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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 21, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather Clear warmer today and monday a Soth year no. Ill the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., sunday morning april 21,1974 140 pages classified ads 8852177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c Kissinger issues Call for Unity Atlanta a. A proclaiming a the policy of the Good partner a Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger on saturday urged a greater spirit of inter american collaboration and consultation. In an address to the organization of american states he said the major of hemispheric leaders should be to meet a the demand of our Peoples for Justice and but in his Call for Unity and Solidarity Kissinger did not refer to the major problem that divides the Oas a the exclusion of Cuba from economic and political contacts within the hemisphere. . Officials explained this omission As an attempt to avoid any actions that could weaken president Nixon a support at Home in his efforts to fight impeachment. But the delegates were not allowed to forget Cuba As an Issue. Argentine foreign minister Alberto j. Vignes said in a speech that preceded Kissinger a that talk of Justice and humanity must apply to the government of Fidel Castro. Cubans exclusion is in a anomaly a Vignes said. What May have been appropriate to years ago is a anachronistic and unrealistic a he went on. Not Only does cubans isolation damage the cuban people Vignes said it also a a paralyses hemispheric activity and More important creates Vignes indicated that in spite of . Wishes the Oas meeting should review the situation involving the Havana government during the sessions Over the next two weeks. Kissinger who returns to Washington sunday morning outlined a few proposals aimed at continuing the spirit of cooperation he said began in the hemisphere six months ago. However most of his outline covered previously stated Points and did not provide specific answers. For instance he called for greater cooperation in dealing with the Energy crisis by the sharing of technology and resources. Banker Kantzler after ordeal banker relates Kidnap ordeal in for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. On inheritances q. Where could i write to get some information on North Carolinas inheritance tax Laws anon. A. Thomas corns of the . Revenue office in High Point says you could a read from now on the tax Laws and you still might not understand How they apply in your Case. He suggests you come by his office and hell be glad to answer any questions. Coins Are taxable q. Is it Legal to charge sales tax on coins mrs. . A. Yes if it is Stock in Trade that is transactions with a Coin dealer. Bumper stickers q. What authority does a person running for Public office have to put stickers on private cars because this is defacing private property. Those stickers Are hard to remove and parts of them can never be removed from the car. Can to these people be liable for this i vote for this person if we had nobody to fill the office that he is running for. Mad. A. Like an egg thrown on your House or car this practice could fall within the realm of the statute prohibiting the defacement of private property and if it has damaged your car you could bring a civil action against the person who put it there. Such stickers cannot be placed on Public property such As Utility poles and traffic signs either. A a candidate who places one or has someone do it for him without the owners consent does not have much political savvy. On the other hand there is the possibility it could be the political strategy from the dirty tricks bag of an opponent. An attorney told us he knew of an instance where an office seeker used this ruse a placing his opponents name on cars a knowing this would irritate Many owners to the same degree it did you. The Mere suggestion of such machiavellian tactics should serve to make All political stickers suspect and scarcer. Gator bait q. I want some information on feeding and raising Cayman. . A. They Are crocodilian cousins of alligators so we gather All in the family go for the same fare and environment tropical temperatures with water and mud to Wallow in and a diet of fish snakes frogs turtles and Small mammals. One cent tax q. When does the first Penny tax Start and can you tax a dime or does it have to Start after 20 or 30 cents a. From to cents to 29 cents the tax is a Penny. His master s voice q. Where can i get some parts for a James k. Polk Victrola phonograph As i have one and would like to get it fixed. Thank Yon. Anon. A. There Are a couple of companies you can try which advertise in the a antique trader so collectors one is Neumann Miller 54-82 South Lakeview Yorba Linda Calif. 92686. They specialize in old Cylinder and disc photos and have Small parts Springs Etc. The other is Hathaway so Bowers inc., Santa be Springs Calif. 90670. They can provide a Catalon of what they have which includes books on How to restore these Antiques yourself. If anyone knows of a closer source of parts or to repairer of a old vies wed like to hear about it. By Richard Carelli associated press writer Hallandale Fla. Apr banker Albert l. Dantzler said saturday his reputation As a practical joker made him fear for his life after he was kidnapped and ordered to phone a Ransom demand to his Bank. A a in a known As a practical joker a Dantzler said from his Hospital bed. A i was afraid they the Bank might have thought i was kidding Dantzler 43, spoke to newsmen at Broward general Hospital where he was admitted saturday morning after being found by police and shaken in the front Yard of a beachfront Home. He said he was kidnapped from his Hallandale Home thursday night by two men who ordered him to phone officials at City National Bank with a $60,000 Ransom demand. Dantzler an assistant vice president at the Bank said he company must Stop polluting Minneapolis Minn. Apr the Reserve mining co., which produces 15 per cent of the Iron Ore used in this country was ordered saturday by a Federal judge to halt discharge of wastes into Lake Superior and the air As of 12 01 . Sunday. The order by . District judge Miles lord in effect closes reserves Taconite processing Plant at Silver Bay Minn., and throws 3,200 employees out of work. The ruling culminates a nine month trial in which the Justice department accused Reserve of polluting the Lake with its discharge. The 3,200 Reserve employees have an annual payroll of $34 million and the Reserve operation provides 15 per cent of the Iron Ore so a company on 14a phoned the Ransom demand to the Bank Friday morning after being taken to an unknown location. He said that after he was held for More than 24 hours his abductors took him out in a boat and he jumped into the Atlantic Ocean and swam for Shore. He said he decided to take his chances in the Atlantic Ocean because he was convinced that a they were going to kill Dantzler would not say How he reached that conclusion and would not elaborate on the details of his kidnapping saying the Fri had told him to talk Only in see banker on 14a san Francisco apr a Roommate of one of Pat Hearst a cousins says he was kidnapped and held for several hours thursday by three men who mistook him for William r. Hearst ii police said saturday. They said the Roommate Van r. Bush 31, was hazy about details of the abduction and would be asked to take a lie Detector test. They said they had been trying to reach him since thursday for further questioning but could not locate him. Bush told police he was accosted by a Man with a pistol As he left the apartment he shared with William r. Hearst ii a a first Cousin to Patricia who was dragged from her Home feb. 4. The sym ionese liberation army claims to have kidnapped Patricia. Police inspector Ralph Brown said Bush reported he was gagged and blindfolded but managed to get his abductors to look at his Drivers License and convince them he was not the Man they sought. William r. Hearst ii is the son of the late John Randolph Hearst one of four Brothers of Randolph a. Hearst Patricia a father. Randolph Hearst asked whether he knew anything about the kidnapping said a no i done to really. As i understand it a Roommate of my nephews was grabbed for two or three hours. A when they found out he Wasny to Billy they turned him Loose a added Hearst editor and president of the san Francisco examiner. Hearst was asked if he had talked to his Nephew a yes but he wont Tell me where he is at the peace efforts by . Cited by the associated press Egypt had glowing words saturday for . Peace efforts in the Middle East even As syrian and israeli gunners traded artillery fire on the tense Golan Heights front. President Anwar Sadat made the remarks As he accepted the credentials of Hermann Kilts the first american ambassador to Cairo since the june 1967 War. It was the first time in two years Sadat greeted a new ambassador. A the Wisdom of president Nixon and continuing efforts of or. Kissinger have made peace possible in the Region for the first time in 26 years. I Hope the efforts will achieve their goal a he said. A i Hope that you carry my Best wishes to our Friend president Nixon and All wishes to the american people and my Best wishes for your Success in your when Eilts handed in his credential letter Sadat said a this is a Chance to open a new Page in our he then made the unusual gesture of talking 15 minutes with the ambassador and walking him Down the hallway to the staircase of Abdin Palace. Protocol usually Calls for one. Minute or so of talk and then an escort officer normally walks the new envoy Dowtin the Hall. On Friday Nixon accepted the credentials of Egypt a new ambassador to the United states Ashraf Thor bal. Sadat has recently praised Nixon for his efforts in the Middle East leading to a separation and disengage ment of forces on the Suez front and for similar efforts on the syrian front. At the same time he has become increasingly critical of the Kremlin. On thursday he accused Moscow of Balking on arms deliveries since the october War and said Egypt was now looking for military hardware elsewhere after 18 years of near total Reliance on Russia. Meanwhile there were unconfirmed reports that Egypt rejected offers of an israeli withdrawal from Sinai because Cairo wants to coordinate strategy with Syria. A exclusive offers of israeli withdrawal from Sinai were put Forward to Egypt last week but Egypt rejected them because she is waiting to move with Syria a Ihsan Abdelkodous wrote in the Cairo weekly Akbar Al yom. He did not say where the offers came from. The syrian government newspaper Al thaw a said the Golan fighting will grow More widespread until Israel fully withdraws from occupied Arab territory. A what happens in the Golan today is an Extension of the october War and a declaration that arabs do not intend to lose through political Maneu vers what they gained by blood in the Battlefield a the newspaper said. Syria said it shot Down 17 israeli jets Friday and lost one of its own in the first dogfights since the october War. In months ahead economists see More inflation Industry sees hike in furniture prices by Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer the Home furnishings Industry will grapple with inflation during 1974 by offering More Quality merchandise at significantly higher prices. That was the Outlook expressed saturday at the Spring furniture Market in High Point by Albert f. Kaiser president of Lea industries inc. Of Richmond a. A in the present Economy the higher Price Levels Are where the action is not at the lower Price Levels a Kaiser said this does not mean however he added that the manufacturer is cutting out lower Price merchandise for the mass Market. A the change is not being made by the manufacturer. It is happening in the Market place a Kaiser said. A the Consumers Are opting for the higher prices. They expect higher prices because of inflation. At the same time they Are expecting better Quality and that is what we Are responding Kaiser was one of five panellists who participated in a press conference on a trends in Home the conference on the second Day of the Spring Market was held at the Southern furniture Market Center. Robert Gruenberg managing director of the Center was the Moderator. Statements by the panellists pointed to these trends in Home furnishings during 1974 a designs will be less pretentious and simpler. A the biggest growth in upholstered furniture sales will be in a family room furniture. A Case goods will show a greater use of Woods with the use of plastic diminishing. Finishes will be More casual. A at the retail level the emphasis is on Quality and design More than on Price. A there seems to be a backlash to the extreme the artificial the Garish the overdone the growing acceptance of the More sensible and genuine the natural and the organic a said designer Norman Hekler of High Point. He described design today As never having been so close to a your own american idiom in furniture. Much of this furniture abundant at this Market could be categorized see Industry on 14a Washington a americans face a lot More inflation in the months ahead and the administration says it is helpless to do much about it. Administration economists Are virtually unanimous in predicting that the High annual rate of inflation a now More than to per cent a will continue until mid year at least. And Edgar r. Fiedler assistant Treasury Secretary for economic policy said a 5 per cent inflation rate once considered unacceptably High probably will continue for several years. These economists including Fiedler also say the administration can to do much More to help the inflation weary consumer than it has been doing which is to follow a moderate restraint in spending and Money Supply policies. The problem As they see it is that there is not enough food fuel and other goods to meet demand and the a problem wont be solved until production increases or demand Falls a neither of which will happen overnight. The problem for the consumer is that his Money is Worth less and so he buys less. He is growing poorer. No longer will americans inside Reading Cates puddle jumper. Page 2a City s life blood. Page id chair City jail. Page2a classified. Pages3-22d editorial Page 4a women s news Section b sports a a a a a a a. Section c television Page 20b entertainment pages 19, 20,21b obituaries Page 15a have the wage and Price controls program As a Security Blanket. It is scheduled to expire after 2va years on april 30, with few beyond director John t. Dunlop of the Cost of living Council hoping for a last minute reprieve. By most accounts lifting of controls will result in sharply higher prices in months ahead for health costs and steel. The higher Price of steel will filter Down through the Economy raising prices of virtually everything made of steel including autos and Home appliances. Dunlop is said by Council aides to be hoping that bad inflation reports of last week will induce Congress to Grant the Council limited authority As an anti inflation Agency. The government said last week that inflation As measured by the Gross National product Rose at a 10.8 per cent annual rate in the first three months of 1974. At this rate the Dollar will be Worth nearly la cents less by the end of the year. It lost about 5.5 cents in value last year. Consumer prices the government reported jumped at a 14.5 per cent annual rate in the first three months following last years increase of 8.8 per cent. The inflation figures were the highest since the Early 1950s. Although the Council of economic advisers predicted some easing ahead in food prices Over All inflation will be just As bad or worse during the april through june period said Sidney l. Jones assistant Secretary of Commerce for economic affairs. Jones made the a a optimistic prediction inflation could fall to 6 per cent in the second half of the year. He also said the High rate of inflation is hurting the Economy a ability to recover from its current economic slowdown. Ling Ling plays hard to get a Vav. An. A. Pandas a conversed in their play area at the zoo Washington Apah Spring and a Young pandas fancy lightly turns to love. On the one hand the ravishing Ling Ling a cuddly 240-Pound bundle of sheer allurement mature for her 3vi years and possessed of All the Wiles of the female sex. She a playing for the moment a bit hard to get. On the other the impetuous Hsing Hsing a rogue of a fellow who in months past give the lady next door a second look. Now All of a sudden he has decided there a More to life than lolling around his Pool nibbling Bamboo orc True to his adolescent ego showing off his athletic prowess to humans by standing on his head and doing shoulder rollovers. Despite such Raffis Ness the betting is that Ling Ling will in the end find him irresistible. That at least is the assessment of National zoo director Theodore Reed a Man of an admittedly dubious record As a prognosticator in such matters but who opened the Gates to the pandas courtship saturday with Hopes held High. For an hour or two on each of the next to Days those Gates will again be lifted in the chill of Dawn with Reed and his staff anxiously looking on to see if the budding Romance follows the most natural of progressions

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