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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 8, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Iga High Point Enterprise sunday August 8, 197fiaccused kidnappers led casual comfortable lives by Sid Moody a new features writer san Francisco Adah three of them were up in the Remote Sierra when they Eagle eyed the rusting carcass of a dead car they could t resist cars Drew them like Buzzards to a fallen animal. The dead ones. Cars they could resurrect from the junk Heap discards that could live again if you had the patience the ingenuity the skills these they had they were dismantling the Carburettor when police drove by. One of the three apologetically told the officers they thought the car abandoned a it had Bullet holes in it and nonetheless the police took them in on a charge of felony joyriding eventually they pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of Auto tampering paid $125 fines and completed a year s probation. A Mother lode some one said later the a a crime took place oct. 6, 1974, in Sierra county population 2.500 in the most populous state in the Union. Once it was the Northern extremity of Gold Rush country. A 141-Pound Nugget had been found not far from tiny Downieville the county seat. A very clean Cut Nice kids. A said Richard Campbell the local lawyer who defended them. A they definitely weren t criminal Mother lode Justice or not. Formalities were observed Mug shots were taken of the three and duly sent along to some master file to gather dust a until last month when that master file made the three suspects in the abduction of 26 children on a school bus and their Driver Tao different worlds owning ones own car is the first rite of manhood for most of the kids in the Sun tanned suburbs that stretch like movie lots Down the san Francisco Peninsula. The setting is a gift of the Sun Palms line the boulevards. Residential roads thread through eucalyptus Groves and Snake up into the Foothills of the coastal Range past live Oaks and swelling Meadows of Golden Rye grass. Here Many of the wealthy have settled into one Story ranch Homes that Terrace the Hills Cape. Bronzed joggers and bicyclists Lope among the blossoming shrubs it is also horse country palominos appaloosas. But for 16-year-Olds, tree on the Road for the first time it is cars cars bought with the Hus banding of allowances and Lawn mowing and House paintings the three were of that Mold one lived on a 78-acre estate in the Hills of Portola Valley behind the sprawling red tiled academic Mission that is Stanford University he was Frederick Newhall Woods. 22 in 1974 the other two. Brothers. James and Richard Schoenfeld lived five Miles away in the town and Gentry suburb of Atherton the three had All gone to High school together in Woodside. James was Woods age. Richard two years younger some College had followed but theirs was a casual life careers could come later. They worked occasionally at Odd jobs but buying and renovating derelict cars trucks buses hearses a anything that once had moved a and reselling them filled much of their time and interest. At least for Fred Woods and Jim Schoenfeld it was a comfortable slice of the Good life under the umbrella of their Well to do parents. One Hundred and Twenty air Miles away lies another world. The san Joaquin Valley has flowered Only because men have been willing to work its arid soil its constant 100-degree plus summer heat its people include the hardened survivors of the dust bowl of the 30s and their descendants. Harnessing the life giving water of the mountains. They have made a Garden of incredible Bounty and variety. But it takes constant Diligence. Even then the living comes hard in Porto a Valley the median family income is $21,144. Its 5.043 residents average slightly More than a four year College education. In a typical town in the Valley Chowchilla say the family median is $6,854, Well below the median National income of $12,000. Chowchilla 4.500 residents average 9.8 years of schooling. Even its Trees work not Lawn ornamental but almonds peaches walnuts in Groves that ring the town. There is Little or no Echo of Portola Valley in Chowchilla except Tor an inconsequential coincidence. The Newhall land and farming co from which Fred Woods takes his in idol name owns 12.000 acres not far from Chowchilla this Fred Woods knew origins the Newhall company stems from a remarkable forty niner from Saugus. Mass., named Henry Mayo Newhall who arrived in san Francisco so broke he had to auction off his belongings. Thus enlightened he went into the auction business himself prospered and speculated in railroads and land a Arne of his locomotives set a Speed record for the Peninsula of 67 Miles an hour a and left enough for his five sons to form the Newhall company with holdings of 143,000 acres. The company still exists and last year netted about $8 million on a Gross to times that it has grown with California and owns vast cattle ranches Oil land and the magic Mountain resort near los Angeles need help god anew to our prayer we will Pray for you no string attached it is our Way of serving the lord no one will Contact you unless you specially request it just do this phone 454 4511 a recorder will respond you Don t need to give your name just state your need and we will Pray for you. Then watch your life for the hand of god to move phone 454 4511 or write prayers answered p o. To 154 Jamestown 27282 i need a particular Type Man for men who Are interested in going in business for themselves the major Oil company service station Industry is enjoying it s finest hour. It will be still better in the future for the hard working aggressive individual the financial rewards Are unlimited. It takes three factors for a successful service station. I. Location 2. Product. 3. First class management. We provide the first two you provide the third. We have an excellent location available in Thomasville three Bays situated on a big lot. Amount of business you can do is unlimited. Service station located on extremely Busy thoroughfare and surrounded by a first class residential Community of interested Contact Clarence Alderton Alderton Oil co., for details. Telephone 885-2714 a you expect Moro from Amoco and you got Ilderton Oil co. 714 w. Fairfield. High Point . Phone 885-2714 the company went Public about five years ago. Fred Woods owns 1.385 shares currently trading at about $15 and stands to inherit one thirty sixth of the family a interest a relative said the family is not Only old by California standards. Fred Woods can Trace his ancestry Back to six Mayflower pilgrims including John Alden and Plymouth gov. William Bradford. Woods grandmother mrs Frances Woods first settled in Portola Valley in 1916. Her husband had gone into the Quarry business in the Bay area a Nephew. Scott Newhall a newspaper publisher who ran for mayor of san Francisco in 1971, remembers her As a one of the nicest women in be known a a she loved animals and made her ranch like estate into a rest Home for retired police horses and donkeys who had served out their time giving rides to children at the san Francisco zoo. Now in her 80s and ailing she lives on the property in one of Many outbuildings. Her son Frederick Nickerson Woods Iii lives in the main House an unpretentious two Story stucco building ringed by Sheds containing the Vintage fire engines and old cars he collects. A the collection probably began with his mothers old Pierce Arrow a a Newhall said a they have Strong ties to the like father like son. Fred Woods too made the estate a rest Home for old vehicles dozens of them littering the Meadow around his Bungalow which was in As much need of paint As the cars were of Woods Mechanic s hands. His father 62. Is a Stanford graduate and an old grand Follower of its athletic teams some of which he would entertain at Portola Valley. He had been in the Navy during world War ii when he married Hattie Wright an Honor student at Berkeley. Besides Fred they have a daughter who is retarded. However that has affected them they keep a a very Low profile a in the Community. Bob Davidson who served 20 years on the Portola Valley town Council has never met Woods personally. The family a 78-acre spread called the Hawthorne is simply a presence its houses far from sight behind the Steep Hillocks and the Trees. An aluminium Gate guards one Entrance. There is a no trespassing sign on it. Chip Woods once brandished a gun at someone who disregarded it. The senior Schoenfeldt live equally quiet lives in Atherton. He is a podiatrist a 1949 graduate of the California College of podiatric Medicine Here. He helped work his Way through As a credit company collector he and his wife have an older son. Who is married. It is apparently a Well knit family. They All went to Africa several years ago to see the big game. The Woods used to go to Baja California on vacations besides Martha s Vineyard where the Woods and the new Halls have a 700-acre spread. But the son seems to have had Little interest in his father s business Woods senior is president of his own father s gravel business Fred reportedly worked there briefly. But he knew his father owned a Quarry near Livermore in the Hills overlooking the san Joaquin Valley. Livermore is about 90 Miles North of Chowchilla. The quiet ones you can look through a the Wildcat a the yearbook of Woodside High school and get a vision of the California dream. Water Polo Blond boys. Airline stewardess pretty girls. A Leafy modern Campus of Low Slung buildings. As Many As 80 per cent of the 2,000 students going on to College. Rick Schoenfeld is not in the Wildcat. He went through in three years and so missed the yearbook. But James and Woods Are. Woods entry says Only a a t r a c. A Schoenfeldt a lists Only a chess a they were of a group that went through without notice of our office for Good or bad is Dfrancis Hutchinson then Dean of boys. But Jim Schoenfeld did attract some notice. A it was his looks a said a classmate who for a time was his closest Friend. A you could no to miss him red hair and the worst Case of acne you Ever saw. He was always the last picked for a team during p e. Then he d get a razing Why can t you hit the ball0 stuff like that. A did it get to him the razing it would have gotten to me but whether it did to him i Don t know. Not too Many got to know him but if you did you could t have had a better the classmates of 70 who remember Woods thought him a a Little weird Quot he carried pictures of cars in his Wallet not exactly a hanging offence but not the Norm on a football hero Pom Pom girl Campus. One classmate says he was a a typical okie Weirdo creep. Too Many pimples and he always smiled the wrong dreams can be cruel to those who done to conform. Rick said a boy who sat in Back of him. Was a the see search on la Ai 19�?� diag. 100% solid state Zenith Chroma color portable television �?T355 5 i Hill r e a built better i a to last longer i j America s #1 Washer n Quot a Quot a a Quot la i i microwave by Frigidaire save time Energy even defrost in minutes. Reg. $399 heavy duty All fabric a Normol Cycle a gentle Cycle a washable baits a durable press a 3 water Levels dryers t00i beginning at Only $269 with Trade Model a106 de Kelly a 4 big locations to serve you la. Bos n. Main St. High Point phone. 115 507f open Mon i Fri. Til 9 Ali other Days til 6 j 271 Commerce i j it so maim win ton Al m 4. Thruway Winsto Sahm

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