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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 14, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy details on Page 7a 92nd year no. 227 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. C., saturday afternoon August 14, 1976 34 pages daily 15c, sunday 35c work shirt sculptor s workingmen while her restaurateur sculptor husband. Solon Bannos. Tends to the business of their Chicago cafe. Penelope Bannos offers his Bronze sculptures for Sale at the Gold coast Art fair on Chicago s near North Side Bannos known As a the work shirt does busts of his customers. A i done to do heroes a he says. A i do the fathers of heroes a the workingmen who put their kids through a wire photo two More May have disease Philadelphia a two persons who attended the 41st International eucharistic Congress Here last week have been hospitalized with symptoms of legionnaires disease Pennsylvania top health official said. But state and City health officials said it is not certain the two have the disease which killed 24 persons associated with an american legion convention in Philadelphia in july a spokesman for state health Secretary Leonard Bachman said Friday the two might be suffering from acute pneumonia health officials did not identify the two men by name they said they were a 54-year-old priest from Spokane. Was hand a 32-Vear-old musician from Dan Bury. Conn., and were hospitalized last week the priest was hospitalized in Washington do and the musician in Danbury the priest and musician were among some one million visitors to the eucharistic Congress a global roman Catholic Assembly held periodically to reaffirm the belief in a divine presence in the holy communion president Ford addressed the Congress aug. 8. Or David Soricelli Philadelphia a Deputy health commissioner said the latest cases do not indicate the illness is contagious. A fall it indicates is that two people were in Philadelphia and now have a he said. A the important thing is that they Are not critically or dangerously said or Lewis Polk Philadelphia health commissioner. A they Are not expected to die or become desperately Morton Rosen Pennsylvania s Deputy health commissioner said the two men had All the symptoms Quot of legionnaires disease including temperatures in excess of 102 degrees coughs and when x Rayed results that showed positive pneumonia he said the cases were reported to the state health department by the victims physicians. Soricelli said the two men had stayed at the Bellevue Stratford hotel Headquarters for the legion convention and one of nine downtown hotels that has been checked by health authorities for possible environmental causes of the disease. Doctors had reported that 27 persons were killed by the mysterious disease but later found that three did not have the disease. The illness has hospitalized 139 others a i do not believe at this time there is the need for any action other than close monitoring for the Protection of the Public Bachman said in a statement. He said a it is not uncommon during the summer months for people to develop the symptoms of acute doctors have drawn a close similarity Between pneumonia and the mysterious disease the symptoms of legionnaires disease Are the symptoms of All kinds of said a spokesman for the Federal Center for disease control in Atlanta a we still Don t know what killed those people. What we found was that All cases had similar symptoms. The commonness. Was that the people died of something that resembled a viral kind of pneumonia Fri will investigate death of John Roselli by Margaret Gentry associated press writer Washington a the Fri will try to determine whether mobster John Roselli was murdered because of his Senate testimony about Cia plots to kill cuban prime minister Fidel Castro. Atty Gen Edward if Levi late Friday a authorized the Fri to enter the Roselli homicide Case Quot said Justice department spokesman Robert Havel. clubs organize instant charities by e. Z. Strange a characteristic of the citizens band radio clubs nationwide appears to by some sort of common compulsion to raise funds for Good local causes. Most recently in san Diego calif., they joined a 7-Eieven stores promotion to put together $6,000 for muscular dystrophy patients in Atlanta Cleveland Detroit Chicago new York City Buffalo Cincinnati Dallas just about every City that comes to mind they be undertaken relatively Small but dedicated fund drives mostly for individuals who be needed individual help they re not operating As the big organized Charity rackets operate to collect Money for the collectors and a research a a they re gathering $100 or $1,000 or $10,000 for a certain widow or a specific orphan for a particular Eye operation or a solitary funeral. The Effort in t organized like an annual Jaycee project or a scouting paper drive. It s a spontaneous combustion with the cobers. Somebody gives a shout shout that so and so needs help and pretty soon the wireless Samaritans show up with their donations then Are gone. I can to explain it quite can you the customer asks q whats the difference Between am and ssi broadcasting a am is amplitude modulation sub is single sideband Here s How he Siegel of radio Shack explains the difference Between these two ways to voice broadcast on a radio signal a in am Tran Smission the a carriers signal is broadcast with a a sideband on each Side of it. Both sidebands carry the same voice information imagine yourself As the Carrier with two loaded grocery carts sidebands one on each Side of you As you try to push them Down a supermarket aisle first you la need a fairly wide aisle and second you la have to Divide your strength Between the two carts a now remove one cart step to the Side of the aisle and get behind the remaining cart you now need Only a third of the space you needed before and you can concentrate All your strength on pushing a single cart. Thus sub eliminates the Carrier and one of the sidebands. It is then Able to put All its Power into the remaining sideband which effectively triples your Power Over an am signal a this is Why am sets Are rated at 4 Watts output Power and sub sets Are rated at 12 Watts Pep 1 Peak envelope Power the statistics using cd now. According to the latest statistics Are one out of 17 vehicles one out of 21 passenger cars. One out of two Long haul trucks one out of five recreational vehicles. One out of two tour wheel Dave vehicles. One out of five pleasure boats one out of 14 families. And one out of eight farm families. A cd License applications dropped in May the second month in a Row they declined May applications 430,421. April 515,000. March 600,000 a comments Are invited and questions of general interest Are answered in tins column volume of mail precludes personal reply. Address citizens on radio in care of the Enterprise Box 1009, High Point 27261. Roselli s body was found stuffed in a Cha in wrapped Oil or urn in Biscayne Bay off the Florida coast last weekend. He had told Senate investigators about his role in a Cia plan to use mafia figures to assassinate Castro the plot was never carried out Levi s decision followed requests from Senate intelligence committee members who urged the department to take Over the investigation. Department attorneys had ruled earlier that the Fri had no jurisdiction because there were no apparent violations of Federal Law in the slaying of Roselli. Murder is not usually a Federal crime Levi has now decided to launch the Fri probe under a Federal Law that makes it a crime to obstruct proceedings before congressional committees Havel said Havel said the attorney general decided to Send the Fri into the Roselli Case Ford s position on Panama canal makes platform by Edmond Lebreton associated press writer Kansas City. To. Apr republicans gathering monday to nominate a presidential candidate Wall find a platform built not exclusively either to president Ford s or Ronald Reagan s specifications. Ford supporters won some mainly defensive Battles Friday As the platform committee finished its draft after five Days and nights of work the convention has the final say on the party statement and some disputes were expected to be carried to the floor. Ford committee members turned Back a drive to rewrite the Plank on the Panama canal in terms reflecting Reagan s insistence on . A sovereignty Quot Over the canal zone. The accepted Plank while insisting on preservation of . Rights recited the treaty provision that the United states acquired jurisdiction As a if it were the Sovereign a the distinction was considered important in the eight year negotiations with sovereignty conscious Panama Over the future of the canal similarly Ford members were Able to hold the com Mittee to provisions on diplomacy in Africa and toward the two chivas that avoided any implied criticism of Ford and Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger the Reagan forces however succeeded in writing what they considered tougher language into several planks on defense and foreign affairs. John Sears Reagan Campaign manager told reporters Quot we continue to be very satisfied Quot with the Content of the platform. One of the Ford emissaries who kept in close touch with the committee also said his Side is satisfied with the document and planned no fights. However some Reagan loyalists and other conservatives were planning appeals to the full convention and All committee members were briefed or the rules for such procedure. The committee reversed itself on a previous decision and drastically toned Down a Plank that originally called for consideration of ending Federal Aid to schools and instead letting the states take Over the Federal excise tax on tobacco members who hold elective office said most Republican strikes stunted Industry growth after Quot communicating with the people up on Capitol Hill to determine what Roselli told the he declined to elaborate. Roselli once was the West coast lieutenant of Chicago mobster Sam Giancana who also was involved in the Cia plot against Castro Giancana was murdered in his Chicago Home in june 1975, just before he was to have been summoned to testify before Senate investigators the Giancana murder has Nevei been solved. Because of a Lack of Federal jurisdiction the Fri did not investigate that Case. I what s inside amusements11a bridge13a classified ads 14-17a comics.10a crossword 12a editorials4a obituaries .3a sports8-9a television Section b weather.7 a Washington a strikes helped stunt the nations Industrial growth in july limiting production increases to the smallest margin in nine months the Federal Reserve Board says. That a bad news if you re looking for work the Industrial sector accounts for about one third of the nation s jobs and slow growth there creates a dampening effect on the creation of new jobs performance in the Industrial sector should be helped in future months now that settlements of a prolonged rubber Industry strike and a Coal mine work stoppage apparently have been reached output of factories mines and utilities for july Rose two tenths of i per cent compared to a four tenths of i per cent Rise in june the july increase was the smallest since october s one tenth of i per cent Rise. So far. However the Economy has managed to recover slowly paced by services and other sectors the Economy As a whole surpassed pre recession production peaks this Spring but the Federal Reserve Index released Friday shows the Industrial sector is still l l per cent below the june 1974 Peak making a Strong Advance was the output of materials used to produce cars appliances and other durable goods Industrial production is currently to. I per cent ahead of where it was a year ago. And 16.7 per cent ahead of where it was when the recession apparently ended in March 1975. Federal officials say production of consumer goods was unchanged in july with Auto assemblies edging off slightly even after allowance for Model changeovers. Soviet Moon probe enters orbit Moscow a the soviet unions unmanned Moon probe Luna 24 went into orbit around the Moon Early today the soviet news Agency Tass reported it said All systems aboard the Craft were functioning normally. The satellite was launched aug 9 and a flight correction was carried out aug la. The Agency said Tass said Luna 24 entered a circular orbit 69 Miles above the surface of the Moon circling the Earth a satellite Ever hour and 59 minutes the soviets have not said whether they intend to land the probe on the Moon nuclear regulatory commission halts Power Plant construction by Richard Carelli associated press writer Washington a the nuclear regulatory commission says it is sharply curtailing operations at new nuclear Power plants and Banning further Plant construction until it re evaluates environmental dangers posed by fuel reprocessing and handling of atomic wastes while the arc action will not affect those nuclear plants already producing electricity it places a moratorium on new construction and limits newly constructed plants to producing Only i per cent of their capacity. Those restrictions will be enforced until the study is completed which is expected to be sept. 30 of its study finds that present rules inadequately Deal with fuel reprocessing and waste disposal new regulations will be drafted for the nations 59 nuclear plants licensed for full operation an arc spokesman said. The action announced Friday by Bernard Rusch director of the a Rcd a office of nuclear reactor regulation is in response to a pair of . Court of appeals decisions last july 21 saying the commission did t pay enough attention to environmental issues in granting licenses to plants in Vermont and Michigan a the whole area of fuel reprocessing and waste management has been looked at for the last few years and we have accumulated a lot of information since those cases in 1973 and �?T74,&Quot an arc spokesman said a that s Why we think we can compile the information in a relatively Short time and come up with the answers a whether or not we need a new set of Peter Straus arc general counsel said during fridays news briefing that the commission had begun examining its regulations when the court ruled a we did Start the review some time ago but we did t Start it in the particular form that the court of appeals called for Quot he said the two cases involved an operating License for the Vermont Yankee Power corp Plant at Vernon vt., and a construction License for consumer Power co s Midland. Mich., station in the Michigan Case the court ordered the arc also to consider whether Energy conservation programs might be an alternative to building a nuclear Power Plant permits for fuel loading and testing at i per cent of the Plant s on line capacity Are still being granted by the a arc such permits were granted Friday to the Baltimore Gas and electric co for a unit at the Calvert Cliffs nuclear Power station in Lusby md., and the Public service electric and Gas co. For a unit at a Salem no generating station the arc said its action delays construction permits for these plants Gulf states utilities River Bend Plant at St Francisville la two Washington Public Power Supply system units at Satsop Wash. The same company a unit at Richland. Wash Florida Power amp Light St. Lucie Plant at fort Pierce fla., and the Wolf Creek unit at Burlington Kan owned jointly by the Kansas Gas and electric co and the Kansas City Power and Light co candidates even the candidate for president could not run on such a platform Senate Republican Leader Hugh Scott said its adoption might inspire the slogan a buy the Weed so the kids can the committee dropped All mention of tobacco and simply called for a study of ways in which the Federal government might withdraw from school financing and substitute other sources of Revenue for the local districts. The drafters also approved a Plank calling for lifting of Price controls from Oil and newly discovered natural Gas and opposing breakup of major Oil companies. Some disputes Between the two candidates could carry Over into the initial meeting today of the convention s rules committee s. African Blacks arrested Johannesburg South Africa apr police have arrested at least 50 Black leaders in a nationwide crackdown on Black nationalist groups following rioting in which 29 persons died and too others were injured. Black sources said. Police were on nationwide Alert for the third Day today. Authorities rushed reinforcements Friday to Cape town scene of the violence. The minister of police warned Black nationalists not to foment trouble an promised a better Deal for Blacks a few Small outbreaks of violence were reported Friday after two Days of bloody rioting in Black townships outside Cape town most of the deaths came As police fired on Blacks. Gen Jan Visser head of the 130 police reinforcements flown to Cape town from Johannesburg said. A i have been sent Down to put a Stop to the rioting Here and that is just what i am thing to he said 25 per cent of those who died had been killed by their own people Gen Gert Prinsloo South Africa s police com missioner confirmed in Pretoria that a number of Blacks were being held under the recently enacted internal Security act but declined to give details the act provides for detention without trial Black sources said those arrested were mostly leaders of Black nationalist groups including mrs Winnie Mandela 42. Wife of imprisoned Black nationalist Nelson Mandela and a member of the Black parents association in Soweto Soweto is the huge Black township near Johannesburg where rioting that killed 176 persons began in june Nelson Mandela now serving a life term in prison Heads the banned african National Congress which minister of police James t. Kruger has said May be partly responsible for the recent violence. Kruger said South africans 4 2 million Whites in a population of 25 million must not lash Back at Black disturbances. Arms and ammunition dealers reported Whites Rushing to buy weapons after the first two Days of violence in the Cape town area Kruger said the government would move quickly to give Blacks a better Deal under South Africa s apartheid policy of segregation and separate development of the races a we will have to give the Black Man so Many things Basic to him and his life that he will believe in us and in separate development so the Black Man can say if this is what i get from this policy and these hands then i am satisfied Quot a Kruger told a meeting of the ruling National party in Durban prime minister John Vorster has called a special meeting sept to of National party members of parliament

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