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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 15, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather the High Point Enterprise Call us circulate of classified ads 88s-21t7 other depts. M5-till 92nd year no. 228 High Point n. C., sunday morning August 15, 1976 118 pages daily 15e, sunday 35<vice president at Center of first gop fight Kansas City to. Apr Ronald Reagan s Campaign manager indicated saturday the bid to Force president Ford to name his prospective running mate would be the principal test of strength before the presidential balloting at the Republican National convention. John Sears told a news conference the Reagan forces would fight in the convention rules committee and if necessary on the floor for adoption of their proposal to require presidential candidates to designate before the presidential balloting whom they would choose As a running mate. At the same time Sears downplayed other potential conflicts including platform issues. He released the text of a letter Reagan sent to All members of the platform committee in which he praised them for producing a a platform draft with great Reagan said told them they had written a planks of which you can be proud a but added that he was still examining the document. A it May be that some matters should come before the entire convention for consideration a he said thus leaving open the possibility of floor fights on platform issues. Shortly before Sears met with reporters Richard Hermann Fords key adviser on convention rules told a news conference that he was certain the Reagan forces planned to make their big push on the vice presidential Rule. Hermann an Omaha neb., trucking company official said Ford supporters were determined to oppose the rules change. A we have a very definite majority on the rules committee a Hermann said. The matter is scheduled to come up before the rules panel on sunday. Like Sears Hermann indicated there were no plans for All out fights on other proposed rules changes. Both men said they did no to think a proposal to require delegates to abide by state Laws binding them to primary election results would have a significant effect on the presidential balloting that Rule was proposed by Ford strategists they Are concerned about the possibility some delegates pledged by state Laws to Ford but who prefer Reagan might abstain on the first ballot in an attempt to deny the president the nomination Hermann said the Ford Camp would oppose a proposal to give the presidential candidates an Opportunity to address the convention for ten minutes each before the balloting on the nomination. A the candidates have been touring the United states for a Good Long period of time the Public generally has had an Opportunity to make a decision Quot he said. Hermann said he Felt there was a a Little bit of imagery involved in the proposal. Sears did no to dispute Hermann a assessment of the relative strengths of the two candidates on the rules committee. But he said Reagan had enough votes on the panel to ensure that he could bring any Issue to the floor for a vote of the full convention. The Reagan Campaign manager repeated the position he had taken All week that Quot the vast majority of the delegates would like to know who or. Ford is going to run with if he gets the Reagan s declared Choice for the vice presidential nomination sen. Richard s Schweiker of Pennsylvania arrived in Kansas City on saturday and told an Airport rally a i am on the ticket to his statement was in response to reports that Reagan was under pressure from conservative backers to drop him because of his Liberal voting record on Domestic issues in los Angeles Reagan told a group of Young supporters that he chose Schweiker because the Republican party was ready to a write off the northeastern states and Cut them off a before he had a Long meeting with the Penn Sylvania senator to discuss positions on issues Reagan said a the name Schweiker was not one that would come to but after they talked he said he found they had Many views in common. Vice president Nelson a. Rockefeller headed for Kansas City and told reporters he was standing by his decision to remove himself from Contention for the vice presidential nomination a that is the position As i leave for Kansas City a he said As he boarded his plane in new York. But a close Friend and adviser to Ford former rep. Melvin Laird told a news conference at the Ford convention Headquarters that he thought Rockefeller would be the Best possible Choice for a Ford running mate. Laird said he did not think Ford had made a decision on the no. 2 spot and added he had no Way of knowing if the president had dropped some names from the list of possibilities the convention platform committee completed work Friday on a statement of party positions on foreign and Domestic issues. Gov Robert d. Ray of Iowa chairman of the platform committee said he was confident either Ford or Reagan Quot could live with this Ray a Ford supporter who is among those being considered by the president As a possible running mate said he Felt the platform expressed a a conservative mood with an a emphasis on less big asked if he anticipated floor fights on individual platform planks. Ray said. A possibly i dont the deadline for filing minority reports on the plat form is 4 ., Edt monday Sears said the Reagan Camp was a quite pleased with How things came out in the platform but he said some areas including some foreign policy planks still were under study. Even if neither the Ford nor the Reagan Camp decides to wage floor fights Over platform planks conservative delegates still might try to change the wording of some planks including those on the Panama canal and detente when the platform is presented tuesday night to the full convention for ratification some of the vice presidential pressure on Ford came from delegates who were As interested in having him Rule out some possibilities As they were in learning his final Choice. Washington a president Ford signed into Law saturday a major Energy Bill that will boost gasoline prices up to one half cent a gallon and provide $2 billion in Long term guarantees to encourage Energy saving efforts by Large users the new Law also extends the life of the Federal Energy administration for 17 More months until dec 31, 1977 it provides a variety of incentives to produce More Domestic Oil including the lifting of crude Oil Price con for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Ever it request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Veterans administration offices q. I just got out of service and i want to know where the veterans administration is in High Point. I want to go to school and want to talk to somebody. I have a Little bit of knowledge and i can to find a Job. . A the veterans service number is listed with those of Guilford county. Their office is at 258 s main St they la be glad to talk to you about educational benefits you re entitled to. Trouble on the streets q. The Plant where we work is out on Porter and when we come to Surrett and try to turn at the Corner of Finch and Surrett it is just impossible. You can to even see the Road and the cars just Fly. Aii at the Plant would appreciate it if something could be done about this As it is very dangerous. Thank you a lot. Concerned worker. A. The traffic engineers contacted the property owner who responded promptly by cutting Hie area to provide better visibility with this intersection so near a curve though it is difficult to guarantee sufficient sight distance without Clearing a much larger portion of the lot. Bumpy roads q. Please help regarding the bumps in the streets around Oakview estates caused by the water sewer contractor. The worst Are on old Mill and Aberdeen though there Are others. None has been repaved flush and smooth with the existing Road. Two places on old Mill Are dip bumps. The dirt fill on which new pavement was placed was not packed Down and keeps settling. One has been repaved a second time but is still sinking. A very wide Cut Over 20 feet of Road length was rut at Benbrook on old Mill. It was very roughly repaved and is bumpy. Several places on Aberdeen were filled too full so they Are Hump bumps. Are there any requirements by the . Highway commission that the contractor is supposed to conform to if so when will he repair the bumps and make them smooth flush with the existing Road if no specifications were prepared for the contractor who is responsible for failure to provide them or. W r. A the patches Are temporary repairs and will be replaced with permanent repaving of the Cut areas acceptable to the . Let ept. Of transportation prior to acceptance of the project from the contractor according to City Engineer Jim Oliver. Sound off i have been Reading comments by the Telephone companies about the savings they Are enjoying Mone it and reduced personnel. Well Good for them but who compensates the poor subscribers who Are on the receiving end of an increasing number of miscally since instituting limited directory assistance Many callers will dial from memory rather than checking it out. And we have to drop whatever we Are doing to answer the phone Only to Tell them the person they Are asking for does no to live Here. Just this week i had three of them from different people in one hour. Then i have had the same party Call several times before they would give up. And i have had the same voice one wanting a Greensboro number dealing my number simply because they eliminated the number one digit. Please emphasize that people do not appreciate these inconveniences any More than they do the Telephone solicitors. And to know their number before dealing and dial it correctly. I pay for a private phone and want Only legitimate Calls. Or. . Trois from Wells producing less than to barrels of Oil a Day. Such Quot strippers Wells account for about 15 per cent of the nation s Oil production and the incentives translate into $1 billion a year added to the Price Consumers pay for Domestic Oil products according to congressional Energy specialists the specialists said that in the Case of gasoline this will account for an increase for Consumers of about one half cent a gallon. Stripper Well production had been free from Federal Price controls prior to enactment of an Energy Law last december the exemption contained in the new Law allows stripper Well prices to climb from Al 63 to roughly $13 18 a barrel. The new Law also provides incentives for Energy conservation in Industry and Homes such As a up to $2 billion in Federal loan guarantees to Small businesses universities hospitals local governments and others to install Energy saving equipment with a limit of $5 million per applicant a a three year $200 million program of Grants to help Low income families insulate their Homes. A a three year $200 million demonstration program to encourage other Home owners to insulate their Homes to save fuel a some $105 million for state conservation Grants to give owners of Homes and other buildings information about Energy saving methods. The Bill started out As a simple Extension of the life of the Federal Energy administration but As it made its Way through Congress a number of Energy conservation measures some of them part of the presidents conservation program were added. The Fea technically expired last month but its Energy programs have been run temporarily through the White House at the president s order Congress finished the legislation and sent it to the White House last tuesday. Ford decided to give it his attention before leaving sunday for the Republican National convention inside Reading trying to Cope. Page 2d Early american Frontier. Page i in gun sales proliferate. Editorials. Women s news. Sports. Television. Entertainment pages 13, 14, 15c obituaries. Classified. Heavy afternoon rain flooded backyard at 1052 Montue photo by Sonny Nedye Cocio Rains bring Good news and bad from Enterprise staff reports the heavy Rains which hit High Point saturday afternoon and evening will be a help to area crops but produced a rash of trouble for local residents police and fire officials falling Trees and fuses blown due to lightning caused Brief Power outages across the City some sections of the Northeast were without Power for 20-25 minutes during the afternoon the Power pole at the Hickory Chapel Road transformer was struck by lightning and fire officials were called to the scene but no fire resulted and no major damage was done to the transformer . Williams director of City utilities reported that most problems were resolved quickly. Lightning struck a House at 2709 Ingram Street shorting out the wiring but causing no fire according to fire department officials. The fire department was also called to Astor dowdy towers. Where a Power outage left four people trapped in an elevator tile total rainfall received saturday according to reports from the Kivett drive filter Plant was 2.53 inches in the previous 13 Days of August Only 81 inches was recorded at the filter Plant. Afternoon Rains came in two showers one beginning around 3 . And lasting for approximately l z hours pouring 2 30 inches in that time period. Another Shower came at approximately 7 30 bringing an additional 23 inches of rain there was a rash of minor wrecks but no major injuries were reported according to police several traffic lights across the City were knocked out by the storm creating the Day s major problem for police but there was no need for Exon in s. Contracts a Aspin firm s profit 114,000 per cent Washington a rep Les Aspin asserted saturday that Chrysler corp stood to make a 114,000 per cent profit on an army tank contract in 1975 $25 million on an investment of $22,000. The Wisconsin Democrat said Chrysler expected to make the extraordinary profit because it builds the m60a1 tanks in a Plant owned by the army and so risked Only $22,000 of its own Money. A Chrysler spokesman responded that Aspinw a statement Quot indicates a Complete Lack of understanding of the economics of defense contracting in general and the tank contract in Chrysler said the contract would oblige it to undertake assembling a Large team of workers and managers Deal with other firms and other activities which Quot involve management responsibilities totalling hundreds of millions of dollars with risks All along the Aspin said he was not suggesting Chrysler should get Only a 5 per cent profit a Normal margin above the $22,000 for building the army s mainstay tank. Quot but i am suggesting that the planned profit of $25 million. Is a substantial amount for a firm that put up virtually no Money whatsoever and was involved in no measurable he said. But Chrysler said that it anticipates making a 5 per cent profit on the tanks Aspin also asserted that Chrysler proposed to build the tanks for $375,000 each but reduced that to $317,000 when the army challenged the bid Quot this leads to Only one conclusion in my mind a Chrysler was trying to see How much it could get away with a Aspin said. Aspin said Chrysler also proposed in 1974 to boost its Price for fire control systems for the tanks to $38,900 each from $10,200 but came Down to $16,454 when challenged by the army. A something is seriously wrong when a contractor thinks he can Jack the Price up almost four times Quot Aspin said tra personnel to be called in. Minor flooding occurred in several parts of the City including the Back Yard of Gail Teasley at 1052 Mon lieu which was two feet under water by mid afternoon Quot it always floods when it Rains hard Quot is Teasley reported. Quot i tried to get the City to put in a Drain but they told me it s my responsibility to do it a is. Teasley said a Creek which runs behind her House regularly overflows into her backyard when it Rains. Flooding also occurred on West Ray Street near the intersection with rotary drive and at several other places in the City most of the flood Waters had subsided within two hours after the storm John Carroll agricultural Extension agent said saturday night that the Rains would be a help to the county s soybean Hay and late Corn crops Carroll noted that Many of the vegetable gardens especially those in the Northern part of town see Rains on a five die Florida scare calms quickly Boynton Beach Fla apr an illness that killed five elderly residents of a nursing Home and briefly affected 19 others May have been caused by a heat wave and chronic malfunction of an air conditioner health officials said saturday. Only three of the 19 residents who survived the illness still had fevers and remained in isolation saturday afternoon said or. Robert Lumish of the Federal Center for disease control in Atlanta no new cases were reported among the other 70 patients at the Boulevard Manor nursing Home. The latest of the patients to die was Katherine Siegrist 92 she died late Friday. Quot this has calmed Down very quickly a Lumish said of the illness Quot we Don t have it All sorted out yet but it does t seem very scientists performed Laboratory tests on blood urine and tissue samples from affected residents in a search for a biological cause officials said tests might not be completed for several Days but they seemed to lean toward the theory that the already ill weak elderly people could not withstand temperatures that reached into the Low 90s this past week. Symptoms were High fever lethargy sore Throat and coughing a these Are All quite elderly chronically diseased patients Quot said or James Howell of the Palm Beach county health department a they Don t have much endurance to Cope with an insult to their bodies Earle Kimble tile Home s administrator said the Central air conditioning unit broke Down monday and was not repaired until Friday but employees and patients relatives said it had not been working properly for weeks a i Don t know How you can to get sick in there a said Sylvia Erlichman whose 82 year old Mother Dora Erlichman is in the Home. A the air conditioning has been out All will boost gasoline prices Ford signs Energy Bill

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