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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 14, 1976, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise saturday afternoon August 14, 1976 Page 2a Appeal filed after Conrad sentenced Lexington defense attorney for Vermont Conrad. Joe Beisecker. Filed notice of Appeal after Conrad was convicted Friday and sentenced to 25 years for kidnapping a 17-year-old St. Louis. To girl. Mildred Nanette Wayne the main prosecution witness testified during the trial that Conrad detained her against her will and forced her to work As a prostitute miss Wayne admitted during the course of the trial that at first she willingly became a prostitute at the Shangrila Motel it was later that she changed her mind. She said. But could not leave the Motel because of threats and intimidation by Conrad judge Forrest Ferrell gave Conrad to Days in which to Post Bond or be ordered to Central prison in Raleigh the jury deliberated about 2 hours and 45 minutes in arriving at their verdict when the verdict was announced and sentence passed. Conrad s w Ife. Who sat beside him during the trial and a daughter and his Mother broke into tears the nine Man and three woman jury heard miss Wayne testify that Conrad sitting in the presence of shotguns and a Nightstick threatened to take her behind the Motel and shoot her during the trial the defense tried to demonstrate that while miss Wayne was contributions spending increases for candidates by Jim Hawkins Enterprise staff writer Greensboro a candidates seeking nomination to Guilford county elective posts and to represent the county in the legislature stepped up their political efforts during june and july ahead of the approaching aug. 17 primary election to build their Overall spending to More than $48,500. Contributions also increased sharply above the first reports to reach approximately $53,100 by the end of the reporting period on july 31. Figures at the Guilford county Board of elections office show that Jim Hecke jr., a Democrat seeking nomination to the House of representatives has received the most contributions $6,003 and spent the most Money $4,052. John f. Yeattes jr., a Democrat seeking nomination to the Post of District judge proved to be second in spending with $3,963 and in contributions with $4,200. Third place in both categories went to w. Eugene Johnston a Republican seeking election to the state Senate who reported $3,622 in spending and contributions of $3,703. Spending and contributions by individual candidates to Date Are As follows with figures for the june july period in parentheses. House of representatives George h. Bemus Republican $33.78 $33.78 spent and $135 $135 received Patrick Boardman Republican $48 spent $48 and $48 received $48 Henry Frye Democrat $167 $167 received and $73 $25 spent. Thomas o. Gilmore Democrat $2,-436 $2,301 in contributions and $1,057 $855 spent Irene Hill Democrat nothing in contributions and $896 $845 in expenses Margaret Keesee Republican $98 in contributions 0 and $49 0 in expenses Victor Lott Republican nothing in contributions and $158 $110 in expenses. Mark Mcdaniel Democrat $3,000 $2,250 in contributions and $2,775 $2,-227 in expenses David j. Moore Democrat $577 $577 in contributions and $505 $457 in spending James f. Morgan Democrat $1,943 $1,870 in contributions and $1,703 $1,655 in expenses Thomas b. Sawyer Democrat $3,254 $1,451 and $2,725 $922 in expenses. Mary p. Seymour Democrat. $1,950 $1,395 in contributions and $1,662 $1,-515 in spending David Shavin labor a total of $2.06 in contributions and in spending All in the report time w. M. Short Democrat $720 $720 in contributions and $958 $910 in expenses Jim Hecke jr., Democrat $6,003 $3,990 in contributions and $4,057 $2,-942 in spending. Charles e. Webb Democrat $887 $839 in contributions and $862 $814 in spending Donald c. White Republican. $299 $192 in contributions and $267 $204 in expenses state Senate Rachel Gray Democrat $835 $830 in contributions and $439 $391 in expenses w. Eugene Johnson Republican $3,703 $3,655 in contributions and $3,622 $3,574 in expenses Manley c. Lewis labor $48 0 in contributions and $48 0 in expenses j. A. Mills Democrat $48 0 in contributions and $390 $342 in expenses Katherine Sebo Democrat $1,904 $1,814 in contributions and $1,-480 $1,432 in expenses Michael Smedberg labor $2.06 $2.06 in contributions and $2.06 $2 06 in expenses Mcneill Smith. Democrat $50 $50 in contributions and $139 0 in expenses. District judges Elreta Alexander Republican $235 0 in expenses and $10 $10 in contributions Robert l. Cecil Democrat $935 $700 in contributions and $566 $331 in expenses Dari Fowler Republican $990 $580 in contributions and $511 $508 in expenses b. Gordon Gentry Democrat no contributions see contributions on 7a Calls candidacy part of National trend o Herron defends Road. School plans living at the Shangrila. She had Opportunity on numerous occasions to escape if she desired friends of Conrad were called for the defense to testify about the state of mind of miss Wayne. Biesecker tried to demonstrate that miss Wayne was pleased at All times with her Job and that she generally presented a contented Demeanour. The prosecution chipped away at the defense Contention that miss Wayne had Opportunity for escape however each of the defense witnesses upon examination by the prosecutor stated that they did not know anything about what went on in the Shangrila Motel defense witnesses also admitted that they did not know whether miss Wayne was intimidated by Conrad As a result of their slight knowledge of the Motel operations City Halls Detroit a the mayor Here is bringing City Hall to the people in addition to his main office mayor Coleman Young has set up 12 neighbourhood City Halls throughout the City to help bring City services Dover to its citizens the mini Aly Halls help residents with applications for birth or death records voter registration complaints. Fire prevention inspections and other Community needs by Carol Wilson Utley Enterprise staff writer democratic gubernatorial candidate de o Herron Friday described his candidacy As part of a growing trend across the country to elect non politicians to office. In a speech before the High Point kiwanis club the Charlotte businessman pointed to gov. Jerry Brown of California whom he described As a a Jesuit seminarian Quot As Well As others elected to office in the past year Quot outside the political a people Are looking for leadership outside professional politics Quot of Herron said. A outside the corruption and the payoffs and the bribery. I am not going to run for the Senate. I have no obligations to any of Herron. Chairman of the Board of Eckerdt a drug store served three terms in the state legislature in the 1950�?Ts but has not been directly involved with state government since then although he has served on state advisory boards. Repeatedly during his Campaign of Herron has described it. Gov. Jim Hunt his principal opponent As a professional politician with a political machine behind him. Of Herron also sounded the familiar themes of his Campaign saying the people Are interested in solving the problems of economic development education crime and transportation. He briefly outlined his position on each Issue. Of Herron defended his $300 million Highway Bond proposal against criticism from at least one opponent that the state needs a pay As you go policy. Sen. Thomas Strickland. Had said that of Herrons proposal would mean an almost certain Rise in gasoline taxes a when you buy a House you done to pay for it All. When you buy a car you Don t pay for it All a of Herron said. A Why we be using the roads while we Are paying for them. I be done my Homework a we can pay for it with the present debt service Structure a there would be no need for extra taxes. A and we need these roads to get things going in the state a he continued. A we need roads going East to West into our ports if we Are going to diversify the location of our Industry newest education proposal which Calls for spending $18.5 million to reduce the classroom size in the first three school grades from 26 students per teacher to 23 a if we had a i to to ratio that would be great but it s not practical a o Herron said. A i will work in the future to reduce the class sizes further. But from a practical standpoint this is the most we can do now. Other factors have to be considered we want to lower the classroom size so much As to put a Burden on our local systems to build More o Herron said his proposal a could be worked into immediately with current classroom capacity. He said his entire plan would involve lowering class sizes in All grades at a Cost of $51 million but that he had t proposed the entire plan because it was just too costly right now earlier in the Day. At a see o Herron on 3a gubernatorial candidate de of Herron cd at open House meets Sam Burford l and d s. Lee at Campaign Headquarters shooting burglary reported to police High Point police Friday received reports of a shooting and a first degree burglary. Willie James leak 27. Of Loflin Street said that he and some friends were at the Hillside recreation Center when a Man walked up and started swinging at him with hts fists leak said the Man then went to a nearby House came Back out with a 38-caliber pistol and fired several shots. One Bullet struck leak in the left shoulder he indicated he would take out a warrant but there was no record of an arrest today Ineal Gaines of Amos Street said Friday that she was awakened by a noise and found a teen age Man standing in the living room of her Home she said she screamed and her son came into the room and chased the intruder but failed to catch him. Is. Gaines said she later found that the burglar had been in her bedroom and emptied her purse onto the floor. The Only thing known missing was 52 cents. Police said the burglar entered an unlocked screen door on the front of the House police said today that a sizeable motor vehicle break in and an attempt to steal a pickup truck from the Holiday inn parking lot on w. Green drive were probably related officers said that a truck owned by Roger air corp of Martinsville and driven by Donald Hodges of it. 3. Ridgeway va., was entered and then moved across the parking lot where it hit another vehicle. The truck was then driven to the other Side of the lot an abandoned after a $75 pm converter was removed. Hodges said he had left the keys in a Courtesy Box inside the vehicle. Another vehicle parked in the Motel lot was entered and a tape player tapes briefcase clothes and other items totalling $1,535 were taken the vehicle belonged to Edward j. Cylke of Ellijay a. Allen Abney of Olga Street said that burglars entered his Home and removed $16 Worth of canned foods there was no sign of forced entry. George Kinney of it 7, Greensboro said that a $150 citizen s band radio was taken from his car parked on the lot of Mayberry on s. See shooting on 3a woman Hurt in 3-car Accident Violet Stevens Johnson of Chestnut drive was taken to High Point memorial Hospital for treatment Friday after her car and two other vehicles were involved in a wreck at 3 p m on English Road at West Point Avenue. The other Drivers were Pearl Smith Corn of Dogwood Circle and Herbert Smith Ingram jr., 53, of Hedrick Street Ingram was charged with following too closely. Willie Mack Mcintyre 17, of Richard Street and his passenger. John Mcintyre 15, were slightly injured Friday in a wreck on Kivett drive at Pendleton Street the other Driver operating a truck was Nelson Edward Dement. 37, of Durham Mcintyre was charged with exceeding a Safe Speed the High Point Enterprise t�lat>l>�h#0 m4 Putli Shtil t try allusion a a sunday Vio Frimu an n Diel no it in a paper pub idea by Tim High Poni Enterprise in. 7>0 Chun avens n c 2?2 it Vbk or Thi associated press Raus by payable n a vane i i or a to j to i to daily Ana sunday u. Of Sii of Homi is so sunday Only Sii to i Iosa is is so by c Arr i any Soo Vonty Siso or 142 of Vail Vucicu pm on n n u sublet 0 4% laity a a the Altun or by if tryt it id 0 la ult to Yeti eduction of ail local by or no a m Twy paper at Nav an a Wavy do spa Chat Enir Uay Tuiono i any Quot Atter Aih Poy or Ica High rom n c under act of Tafth i he sat on Clayy pin a pad a High n c ail cattery Datery Ane Sanfri Butfoy aft incl cadent com act a and the High pull Pete Prii inc ii no Ripon Yible Tor Advance Tuftie Ripton payment in de to Hie Quot or their for hint delivery rate Lunier i a qut local Carrier Tendon attic lefty National adverting Ftp ratan a Ivet on Check charge a. Mem x defendant gets prison term District court judge Walter Clark thursday sentenced Roger Moore 17, of Vail Street to two years in prison. Moore had been charged with attempting to utter pass a forged Check but was found guilty of issuing a worthless Check Moore was Given a two year suspended sentence placed on probation and fined $100 and costs on a charge of forcible trespassing voluntary dismissals were taken in three larceny counts against Moore Tommy l. Wiles 28, of High Point was Given a four month Active sentence on a charge of Misdemeanour breaking and entering. Steve Ronald Stutts of Wilma Avenue was Given a six month Active sentence on a charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor he gave notice of Appeal. A motion for Nonsuit was allowed in a charge of carrying a concealed weapon no probable cause was found in two counts of receiving stolen goods against Elbert Caldwell Miller of Fairview Street. Charles Kennings George or. 29. Of Standwood Circle was Given a two year suspended sentence placed on probation and was fined $500 and costs Ruth Adelaide Farlow 17, of it i Randleman was placed on probation and fined $100 and costs both defendants were charged with four counts of Possession of drugs James Cletus Turner 17, of Kanoy trailer Park in Randolph county was Given a four month suspended sentence placed on probation and was fined $100 and costs for preparation to commit burglary. Gwendolin e. Leath 20, and Cornelius Lee Williams 21. Both of Greensboro were bound Over to Superior court after probable cause was found against them on charges of Possession of Ltd. Williams was Given a 60-Day suspended sentence and was fined $25 and costs on a charge of Possession of marijuana. He gave notice of Appeal a charge of Misdemeanour Possession of marijuana against Tommy Lee Brown 19, of Central Avenue was dismissed. Also dismissed were charges of machine breaking and entering against Ernest Clyde Lyons 20, of Hendrix Street and Michael Eugene Williams. 19. Of n. Main Street Edwin Carol Johnson. 28, of Green Oak drive was Given a 60-Day Active sentence on a charge of Drunken driving he gave notice of Appeal. Charles Evans Talley 60, of Westover drive was Given a 90-Day suspended sentence and was fined $100 and costs for Drunken driving six wounded in shootout at Asheboro by Don Wrenn Enterprise staff writer Asheboro a six persons including two bystanders were wounded Early saturday morning in a shootout at Tommy s drive in restaurant and a nearby trailer in North Asheboro police report. Two of the victims suffered Eye injuries and were admitted to Randolph Hospital. Asheboro police Randolph deputies Randleman officers and members of the state Highway patrol were All called out to the scene and deputies who were the first to arrive watched As further shots were exchanged Between cars at the drive in and the trailer. Asheboro patrolman John v. Flowers said the Call came in about 12 03 a m saturday. He said when he arrived on the scene two deputies were already there behind their cars calling for the occupants of the trailer to come out he said about this time he saw a girl fall to the pavement at the drive in As shots were fired from the trailer. The people in the trailer finally came out and were ordered to lie on the ground. Police say 18 charges six each All felonies of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury were made against William Alvin Powell 21, Danny Dean Jarrell 20, and Kenneth l. Mcclintock,20, All of Asheboro. A fourth youth Randy Charleton Routh of , Franklinville was charged with shooting into an occupied dwelling the trailer. The wounded All in one car at the drive in included Mary Lou gobble 16, of it. I Sophia Kathy Juanita Mcdowell 23, of Randleman Charles Thomas Routh 40, Driver of the car of it. I Franklinville and Randy Routh 20. The two bystanders not involved wounded were Donald Phillips 18,of it. I Sophia and Linda sue Langley of it. I Liberty. Flowers said the shooting apparently started because of a fight which occurred at the Robin Hood drive in also in Asheboro thursday night and spilled Over into Tommy a drive in Early saturday morning no shots were fired by the officers. Additional charges will be made As the investigation continues Flowers up after fire this is How the ruins of High Points City bus maintenance Center on Kivett drive looks to the operator of a Bulldozer. The Bulldozer was on the property Friday to remove the rubble left by a fire monday. The City now estimates the loss at about $150,000. Officials Hope to get a Federal Aid in replacing the facility. Photo by Cri Petree i i

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