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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1974, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 21, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randii 6. Terry president co publisher p. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pre. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor Good morning 4a sunday april 21,1971 thoughts for today he said a the lord is my Rock and my fortress and my deliverer my god my Rock in whom i take Refuge my shield and the Horn of my salvation my stronghold and my Refuge my Savior thou safest me from ill Samuel 22 2, 3. Who guides below and rules above the great disposer and mighty King than he none greater next to him can be or is or teas supreme he singly fills the throne. A Horace poet of ancient Rome. The Patricia Hearst Case from the moment she was dragged screaming from the apartment she shared with her boy Friend in Berkeley the kidnapping of Patricia Hearst has been bizarre. The abduction was quickly described As the first political kidnapping in the history of the United states. The description appeared to be Apt when the sym ionese liberation army a Small self proclaimed terrorist group announced it had kidnapped Patricia Hearst and demanded that her father Randolph provide several million dollars Worth of free food to the poor and needy. The father did give away food valued at some two million dollars. That disheartening experience a the people who waited in line for the free food appeared to be greedy More than needy a did not bring the release of the girl. Instead there came word from the liberation army that Patricia Hearst had joined its ranks As a revolutionary and last week she was identified As among a group of Sla members who robbed a Bank in san Francisco. To attorney general William Saxbe miss hearses apparent participation in the Bank robbery makes her a common criminal. There Are Thos. Who ave said from the beginning that the kidnapping was a hoax. It seems to us however too soon to be describing miss Hearst As the willing participant in a cruel hoax or As the willing robber of a Bank. The facts Are not yet in. As puzzling As it is the Hearst Case does focus attention again on the role of Young women in the so called revolutionary groups that have become known to the Public during the last decade. If miss Hearst is indeed a member of the liberation army she fits into a familiar pattern. News stories give an impression that at least half of the members in the Small liberation army Are Young women White Well educated from Well to do if not wealthy families. One of them is Nancy Ling Perry who was a High school cheerleader and at one time a supporter of sen. Barry Coldwater. For a Short period of time she was. A student at Whittier College the Alma mater of president Nixon. At the University of California she revealed a Brilliant mind in her studies. Sermon standing straight a son of Man stand upon thy feet and i will a Peak unto Ezekiel. A and having done All to St. Paul. A baby sue stood today on her own feet for the first time a gladly wrote a devoted Mother to her sister a few Days ago regarding the growing child. Yes and on the same Day another Mother wrote her father that her baby boy Billy had stood up on his feet for the first time and took his first Steps besides. Such infantile actions Are famous in every family of developing children and they become parts of the child s biography in the baby Book. Standing on ones feet is a notable Day in everyone a life Young or old. It is a sign. Of determination Strong will even bold character. We consider any Man who takes a difficult stand for the right rather than to seek cheap popularity of the crowd is a Man after our own hearts who can be fully trusted. William James distinguished psychologist of Harvard University declared oftentimes that his favorite Bible text was this verse from the old hebrew Prophet Ezekiel a son of Man stand upon thy feet and i will speak unto yes to Rise up from the horizontal plane and become a definite perpendicular person before the world is quite an accomplishment for any Man. To go easily with the mob is always a degradation of a mortals behaviour and when he gives away to timidity in the face of wrong he is less than a decent individual. St. Paul in his closing of the epistle to the ephesians draws on the roman soldiers equipment to reveal a portrait of the Christian personality facing the evils of Earth. A put on the whole Armor of god a declares the apostle a and be Able to withstand the Wiles of the Devil a a having done All to stand a he adds with great emphasis. The worlds history has been made by men who were unafraid to stand on their feet and defy the hosts of evil. Moses in an ancient Day went into the courts of the Imperial Pharoah of Egypt and pointing his Finger into that Royal face shouted the first declaration of Independence Ever promulgated by Man a let my people our Freedom began that moment against the dictators of Earth. The Prophet Isaiah heard the voice of the infinite history of High Point to be updated another of the Sla members Camilla Hall is a graduate of the University of Minnesota. She is the daughter of a minister and was a social worker in Minneapolis aiding unwed mothers before she came to Berkeley. W7hen she disappeared from her apartment several months ago she took with her Only her siamese cat. Also a member of the Sla is Patricia Soltysik who had her last name changed to Miz Moon in Honor of a poem written to her by a Friend. She studied English and science at Berkeley Between 1968 and 1971. At the time of the kidnapping of Patricia Hearst Patricia Sotysik was working As a janitor in the Berkeley Public Library. We have Learned since her kidnapping that Patricia Hearst herself was not the a a Debutante she appeared to be in her family background. She had quarrelled with her parents and with administrators in other schools she attended before coming to Berkeley. It we Ould not be surprising if in the casual atmosphere of Berkeley she had met some of the members of the Sla before her own disappearance although such a connection has not yet been revealed. Yet one of the puzzling aspects of the Hearst Case is the role of Young women in the kidnapping and in the membership of the Sla. The same phenomenon appeared during the student protests and the Weatherman Type groups of the 1960�?Ts. Young women turned with a vengeance on the values of their parents and the society in which they had grown up and often in their turnabout they were More committed to violence to the use of violence to fulfil their protests than were the male to speculate on the reasons for this a women a liberation sexual liberation political activism an embrace of nihilism a is Only to open More doors in the search for an answer to the question of Why. Why have they Felt compelled to submerge themselves so completely in a course toward destruction against a society which they apparently feel offers them no Hope it is a question that runs like a worrisome troubling virus through All of the other perplexities of this perplexing Case. By Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus directors of the chamber of Commerce in their Wisdom have prevailed upon me a to Supply editorial direction of an updated history of High Point based on the 1946 volume entitled a the building and builders of a it is an assignment that i undertake with relish and for which i will neither ask nor accept pay for most of the original volume was produced under my direction or by my own writing for the Golden anniversary edition of the Enterprise in 1935. It will take a month or so to Complete the planning of the various phases and to enlist Bright minds to develop the kind of Roundup stories that will we Trust make it a real contribution when it appears in 1976 As an important part of High Points participation in the nations Bicentennial Celebration. The possibilities Are terrific and i Hope we can with help of knowledgeable friends bring together in its covers a factual interesting and valued historical volume worthy of this remarkable City and one that will be interesting to old and Young alike. It is something to which we propose to dedicate major Effort and attention to production of that Story of what i regard a Good City one whose real greatness May not be fully appreciated by later generations unaware of the sacrifice struggle and squeezes that went into what is Here today. Few cities have been pleased with the variety of characters who Laboured manfully to bring this City from the Crossroads of the old Plank Road and the North Carolina Railroad a whose highest Point Here gave High Point its name a to the bustling Center of business and Industry it is today. Such stalwarts As the Blair family which contributed enriching by to its beginning Stii Cuifo or i. A. Times Syndicate in the Temple calling for a Strong Man and he Rose up on two feet answering a there am i Send Simon Peter turning his Back on his cowardly conduct at the trial of the master Rose to speak his word on the Day of Pentecost proclaiming to Friend and foe that Christ is forever lord and Savior of Man. What boldness the apostles All had in those Days of persecution and death. In Christian armours of truth and righteousness they went Forth conquering and to conquer. In those Days the wicked emperor Nero had a Long and deadly Arm of Power but in the face of All his wickedness they never faltered. They lived and spoke in the spirit of the words of the poet a must Jesus Bear the Cross alone and All the world go free a no there a a Cross for everyone and there a a Cross for yes All history moved Forward under men like Luther Calvin Knox Savonarola Huss Ridley Latimer and hundreds of others who stood straight up and defied their foes with vigor and courage. St. Francis As a youth faced his own father and family and with determined purpose left a Home of wealth and affluence to minister to the poor and outcasts of society. For a full lifetime he never let up in his dedication of life and labors but forever standing up for the Christ he served and to whom he gave years of devout labors. No wonder he is called the most Christlike Man since the Days of the Nazarene. Yet one newspaper headline a few Days ago carried these words a politicians remain quiet on important Why should men in Public life refuse to stand up for and be counted on one Side or the other Why not come out speak up and declare themselves for the right and the Good a it will lose votes it will Hurt my business it will injure my reputation a Are excuses so often Given by men who hide themselves in one Way or another from standing up being True to conscience and the righteousness of god. One of the Saddest statements Ever made by Paul occurs in his second epistle to Timothy in speaking of his faithful friends a Demas hath forsaken me having loved this present what a commentary on one who did not stand. Ger. Quot perhaps you didst understand me or. Monster sir. I said t Ani your new master�?T.�?T5�?T Captain w. H. Snow a Man of vision and courage who gambled and lost his Fortune in efforts to gain competitive rail service for High Point Bob Ragan a Bachelor who a was the City a wealthiest Man when the depression hit to find him on millions of dollars in notes to help keep going the multiplicity of business in which he had financial interests that broke him and them but he came Back to regain his wealth and most of his business Empire and his brother de l. Ragan whose sturdy High Point savings and Trust company never flickered in the Days when Banks All around were toppling and which went on to become the states largest Home owned Independent Bank As the High Point Bank amp Trust co. Or the picketts who came out of Davidson to establish a successful tobacco manufacturing business Here that never knuckled to the tobacco trusts of their Day. It is a Long and fascinating Story a those mentioned Are just a few who willingly Laid their Good names and their sacred Honor on the line in the building of a City whose Story deserves telling with Candor understanding and appreciation. Today at new York i am concluding 30 years of service As representative of the Southern newspaper publishers Assn. Of the american Council on education for journalism the official accrediting body for journalism schools of this country. It has been a major concern Over those years something in which i am Happy to realize a vast contribution has been made by that councils advancement of higher standards of journalism education in this country a and one out of three of the accredited schools is in the South including several of the nations Best. Now we Are ready to work on the real Story the True account the Saga of High Point something i thrill to get my Teeth into with help of others for whatever time it takes to put together that great Story. James f. Jim Morgan a tireless As Well As gifted a worker in Jaycee and other civic causes is making a powerful bid for National of fice As administrative National director with Strong support from the local and entire tar Heel representation in that National Jaycee organization. U. S. Furniture industries whose Chatham county furniture line is going great guns will open another manufacturing Plant at Dallas Texas to begin operation in june. It will be the third such Plant opened in addition to the High Point based unit since 1971, using Wood imported from Yugoslavia for colonial chairs and rockers becoming increasingly popular As the Bicentennial looms. First presbyterian churches new Organ a gift of mrs. Delia Campbell in memory of her husband the late industrialist William r. Campbell is due Here monday and its installation by a seven Man Crew will get under Way promptly. Plans for its formal dedication Are shaping with announcement due within the next few Days. Wesley memorials new pictorial Church directory of its staff and membership has been so popularly received that they Are having to re order a new Supply. John Holbrook s teen tour of the West is shaping for departure june 30 and will take 40 youngsters on a six weeks swing As More and More parents place greater value on educational travel for their teenagers and consider it an exciting and rewarding part of the educational process. And the Owca summer vacation trip into Canada a nine Days and eight nights a departs june 29 with an interesting itinerary. Former postmaster Ivan criss Man is the newly elected president of the Twilight Civ Itan club. Once the furniture show is behind them National upholstery company will turn its attention to transferring its offices from National Boulevard into the Burlington Home furnishings division showroom in the redone Anvil Brand Plant on Wharrie Road. Both National and Globe divisions will concentrate their fabrics warehouse also in that building. A word edgewise president s egotism leading to his fall by John p. Roche King features Syndicate Washington a commentators Are supposed to be incisive bold and certain but i confess i am forced to let Down the Side. I am baffled utterly baffled. President Nixon a adventures simply defy rational explanation. Indeed if one were to read the Story in a mystery he would be convinced at this Point that Nixon was the victim of one set up alter another. What else can we expect will some investigative reporter discover that the presidents naval aide has been using a Cruiser As a fishing boat did creep Promise pictures from the National gallery to Large contributors will mrs. Nixon forget to renew her Drivers License and get arrested for unlawful use of an automobile on the basis of what has happened so far almost anything lies within the realm of possibility. I done to want to fall into the platonic trap of assuming that because there is a question there has to be an answer. Maybe there is no answer. But the difficulty is that although i have been on the other Side of the political Bill from or. Nixon for a Quarter of a Century i have always considered him to be extremely intelligent. My conviction was reinforced by the fact that one of the shrewdest judges of men i have known the late president Lyndon Johnson share this estimate yet Over the past year he has developed into almost a Model of the a neb Bishy a a yiddish word that describes for example a person who goes into the senator soaper the attorney general Speaks out against a air respond Sibley terrorist organizations. Frankly we re not too crazy even about the responsible ones. How can we expect the world to be perfect when it Graffiti a a a i a family Trees fab Bacr your of was created without consulting Ralph Nader inflation is rampant around the world. Its not much Consolation. When you have a bad cold it does no to make you feel better to know that somebody in China has the flu. With Little girls playing baseball maybe fathers will become As loud on the sidelines As mothers have always been. Its amazing How Seldom you meet a person who feels he is overpaid. An observer says that voters go in cycles. Sometimes they will vote a a for anything. Right now they re on the a a against leg. The Public is being asked to finance the election campaigns. Its bad enough to support these people after they get elected. Shoe business just As people Start being born without feet. Some of the presidents difficulties arose from his insensitivity to changes in the american political climate. Over the past decade we have undergone a revolution of rising moral expectations in politics. Or. Nixon a defenders have a lot of history on their Side when they Point out that Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower each got a sweetheart Deal from Congress on their memoirs. A special Law repealed after it served its purpose treated the income As capital gains which provided a financial Windfall. John Kennedy could joke about his fathers wealth and quote a Cable from the old Man urging careful use of funds since he did no to want to waste Money on a landslide. There was a Good Deal of Monkey business sponsored by the democratic a five of clock club in 1964 a so called because it met daily at five in a White House conference room. And democratic Campaign workers have been known to put the Arm on businessmen who received government contracts. But no matter How hard the Republican apologists push the a boys will be boys argument it simply will not be persuasive. Cleaning up politics is an idea that has found its time a in Large part due to the Way creep went to work harvesting that crop of $100 Bills. As Murphy a Law notes a if you play with anything too hard it will Margaret Truman relates with relish How some friends of her father managed to get a third candidate into the 1940 Missouri democratic primary thus splitting the opposition and guaranteeing Truman a return to the Senate. This by the Way is great fun particularly if the individual involved does no to realize he is being played for a Patsy today if somebody pulled the same gambit there would be grand juries All Over the landscape. In Short the rules have changed largely because or. Nixon a operators in the said words of an old Boston pol a gave dirty politics a bad but the president has to live by the new standards a a situation he simply does not seem to understand. Beyond that there was a real element of hubris of an Over reaching egotism in or. Nixon a View of a the he seemed to feel that he was not like other men that he was vested with an Imperial prerogative. In some aspects of foreign affairs this gave him buoyant strength but in acting As though the United states was his private property he was setting himself up for Nemesis the goddess who in greek tragedies is always the punished of hubris. Our political system operates on the basis of a number of unwritten Laws of which probably the most important is mat head on conflicts Between the branches of government Are to be avoided Falhen Nixon started rubbing a Congress nose in its alleged impotence he Learned As . Did in 1937, when he tackled the supreme court that the Only valid definition of the separation of Powers is the distance Between the Capitol and the White House. As the joint committees decision on his income taxes demonstrates once the Barons Are aroused they Are not to be trifled with. Now with the smell of blood in their nostrils they Are out to demolish the Nixon be is world a 1974 by Nea. Inc. A where do you think you re going i m Here to Halo with your

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