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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 30, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor Washington merry go round 4a tuesday april 30, 1974 thoughts for today a i loathe my life i will give free utterance to my complaint i will speak in the bitterness of my a Job. 10 1. Quot be exaggerate mis Fortune and happiness alike. Be Are never either no wretched or so Happy As we sax we Are. A Honore de Balsam French novelist. Guilford s Bond proposal the thoroughness and the great amount of planning that have been put into solicitation of support for a county borrowing project to provide new facilities for nursing Home and rest Home care make an excellent Case for that proposition. Voters in Guilford county must determine next tuesday whether the county shall be empowered to borrow up to $8 million for that purpose in addition to $500,000 for new sheltered workshop facilities. Both issues we believe Are deserving of Public support. Although Guilford county has done a better Job than have most counties in concern for its elderly and its handicapped it has not by any Means kept Pace with circumstance. No one would have predicted earlier for instance that in the decade ending in 1970 the county a Over-65 population would grow by nearly 50 cent. In establishing evergreens inc., As a nonprofit Arm to administer to the needs of the elderly Guilford came out of the a county Home age into a new concept. The concept was new the physical facilities were not. The former county Home built in another Era when we knew far less about the real human needs of the elderly and the old polio Hospital thrown up on an emergency basis with Little Eye to Long Range planning have served Well. Even in this age of deficits evergreens has managed to show enough of a surplus in operating finance to return a monthly Check to the county. Old buildings Leaky roofs narrow corridors unsheltered passages Between buildings physical Layouts that defy efficient management a these have been the heritage of evergreens and it is a tribute to dedicated Volunteer leadership As Well As intelligent professional management that it has done As Well As it has. Modern America for the most part shortchanged its elderly in government allocation. The growth of the nursing and rest Home care Industry has not and foreseeable will not keep Pace with the need. Too Many people seeking economical Well maintained facilities often have to go far from Home leaving lonely parents isolated from those who love them. Guilford county proposes to help close the Gap. Not Only is the physical Plant in Greensboro to be replaced but the Bonds will include an All new 120-bed rest Home in High Point. Largely the same experience in ill equipped makeshift facilities is the lot of the county a sheltered workshop program which seeks a and succeeds in finding ways a to help reclaim physically and mentally handicapped people into useful society. Its record of human reclamation Speaks for itself. There Are Many things to recommend these items to the voters not the least of which is that in the Long run evergreens will repay the county the debt it proposes to assume a and which it can assume much More cheaply than having evergreens raise its own borrowed funds. Much has been written and said and we believe that the Earnest seeker will find As we did that there is More than ample evidence to attract a solid a a yes vote next tuesday for these projects. Carl Durham valiant servant few individuals Combine the qualities of greatness and humility As remarkably As did Carl t. Durham who died monday at the age of 81. And fewer yet who Rise to National Eminence Are Able As he was to be both a National statesman and at the same time an Able representative of his own constituents. He went to the Congress As a freshman from the sixth District As an appointee chosen upon the death of judge Lewis Teague of High Point. His abilities were quickly apparent and he was named by then House speaker Sam Rayburn As the lower houses senior member on the new atomic Energy committee. He later chaired that important body in addition to leadership on the All important House military affairs committee. Few will Ever know however the extent of his concern and Active work for projecting the news Clark Kent superstar old time reporters and editors Are somewhat dazed to learn that journalism has emerged As the new Glamor profession. Strange perhaps but True. At College campuses across the country schools of journalism and mass communications find themselves swamped with applicants. Much has been made of the fact that Law school enrolment doubled Over the past decade. But journalism a school enrolment has increased at an even greater rate a by 335 cent since 1962. A the situation probably will get worse a James g. Driscoll wrote recently in the National observer. A in 1967 there were 4,487 journalism degrees awarded 10,793 last year 11,700 expected this year and 20,500 projected for 1978.�?� the Job Market cannot possibly absorb this flood of would be Clark Kents and the a school students and applicants know it. Why then do they persist in their quest the desire for Fame if not necessarily Fortune no doubt has something to do with it. Seymour Hersh who broke the my Lai massacre Story and the Washington posts watergate team of Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward have shown that individual reporters working hard and alone really can effect changes at the highest Levels of government. Many of the current crop of prospective journalists Are reported to be former activists who have despaired of the feasibility of change through protest. But a conscientious newsman should guard against the temptation to allow his ego to color the Story at hand. Eugene c Patterson editor of the St. Petersburg Fla times recently asked a meeting of journalists a Are we in our adversary role becoming too taxpayer foots Bill for lavish gifts by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington postmaster general e. T. Klassen soaked the taxpayers $48,091.10 last Christmas for 350 fancy stamp albums which he gave away As Christmas presents to friends and officials. This is another example of the extravagance which has driven up the Price the Public must pay for mailing letters. In a series of columns we have been reporting on miss pending and mismanagement in the postal service. The procurement director Conrad Trahern was so startled Over the order for 350 Christmas stamp albums that he began asking questions. This got Back to assistant postmaster general Robert Mccutcheon who fired off a Sharp memo to Trahern demanding to know who was poking into Klassens Christmas Boondoggle. Inquiries had been made wrote Mccutcheon indignantly about a a some souvenir stamp albums prepared for the postmaster general. Questions were asked As to How Many were bought what the costs were and what they were used for. Please advise As to Why this inquiry was made and who was requesting the information. What was the information to be used for a Mccutcheon got Back a straightforward reply. A i was the one who was asking the questions a wrote Trahern. A since i am responsible for procurement i have always made it my business to know what is going on in my organization. For the present time the information is to be used for Only my personal the details thereafter were suppressed by the postal brass. Nevertheless we have obtained a Complete breakdown of the $48,091.10 it r a a i cannot Tell a lie a i did t do it Cost the taxpayers for Klassens Christmas presents. Footnote a postal service spokesman told us that the stamp albums Are not Klassens gifts but gifts from a the postmaster one Hundred ninety nine albums have already been distributed in accordance with the a International postal tradition a according to the spokesman. He claimed the albums went Only to a a dignitaries and not to Klassens personal friends. Trahern who has left the postal service would not comment on postal matters. Sparkman a style sen. John Sparkman d-ala., a Southern gentleman who likes to travel in style saved 18 colleagues and their wives the indignity of flying Home from Paris after easter in a cramped and unadorned plane. The senator from Alabama Telephone the White House from Paris and demanded a More suitable plane to return the nine senators to representatives their spouses and purchases. At first the White House told Sparkman All the Plush planes were in use. But someone close to the president possibly remembering that All those legislators in Paris soon will be voting on impeachment had afterthoughts. Sparkman got a return Call from the White House offering him one of vice president Gerald Ford s planes. Ford was vacationing in Palm Springs it was explained and be needing the plane Over the weekend. The sleek Jet made a special flight to Paris a at the taxpayers expense of course a to pick up the congressional travellers. Sparkman was pleased with himself. A it was the same plane a he boasted afterwards that Lyndon Johnson used when he was the congressional delegation travelled to Europe ostensibly to attend the inter parliamentary Union meeting in Bucharest. Their wives went along Sparkman explained to us a was a matter of All their travel and hotel Bills were picked up therefore by the taxpayers. An examination of their itinerary suggests however that the group spent More time eastering in Athens and shopping in Paris then attending inter parliamentary meetings. They bought so much loot say our sources that they Load it All aboard the Small plane which originally had been dispatched to haul them Home from Paris. But Sparkman indignantly denied to us that he demanded a larger plane to accommodate the wives Paris purchases. The smaller plane he insisted was simply inadequate. It a did no to even have windows a he sputtered. Washington whirl former attorney general John Mitchell who used to be consulted daily by president Nixon has been abandoned by the White House in his hour of tribulation. But Mitchell surprisingly is not at All bitter. He has assured sceptical friends that the president is really a warm compassionate Man. The russian literary great Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was distressed Over . Press reaction to his open letter to soviet leaders last fall. Some . Critics saw pro authoritarian sentiments in his unabashed love of his native Russia. A i was very surprised wrote Solzhenitsyn in a private letter to two . Congressman a to find that this letter was incorrectly and superficially interpreted by your country a press.�?�. After we exposed the hazardous ramshackle conditions of Mobile Homes provided by the Federal government for victims of Hurricane Agnes an Effort was made to upgrade inspections. Good afternoon his Home District. It was his Effort that brought to High Point the War departments demobilized records unit to occupy the furniture exposition building when wartime decimated Normal activity. This sort of concern for the people he represented was to an extent returned because High Point was staunchly in his Corner at each election time largely pulling him through a couple of Tough primaries. When advancing age became a Factor Carl Durham decided it was time to go Back to Chapel Hill and enjoy private life which he had so greatly dismissed in his 23 years of congressional service. He did enjoy that life to the fullest until ill health brought him Down. His was a life of valiant service which rebounded to the credit of the people who sent him to Washington. Better tax data needed from City Hall much a part of the activities Are we becoming personalities in the news instead of reporters of the news a Many officials of the Nixon administration would of course answer a a yes to both questions. President Nixon former vice president Spiro t. Agnew and others in the White House have complained Long and often that news coverage is biased. They Are far from alone in holding that View. In a nationwide Survey conducted through the University of Texas Martin l. Gibson found that 84.4 cent of the respondents thought the nation s news gatherers slanted the news. Moreover 71.6 cent of the journalists surveyed reached the same conclusion in addition to seeking Fame or excitement journalism school applicants Are motivated by sheer pragmatism. Liberal arts majors have Learned that their unfocused skills Are not much in demand in today a overcrowded Job Market. A journalism degree implies a marketable skill. To enhance their prospects some journalistic hopefuls have acquired a plan to acquire degrees in Law or other specialized Fields. All of them should Bear in mind however that salaries in the news business Are not the stuff of which fortunes Are made. And As a Philadelphia inquirer reporter observed a a typical reporters typical Day involves not so much exposing evil in High places As it does trying to meet a deadline on a Story on sewer Bonds at the same time he a fending off an aggressive . Man a for Solace the reporter can dream of breaking the Story of the decade writing a Book about it and then having Robert Redford portray him in the film version. There Are worse ways to make a living. By Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus Best service City officials could Render that projected $8,815,000 Bond Issue at thursday mornings chamber of Commerce Coffee club session would be to Tell candidly and forthrightly just what it will add to the municipal tax rate if those Bonds Are voted on May 7. The silence and apathy attending those issues at this stage indicate Little enthusiasm for that added indebtedness. In fact one of the keenest observers of the local scene says he has yet to see anyone expressing favor for any of those proposed Bonds other than the Library and mass transit systems and Little enthusiasm for those on the other hand when county officials announced earlier that approval of $8 million in Bonds for the enlargement and modernization of the evergreens non profit nursing and rest Home together with $500,000 for the countywide sheltered workshop project would capital viewpoint entail not More than one cent in additional tax rate the immediate reaction was electrifying a and actually if pressed officials could Well have added the projects would More than repay their Cost within 30 to 40 years while providing promptly now much needed facilities including a 120-bed rest Home Here. City officials have been less candid counting upon apparently the past willingness to vote Bonds without looking those gift horses closely in the Mouth. This one which began with mayor Clapps purpose to do something substantial to improve streets badly in need of rebuilding has since been turned into $2 million for a new City garage two additional millions for electrical expansion on top of $5 8 million voted two years ago when it was stated there would be no Call for additional electrical Bonds for at least to years and $1.4 million for water expansion and improvements on top of the $2,565,000 for Street improvements a sum that will merely skim actual need for extensive rebuilding and resurfacing. City officials did a disservice to a pair of Fine younger business men by placing on their shoulders responsibilities for campaigning for their Bonds about which they Are not revealing sufficient information to warrant approval except possibly in the Case of the Library Bonds which Arentt half sufficient for the Job needed As anyone with eyes to see realizes or the $350,000 for mass transit. But they Are being pressed to go on and get if they can approval of the package of $8 8 million on the grounds that corrective action will be undertaken afterwards. That a too much like choking the cat to death with Cream to buy such a pig in the poke without a lot More clarification than City Hall has now and in the past been willing to share with the citizenry while piling sky High debt that will have to be repaid with interest too. This Bond Issue is a gift horse needing a close look in the Mouth for inflation Isnit entirely the villain there has been too much poor planning mismanagement and bungling to vote More Bonds without a positive Case being made along with explanations of Why the new City Hall and other construction Are costing so much in overruns while being so Long delayed. It s time to get facts Analyse them clearly and find where our Money a really going before taking on More bonded debt. Shearon Harris chairman of Carolina Power it Light company revealed in a Channel 2 news maker program that by 1985 his firm will be producing fully half its Energy from nuclear Power plants. That Points the ultimate Way to easing the Energy shortage despite efforts of some folks to thwart such purposefulness. Rowe mass., is a Small new England Community which has lived pleasantly a and safely for 14 years As a Good neighbor with the nuclear Power Plant next door. One longtime resident says a we have no fear of nuclear the areas state veterinarian reports a no sickness death or strange happenings in the animal kingdom that could have been caused by he also Points out that record Trout Are caught in the Pond which is used for both the Supply and discharge of the Plant s Cooling water. Aside from its characteristics As a Safe clean no polluting Industry the Massachusetts nuclear Plant pays Over 90 cent of the towns taxes. And the citizens count it a Bonanza. Presently in this country there Are an estimated 39 operating nuclear plants capable of producing some 5 cent of the country s total electric Power. Industry authorities Hope for at least 140 plants supplying More than 20 cent of . Electricity by 1980 and sufficient plants for at least 60 cent by the turn of the Century easing vastly the Drain on Oil Coal and other Energy sources. Whether their Hope is realized will depend upon commonsense acceptance of the benefits of nuclear Power plants. The experience which the people of Rowe have had with their nuclear neighbor should help encourage that acceptance. . Votes out count the facts by Don Oakley newspaper Enterprise Assn. A it is by now a Well established cliche that were the Arab states to move a Resolution declaring that the Earth was Flat the general Assembly record would show a majority of the 135 member nations casting their votes in favor. A the number of abstentions on that particular Day would depend upon a variety of extraneous factors bearing in direct relations to the subject under discussion but rather to Oil needs arms sales financial Aid and to Plain political this outrageous yet devastating claim appears in a a background paper issued by a group called american professors for peace in the Middle East App me. One May argue with their fantasy but not their figures. There Are the 18 votes of the Arab state to begin with notes the App me. To this can be added the 12 of the communist countries eight of the non Arab moslem world 19 of the african countries with which Israel has no diplomatic ties and a further three from asian China India and Ceylon. Add to this Spain which has never established diplomatic relations with Israel and a further to to 15 members of the so called nonaligned nations who automatically vote with the arabs. The result charges the App me is a built in majority vote which time and again Bas passed Resolution condemning military actions by Israel but has never yet chosen to condemn any act of Arab aggression. In the 15-member Security Council the situation is if anything even More hopelessly partisan. Among the five permanent members of the Council the soviet Union and China automatically record anti Israel votes while France usually follows suit. Of the remaining to members five have no diplomatic ties with Israel against this background of a United nations engaged Only in the realities of political bargaining and reflecting Little concern for the luxuries of Justice or morality a the professors conclude in the understatement of the season a it is inevitable that its efforts to help solve the Israel Arab conflict have produced few constructive results. Berry s world cum by Mia. Inc a at a Hundred Bucks an hour Tor my time. These Are going to be mighty expensive vegetables Quot

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