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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 6, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather showers saturday More data on Page 5a 92nd year no. 219 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 182-1711 classified ads 85-2177 other depts. 85-211 High Point. N. Pm Friday afternoon August 6. 1976 22 pages daily 15c, sunday 35c flu fungi eliminated by experts Harrisburg a. A scientists today eliminated influenza and fungi As possible causes of the mysterious a a legionnaires they said test results Point toward a toxic substance As a cause for the disease that has claimed 25 lives. A the epidemic has peaked and is on its Way out a or. David Sencer director of the Center for disease control in Atlanta told a news conference. Researchers admitted however that they still Haven to been Able to identify the specific cause of the disease despite four Days of tests in a state Laboratory in Philadelphia and the cd. A what we know is really what we done to know. It is possible Well never know a Sencer told an Atlanta news conference. But a i think All of us can breathe a sigh of Relief that this is not flu a he said. He added a we still have no firm evidence of any secondary transmission a meaning the disease is not contagious. A unfortunately people Are still dying a Sencer said. A there Are 25 dead and 153 cases but the number is coming the toll Rose to 25 today up from two from the earlier count of 23. Sencer added that chemistry tests for toxic agents Are More complicated than those which have eliminated influenza As a possible cause and that he could not say when results of the tests might show what kind of toxin caused the illness. Sencer said the toxin could have come from a chemical present in everyday materials such As plastics or paper. There Are a wide variety of agents a pesticides fungicides organic phosphorous agents or heavy �2��d for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the . Every request is considered hut please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one coping with doctors q. I have a daughter 17 years old who has a fear of doctors and i done to know whether it is because she is a girl and that causes it. Her Teeth Are rotting out in front. Every tooth she has in the front is going to have to be pulled out. I am looking Tor a dentist who will put her to sleep and pull her Teeth out. I also have a daughter 15 who has a fear of doctors and in new York she had a doctor that hypnotized Ber and put her to sleep like that and pulled her Teeth. School will be starting very soon and i would like for them to come out before she goes Back to school. Thank you. Mrs. B. A we suggest you choose a dentist listed in the yellow pages it you Don t have a family tooth doctor and if he can t put her fears to rest or Render her unconscious he can refer her to an Oral surgeon it you want to try the hypnosis route again there Are two qualified hypnotists Here or. William Matthews whom you May reach after 6 p m at 882-8049, and t a Ruiton 454-3777 movie based on fiction q. Is the movie a Man without a c out Rye True or false thank you. Or. E la a this is based on a Short Story published in 1863. About a Young army officer Philip Nolan who stated during a court martial that he wished he would never hear of the United states again he was put on a ship and everyone was instructed never to give him any news of his country. Before he died he begged for reconciliation and redeemed himself the Story written by Edward Everett Hale was such a sensation that people forgot it was pure fiction the author of Many books. Hale had the ability to make impossible situations seem plausible by simplicity and directness Hale graduated from Harvard at 17. Studied theology and became a unitarian minister As Well As an author he was a grand Nephew of Nathan Hale the Young 21 Patriot hanged by the British during the revolutionary War who said just before his execution. A i Only regret that i have but one life to lose for my perhaps the character of Nolan evolved As a study in opposites a contrast to Hale s famed forbear difference in doctors q. Please help me Settle an argument. What is the difference Between an optometrist and a doctor listed under the physicians and surgeons m.d., Eye nose and Throat who also prescribe glasses besides the Price. The old. Charges in the area of $62 and an . $25 for the same examination and Why the difference in the charges0 is the education what makes the Price so different thank you very much. , a we expect the higher amount includes the Cost of the Eye glasses prescribed while the lesser is for the Eye exam Only an optometrist is specially trained and licensed to examine eyes for Eye or vision problems prescribes lenses but uses no drugs and does no surgery. He must have a doctor of optometry o a degree which requires five or six years of study and must pass state Board exams to get a state License an Oculi St or ophthalmologist is a doctor of Medicine who diagnoses and treats diseases of the Eye and also disorders that affect the eyes. Lung tissue specimens examined at Center for disease control in Atlanta a wire photo metals that could act As a toxin he said. All the persons who got the disease in the past two weeks attended a state american legion convention in Philadelphia last month meanwhile teams of medical detectives fanned out today to Check the six hotels and scores of restaurants where those attending the convention stayed and ate. They were checking air conditioning systems water sources food and even carpets and wallpaper looking for a toxin a a poisonous substance a that May have triggered the outbreak. No new cases of the disease have been reported since tuesday state health Secretary Leonard Bachman reported thursday. He said that some of the 138 persons hospitalized in the outbreak have been allowed to return Home. There was still no evidence of contagious spread of the disease he added and evidence Points to a slackening off. A we believe the reporting system is Good and we Are optimistic a said Bachman standing before a Chart detailing the perplexing strength with which the disease broke Forth the legionnaires opened their convention in Philadelphia july 21 and adjourned july 24 the following monday More than a score of people who attended or had some Contact with the convention were ill. To India stolen idol to be returned Washington a a 1.000-year-old Bronze god worshipped by millions of hindus and mysteriously smuggled out of India is returning to its Homeland under an agreement Between millionaire Art collector Norton Simon and the Indian government but Simon gets to exhibit the idol before it is returned to India the first american showing of the Siva Natarajan meaning Quot lord of the dancers a is scheduled for next wednesday in Pasadena. Calif., and is part of a Deal Between Simon and the Indian government and if an out of court settlement Between the two sides works the exhibition what s inside amusements. 5b Bridge. 6b classified ads. ,6-ub comics. Crossword. 6b editorials. Financial. 2a obituaries. 2b sports. Television. 2b women a news. Weather. Will Mark the beginning of the end of a worldwide Hunt by India to recover the idol which vanished from the Siv Puram Temple in tamil about 20 years ago. Under the Compromise Simon promised to return the Siva to India and India agreed that Simon s foundation could keep and display it until May 1985 in any country with which India has a diplomatic relationship emphasizing the resolve of new Delhi to pursue title to the million Dollar statue Indian ambassador . Kaul will attend the showing at the Norton Simon foundation museum in Pasadena diplomats Here expect him to use the occasion to voice asian resentment at eve increasing losses of Art objects from their lands of origin the four armed god. Dated by scholars to the kith Century is portrayed dancing in a ring of cosmic lire the Siva weighs 262 8 pounds and stands 4�?~a-feet High. Litigation in California. New York and London courts preceded Simon a settlement with India one provision guarantees Simon against new Legal action for possessive stolen on 2 a 7.8 per cent joblessness rises 3rd month in Row Washington apr unemployment increased for the second month in a Row in july rising from 7.5 to 7.8 per cent and leaving More people out of work than at any time in the past seven months the government said today. At the same time however the labor department said about 400,000 More people found jobs in july pushing total employment to a record 87.9 million. But the pickup in hiring since the recession has apparently lured into the Job Market thousands of workers particularly adult women who had t bothered to look for a Job when times were tight. The number of people without jobs in july Rose 280.000 to 7.4 million the most since 7.8 million could t find work in december. The 7.8 per cent unemployment was the highest since an identical level in january. The 7.5 per cent unemployment rate in june was an increase Over the 7.3 per cent level in May. The june july increases represent a threat to the administrations projections that unemployment will slip below 7 per cent by december. There were fewer people unemployed in january than there Are now but the unemployment rates were the same because the labor Force is constantly growing. The work Force has grown by 2.3 million or 2.5 per cent in the past year part of that is accounted for by Normal population growth but the rate is far above the eight tenths of a per cent growth in the total population last year. The bulk of the growth in the labor Force a i 4 million a has been among adult women even though they represent less than a third of the total work Force. The percentage of working age women at work or seeking a Job has risen to 47.4 per cent from 46.1 per cent a year ago. The number of women in the work Force has traditionally been considered a signal of the pressure families feel for beefing up their incomes. And economists still consider that to be a Factor but in recent years demographers have found a surge in a omens work Force participation rates unrelated to underlying economic conditions. The number of americans holding jobs advanced to a june record but the number of unemployed swelled to the 7.14-million level. And that was the largest number of people out of work since january when 7.29 million were unemployed. The growth rate in the Economy was Cut in half in the second Quarter of this year and goes a Long Way toward explaining Why unemployment did no to improve much Over the first six months of the year. But John w. Kendrick chief economist for the Commerce department says the Job picture is being complicated by above average growth in both productivity and labor Force. Productivity or the volume of goods or services produced per hour worked traditionally rises during an economic recovery. Employers use their most efficient facilities when they re running at less than full capacity As they Are now. And they wait until they Are getting the most out of those already at work. Usually preferring to pay overtime before calling furloughed workers Back. Street sweepers six women All in their 80s, who were tired of the dirty streets and sidewalks in Harrison. Ark. Took matters into their own hands thursday and cleaned the area around the retirement Village where they live the Harrison Street sweeping machine is broken and it will be a while before the new one arrives a wire photo cobers could become International problem Cambridge. Mass apr protesters orchestrating demonstrations Over the air prostitutes soliciting customers and police fighting Back with electronic jamming a All Are possibilities envisioned in a Federal government study of the future of citizens band radio the wild proliferation of the Small talk medium could cause International protests in the next few years As cobers snarl world we Ide communications the report speculates. And through it All the Federal communications commission May be powerless to step in and regulate the chaos the report was prepared by Arthur d Little inca private consulting firm for the White House office of telecommunications policy. In a series of scenarios the study speculates about developments in telecommunications Over the next 15 years the scenarios Are not predictions but in the words of the study Are a fut unable Quot a they could happen the report also envisions a the american Telephone amp Telegraph co carrying All television service into Homes Over phone lines to stations Stop broadcasting on the air a the . Postal service jeopardized by Competition from private firms the rivals deliver color facsimiles of letters into Homes Over the Telephone network and electronically provide newspapers and magazines that can be read on television screens. A government run communications satellite system that carries educational programs medical information defense data and also competes with private carriers such As at amp to the cd scenario envisions anti using demonstrators using radios to organize riots but by 1977, it says police will have Learned to Jam cd conversations by so Cert on 2a Senate recommends tax Cut to Aid students by Jim Luther associated press writer Washington a the Senate is recommending a $250-a-year tax Cut to help students pay their Way through College or vocational school. The special credit would Start out at $100 next july i and Rise by $50 a year until it hit the maximum $250 in 1980 if the student had a Job and filed his own tax return he could subtract up to $250 from taxes owed otherwise the tax credit would go to the student s parents or spouse whichever paid his College expenses for tuition books or fees the credit does not cover room and Board expenditures the credit written into a multimillion Dollar tax Bill thursday would Cost the . Treasury 91 i billion a year when fully effective no similar credit was contained in the House version of the tax Bill. The Senate also a approved a sweeping revision of the estate tax. Which would reduce government revenues by $2 billion a year the effect would be to exempt from the tax All but the richest 2 per cent of estates current Law applies to the top 7 per cent the House is considering similar legislation voted a $500-a-year tax credit which is subtracted from taxes owed to help athlete Strain for the olympics or pan american games teams organizations that Foster development of olympic athletes would be assured tax exempt status and citizens who contribute to such groups would be allowed a tax deduction. The Young athletes would be allowed a credit of 20 per cent of the first $2,500 of training costs a twice rejected efforts led by sen. Edmund s. Muskie Maine to kill the massive tax Bill and retain Sac Senate on 2a

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