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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 24, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather sunny today details on Page 7a 92nd year no. 115 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation 8s2-i719 classified ads. 885 2177 other depts 885-2161 High Point n. C., saturday afternoon april 24, 1976 32 pages daily 15c, sunday 35c parliament to pick lebanese president Kissinger British foreign Secretary Anthony Crosland meet newsmen at right is . Ambassador to Britain mrs. Anne Armstrong a wire photo Kissinger . To Back rhodesian Black majority Waddington Hak base England a Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger said today the United states will fully support new negotiations aimed at giving Rhodesia s Black majority control of the country. Kissinger spoke to reporters at this Royal air Force base about 130 Miles Northwest of London before leaving for Kenya first Stop on a two week tour of Black Africa. Officials said he will offer vigorous support for Black liberation movements including the possibility of indirect american military Aid the Secretary conferred earlier with British foreign Secretary Anthony Crosland about the situation in the rebel British Colony. Kissinger said he strongly supports the British View that Rhodesia s White minority regime must move quickly toward Black majority Rule. About 274,000 Rhode Sian Whites Rule some 5.7 million Blacks. A we believe that time is running out but the Opportunity for a negotiated settlement that May still exist must be seized almost immediately a Kissinger said. Kissinger said a negotiated settlement would be in the interests of both Blacks and Whites in Rhodesia but the solution must be by african methods in Crosland reaffirmed the British governments intention not to take any action until Quot there is some sign that the White rhodesian Are prepared to accept an Early move toward majority Rule. Kissinger said after talking Friday with l. Dean Brown Fords special envoy to Beirut that he expects Syria to withdraw its troops from Lebanon once the Vear Long civil War has ended and a new president is elected to replace Suleiman Franjieh. Quot this is a question that will have to be negotiated Between the lebanese and the Kissinger said a but it is our impression that these troops Are there As part of the immediate situation and not As a permanent Syria has moved an estimated 6,000 troops into Lebanon in an attempt to halt the fighting Between leftist moslem their palestinian allies and righting christians. Kissinger described the Lebanon situation As Quot tenuous and but said order was being restored and outside Powers apparently referring to Syria and Israel had taken a Quot constructive israeli officials have modified an earlier threat to take action if Syria moved into Lebanon saying Israel would take no action unless its Security were directly threatened Kissinger s first venture into Black Africa is described As a fact finding Mission with the Secretary of state looking particularly to tanzanian president Julius k. Nyerere for advice on How to lend support to Black liberation movements after his Kenya Stop Kissinger is to visit Tanzania. Zambia. Zaire Ghana Liberia and Senegal before returning to Kenya for the u n. Conference on Trade and development some african leaders suspect Kissinger strip to Africa was forced by soviet and political gains achieved with the help of the 13.000 cuban troops in Angola but Kissinger told reporters Quot we Are not in Africa to match soviet efforts. We Are in Africa for our own purposes the military rulers of Nigeria the continent s biggest Black state have refused to see Kissinger As has methodist Bishop Abel Muzorewa a Leader of Rhodesia s african National Council. Beirut. Lebanon a Christian president Suleiman Franjieh has stepped Down under pressure from moslem and his own supporters and preparations Are under Way to Convene parliament to choose a new president officials said today. A radio station supporting Franjieh said he had signed a constitutional amendment making possible the immediate selection of his successor. Beirut radio which is controlled by his opponents said later he had signed the document and sent a copy to parliament. The incumbent Christian president has become a Symbol of Christian resistance to moslem demands for a greater share of political and economic Power in Lebanon which christians have dominated since the nation was formed after world War ii. A spokesman for parliament speaker Kamel Assaad said Franjieh s Secretary had telephoned a confirmation of the signing saying the amendment was effective immediately and arrangements were being made to Convene parliament Franjieh cancelled a meeting of his supporters Friday at which he had been expected to announce a decision on his Long awaited resignation. The president reportedly has been stalling while seeking assurances from Syria which has an estimated 6,000 troops in Lebanon on his own future and the role of palestinians in any lasting peace Franjieh a refusal to resign had stymied political efforts to end the lebanese civil War which has Cost nearly 17,000 lives. Fighting continued today Between moslem and christians Secretary of state Henry a Kissinger discussed the situation in London police reported 46 persons killed and 68 wounded in overnight rocket and mortar duels around Beirut and in Northern Lebanon and said the bodies of 15 others believed kid napped and slain earlier this week were found in the capital officials said Beirut International Airport was shelled for the second time this week closing it temporarily. Shrapnel hit the control Tower but no casualties were reported. The Airport reopened later. The Airport was once the busiest Between Rome and Bangkok Many International air carriers have suspended operations into Beirut but Lebanon a Middle East airlines and air France continue to run daily flights. Quot none of the warring sides appears willing to abide by the cease fire the situation keeps deteriorating and the truce supervision committee is unable to Cope with it a a High Security official said the committee composed of syrian palestinian and factional chiefs was reconstituted last week after syrian president Hafez Assad g latest Effort for an end to the year Long civil War Between right Wing christians and leftist moslem supported by palestinian guerrillas in London Kissinger described the situation As still Quot tenuous and delicate Quot alter hearing a report from president Fords special envoy to Lebanon l. Dean Brown the Secretary of state said he and Brown discussed setting up a new Security Force to replace Lebanon s Dis integrated military and police Struc Ture. Kissinger said recruits Tor such a Force must come from inside Lebanon and be drawn from the competing factions since such a Force must by acceptable to All parties to be effective some members of Lebanon s parliament have suggested that France Send troops to join syrian forces already in Lebanon Irving to bring about an effective cease fire Christian president Suleiman fran Jieh came under increasing pressure from his own supporters to step Down so another president could be chosen who would allow moslem the in creased political and economic Power they Are lighting for court again denies requests for release of Campaign funds Washington a ignoring the pleas of seven presidential candidates for Over $1.4 million in Matching funds the supreme court is keeping the government s Campaign fund spigot closed tight. The court refused on Friday to allow the Federal election commission to pay out the funds to presidential candidates and their parties until Congress and president Ford agree on a Bill to revive the Feu. The court s decision increases the financial pressure on Republican challenger Ronald Reagan and six democratic candidates. Who asked the High court to allow the funds to flow again. Ford has a $910,-000 request pending with the Fly but did not join in the court action. Sen Frank Church a Idaho said in Lincoln Nebit was a unconscionable for the fac funds to be held up. Quot it May not Hurt the president but the other candidates in both parties Are hurting because they expect Matching funds a said Church who said he is due More than $75,000 the supreme court decision came on a motion filed by the seven candidates and the democratic National committee. The High court issued orders in january for the fac to be . But while Congress worked Over a Bill to do that the commission lost its Powers to disburse the Matching funds both houses have passed anti using rally today Washington a anti using groups from around the country Are assembling in the nations capital for a March and rally that organizers say could draw up to 40,000 persons. The protest to include a m mile Long Parade today from the Washington Monument to the capital where a rally will be staged on the West Steps is being sponsored by a Louisville ky., anti using group. But a spokesman for that group a Union labor against busing said Friday night that members of anti using groups in As Many As 20 other states Are also participating. Tile demonstration is aimed at persuading Congress to pass Laws to ban the use of forced busing to achieve school desegregation but the rally is More Likely to be seen by thousands of Bicentennial tourists than by members of Congress who Are still on easter vacation. Hie demonstration comes a Day after a crowd estimated at 100,000 marched through Boston streets to protest a week Long spree of racial beatings and stoning. Both Boston and Louisville have been torn by racial tension since court ordered school desegregation plans requiring extensive Cross busing were put in for re last fall the Ulab the largest of a number of Louisville anti using groups staged a similar protest in Washington last october drawing about 8,000 persons differing versions of a Bill to reconstitute the commission and a House Senate conference is to Iron out the differences next week Ford has indicated he May veto the Bill. Both Hep Morris k Udall and Reagan have Given up chartered planes because of the financial Pinch. Udall told the court he also had to trim his Pennsylvania broadcast budget to $85,000 from $150,000. Reagan and Udall said Friday they plan to buy five minute commercials on network television in Hopes exposure will bring an influx of contributions. Church made such a broadcast monday. Udalia a Campaign director. John Gabusi said he feels Quot to Udall can Best get his message across to the nation by network television and that two appearances in the same week will assure maximum exposure As Well As maximum Impact for Udall said he was buying spots on Abc monday night and lbs thursday night. Reagan who made a half hour network television speech several weeks ago said he was buying time on lbs wednesday night Quot to spell out the dangers of our present National defense Udall and fellow democrats Jiminy Carter and sen Henry Jackson spent Friday in Pennsylvania where they face a primary showdown tuesday. In Philadelphia front running Carter issued what he termed a a comprehensive economic plan he said it would reduce unemployment from 7.5 per cent to 4.5 per cent by 1978, while stabilizing inflation at 4 per cent. Carter visited Memphis ten later Friday. Carter said his Quot major emphasis on creating jobs would be to stimulate private Industry not to create More government jobs. He said he would increase federally financed Job training programs and give industries a incentives Quot to hire the unemployed. However Carter said he still supports the Humphrey Hawkins Quot full employment Quot Bill which would spend Over $5 billion on Public jobs. I what s inside amusements.10-11a bridge.10a classified ads.13-15a editorials.4a obituaries .3.4 sports.8-9.4 television Section b weather.7a Meany blasts the gop Washington a Cio president George Meany charged today that seven years of Republican leadership has produced Only recession unemployment inflation and the biggest budget deficit in . History. In a blistering attack. Meany said All the services americans expect from their government Are being Quot Cut to the Bones by president Ford s vetoes Quot the president. Tells us that America has to save its Money that America can t afford to care for the sick can t afford to feed the hungry can t afford to educate her children decently can t afford to keep her cities from tailing apart a said organized labors chief spokesman Quot Well Don t you believe it a Meany declared Quot the Only thing this country can t afford is four More years like the last in a speech prepared for a legislative conference of the american federation of teachers he charged that Ford is clinging to the same fiscal policies that created the worst recession in 40 years the highest unemployment rates since the depression and the sharpest interest rates since the civil War. On the other hand he said the fiscal policies of presidents Truman Kennedy and Johnson brought America its greatest what Ford criticizes As Quot spend Thrift social welfare Meany said Quot built More Homes than Ever before. Enriched and expanded educational opportunities and made great strides toward achieving a better life for the poor and for the average violent outbreaks follow marches Boston a after tens of thousands of people marched in a mile Long a procession against Vio Encey in Boston police reported a series of false bomb threats and scattered incidents cars were reported stoned in several of the City s neighbourhoods Friday evening. There were no reports of arrests or in Lunes in the racially integrated Jamaica Plain Section several stained windows of a Church were smashed by rocks. Priests and police said they could not determine whether the Rock throwing was racially motivated or another Type of vandalism and As officials investigated the bomb blast that injured 22 people in a Boston courthouse thursday a trying to determine the authenticity of a letter claiming responsibility a several reports of More bombs were phoned to police and newspapers. One threat forced the evacuation of the undamaged older Wing of the courthouse there also were warnings of imminent explosions at two state office buildings the John f. Kennedy Federal building the Statler Hilton hotel several Banks and the station House of the police District investigating the courthouse bombing no bombs were found at any of the Sites. The real paper a weekly newspaper said it received a letter Friday signed by the Quot Samuel Melville Jonathan Jackson unit for prison Reform Quot and claiming credit for the bombing of the courthouse the letter s authenticity has not been determined police said it was mailed in Massachusetts after the blast a which police said has not been linked to the City s racial troubles a and after widely published reports that the telephoned warning included a reference to the name Quot Jackson a Melville sentenced to prison on bombing charges was killed in 1971 during an uprising at Attica state prison in new York Jonathan Jackson was killed aug 7, 1970, at the Marin county courthouse in san Rafael Cali can my an escape attempt in which two convicts and a judge also died the March through the City a downtown streets was led by Massachusetts Sens. Edward m Kennedy and Edward Vav Brooke gov Michael s Dukakis. Humberto Cardinal Medeiros and Boston mayor Kevin h White the crowd a estimated by police at 30,000 to 50,000 and at 100,000 by one of Whit advisers a filled City Hall Plaza where the current wave of violence began three weeks ago when a Black attorney was beaten by anti using demonstrators As in was about to enter City Hall for a meeting White anti using groups boycotted the March and few Blacks showed up. Kevin White Matory rhetoric is like playing with matches near a Cache of dynamite he said . Orthodox christians hold easter late Quot teach us j god that the voice of violence Speaks not for democracy but for the Devil of fascism a Habbi Roland h Gittelsohn prayed at the Plaza to indulge in inf lain new York a Boisi six million Eastern orthodox christians in the United states and Canada celebrate easter this sunday a week later than the Lait observed by protestant and Homan Catholic churches the reason Tor the difference is that orthodoxy adheres to a decree of the Council of Nicaea in 325 a l stipulating thai easter must always follow the hebrew passover which did t end until this midweek miss Fiodorova daughter reunited Stamford Conn apr a it is a Miracle a Miracle. Soon i will be a grandmother a said Zoya Fiodorova after she arrived Here at the Home of her daughter Victoria. The russian actress 64, was tired but Radiant Friday night after an emotional arrival at Kennedy Airport in new York with Victoria who was bom of a world War ii Romance with an american naval officer Victoria and her Mother had been apart for More than a year Ever since Victoria came to the United states to meet the father she had never known retired adm. Jackson r. Tate of Orange Park Fla. Last june Victoria married airline Pilot Frederick Pouy an american and remained in the United states they Are expecting their first child May i in an interview conducted in russian miss Fiodorova said she had no plans to see Tate who is married 76 years old and suffering from a heart ailment Quot it was so Long ago a he has his own life now. And really with the child and All the excitement i have not thought much about it. But i wish him Well Quot she said the grandmother to be last saw Tate in May 1945, the night Victoria was conceived. Their love affair angered soviet officials and resulted in expulsion from the soviet Union for Tate then a naval officer attached to the embassy in Moscow and 8v� years in prison for miss Fiodorova Victoria was not told until she was 16 that her father was an american and not a russian Pilot killed in the War Irene Kirk an american Friend of Victoria a located Tate after searching for several years Tate said last week that he does not intend to see miss Fiodorova Quot i Don t think it has anything to do with me a he said. Miss Fiodorova applied for her tourist visa six months ago when she first Learned her daughter was pregnant she Learned last tuesday while on a concert tour in Southern Russia that her visa had been approved Quot i am Busy with my work in Russia but i am also lonely without my daughter it is wonderful to be Here wonderful a she said she added that she would return to die soviet Union when her three month visa expires As she surveyed the Powys Home a and the Many bouquets she had received miss Fiodorova said a my daughter looks Beautiful As always and Fred i love him already As a miss Fiodorova said she Hopes her grandchild Quot is honest kind and Happy and loves her grandmother Zoya a

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