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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 23, 1976, High Point, North Carolina A Tou got to do is ask Murray older amp a the Tipoff by the time the season was Over there was almost a state of Mutiny among the new York giants because of the Bridge Between coach Bill Arnsparger and the players. But the giant Bosses Are going to live by their pledge to give Arnsparger a full three years through �?T76 to turn the team around. Q. We Are considerably aware of the offensive ability of Johnny Bench but Don t see statistics about his defensive abilities such As How he ranked in Fielding percentage successful theft of bases and number of runners picked off base a Dick Ehlers. First Bench has won the Golden Glove picked by writers for defensive ability for All seven of his years in the majors. In �?T74, on Fielding percentage he finished in a virtual dead heat with Milt May of Houston May 9932 Bench 9927. There Are no rankings kept on catchers throwing out runners. During last season Only 48 bases were stolen against the reds and 36 runners were thrown out attempting to steal. Not Many Challenge benches right Arm so figures would t mean much. Q. Please Teil it if possible where can i write to Howard Cosell a Stanley Morask. I was going to suggest Abc sports in new York but its unlikely Howard would get to see the letter personally. Instead try 205 East 63rd St., new York n y. 10017. Q. You said Willie Stargell was the Only Man to hit a Home run out of dodger stadium. My Friend says Wally Post was the first to hit one out of that Park clean Over the left Field Wall. Could you please Clear this up for us Paul Hering or. Your Friend is confused. Actually in 1962, the inaugural year of dodger stadium outfielder Post winding Down his career with Cincinnati was the first Man Ever to hit a Home run there. It went Over the Centerfield Fence but stayed in the Park. Stargell remains the Only Man to Clear barriers. Dodger vets can to even remember one Ever going out in batting practice. Q. Horace Stoneham has repeatedly made the worst trades in baseball history. It has been my feeling Over the years he has traded at least two Quality players in every position. Could you list some who have gone on to Good seasons for other teams a Louis Jay Shapiro. Using Only current rosters i could Field the following team of sex Grants la Willie Mccovey 2b, Tito Fuentes is Frank Duffy 3b, Dave Kingman of George Foster Ken Henderson Bobby Bonds Gary Maddox a fran Healy p. Gaylord Perry. Not a bad lineup but owner Stoneham also picked up von Joshua from the dodgers for the waiver Price and got Bobby Murcer for Bonds. I Don t think his record As a swapper is All that bad Over the years. Of the players mentioned. He has Only been burned by peddling Foster and Perry. Q. When the red sons Are in the Field and make an out other than at first base How come they done to throw the Ball to Carl Yastrzemski a Al Young. You noticed that too0 Well Yaz is 36-years-old and lie s better off conserving his Energy instead of getting into that ceremonial ritual of whipping the Ball abound. Also. He s a natural outfielder not a first baseman and not used to such frills. There a no sinister ostracism in his Lack of participation. Q. What is the rationale a your opinion a about not charging errors for wild pitches and or passed balls pitchers and catchers should be held As accountable As other players. A Ben Watson. They Are held accountable a by the team manager. Wild pitches and passed balls Are Battery errors and not logically grouped with Field errors. That a the rationale in fact a run scored off a wild pitch is considered earned on a passed Ball it s unearned. I might be inclined to score an error on a passed Ball. Q. What do we owe our nation s sportswriters for their pick for the 1975 Heisman trophy a fat Christmas Bonus or a Swift kick in the pants. I chose the latter. With the Snow Job Woody Hayes and company did on the country Archie Griffin is the greatest thing since zoot suits and the Lindy hop. Our fabulous Buckeye just did t have the season he had in 74 when he first won the Heisman. A Bruce Tuttle Cookeville Tenn. That s not a question it s an editorial i happen to agree. I think the Heisman should have gone to Chuck Muncie of California for All around contribution in 1975. Q. I would like information on obtaining tickets for the 1976 olympic games in Montreal. The Montgomery wards Auto club informed me they had no tickets available. A Cathy Yanko Ottawa Iii. They informed you wrong because in mid december i Montgomery Ward spokesman announced that there Vas 467.000 tickets for the Montreal games still writable. The catch was they had to be disposed of before the end of the year or turned Back to the Host country Canada. Parting shot too Many football coaches Over emphasize size in As Messing Talent. Fred dryer of the rams is a great defensive end at 225 pounds dripping wet and Jack Ambert was an amazing Middle linebacker for the super bowl Steeles at 208 pounds. And How about Alvin Jones playing Corner Back for Denver at 5�?T7�?�? Lal clothing outlet i men s sport Coats a i men s Leisure shirts i a Wun pocket 9&Quot i yellow building Oil Tnomas Vii re. At i Isi s a open monday saturday 10-6 a a a Khiv royals 2, Bro wort i Kansas City Milwaukee a a r h bib r h by Wohlforth i 2 0 Moorel 2 0 0 0 4 12 0 Money pc 4 0 10 Girt Folb 4 0 10 Scot ii 4 0 10 Mayberry in 3 0 11 Porter 3 0 0 0 mtr Edh 4 0 0 0 Darw Man 4 110 a Owenjr 4 0 0 0 Lei canot 3 0 11 Healy c 3 0 0 0 Sharp 4 0 0 0 Pate ii 4 0 0 0 vaults 3 0 10 f ahite2b 3 0 0 0 pgarcia2b 3 0 10 Fitrer rip 0 0 0 0 Collomp 0 0 0 0 Birdp 0 0 0 0 Amyuit inc 0 0 0 0 Hariman p 0 0 0 0 total 33 2 6 i total 30 i 6 i Kamas City too of 010 2 Milwaukee 000 000 100�? i a a Brett Money do Milwaukee 2 lob Kansas City i Milwaukee 6 26�? Otis Darwin so a Wohlford in h r Erbb so Eit Morris 6 1-3 5 i i i i Bird of. 1-0 2 2 3 1 0 0 3 0 Colborn i l la 7 2-3 6 2 1 1 4 Augustine 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 Hausman i 0 0 0 1 0 balk Colborn t-2 36 a 5.16 dodgers 7, Astral 2 los Angeles Houston a r h by a r h by Buckner 4 12 1 Howard of 3 0 0 0 s Imore a 5 1 i 0 Gross of 2 0 0 0 Baker it 4 0 12 cabeu3b 4 0 10 a crust 10 0 0 Cedeno it t 4 0 2 0 Garvey la 4 0 0 0 Watson la 2 0 0 0 1 i i 0 Cjohnson 4 111 2 0 0 0 l Roper isl 4 12 0 4 2 12 milborne2b 4 0 2 1 3 12 1 met Rogerss 3 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 Anduiz p 10 0 0 i i 0 0 Josap 0 0 0 0 10 0 0 Howe pts 10 0 0 Rondon p 0 0 0 0 Davanon pm 0 0 0 0 Hardy p 0 0 0 0 Boswell pm 10 0 0 baseball a dings High Point Enterprise Friday april 23, 1976 7b by the associated press National league East w l qualifying begins for Martinsville Pitts Phila new York Chicago St Louis Montreal Cincinnati Atlanta Houston san fran san Diego los Ang 6 5 6 8 i 4 i 4 i West 6 4 pct 667 625 500 455 400 400 600 600 .571 500 455 .273 govt 1 a 2 2 2 i i i m i m t by 3b Woodson 3b Ferguson Hale it i Lees uses Kau p 33 7 s 6 total Las Angeles Houston e Cabell do i lob los total 33 2 2 010 230 010 i too too to 2 los Angeles 2. Houlton irs 7. Houston 0 28 Angeh Cedeno 2 Hale. But incr or Ferguson ii Johnson 11 a by Ferguson. Hale2, Garvey. In h r Erbb so Kau Ivy 2-0 6 7 114 6 Marshall 3 i i i 0 i Ami liar ,0-2 4 1-3 5 6 5 4 0 i Sosa 2 3ioooo Rondon 2 0 0 0 3 1 Hardy 2 ? i i 0 i save Marshall in it map by j Sosa Ley balk raw pm Ferguson to i la a 8 52 expos 12, cubs 6 Montreal 132 113 010�?17 17 i Chicago 200 too 102 6 i i completion of suspended game cubs 5,expos 4 second game Montreal Chicago a t h Bab r Tibi Kwh infect 5 0 2 0 monday it 4 111 b attn Oral silo madlo<.h3b 5121 Jorge Nib 5 0 10 moral est 4 2 3 1 Carteret Soto Thornton la 5 0 2 0 Pari is Hub soil Trident 6 0 0 0 Foote Ltd silo Swisher 5130 folios 5 12 0 Madam St 10 0 1 Moi kanin2b 3 10 0 Rose loss 3 0 0 0 Kirby 10 13 Garmany 0 0 0 0 St hot a map 10 0 0 Wallish 0 0 0 0 Grany Erp 10 0 0 Cardenas a 0 0 0 0 Dwy Carph i c 0 0 r rust help 3 0 0 0 a Murray 0 0 0 0 Kelleh Erss 10 0 0 Summers pm 10 0 0 Zamora p 0 0 0 0 to it to 42 4 to 4 total 44 5 13 5 i we out when winning run stored Montreal Oji too too of 4 Chicago 020 070 00 01 5 i full Parrish trills do Montreal i f t i. Ayu i i of Montreal Chicago 15 26 foil Kirby Parrish Thornton i Morales jul Swisler or j Morales j Jadlot Kwh so j White s Wallis thursday s results Montreal 12, Chicago 6. Completion of suspended game Chicago 5. Montreal 4 los Angeles 7, Houston 2 Only games scheduled Friday s game Cincinnati Nolan 1-11 at Montreal Warthen 0-1 Atlanta Morton 0-2 at Philadelphia Lonborg 1-0ltd new York Koosman 1-0 at Houston Cosgrove of St. Louis Denny 1-0 at san Diego Jones 3-0n Chicago i Burns 0-2 at los Angeles Hooton 0-2ltd it Pittsburgh Heuss 2-0 at san Francisco Montefusco 2-1. N saturday s games Cincinnati at Monteain Pittsburgh at san Francisco Atlanta at Philadelphia it it new York at Houston in Chicago at los Angeles in St Iyo uis at san Diego in american league Martinsville a a in qualifying is scheduled to begin today for sunday s $92,000 21st annual Virginia 500, the first National association for Stock car Auto racing grand National race in which Crews will be limited to one Jack on any pit Stop for tire changes. Two jacks previously had been allowed so a car could be lifted with All four tires being changed at one but Lascar director of Competition Lin Kuchler said thursday a Lascar feels the Rule will discourage a four tire change when As far As Wear is concerned it is not necessarily needed. Quot some teams Are using More tires than others because there is a definite advantage in using tires that Are Cool but not worn and can Abe used More than once Quot this practice has forced All the top teams to mount and use More tires than Are actually needed to run a race safely and this creates increased Cost to those who must pay for them a favored in today s Quail tying in which the first 20 spots in sunday is Virginia 500 were up for grabs was Cale Yarborough of Timmonsville. S. Winner of the Wile position in three of the last five grand National races at Martinsville Speedway Yarborough driving a Chevrolet turned in a fast practice Lap of 83.901 Miles per hour thursday As Drivers began preparing for sunday s race. The fastest qualifier will earn $1,000 and the second fastest $500 in 1974. Yarborough won the Virginia 500 from the pole position and also led the most laps anyone who can duplicate that feat sunday would even $21,000 with the Winner getting $15 too and the Driver leading the most acc baseball Down to four Kava l pct. Go new York 7 2 ,778 a Milakee 5 s 625 i m Boston 5 5 500 2 x Detroit 4 4 500 2�?~i Cleveland 3 4 42v i Baltimore 4 a 400 3 x Texas went 6 4 600oakland 6 5 545 a Chicago 4 4 500 i Kan City 4 5 444 Ivy California 5 7 417 2 Minnesota 3 7 300 3 in Kirby St Herman Granger to Murray i 0-1 f Rcv Tel Carman Zemin a i 0 t j 03 a 11 04 h i 7-3 4 3 5 3 1-3 0 7 2 3 4 7 r Erbb so ii 2 0 i High school standings baseball Salisbury a Trinity 0 Aims for net title Denver a Brian Gottfried took advantage of serve and Volley problems by Billy Martin thursday to Post a 6-2, 6-2 Victory in the quarterfinals of the $64,000 Denver world championship Tennis tournament in other singles action thursday Ross Case advanced to the semifinals by whipping fellow australian Geoff masters 3-6, 6-2, 6-3. Gottfried who needs the Denver title to earn one of eight berths in the act finals in Dallas in May said he played Quot with a particular Quot this is a very important tournament for me Quot he said Quot i had last week off so i Carne to town three Days Early to get used to the Altitude Quot thursday s result Kansas City 2. Milwaukee i Only game scheduled fridays games Texas Singer 1-0 at Detroit rare i-1 Oakland Blue 1-1 at Cleveland Peterson 0-1. In Kansas City i Splittorff 0-2 at new York Hunter 12in California i Moss 0-11 at Milwaukee Slaton 2-11, in Boston Tiant 2-01 at Chicago Gossage 1-11, in Only games scheduled saturday s games Texas at Detroit Oakland at Cleveland Kansas City at new York Baltimore at Minnesota California at Milwaukee Boston at Chicago in sunday games Texas at Detroit Kansas City at new York Oakland at Cleveland Clemson. S. C. A Wake Forest Drew Host Clemson As us first opponent today while Virginia and Maryland met in the second game As the Atlantic coast conference baseball tournament opened its double elimination round of four Wake Forest reached the final round with a 7-3 Victory thursday Over defending Champion North Carolina state while Maryland was carried to to innings in overcoming Duke. 10-9. Virginia pounded North Carolina pitchers for 17 hits in beating the tar heels 8-6 Clemson carried a 29-13 season record into its game today including a 10-2 acc Mark the tigers planned to Send Hon Musselman. Holder of a 6-3 record to the Mound against Wake Forest. The deacons were expected to Call on Merle Henkel who has an 8-3 record. The tournament Champion will be determined sunday with a second game following the first if necessary the Maryland Duke game thursday was the Only one of the first round to go to an extra inning. Scott Christopher emerged As a hero in this one As he singled Home Bob Niffennegger with one out in the 10th inning to give Maryland the 109 Victory. Bsh sum Maxw of my i Honda Good the Mai happen on a Honda Cb-750 k5 save on one of the world s great super bikes. You la like the effortless operation the sleek styling the Bright color schemes and All the extras that Are Standard. If this is your year for a super Bike Here s your Chance to own one for just. Test ride one today at. M my a mum a amp my we rays Cycle shop located on interstate 85 i mile North of Thomasville a Rhone 475-2397 get the most for your insurance Dollar All lines of insurance including z$3b4. It i 4 v a Volt Mew George w. Gillie Randy Norton Auto a fire a casualty a Bonds boiler a workmen s compensation serving your insurance needs since 1934 of you have any questions about your insurance coverage Call. Welborn insurance associates 310 s. Main St. Phone 883-1413 the Wake state game appearance c the format a took on of a pitchers Duel As the two went scoreless through the first five innings. The game was tied at 2-2 after six innings and then Wake Forest went ahead Tor Good in the seventh scoring two runs on two hits and an error Virginia s 17-hit attack on three North Carolina pitchers was led by designated hitter Steven Norwood laps picking up $5,000 trailing Yarborough thursday were Dodge Driver Dave maids of Wausau. Wis. Who won last fall s old Dominion 500 Here with a spree of 83.718 mph and David Pearson of Spartanburg. S. C. In a Mercury and Darrell Waltrip of Franklin Tenn in a Chevrolet each with a Speed of 83 384 m p h although Waltn s car had a Brake lock and suffered rear end damage when it crashed into the Wall Between the first and second turns it was expected to Imp repaired in tune for today a trials the tilth Best time thurs Day was turned in by 14-time Martinsville Winner and defending Virginia 500 Champion Richard Petty of Randleman n. A 82 982 to p b. In a Dodge other fast practice runs were recorded by buddy Baker of Charlotte n c Neil Bennett and Bobby Allison of Hueytown. Ala Bonnie Pond of Petersburg a. Richard Brooks of Porterville Calif and Benny Parsons of Ellerbe n. The grand National Point Leader in the National \ saw la Hon for Stock car Auto hoeing sports briefs by the associated press baseball St. Louis St Louis cardinals Pitcher Lynn Mcglothen ejected earlier this week Lur his part in a Bea Ball Battle against the new York mels has been suspended for five Davs and fined $300 by the National league. Golf new Orleans Mike Keasor shot a Brilliant seven under Par 65 to assume the first round Lead by two strokes in the $175,-000 new Orleans open. Tennis Stockholm Guillermo Vilas of Aigen Tina breezed past hurl Meiler of wet Germany 6 4, 6-0 to gain a berth in the Quarter finals of the world championship Tennis tournament. Denver Brian Gottried scored a 6-2, 6-2 Victory Over Billy Martin to move into the semifinals of the $64,000 Denver world championship Tennis tournament. Bowling Baltimore die to Neal a Bowling teacher from Miami led the held of 240 after 16 qualifying games Tor the $86,000 women s world invitational Bowling tournament. Hildebrandt a positive action spinners they spin so easy America s most Complete line of spinners. 350 different kinds for All types of fish and fishing. At your tackle store John j. Hildebrandt corp i it it kit no Anft Indian 46�?~>4 7 Granada a Audi Vox a Beta a Bon sonic a Clarion a Lafayette r sales service installation Best selection in High Point it a draft in i Aal a in . Radios scanners tape players a antennas a mikes a All accessories a discount electronics i 316 Kersey re off e. Kivett or phone 431 -9474jh Why gain a Draco a Pace a Pearce Simpson a Royce a Robyn a great of. I oooo Quot goes7 mens clothing va4ir i i Iii i i i iwo Norw cow pasta i them fsr ii Westchester mall Vou will tiny of cow i thing at fantastic Low prices shirts. A tvs airs Slacks buts spor Coats la Isuru Shii?rsr5u/r5 win0br�ak�s fans a f7af pc Ytry a # St j in at in Sahm j of 2s% in fac re can str amp to i Urry Sci Iteman j a at 7 a we a i Seemer. Open tonight. Til 8/4 Mac Votuc j 740 Tom 2&Quot to film \�7 tvs Vinal i i Ieese ltoms2575z i of Light wit. Values to �?~27 175 Only me is i of Rufous of i i suits i j at Rug. Is is 3 a a so % 2oo Only St tees s values to m5 Iso pairs Meas a of amt Slacks pcs / one group Short sleeve knit shirts Tom off hag Ala i Price today thurt., tri. To sat Only 25 Only mans 4.- luf amp a sets vol Salt to l99 ?

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