Are bordered with attractive decorations which carry out the Xmas idea at the same time that they put across a unique bit of advertising. Searching for Home for two boys Here welfare workers were searching yesterday for a Home for to it Brothers Ages nine and 13. It was explained that the Mother and father have separated and the Mother is endeavouring to care for the two boys. She does t want to give the boys up. She wants a Home for them and she is willing to work and help support them. A Home either in town or in the country is desired. Those interested in the Case Are requested to communicate with miss Susie West City probation and truant officer Over phone 2897. The b. Johnson Home place disabled one or both of the boats at Trinity was sold yesterday of and forced them into Harbor for Ter noon at auction by the United repairs Quot said the hotel Man. The auction company of this City. The Miramar Worth $200,000, and the place was chided into about 50 fishing boat left new York novem Home Sites and went for about Ber is for Charleston or. Statler $.6,. A Large crowd itt ended i said and arrived there november the Sale and As usual one of teem j 30. They left for Palm Beach he was Lucky and won the Ford car next Day and since they have been was Lucky and won the Ford car lost. Ten Enterprise fund for City s neediest cases passes$400mark during an investigation extending Over a period of 48 hours Dur King which time they went without sleep or rest Plain clothes officers George b. Wimberley and d. H. Hancock of the High Point police department recovered hundreds of dollars Worth of clothing and arrested two White youths alleged members of a hand believed to be responsible for thievery in Danville. Va., High Point. Greensboro and Winston Salem. The investigation was being continued last night with the View to other arrests while the two youths one Walter Haston alias Walter Byrd Waper Elliott Walter Dee Man. And tile other Bill Young alias Bill Vaughan both from Winston Salem sat on their bunks in the City jail and wondered How they fell into the police dragnet. Included in the Large number of articles recovered by the Plain clothes men were the four overcoats stolen from the first methodist protestant Church during the service last sunday night. Two of the Coats were returned to their owners last night and the police announced that other victims of the Church robbery could obtain their property by calling at police Headquarters. Did Clever work it was Only by Clever detective work and continuous questioning of the prisoners that off icons Hancock and Wimberley succeeded in obtaining full information concerning the dozen or More thefts committed in the foregoing cities. The investigation which resulted in the arrest of Haston and Young was started after a local tailor had reported to the police that a Man left a valuable suit of clothes with him with instructions to sell it for $12.50. It was Learned later that i the suit had been stolen in Dan i Ville. Va., and was valued at $s5. J acting on this information officers i Hancock and Wimberley began their investigation. And As a result of their investigation they had up until last night recovered ten overcoats three suits of clothes a two medical bags and physicians instruments a suitcase a trunk a Latrobe a pair of ladies slippers Sample blankets Linen ladies dress goods and various other articles. The officers said Young and Haston had made confessions which enabled them to recover the property. Several Coats were found at Danville yesterday afternoon by Wimberley and Hancock who went there for that purpose. Other property was found at Winston Salem some at Greensboro and other Here. Stole trunk from porch officers said they Learned that the trunk was stolen from the front porch of a residence on Walker Avenue Greensboro. Tundel Are i owner of the trunk had sent it to the residence. No one was at Home when the Driver reached the Housa and he left it on the front porch. Young and Huston Are said to have hired a taxi Driver to haul the trunk they had it expressed to High Point and the i Plain clothes men found it during the investigation. Three of the overcoats stolen from the first methodist protestant i Church Here last sunday night were recovered at Danville where they were taken and sold. Another was i found under the mattress in a boarding House on North main j Street Only a few doors from the i Church. There was where to two men roomed. One of he Coats stolen belonged to mrs. L. Gray wife of Deputy sheriff Gray. Der Teague returned to two another was that of be these two have been their owners. Two overcoats also were at Rural Hall in a convict found Camp. Fund 5t Cap for Hig ache roof badly damaged by fire yesterday fire broke out saturday on the roof of the old Joe Huffman Home owned by mr.-. Betel Quot Penn on South main Street. The roof alone was damaged. It was caused by Sparks from tin Chimney. Firemen answered an alarm promptly and extinguished the Blaze without any great loss. The Enterprise Pointe ten need $415.50. Eleven contributions to the fund i were made during the Day the largest for any Day since the Campaign a started by this paper two weeks ago. To meet the needs of the ten leases which have been brought to the attention of its readers. The Enterprise must raise at least $1,000 for the fund. Less than half that amount has been raised but it is believed that during the next week contributions will be made Iii Large numbers and that j the goal w ill be reached before curl Mas Day. The fund is being raised by voluntary donations. Checks made payable to the ten neediest May be mailed direct to thi Temprise. The contributions w at knowledge through the co of the paper. Following i list of contributions yesterday previously reported. $3 c. F. Tomlinson. E. Millis. Roy Armstrong. Mrs. Ii. Gordon. Miss Margaret Mcadams. R o. Lindsay. Milton Sliver. Birtie White. F. M Donald. Miss Fannie Croker. Gospel team no. I of mens evangelistic club. The % Oung men. It is said took the co its the re and exchanged Agni cases to a convict Cook for a Rove liver. E in Here s the summary of t heft a re Ili be sealed by the e investigation urn s i h to it revealed s the t w suit of clothes and to 0 ladies coat were stolen at due Ville. One to it of clot Hes was 50.00 St Eden from an automobile Nea r the 25.00 y. M. A building at win Stop 5.00 Salem i toe Torso medical Bug and 3.00 instr ill Ell the were stolen from an 3.00 automobile in front of the Guy 10.00 hos i a1. W in Ston Salen. A a Uit 2.0 0 Case w As sic Ion from an autor. Obile 5.00 a k Elt i near the Telephone auge 5.00 at g Een sin pro. A dark u it of 5.0 0 clot tit Quot s w a Stak u from a machine at do u Ville. Va., and Lait ii b Lenti 2.50 tied two ladies Coats w e r e re total. $415.00 continued on Page 2j

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