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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 7, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather showers details on Page 7a 92nd year no. 220 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. Cd a saturday afternoon August 7, 1976 i2 paces daily 15c, sunday 35c Morgan Fri checks not daily Washington a sen. Robert Morgan d-n.c., Long critical of the Fri believes it is keeping watch on his critical statements but an aide says Morgan has no reason to suspect he is under actual Day to Day surveillance by the Fri. Carroll Leggett the senators administrative assistant said Friday Morgan wished to clarify remarks in a recent interview indicating that the Fri had him under surveillance in order to get him to tone Down his criticism Leggett explained that a by surveillance he did not mean they were following him Home in the evening and Back to the however the aide said that morgans anti Fri statements have prompted a sizable number of Denun Chatory occasionally threatening letters to his office and to North Carolina newspapers the letter Campaign apparently is coordinated by an association of former Fri agents the aide said. In one letter according to Leggett. Morgan was told a one Day a Strong wind is going to come along and blow you away and you la never know where it came the Fri has denied it is conducting any kind of surveillance or harassment against Morgan speaking in Asheville last Jan 14. Morgan told a chamber of Commerce breakfast that he considered the Fri to be a a threat to individual he based the charge on the of big a use of intelligence methods including wiretaps burglaries and mail opening Fri director Clarence m Kelley later wrote Morgan asking if quotes attributed to him in a newspaper account of the Asheville talk were accurate a understandably such statements Are most disturbing to my associates and to Kelley said Morgan responded to Kelley a i am convinced after personally observing countless Fri documents that the Bureau does constitute a serious threat to the individual liberties of american in an interview with the a its Angeles times Morgan said that since then a member of his staff occasionally has been Given Fri reports on the senator s out of town speeches generally before Small groups in North Carolina a this was nothing in the world but their Subtle Little Way of letting me know they were watching me Quot Morgan said in that interview sen. Richard Schweiker makes a Point at a news conference in Philadelphia Friday presidential candidate Ronald Reagan looks on As his running mate gestures a wire photo scientists efforts directed at toxins Harrisburg. Paap researchers baffled by a deadly Riddle they say May never by answered have shifted their attention to toxins poisons in the search to identify the a legionnaires disease which has caused the deaths of 25 persons. A what we know is really what we done to know or. David Sencer. Director of the Federal i enter for disease control in Atlanta said Friday it s possible Well never know scientists on Friday turned their attention to thousands of toxic chemicals As a possible cause of the disease they have not completely ruled out virus As a possible cause. Bul Sencer said. Quot we have found no viral isolation Sencer said detection tests for toxins Are More complicated than those which eliminated influenza As a possible cause he said he did not know when results of the tests might show absolutely whether a toxic agent caused the illness and if one did. Which one it a toxin is As the cause it May have come from food water or from air breathed by the victims Sencer said but he emphasized that the illness is not a bacterial disease such As those referred to As food poisoning toxins can come from animals vegetables chemicals or common household items they can be harmless in some amounts killers in others they can be produced in a Laboratory or crop up on their own Sencer said a a wide variety of pesticides and herbicides Quot could have caused the disease but scientists were not restricting tests to those substances Leonard Bachman Pennsylvania s health Secretary said toxins Are tougher to Trace As time passes no new outbreaks of the disease have been reported since tuesday. The death toll climbed to 25 when two persons who had been hospitalized with the disease died thursday the dead 21 men and four women ranged in age from .�?~19 to 82 ten of the victims were Over 65 Bachman said the official count of the number afflicted was reduced from 161 to 112 by eliminating background cases of illness that did not fit a new definition of the illness officials said that for persons to be considered afflicted with the disease they must have been associated with the convention in some Way in addition. There must be a fever of 102 degrees and either coughs or a rav evidence of pneumonia the Hunt for toxins includes a search by City environmentalists of the hotels where legionnaires stayed investigators were testing carpets wallpaper and air conditioning equipment at the six hotels used by the victims Mso being tested for chemical agents were such common items As plastics soap and paper the Battle also continues a the Laboratory. Scientists at the Cix planned to work 17-hour Days through tie weekend in an Effort determine the cause of the disease now that we Are fairly Well convinced that this is not a highly infectious agent to other people we Are putting it into a lab where we do not have to take such a High degree of precaution for the personnel and the environment Sencer said since Poison has been mentioned rumours of sabotage have persisted especially since the disease was so selective on legionnaires but of i vials said they fail to see any con Nocturn Between the deaths and the possibility of sabotage there is no sign of an intensive police investigation but police agencies have been kept up to Date the Fri has questioned the commander of the state american legion but there has been no formal investigation with the disease apparently abated. Bachman said there is no cause for people to avoid Philadelphia and the hotels where the legionnaires stayed a youth group has cancelled a visit to Philadelphia and another youth group scheduled to visit the 41st International eucharistic Congress has also scrapped its plans add on devices to be limited by e. Z strange widely reported was the recent announcement by the Federal communications commission that manufacturers will be authorized to offer on Jan i. 1977, new citizens band radios wifi 40 channels ques Ion arises As to whether add on devices will be available to convert the current 23-Rhannel radios to 40-Channel rigs yes and no they will be available to dealers so that unsold 23-Channel transceivers on the shelves can be converted but not be available to individual cobers who w ant to modify sets they already own Why not because such Home modifications might result in widespread interference to to and other am broadcasting the acc says. To offset that same threat of to interference the new 40 Channel transmitters must be manufactured to tighter specifications the acc has said. And now tile new 40-Channel receivers must be made to certain acc specs too whereas receivers heretofore weren t the acc will require serial numbers to be engraved on the Chassis of the new radios rather than merely be stamped on Metal tape attached to the Chassis latin Lane cd 14 is the latin Lane in the southerly states and the Lingo of the Spanish speaking conversationalist likewise is Bright Snappy and coded with Courtesy those Mango munchers Quot As the anglos Lull the latins break in the usual Way simply with tile Spanish for a break 1-4 bul unlike the a a blondes a As the latins Call the anglos they sign off most distinctively with the Spanish for Quot this is Juracan Hurricane giving you a 7,388 by 2, xxx to the Hundredth and Millionth Power and a rib breaker and a 10-7 a got that two latin men talking closely and clearly say they re modulating Quot must a Che t o two latin women Quot eyelash to eyelash a and when they see the Smokey with the gum machine hashing a a the w i i t e b e a i in t la e Lighthouse Quot they too drive of so carefully. The customers ask q a Ucb radios now in the 27 Mhz band tend to reach about nine Miles in the cities and maybe 12 Miles out i n the Countryside. If the acc of some Distant future Date Ever gets around to moving the whole cd scene out of this band to the above 40 Mhz space. As has been predicted. How will that affect the cd Range a a would shorten it a Little to six Miles in the City and to Miles Iii the country possibly. Those who push for such an eventual move say it would Cut Down greatly on the skip interference brought on by sunspots q a what s a 10-13�?T&Quot a request fur Road conditions including weather you done to hear it All that much. Though it s so easy to ask simply a what s the weather look like Back toward Podunk Way Quot a a q Quot i know those isl cards Are postcard sized greetings that cobers Exchange but Why Are they called isl a a that s the old radio code for a please react convention Hie first International react convention meets this weekend aug 6-7. In Chicago members Are Tonying up $50 each for room Board and programs at Trinity College of you just tuned in. React is the civilized service whose Volunteer members Monitor cd 9 to respond to Calls for information and help a a a to get still another picture of what s happening in cd. Take a look at the Dollar volume of the nation s biggest maker of such radios e e. Johnson co. Over the most recent five years in 1971, first really big year. $15 9 million in 1972, $21.6 million. In 1973, $28 7 million. In 1974, $45 5 million in 1975, 72 million and predicted Tor 1976. $120 million a the Law says a government Agency can t charge More for a service than what it costs to provide that service. Cd License fees now add up to tar More than the expense of issuing the licenses. That s the argument delivered by those numerous experts who want to see the whole cd licensing program done away with altogether a a a comments Are invited and questions of general interest Are answered in this column volume of mail precludes personal reply address mail to citizens on radio in care of the High Point Enterprise Box 1009 High Point n c. 27261 Reagan visits West a. Today by Doug Willis associated press writer Philadelphia aft Ronald Reagan was to travel to West Virginia today the last state in his nine month Long presidential nomination Campaign Atter his prospective running mate claimed new support in Pennsylvania sen Richard Schweiker of Pennsylvania the Liberal lawmaker Reagan named last week As his Vic presidential Choice announced Friday that an undisclosed number of uncommitted Pennsylvania delegates had promised to support the Reagan Schweiker ticket but Schweiker refused to say How Many of the 25 delegates he and Reagan met with during five hours of private meetings at a Philadelphia hotel had joined their team in a not going to play a numbers game a Schweiker said a some delegates want to do it announce support in their own time and if it s their votes who can argue with that a Schweiker also said that a heavy handed pressure a was applied to the five Pennsylvania delegates who publicly announced their support for Reagan earlier in the week in the associated press Viking test results data expected today Pasadena. Calif it api a scientists searching Tor signs of life on Mars looked to the results of new experiments performed by Viking i. While the probe s twin Viking 2. Prepared to orbit the planet the Viking 2 probe with its robot Lander mated to the orbiter Mother ship was to fire a deceleration rocket blast then Mars Gravity was to pull the four ton Craft into orbit Early today from orbit. Viking 2 will Survey Mars Northern latitudes in preparation for a touchdown on sept 4 to continue the search for life a successful orbit of Viking 2 would Mark the first time the United states has what s inside amusements. 11a Bridge. Iza classified ads .i3-15a comics. .16 a crossword. .11a editorials. 4a obituaries. 3 a sports. Television. Section b weather. 7.\ had two spacecraft simultaneously orbiting another planet three other u s probes flew past Mars in the 1960s and one probe. Mariner 9. Orbited Mars in 1971-72 data from the Viking i Lander s three biology experiments plus an organic analysis of Martian soil a unless a test chamber for that test proved empty a were radioed to Earth during the night results of the experiments were expected to be announced later today. Viking i was launched from Cape Kennedy on aug. 20. 1975, and Viking 2 was launched on sept 9. 1975. On Friday the biological tests for living organisms in Martian soil reached a Point a hat could make scientists significantly More optimistic or More pessimistic about chances of the soil containing detectable life no matter what the results however tiles will not be Able to make firm conclusions one of the tests the Pyrolytic release Experiment that checks for signs of photosynthesis sent Back its first data that could show signs of Lite Hill conferees get tax Bill by Jim la Tuer associated press writer Washington it a it a Senate House conference committee holds the Tate of a far reaching Bill that extends tax cuts for individuals and provides a variety of tax Breaks for some of the nation s largest businesses. The Hill was passed 49 to 22 by the Senate on Friday night nearly eight months Atter the House approved its own sharply different measure sometime the week of aug 23 leaders of the Senate finance committee and the House ways and Means committee will Start the tedious process of trying to reconcile differences Between the two Bills but one thing seems certain the average taxpayer will face no increase in Federal income taxes at least until january 1978 rep Al Ullivan Dore who will head the House conferees. Indicated Friday that he favors the general approach taken by the Senate on individual taxes which was to freeze them at current Levels through dec 31, 1977. The House Bill would extend current tax cuts originally enacted last year Only through the end of this year. The individual tax cuts now in effect Are Worth about $180 a year to a typical family of four with an income of $15,000 Extension of the individual tax cuts along with across the Board tax reductions that were voted for businesses last year represents the major part of the 2,000-Page Bill voted by the Senate but the measure contains a. Estimated 300 other provisions. There Are special tax Breaks for parents of College students for housewives the elderly and working parents and a Complete rewriting of the estate tax Law there Are across the Board tax Breaks for businesses especially for Oil companies life insurance companies airlines railroads and shipbuilders while the Senate Bill is considerably More generous to investors and businessmen than is the House version it still attempts to shut off some tax shelter abuses and to ensure that All High income investors pay some taxes the Senate Bill seeks to offer specific tax Relief to the parents of College students by allowing them to take a special tax credit to homeowners by letting them deduct Hie Cost of Energy related Home improvements to working parents by simplifying and liberalizing tax benefits to offset costs of child care and to homemakers by launching a program that eventually could Lead to federally subsidized pensions for spouses who Don t work outside the Home by preliminary congressional estimates the Bill would raise $3 6 billion a year by 1981 by shutting off or reducing a variety of tax benefits mainly for investors and businesses Delegate Survey. Ford has 77 delegates in Pennsylvania. Reagan to and 16 Are uncommitted the air tally gives Ford a total of 1.103, just 27 Short of the nomination and 1.034 for Reagan with 122 uncommitted West Virginia is the last Stop on a five state Delegate Hunt this week by Reagan and Schweiker there Are 9 West Virginia delegates for Ford. 7 for Reagan and 12 uncommitted Reagan and Schweiker planned a private luncheon with West Virginia delegates followed by a Reagan speech before the state Republican convention. That is the former California governors last scheduled Public appearance until the National convention convenes in nine Days in Kansas City so tar. Reagan and Schweiker have been Able to obtain Public commitments from Only six new delegates on their tour and one of those is an alternate in new Jersey whose claim to full Delegate rights of a deceased Delegate Are being challenged earlier this week Schweiker received a Cool reception in Mississippi a state with a legally uncommitted delegation once considered Safe for Reagan now Reagan s state Campaign manager says it will be Tough to hold the 30-vote delegation in part because of Schweiker s Liberal voting record and in Washington some of Reagan s key conservative backers suggested that if Reagan wins the nomination the convention might dump Schweiker sen Jesse Helms r-n.c., said Reagan s conservative supporters might work to have the vice presi Clestial nomination thrown to the convention instead of simply accepting Reagan s Choice of Schweiker sen Strom Thurmond r s c another key Reagan Backer said throwing the nomination to the convention would tx1 a helpful bomb facts release curtailed Washington map the while House says it will no longer give the Public details about the size of soviet nuclear tests following two Quot suspicious underground explosions that could politically Embarrass president Ford the state department said Friday that congressional committees have been informed on a classified basis about tin two soviet underground tests state department spokesman Frederick z Brown said the joint atomic Energy committee and other appropriate panels Quot were briefed in private about the july 4 and 29 tests but he said there was no Public disclosure that the soviets May have tested in the Range above that allowed by a new test treaty because it was a in the National interest to keep the information secret both explosions were Large enough to have been the Subj act of routine a a ounce rents under Normal procedures but both were kept secret until they were revealed by the Energy research and development administration in response to queries. A White House official said t to a t was because the National Security Council has decided to change its 30-year-old policy of publicly announcing soviet weapons tests previously the Csc routinely announced soviet tests k ii t now announcements will be made Only of the fact that a soviet test has occurred and the time and the place a White House spokeswoman said an Csc official said the july explosions were not announced because the administration was reviewing its policy of revealing soviet

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