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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 15, 1976, High Point, North Carolina 18r High Point Enterprise sunday August 15, 1976 preservation a necessity in old Days by Bill Humphries Nusu news Bureau Raleigh a from sheer necessity Early americans devised ways of preserving food crops from one Harvest to the next each year though there were times when rations were skimpy and diets monotonous. Canning of fruits and vegetables was unknown in colonial Days it was not until about 1800 that a French confectioner. Nicholas Appert developed this method of food preservation through trial and error. Appert discovered that if foods were heated in closed containers for sufficient periods of time and the containers were left closed and the seals did not leak they would keep he did not know Why. He won a prize of 12,000 francs offered by the French government after spoiled meat killed some of Napoleon s soldiers. Although Appert made a major contribution of fed preservation As a science did not begin until Louis Pasteur reported that food spoilage was caused by microbes. Micro organisms have played a role in food for thousands Ltd years a for example in the baking of bread and the making of cheese and wine. Early americans did no to know about microorganisms but they Learned to preserve meat by salting fruits and vegetables by drying and other vegetables by pickling or brining. And they used sugar to convert fruits into Jam jellies and preserves. In the Northern colonies foodstuffs were stored in Root cellars or simple pits with layers of Straw separating layers of vegetables. Southern colonies had a longer growing season and storage was less important but still necessary for Many crops two or More methods a such As drying and salting a were used to preserve Many items. And to avoid letting one Rotten Apple spoil a whole barrel Many homemakers spread their apples out and a a picked them Over Quot As needed blocks of ice Cut from Ponds helped families in colder climates keep their products for longer periods. A despite All these methods food losses in America up to too years ago must have been enormous a a said or Daniel e. Carroll jr., food scientist with the agricultural Experiment station of North Carolina state University. A Carroll added a today we have developed a highly sophisticated system for supplying the consumer with High Quality food. Modern food technology enables Consumers to enjoy meals fit for a King every Day in the year and diets Are far More varied and nutritious than in colonial Canning methods have been greatly improved and today this is the most widely used food preservation method Carroll estimated that about 25 billion cans of food Are produced each year in the United states mechanical refrigeration which came into use in the j 1930s. Extends the storage life of Many foods but Only j temporarily. Freezing is used for Long term storage heat. Or Thermal processing is used in Canning to sterilize food while the j product is in a hermetically sealed Container Pasturiza lion also is a heat process a that destroys disease j organisms and extends the i shelf Lite of milk it has Sav j de the lives of countless j babies drying processes reduce j moisture and inhibit Micro organisms and chemical i changes that cause spoilage freeze drying is a very i sophisticated method of dry j my with a Spray drum or i Tunnel Type dryer additives such As Mold in hib tors for bread and sodium Benzoate to prevent j spoilage of soft drink items i Are widely used along with such common preservatives As vinegar and High con i centrals of sugar and Salt j which reduce water activity j in food concentrated food items j Are produced by removal of i water through evaporation examples Are Frozen Orange juice concentrate and Semi j solid products such As Tomato paste or Ketchup Quot we be come a Long Way in food preservation technology but additional j far reaching discoveries Are Likely in the years ahead. J perhaps our work has Only just begun Quot Carroll said i now Huny in for you r Fuh share of More great savings at the great App great savings Means great value at a amp a. You save Money at no sacrifice of Quality. Come in now for a l variety of your favorite a amp a meats a and extra a amp a meat savings Aap pure ground la. Tender cured Hickory smoked picnics tender cured Hickory smoked Ham butt portion la 79c Amole la 79c Center slices la i 58 Oscar Mayer beef Franks or meat wieners Freezer Queen Frozen a beef patties a Gravy amp sliced Turkey a Salisbury Steak a Spaghetti amp meat balls pkg. A Turkey croquettes heavy Western Grain fed beef Swiss steaks la heavy Western Grain fed beef Chick 60ne n got steaks 69< Shank portion lbs Stock your Freezer a he a t Western Grain Leo beef whole beef loin 1-lb q0c pkg u s d a inspected fresh Frozen baking hens lbs go beef Short loin la 48c Bone in la. 48 la avg la beef sirloin butt my bad avg 119 t9 to ?3 la avg la Cut free into steaks ground beef and trimmings Sultana Jane Parker Strawberry preserves 79 so Nix bar h59< Vanilla iced cake save 20c 19 of pkg 24 of Jar Kraft Jane Parker a save 20c peach Streusel pie Jane Parker a save 20c French Apple pie Jane Parker 22 of pkg 22 of pkg 69< 69< a amp plight chunk tuna a amp a corned beef dress 0# to it it Ishii on a a a Ltd a so shop at a 12 of can 89 Sweet buns 2 i0 Lemon 9 of cinnamon 10 of. A amp a takes great Pride in our Fine selection of fresh Quality produce. Low priced for extra value Al purpose us no-1 _ russet potatoes to fresh tender yellow Cork 8 la. 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