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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1974, Page 5

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 21, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Personality profile i High Point Enterprise sunday april 21, 1974 a mrs. Jake Froelich Volunteer Community service mrs. Jake Froelich by Arthur Utley in Enterprise staff writer for years the Junior league of High Point has started worthwhile programs in the City with their Money supported them for a couple of years and then moved on to other programs. The sponsoring of a project and then pulling out has created an incorrect View of the league by the Public on several occasions according to mrs. Jake Froelich. A member of the National Board of directors for the league mrs. Froelich says the philosophy of Junior league is that a it is not actually a service club but a training organization to make women More effective volunteers. A we use the Money we get from the bargain boutique on Washington Street the prime Money source and put it into projects that can train women. By putting that Money in the right places we Hope to show the Community there is a need in that area. A we very Seldom stay in a project More than a couple of years and usually support is on a joint Effort level with some other group a she says. A people who have worked with the Junior league know what it can mrs. Froelich has been on the National Board of directors for three years and is chief spokesman for five of the Southeastern states. She recently co chaired a meeting on the criminal Justice system in Houston that has led to the forming of the volunteers in court program in High Point. A the Houston meeting was designed to show women volunteers what they could do a she says. A the league is working More and More within the women a liberation movement because females want something of their own now. Being a Volunteer can give Many women the satisfaction that a Job can. A a lot of women do anything without an organization like Junior league. After 40, Junior league women become inactive sustainer As far As the league is concerned but we count on the training they be received to contribute on their own. Hopefully they done to need an organization to develop More the Junior league is a club that invites members Only if they have the time and Are willing to work. Because of the invitational form of gaining members the league has been criticized As a status Symbol. A i realize people look at the league As a snobbish group and there have been women who have joined because they think it is a status Symbol. Those women have had a big Shock whey they be found out How much work they have to according to mrs. Froelich a society would collapse without volunteers not just with Junir league but with All Volunteer currently there Are about 400 members and sustainer in the Junior league. The Board spectrum of programs the league has supported include the Armfield school for handicapped children the Community planning Council the High Point drug action Council the children a and Carousel theatres the preservation of historical Haley House for which they recently won an award and the arts Council. A your involvement with cultural activities and historical preservation is traditional a says mrs. Froelich. Her involvement with the arts Council goes even deeper than Junior league support because she is the new vice president of the Council. A the Rise in cultural a Davidson dateline Tivi ties is happening All Over the country. There Are a tremendous number of furniture people Here that Are known Over the country for their Art work but the City does t know about them. The arts Council is a Good outlet to promote artists and other cultural work and with the theatre being built in the new furniture building we should be Able to get even greater exposure. A arts will always struggle it seems to me and i done to know Why the support for performing arts like theatre and concerts has t been Good. The arts Council has High Hopes that the new theatre will be a big she also sees the Council As a stimulus to fighting juvenile delinquency. A there Are a lot of talented Young people who could spend their time developing their Talent if they had an organization to work mrs. Froelich husband Jake and three children live on Parkway. Decision on zoning May be More trouble roaming the Piedmont picture taking gets results by Braxton Younts Enterprise staff writer As anyone around me very much knows our daughter in Law made me a grandpa just shortly before Christmas. A a also most of my acquaintances Are never allowed to forget that i enjoy photography greatly and make a lot of pictures. Not necessarily Good pictures but a lot of is but preamble to the fact that some folks like to add insult to crowning injury. A leading exponent in this Endeavor is Dwight Carroll. One Day not too far Back i was proudly displaying a picture of the new Mother and son and by plan i showed the shot to Dwight asking him if he would like to see something that i was More than a mite Happy Over. He looked at the picture for a moment then in his straight face manner he said a a hmm pretty Good. Who made it a i have a feeling that i wont show him another picture until i make it anyhow. One of these Days i am really going to blow my easily popped top. The Case in Point concerns people who Are too Busy to talk on the phone when one Calls. Instead they have their secretaries to screen their Calls and get a nearly Complete biography of the person calling them As Well As the reason for the Call. And on the other Side of the Coin is the person too Busy to make his own phone Calls. He instructs the Secretary to get so and so on the line. When this is accomplished the Secretary says a wait a minute for or. Blanks a and then no matter How Busy the Callee might be he Waits until or. Blanks is run Down and brought onto the line. This is an irritating part of my life because in nine cases out of to the caller is asking for a favor a and i become somewhat reluctant to Render any Aid that i might otherwise like to do. A tis now the time of full fledged Lawn mowing and this fact prompted mrs. Ethelyn Juska. A nursing Superior at High Point memorial Hospital who formerly was in the emergency room there to say that folks with Lawn mowers should indeed be careful. And she should know because she has helped treat a goodly number who have received injuries of one sort or another from those whirling Blades. There Are Many done to connected with the summer chore As Well As Many do s. These include the wearing of shoes and care about refuelling especially when the engine is hot. But in my opinion the Best guideline to Safe mowing is due caution in All aspects and a strict watch of the path in front of the machine. Those spinning Blades can and do throw Small objects a great distance with hurting Force. Byte Carver Enterprise staff writer Thomasville the ordeal of Thomas Leslie Atchison ended last week. By ending it Thomasville City councilmen May have created a chronic headache for themselves. Nearly a year ago Atchison began petitioning the City for a change in the zoning classification of a lot next to his House. A resident of Lake Road he lives outside the corporate limits of Thomasville but within the City a extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction. Atchison wants to build an automobile shop on his vacant lot. In order to build the shop the zone had to be changed from residential 4 to commercial 4. On a 3 to i vote with one councilman abstaining the rezoning passed. How did the Council err by siding with atchsion of a mistake was indeed committed it lies in the thorny problem of a spot briefly stated a spot zoning is planners term for altering an existing zone for the Benefit of a single property owner. Applying any definition therefore the Atchison Case certainly constitutes spot zoning. And by agreeing to let a spot zoning petition go through in this instance the Council will have Little justification for denying future exemptions from zoning regulations. In other words the door is open and it May be impossible to close it. Mayor Jim Johnson who is the former chairman of the planning Board and zoning commission has opposed the Atchison petition since its inception last july. At the City Council meeting he was restrained by state Law from casting a ballot under the conditions that then prevailed. But before he called for the vote he read an excerpt from Faye Marks column that appeared in last sundays Enterprise. A for every new thing that is done for every decision made enrol 50 headaches connected with quoted Johnson. A it becomes a matter of a Well if you did this for them Why can to you do this similar thing for us a. Once a group sets a precedent then it can to begin making loopholes and concessions for various dissenters. Even if it seems that spotlight on education sunday accent school censorship activity is noted fairness in the measure of taxes by Benjamin Fine North american newspaper Alliance no rth american newspaper Alliance new York a the growing trend towards Book censorship in the nations schools will continue to increase in number and Fervour during this decade. Everything from the a a filth of a Silas Marner a the a anti christianity of a slaughterhouse five a the a a pornography of National geographic to the a Sun americanism of �?ocatch-22,�?� Are now under attack. A i believe we can expect to see even greater pressures for censorship exerted in the remainder of the 1970s�?� warns prof. Ken Donelson of Arizona state University. Writing in the current English journal on a censorship in the 1970s,�?� prof. Donelson cites the following reasons school taxes Are rising students a a can to spell the Way they used to a and innovative programs often irritate parents who do not understand Why the programs were introduced in the first place. The magically nebulous word a a accountability has caught the fancy of a Public ready to find fault with an educational system whose products the students do not a always happily accept the a traditional values or a Good old fashioned american goals of their parents. For years prof. Donelson writes americans have maintained a somewhat uncomfortably ambivalent feeling about schools an almost superstitious reverence that somehow education is Good for everyone mixed with fear of intellectualism and a dread of teachers. This fear of education the inquiring mind and the search for truth is manifested for English teachers and librarians in attacks on books that Are most Likely to relate to children a lives and their world today and tomorrow. What can English teachers and librarians do to prepare to meet the censor prof. Donelson offers these recommendations each English department should develop its own statement of rationales for teaching literature. This should include realistic goals based on the needs and interests of specific students in a particular school. Each English department should establish a committee which will recommend books for possible use by the department. The objective would be to bring new titles and Little known or Little used older titles to the attention of the faculty. It would be helpful if every departmental meeting were Given Over to discussions of various titles. The teachers should work hard to win Community support for academic Freedom and to win that support before censorship strikes. English teachers prof. Donelson suggests rarely make any attempt to win friends before they need them desperately. One such group was formed shortly after a censorship episode in the Phoenix area. Names a Freedom for readers a the group has Given considerable moral support to teachers when they were under it is also important for the. English teachers to communicate to the Public what is going on in English classrooms and Why it is taking place. Parents and other citizens will inevitably hear something about the books used but what they will hear May be inexact or inaccurate. By Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer last week was a time for some rumination in a personal Way and with perhaps understandable rancor about the duty of the citizen to pay his taxes fairly and squarely. The duty is More for some than for others and what rankles in that context is not that some pay less in taxes than do others but that there does not seem to be much fairness or squareness in some of the payments. Everyone goes through the experience to one degree or another every year. Many discharge their responsibility quickly As though to get the matter done and Over with is to Clear the mind of the pain and worry until another year. Others procrastinate and some Dis playing their displeasure in a dogged stubbornness wait until the last minute of the deadline to file their returns. There was a new element in the annual ritual this year. In his first four years in office president Nixon paid just $78,651 in taxes on a declared income of $1,222,166. Both the internal Revenue service and the staff of the joint congressional committee on internal Revenue taxation found that the president underpaid his taxes by a considerable amount for the four years. The committees staff in its report said the president was in arrears to the amount of $442,022 the irs held that the figure was $432,787. The president has said he will pay the figure determined by the irs. The stories about the presidents tax problems came during the time when most american citizens were at work figuring their taxes for 1973. Not surprisingly the situation president Nixon found himself in was the topic for jokes and comment by the Public. It was a natural response. But there was a significant reaction among different groups of citizens toward the stories about president Nixon s income taxes. The reaction differed along that line of income that divides those who can claim major exemptions on their tax returns and those who can not. The difference in attitude of the taxpayers was noticed by the professional preparers and the accountants who fill out the returns for Many citizens. The wage earner a the tax payer whose Only in come is the straight salary he brings Home each week a was cynical in his comments about the presidents income tax and the jokes about How much tax the president had paid. The comments became complaints however among the Middle income taxpayers the ones who in the words of one preparer do not have an income High enough to get any of the a Good loopholes like tax free among those taxpayers whose income was above $30,000, there were neither comments nor complaints about president Nixon and his taxes. The reason for the silence among these taxpayers is not hard to recognize. They understand exactly what president Nixon was doing and although they do not have any a a papers to donate to the government and in return claim a tremendous tax exemption for the a gift a they do know about the other exemptions president Nixon claimed. They understand perfectly the $5,391.43 deduction for the Cost of a food beverages decorations and rentals for miss Tricia Nixon a masque Ball a and the $1.24 deduction in interest charge to a department store for a late payment. These sorts of deductions Are legitimate to those who qualify for them but they reflect a perversity in the tax Laws which knocks out any semblance of fairness in those Laws. In any measure of taxation and the duty of a citizen toward his responsibility the element of fairness should not be lost sight of. The heart should Rule the head a in just this one instance a you soon find that the one instance has brought up a number of Atter the decision had been made by the Council planning director Paul key was reluctant to say that the councilmen had made a serious judgmental error. After All he serves strictly at their pleasure. But while deliberations were going on last tuesday key re iterated All the precedent setting ramifications of a decision favourable to Atchison. The councilmen in favor of the petition seemed to sympathize with Atchison because he lives outside of the City and is therefore the beneficiary of no City services. But key pointed out that it would be prudent to look upon the Section As a future part of Thomasville. When the state enacted legislation permitting extraterritorial zoning the basis Tor it was to give cities the Chance to regulate growth in areas they might one Day Annex. Besides that key warned that granting Atchison his dispensation could undermine the whole Thomasville planning and zoning program. Not Only would similar requests from those living outside the City have to be shown deference but residents within the City could have just As solid grounds for submitting a rezoning petition. What will the ultimate effect of the City Council decision be less than a week having elapsed its hard to Tell now. It could mean a rash of petitions for the erection of body shops pizza Parlours and drive in hash houses in residential neighbourhoods. And the requests May be of the sort that the Council can to refuse. Senator soaper Spring can to be far away. Already we Are Reading about the fall fashions. About the Only Way to test a fledgling Mustache is to commit a Small crime and see How the witnesses describe you to the police artist. An editor s Outlook getting Rich Quick in Oil is slow business by Jenkin Lloyd Jones general features Syndicate last fall i got into the Oil business. It seemed like a Good idea what with the Energy crunch and the Price going up and sen. Jackson a Wash and Ralph Nader and practically All College professors hollering about what a big rip off the business was. So when my financial wizard at the Bank called up and said he could get me in on one sixteenth of a Gas Prospect Down in ouachita Parish la., i caught fire. The prospectus All wrapped up in a neat red imitation leather cover contained a diagrammatic stratigraphic Cross Section a a with a lot of seismic squiggles which i studied carefully. There was a map pointing out How the proposed location was on top of the Sligo Sand the Davis Sand and the Pettet porosity. That was Good it says Here. What i understood Best were two pages of enthusiasm by some geologist in Shreveport who thought we might hit on All three Sands. So i told my Friend at the Bank to put me in the pot. It was a Long tooth pulling. It rained and the Rig bogged Down and the Drill pipe was late. But finally the bit began churning and it went Down and Down through Mississippi meander mods and the ancient sea beaches and our anticipation steamed As we approached the Sligo. It was More sterile than a Frozen Virgin. So we went on bravely Down and Down to the Davis and a Eureka Gas at last. You could have even lit a Cigar with it. On we pressed to the Pettet porosity which proved As porous As Hoover dam. That night one of my fellow crap shooters called me on another matter. A too bad a about the Well a he added parenthetically. But our promoters were undaunted. They ordered expensive tests. They set casing. The perforated. And finally they opined that the Well might yet be saved by Hydraulic fracturing a Tiffany priced device for breaking tight formations under fantastic pressures. One of our partners announced he would throw away no More Money. But the rest of us said a in for a Penny in for a Pound a and picked up his Tab. So the Hydraulic fracturing worked and we got a modest a Gas Well. The faint hearted defector wanted Back in and we let him a at a Price. Drunken with this Success i got involved in Stubblefield i an Oil Prospect Down in Victoria county Tex. A Brilliant Houston geologist had figured that one out and i read with mounting excitement several pages of his prospectus a All written in swahili. What i gathered was that the big boys who had picked Over the Field earlier had stupidly overlooked a fold in the fault. The Best thing about Stubblefield i was that it did no to keep its backers in suspense. It was just nine Days from pudding in to plugging. My fifteen thousand Bucks a Zap. The fault has folded or the fold had faulted. # now my wizard up at the Bank has told me what i already know arid that is that a Tyro who hits one out of two is batting above Hank Aaron and is a child of the gods. He figures that if that Louisiana Gasser keeps going Flat out at half a million cubic feet a Day Iti get my $17,000 Back in about two years and then it can Start eating on the disaster of Stubblefield i. Maybe tour years from now Iti begin to show a profit which is Nice because my Uncle Samuel will take Dollar for Dollar and that will help pay the salaries of sen. Jackson and All those Wisconsin congressmen who Are letting everyone in on what a License to steal the Oil business is and also those new Hampshire solons who like to use gasoline but done to want any refineries. By the time the Well gets me in the Black assuming it does no to poop out earlier the depletion allowance will have been killed by Congress and Oil Fields will be taxed just like wheat Fields which of course can produce forever. In the meantime too some Friend of the common Man might Roll Back the Price. With the Oil business being such a big steal and All its amazing How Many americans have overlooked it. Its an open ended rip off. The Woods Are full of Guys with leases in their hats. The fabulous profits Are available to Nader a raiders sen. Jackson the ads and All those left Wing professors who want the Industry nationalized. Its also the simplest business in the world. All you have to do is position yourself Over some Oil or Gas and Drill Down

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