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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 30, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy hot More data on Page 3a 90th year no. 120 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 classified ads 885 2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. C., tuesday afternoon april 30, 1974 34 pages daily 10c. Sunday 25c ransomed american is freed earlier Story on Page 10a by Ike Flores associated press writer Miami Fla. Map american oilman Victor Samuelson arrived in the United states this morning after being freed six weeks after his company paid marxist Argentine guerrillas a record $14.2 million Ransom. Samuelson flanked by Exxon officials on his arrival at Miami International Airport was smiling and appeared healthy. A a in a very Happy and i am Well Quot he told reporters. A i have no further comment. In a anxious to get Back to my when asked if he would be flying to Cleveland his Home town he said a a no. Not right the 36-year-old Esso Argentina executive was whisked into a privately chartered twin engine aircraft which took off minutes after his 8 30 a m. Landing from South America. Exxon officials would not disclose his destination. Earlier today Samuelson Mother in Chagrin Falls. Ohio a Cleveland suburb. Victor Samuelson said did not know w Hether her son would Fly on to Cleveland immediately. Mrs. George e. Hart said Exxon has kept Samuelson s wife. Diane and their three children Ages 5 to to. In a protective custody Quot at an undisclosed location in the United states since they left Argentina in january. Samuelson. Who had been held 144 Days by the people s revolutionary army a known by its Spanish acronym Erp was the manager of the Exxon sub Sidary a Campana refinery 60 Miles North of Buenos Aires. He was freed monday in front of the suburban Buenos Aires Home of his children s doctor. Federico Pfister. Transcript work began weeks ago by Frank Cormier associated press writer Washington a secret preparations began late last month for today a massive Public release of edited transcripts of president Nixon s private watergate conversations White House sources reported. They said the transcribing of tapes started at least a month before Nixon finally decided to submit them in edited form to the House judiciary committee and make them Public. The work directed by White House counsel j. Fred Buzhardt. Was done by handpicked secretaries in the executive office building next door to the executive mansion. To guard against premature leaks the identity of the typists was a closely held secret. A Nixon aide said the transcribing began in anticipation of a presidential response to a february committee request for tapes which was followed up by an april la subpoena. In his television radio address monday night announcing plans to release the edited transcripts. Nixon said a for Many Days now i have of it ent Many hours of my own time personally reviewing these materials and personally deciding questions of the White House declined to estimate the total amount of time Nixon devoted to the project but sources said he personally listened to Many tapes in addition to Reading transcripts. According to one Nixon tapes not released Nixon transcripts delivered to panel sen. Edward Gurney sen. Gurney indicted in Florida by m. Crutsinger associated press writer Tallahassee. Fla. Apr sen. Edward j. Gurney says his indictment on a charge of failing to report Campaign contributions results from a a political Pearl Harbor attack Quot by democrats. A i am absolutely the Florida Republican said in a monday statement confirming reports that a Leon county grand jury had voted to indict him for allegedly violating a Florida election Law. A this is deliberate political harassment of the basest Gurney s Florida attorney. Harris Dittmar of Jacksonville said he would file immediately a motion for dismissal. The indictment reportedly was voted by the grand jury Friday. The jury is in recess until wednesday. By Frank Cormier associated press writer Washington a president Nixon s lawyers said today As they turned Over edited transcripts to the House judiciary committee that tapes of watergate related conversations do not once make it a appear that the president of the United states was engaged in a criminal plot to obstruct Justice a the claim was made in a White House statement accompanying edited transcripts of the conversations which Nixon was sending to the committee in response to a subpoena demanding the tapes. The panel is considering possible impeachment the individual packages were delivered to committee members offices and some members immediately began to look through the transcripts which were in separate mania envelopes identified by dates. Rep. Robert Drinan. D-mass., said there were numerous omissions in the transcripts he looked at. A they keep saying a unintelligible a and a expletive omitted. Quot Drinan said. Drinan said that at the next committee meeting a scheduled for wednesday he would favor a vote holding Nixon in noncompliance with the subpoena rep. Tom Railsback r-111another committee member said although Nixon had not fully complied with the subpoena there should be a further Effort to reach a Compromise More acceptable to the committee Railsback said the committee should make a counterproposal to the White House calling for verification of the tapes by committee counsel and White House lawyers As Well As chairman Peter Rodino and the ranking Republican rep Edward l. Hutchinson. The 50-Page submission to the panel prepared by White House defense counsel James d. St. Clair said that a the raw material of these recorded confidential conversations establishes that the president had no prior knowledge of the breaking Quot at democratic National committee Headquarters a and that he had no knowledge of any cover up prior to March 21,1973 Quot the 1,200 pages of edited tapes were to be made Public later in the Day but the St. Clair document repeatedly quoted from the tape transcripts. And at Points comparisons were made Between the Content of the transcripts and sworn testimony by ousted White House counsel John w. Dean Iii who has been the presidents chief Public accuser. The transcripts were delivered earlier to an apparently sceptical House judiciary so a Nixon on 2 a for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Correction a sunday sound off regarding the Book Sale of the american Assn. Of University women was unfortunately run after the Sale was Over. Intended for use earlier in the week the item was omitted for Lack of space and reappeared too late to do any Good. Our apologies to the Paauw. We Hope everyone will save their used books for them and patronize the next Sale they have. Under the spell q. Where can i Contact a qualified hypnotist in this area p. J. A. Or. Morris Britt in the psychology department at High Point College is a qualified hypnotist. When con men strike q. What can be done to men that Flim Flam women out of sums of Money. There Are five of us and we done to know what to do . A. Capt. . Leake of the High Point police says they have tried everything to expose these people and How they operate through newspapers radio to and churches. Evidently the Appeal to logic is outweighed by the Hope of getting something for nothing. It s a cinch no one who Ever actually finds a Large sum of Money is going to offer to share it with a total stranger. If he a dishonest hell keep quiet and keep it All to himself if he a honest hell take it to the police so they can find the owner. The police estimate Only one out of to people Ever report they were Flim Flam victims. They Are either too embarrassed or have enough sense or Hindsight to know they never should have fallen for the get Rich Quick Story. There May be some variation in the approach but usually it follows a pattern something like this the Flim Flammer stops a person on the Street asks her i usually a female around 45 to 60 if knows for instance a prominent lawyer in town As he needs some help on a Legal matter. If the person stops to Tell him is even willing to walk along or accompany him to the lawyers office building the con Man thinks he has a Gullible Prospect. As they stand talking a third person an accomplice walks up with a package or bag and tells the two he just found some Money but can to read what was written on the package and could either of them help him. He hands it to his accomplice who shows it to the victim who sees what appears to be a Large amount of currency. The finder wonders what he should do with it and his partner suggests they take it to a Quot big Quot Man he knows. The big Man Flim Flammer number three tells them they should each put up $2,500 for Quot Security Quot he will hold the a found Quot Money and if the owner can to be located within a certain time they will All share the Money and get their Deposit Back. Con Man number one goes with the victim while gets her Money and returns with it and he ostensibly puts in his Deposit. The other Flim Flam Man says hell go get his and to meet him outside a certain Bank. The two wait outside and when he fails to appear con Man number one says for his victim to go in one door and hell go in another Entrance so they wont miss him and meet inside. And that a the last the victim sees of the Flim slammers or her Money if you Haven to reported your losses to the police capt. Leake suggests you do. By providing a description you May help prevent them from robbing others. No common Law q. We want to know if North Carolina has a common Law wife Law. B. Y. A. N. Does not recognize common Law marriages unless the couple moves Here from another state where they Are Legal. Associate it would be fair to a Kesmar in g s say the bulk of the work had Wash ton office Sald the been done before the pres. senator was a. Dent flew off to Camp David i t j. A a i. Of used in the one count indict his to Quot there was spent ment of ,in8 Campaign t Ere a. Be contributions without a preparing his address to the porn Tang a. Treasurer or setting up a however the White Home a a Bank acc unt As insisted Nixon did not finally Florida Law decide until the weekend at Char Max. His Mountain Retreat to sur mum in Render even in edited form on and j1 000 Ine Szalc the material that he had j Remond carefully guarded for Many rom office a Mon s but state 0ffjciais say the on sunday after Nixon had unclear whether made his Basic decisions. Federa o fic holders also chief of staff Alexander no could be q d Haig or. And press Secretary g member of he Ronald l. Ziegler Lew to the watergate com mount into by helicopter to f churn their suggestions to j charged the Speed Hunting process indictment was sources said that As he motivated a a one o the often does. Nixon did not give democrats x5eekln his his final Okay to the s manuscript until a few hours Enate 5w before he went before Quot i am confident that the cameras and microphones in processes of Justice and the his Oval office court will operate swiftly to vindicate me of this unlawful charge and any Olson. Wrongdoing Quot said Gurney who was first elected to the Prancl Ira Senate in 1968 after serving a three terms in the House. U the grand jury launched h0qvv its investigation last week a after state rep Marshall Washington apr Harris a Miami. Charged former White House special that Gurney admitted during counsel Charles w. Colson a december news conference says president Nixon in that he had violated the listed that his aides a do reporting Law. Harris also whatever has to be done a to appeared before the panel combat any further leaks of m he news secret material after Dis Gurney said he Learned in closure of the Pentagon a ,1972 that ,100,000 had pers. Been raised in his name in an affidavit filed Mon without is knowledge. Day Colson also said Henry he Sald he ordered the fund a. Kissinger Nixon s raising stopped but did not National Security adviser report the Money already when the secret Vietnam War collected because he was not documents surfaced in 1971 a candidate at the time and was Ven More alarmed did not ave a Over the leaks than the committee. He still has not i resident. Reported the Money because Colson quoted Nixon As he says he does not know who saying at the time he re e to Quested a full investigation Gurney charged in his into the leaks i Don t want statement that Harris had excuses i want results. I gone before the grand jury to want it done whatever the hip his state sen Coj Richard Pettigrew d Colson is under indictment Vii Ami who is seeking the Ltd a Colson on 2a democratic nomination for i gurneys seat. A a . Senate seat is clearly at stake Here a a Gurney said. A a that a Why amusements.7b Harris and Pettigrew started bridge.5b this in Hopes that the classified ads7-ub democrats won t have to comics. 6b face me this fall. Crossword.2b a they can to beat me in a editorials4a fair and above Board election financial2a and they know it. Thus they obituaries.2b have launched their own sports3.4b political Pearl Harbor at television .5b women a news6-8a Harris said his action was not politically motivated transcripts stacked inside station Wagon outside w Hite House this morning map wire photo America listens to Nixon some believe some Don t by Jim Willse associated press writer in the Oval office of the White House Richard m Nixon gazed into the Eye of the television camera and promised America that the pile of Loose Leaf folders to his left would finally a Tell it in Hallandale. Fla Harold Harris gazed Back at the president of the United states. A a he a Harris said. Puffing on a Cigar. A the accused be the one to decide what is a continent away in Santa Monica Cali Sydney Albright munched a tossed salad As he watched Nixon on a Small Black and White to. A i knew in time the other Side of the Story would be told. I Hope the presidents actions tomorrow will indeed be the other Side of the once again. President Nixon turned to the National broadcast Media to present a defense of his role in the watergate scandal. And once again America listened seated at his desk the camera panning periodically to the stacks of Black notebooks containing transcripts of taped White House conversations Nixon placed his Case in the hands of the Public. A in giving you these blemishes and ally i am placing my Trust in the Basic fairness of the american people Quot he said. A a. I was trying to discover what was right and to do what was right. I Hope and Trust that when you have seen the evidence in its entirety you will the truth of that but for Bill Sweeney an executive with an electronics firm the presidents plea was not enough a pm so sick of All his difficult Days and All of his trusted friends and All of his transcripts a a the 36-year-old father of six said in the family room of his Home in Arlington Heights. In. Nor was it enough for Don Peterson of pleasant Hill Iowa. A the s just trying to get More sympathy Quot Peterson said As he watched the speech with a neighbor. Bill Sinnott. Nor for Walter Juskiewicz a Salesman from Cape Elizabeth Maine. A a i done to think he Ever had it in his mind to turn Over the tapes Quot Juskiewicz said. A a he a trying to run the investigation himself Quot and from Bruce Pemberton of Alexander. Ark Richard you just took too Nixon spoke 13 hours before the deadline set by the House judiciary committee for delivery of White House tapes the panel says it needs for its impeachment inquiry. The president said he would provide the committee and the Public with transcripts instead with portions he deemed not relevant to America on 2a by White House officials lbs threatened say documents by Linda Deutsch associated press writer los Angeles a administration spokesmen threatened lbs to and its White House correspondent with government retaliation and corporate financial ruin if the network continued a anti Nixon Quot criticism according to sworn court documents filed by lbs and Abathe documents filed monday in response to a government antitrust suit claimed network executives were a quietly and privately threatened a beginning in 1969 by Nixon officials including presidential press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler former Nixon adviser John d. Ehrlichman and former special presidential counsel Charles w. Colson. Cd so White House correspondent Dan rather said in a sworn affidavit that in february 1971 a Ronald Ziegler. Said to me that the television networks were a anti Nixon and that a they rather Ziegler Al we Ehrlichman Colson Are going to have to pay for that sooner or later one Way or rather added a on at least one and perhaps two occasions John Ehrlichman. Stated to me in words or substance that a the networks will get theirs of that you can be attorneys for lbs and Abc noted in their Legal Brief a previously released report that Ehrlichman once met with lbs news president Richard s. Salant and urged that rather a should be transferred or in another sworn affidavit former lbs president Frank Stanton said a in Early november 1972. Or. Colson called me on the Telephone and said in substance that unless lbs substantially changed its news treatment of the Nixon administration a things will get much worse for he also said in substance a you did t play Ball during the Campaign. Well bring you to your Knees in Wall Street and on Madison lbs and Abc brought up the incidents in Legal briefs urging . District court to throw out the antitrust suit on grounds it was instituted for political retaliation an unconstitutional purpose Quot. The administration perceived the news Media and the networks in particular to be enemies against which the most intensive pressure should be directed Quot the Brief said. The two networks contended the Case Quot was commenced for the unconstitutional purpose of harassing intimidating and inhibiting them in their exercise of first amendment Ehrlichman declined to comment a since it is the Justice department filed its antitrust suit against the three major to networks Abc lbs and Abc on april 14, 1972, asking that they be prohibited from network syndication activities and acquisition of financial and other interests in programs obtained from Independent producers. The suit alleges that lbs violated the Sherman act by excluding from prime time entertainment programs it did not own

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