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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 8, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy showers possible 92nd year a no. 221 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation mum classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2181 High Point n. Cd a sunday morning August 8, 1976 98 pages daily 15c, sunday 35c one finding of Survey show Ford s delegates better educated earn More Washington a president Ford s delegates to the Republican National convention Are better educated and earn More than the delegates backing challenger Ronald Reagan an associated press Survey shows. Ford the 28-year Veteran of political wars also has the backing of the great majority of the elected Public officials who Are delegates outnumbering Reagan backers in that category better than 3 to i. The former California governor by contrast is the More frequent Choice of self employed businesspersons and doctors who Are delegates a computer analysis shows. Sex. However appears to make no difference in preference. The president and Reagan each get 31 per cent of their Delegate support from women. That s also the percentage of women among All the delegates. The a Survey covered All the 2.259 delegates to the convention that opens a week from monday. However three delegates have died since being selected. The a tally of delegates legally bound or publicly committed shows Ford with 1,103. Reagan with 1,035 and 121 uncommitted. The Survey also found two thirds of the delegates said they earn or come from households with incomes of More than $25,000 a year Only about la per cent of All americans earn that much. A Only 3.1 per cent of the delegates Are Black compared with census figures showing 11.5 per cent of americans Are Black another 1.2 per cent of the delegates Are Spanish surname. A the cop delegates Are far better educated than americans generally with 65 per cent of the delegates holding at least a College degree Only 14 per cent of the Public completed College or went on to postgraduate work. A the most common occupation listed by the delegates was ownership of their own business. That was Given by 422 delegates followed by 323 homemakers. 274 lawyers or others involved in Legal services and 248 elected Public officials. A half of the Republican delegates Are Between 45 and 64. While Only 6.7 per cent Are under 30 although 60 per cent of Reagan s delegates have household incomes of $25,000 or More that s Well below the without positive checks recruits granted secret clearance Washington a current defense department procedures allow new members of the armed forces to obtain secret Security clearances after background checks that do not positively verify their identities. Under the system now used to investigate recruits an individual using an assumed name could pass what is called the Entrance National Agency Check and be accepted into the service. Once in uniform if assigned to a Job requiring a secret level Security clearance the individual is granted the classification on the strength of that Entrance Check secret is one of the Basic Security classifications used by the defense department and includes items which if disclosed could result in serious damage to the nation a Pentagon spokesman said this includes material which could jeopardize inter Mars soil test stirs excitement among scientists said Horowitz a we have got to do a that meant that another soil Sample will be sterilized to kill any living organisms then run through a similar Experiment if the control results Are greatly different from those reported saturday then scientists would be forced toward the conclusion that Martian life did indeed produce the activity in the first Sample. Horowitz said the control Experiment should be completed by aug. 23 scientists say it is quite Likely that a chemical oxidation process rather than life could account for the puzzling results from the experiments reported last week but Horowitz said that process was definitely not the cause of the activity seen in the Pyrolytic release Experiment. In Horowitz s Experiment a bit of Martian soil was incubated in a tiny test cell about the size of a flashlight Battery inside the robot Lander. Martian atmospheric gases were present and a Small Light provided simulated sunlight. A radioactive Quot tag Quot in the atmosphere of the test cell indicated whether Carbon in the atmosphere had been used by organisms in the soil the soil was heated to drive the tagged Gas into a radioactive counter National relations Compromise military or defense plans or reveal important intelligence operations. Defense department Security officials acknowledge there Are no procedures during the Entrance Security Check that can verify that the new enlisted is who he or she claims to be but the officials also say the problem of false service identities is not serious enough to warrant the extra Cost of a beefed up Security Check. The Pentagon said for instance that in the last year Only about 15 people were discovered having enlisted under false identities. They were booted out of the service. But a critic of the current recruiting system w. Donald Stewart a former inspector general for the defense investigative service which conducts Security clearance checks for the defense department says the 15 Are Only the tip of the iceberg. Stewart is a former Fri agent who was Headquarters supervisor in the Fri espionage Section from 1956 through 1965 he moved Over to the office of Secretary of defense in 1965 and became its chief investigator. He retired june 27 the Pentagon he says has no idea How Many persons May have enlisted in the armed services under assumed identities it is frightening to realize that no one actually knows How Many people Are now in the services As a result of shoddy recruiting practices or by using fraudulent re enlistment documents. The extent to which hunted criminals and other misfits Are aware that they can hide in the military services with a false set of papers also is Stewart says. Two kids wander Down a Street in Gurley Ala a with Arm on shoulder in gesture of Friendship seemingly in their own fantasy world a the old West or maybe Mark trains Mississippi Valley. Their pet dog teen be tags along at the fringes of this a a child a a wire photo Pasadena. Calif. Apr scientists reported a a tantalizing results from a third Viking biology instrument saturday and said they could be caused by Martian life processes in a Sample of soil. A the information does suggest at least the possibility of biological activity in the Sample being said or Harold Klein director of the biology team. But or Norman Horowitz in charge of the Pyrolytic release Experiment emphasized a we have not found life on and added that the apparent utilization of Carbon by something in the soil Sample could be due to a a number of alternative explanations. The announcement came As Viking i s twin. Viking 2, soared into orbit around Mars the Viking 2 Lander is scheduled to touch Down on the red planet next month. A week ago Viking i s two other biology tests reported equivocal results that scientists have still not explained though they have not ruled out life As a possibility. The new data came from a test for Carbon fixing the process by which plants and animals use Carbon from the atmosphere to manufacture organic material for food and growth a this is not a Complete up hmm Wmma in friends to the end for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line Iii care of the Enterprise every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Landing pads q. I am almost 15 and am very very interested in High jumping and have never had any experience but i feel sure that i could do it on my own. Could you please Tell me where i could get the Landing pad and How much it would Cost a just a Small one for a backyard High jump i would not be jumping very High As i would have to do it Over years of practice. I would really appreciate this and thank you very much. , a before getting something to land on. Better learn How to land properly so you wont break your neck you can get instruction in the fundamentals at the Myca there they put a lot of Mats together to Cushion the tall some shredded foam stuffed in huge bags made of mattress ticking or some suitable fabric would probably be the least expensive Type a local upholsterer or mattress company could More easily make them to your specifications at least we assume your Mother would not care to wrestle with such a project How about advertising for eight or a dozen bean bag chairs or would t be Squishy enough Randolph police watch if Vimy does no to Randolph county have a system when you have left your Home on vacation that they come around and Check on the news they said in High Point it you would leave your name and address they would Cheek your House periodically. I have found that Randolph county will not do this and i would like to know Why they will not provide the service for their citizens thank you. Anon. A. A Deputy Sherif f said they do Check by Homes and will by glad to keep an Eye on yours if you will notify the sheriff s department. Disclosing information if i called the employment office to find out ii a certain person was drawing unemployment compensation and they said they were not allowed to give out this information. I did not want to know How much the person was getting and this involved an Extension of benefits paid by the government not employers. I thought anything government funded was a matter of Public record so Why they Tell my anon. A the Laws governing the administration of the program prohibit disclosing information according to William Hollar manager of the local office he said if the husband is Given benefits they cannot even Tell his wife if she should ask Hollar said if any person has reason to believe someone is receiving unemployment benefits who is not entitled to them the employment Security office should be notified and they will investigate toxicologist joins the search to find Legionnaire solution by Tim Ahern associated press writer Philadelphia a an expert on chemical poisons said saturday he has no idea what toxin could have caused the mysterious a legionnaires disease that killed 25 persons a nothing comes to mind a or Richard Cohn a Philadelphia toxicologist told a news conference in Harrisburg. Cohn is working As a consultant to the state health department in the search for the cause of the disease that struck persons attending a state american legion convention Here last month. Researchers using a process of elimination through intensive Laboratory testing have ruled out fungus bacteria exotic diseases and most viruses As the cause. They Are now concentrating on toxins or chemical poisons health officials said saturday that tox ins could come from animals vegetables chemicals or common household items such As plastics there Are literally thousands of toxins which can be harmless in some amounts and killers in others Cohn said the trial and error testing could take months state health Secretary Leonard Bachman told the news conference that four Days of round the clock tests have produced a absolutely nothing that Points to any known disease Quot a whatever caused the disease had to be a one shot source that had a symptom delay of three to four Days a Bachman said a beyond that our research has uncovered nothing All the 135 persons affected were in some Way connected with the four Day convention but they stayed in at least six downtown hotels and ate at numerous restaurants. Bachman said there have been no cases of secondary infection meaning the Dis ease was not contagious. Secondary infection is infection of another person by the primary source. With no new cases reported since tuesday health officials say they believe the disease has run its course although the Hunt for the cause is entered on toxins researchers still Are testing for viruses inside Reading Kansas City gets ready. Page 2d kidnappers background Page 10a Canadian health plan Page Ioc editorials Page 4a women s news Section b sports Section c television Poge my entertainment pages 13, 14, 15c 3d 5-20d Belle first Hurricane Miami a packing winds up to to Miles per hour tropical storm Belle grew into the first Hurricane of the 1976 season saturday. A Hurricane watch was issued for the Atlantic coast from Georgia to Cape Hatteras pc. The National Hurricane Center said Belle which had been lingering off populous South Florida since it began to form Friday was 350 Miles East of Palm Beach fla., and was moving Northwest at 8 Miles per hour. A there is some threat a said Neil Frank director of the Hurricane Center after sister Dies woman predicts death Pompano Beach. Fla a my god. This is the end of my Natalie Voudoukis told her husband after learning that her sister had died two hours later she suffered a massive heart attack and died services were held for both women on saturday. A you see they were inseparable in life a John Voudoukis said Friday. A Natalie always did everything Lillian did. And i guess she just had to die like her sister too a Voudoukis said his 70-year-old wife appeared to be healthy before her sister s death but he said she became became hysterical wednesday after she Learned of the death of her 72-year-old sister he began to drive her to a nearby Hospital but she suffered the heart attack less than a mile from their Home a Lillian was two years older and when she went to school. Natalie did Quot said Joseph Deluca. Lillian s husband a when she went to work for their dad in his wholesale grocery store Natalie did and when Lillian and i moved Down Here to retire. Natalie and her husband soon followed too Quot after coming to South Florida from Long Beach. Calif14 years ago the Sisters came even closer together they took painting lessons worked with Church Charity groups and went shopping together a a Day didst go by that they did t Call each other three or four times a Deluca said. A there was nothing extraordinary about the relationship a said their brother Joseph Zuffante a not much to say really except Well they loved each other after week of investigating legionnaires disease still mystery Harrisburg a. Apr shortly before Midnight last sunday aug i the first Call came within to hours it set in motion one of the biggest germ Hunts in medical history but by week s end disease detectives still didst know what had killed 25 persons who had attended a state american legion convention in Philadelphia july 21-24. Nor did they know Why 87 others had become ill with the same pneumonia like symptoms. The facts were chilling. Only legionnaires their wives and two men who had Contact with them were falling ill and one in four was dying there was no clue to what the mysterious disease was or How it started or whether it would race in epidemic form to strike other family members friends and associates Back Home. Fright still permeates the shocked 10,000 who attended the legion conclave As they worriedly wait for the medical sleuths to solve the mystery a there is a possibility that we May never find an answer a admits or Leonard Bachman state health Secretary. A the health system Doest always produce miracles people do get sick suddenly and they do die a but then Bachman a Man always in relentless Pursuit of the biological enemy swiftly discards his suggestion of pessimism and failure a if it takes a year or More we Are going to get to the Bottom of it deliberately tenaciously through sleepless nights and Days the search goes on in the hospitals in the morgues and in the guarded laboratories for the virulent virus the bacteria the toxin the fungi whatever it was or is that so discriminate by struck at legionnaires. Because it is still unknown maybe never to be really known this mystery killer and its specific target has been tagged with a number of unscientific names legionnaires disease Philadelphia fever veterans virus a there Are millions of leads that might be followed says Bachman of the probe that is costing the state and Federal governments about $25,000 each a Day. A bul the epidemiologists Are following up the leads that they feel have a potential for payoff a the epidemiologists communicable disease detectives have interviewed every Legionnaire who became ill following them to their Hospital Beds or to their Homes talking to their doctors to their families to their friends asking question after question. See legionnaires on 8a

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