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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 20, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Energy crisis is evicted Washington a three moving men walked into the office of the Energy crisis and started taking Down the pictures and the graphs. A what Are you Guys doing a the Energy crisis asked. A we have orders to move All your stuff out. They re moving another crisis into this a but i just got Here a the Energy crisis protested. A Don t talk to us. We just do what they Tell a the Energy crisis ran across the Street to the White House. A i m the Energy crisis a he told the guard at the Gate a and i have to see the president right the guard telephoned the presidents office a Rose Mary i have some nut out Here who says he a the Energy crisis and he has to see the president that a what i the guard said a the president can to see you. And his Secretary says if you have any problems to take them up with his Counselor for National crises in the executive office building. Here a a pass. Give it Back to me when you come the Energy crisis went to the office written on the pass. He was kept waiting for two hours. Finally the Secretary said he could go in. The Counselor hardly looked up sit Down and make it Short a he said. A Why am i being moved out of my office9�?� the Energy crisis demanded. A you want it straight0 we Don t need you any More. You re washed up get a but Only a few months ago the president said i was the most important Issue of the decade he said i would be Here through the �?T80s i moved my family to Washington i gave up a Good Job with consolidated Edison and a pension. How can you suddenly decide in a not needed any More a the Counselor said a you served a purpose. You took Peoples minds off other crisis. But we can to keep you around forever. The american people done to like you and you re going to have to be sacrificed for political but Don t you understand nothing a changed. We re going to run out of Oil and Fossil fuels if we Don t have a Strong conservation program. Look i be worked out a plan a a a we re not interested in your plans. If we run out of Gas. We run out of Gas but there is no sense worrying everybody about it. Why done to you just admit you done to have what it takes to be a Good crisis and leave quietly a a what about the arabs suppose they put their Boycott on again then where Are you a the Counselor yawned a you really Are a bore. Can t you get it through your head this country will not stand for an Energy crisis when people had to wait in line for gasoline we almost had a revolution on our hands. We have a Tough election coming up this fall in Congress and if you were still around in november we could lose everything. You re nothing but bad a but done to you see what you re doing to me a lot of people did no to believe in me in the first place. They said i was a fraud. They said you brought me in just so the Oil companies could raise their prices. If you kick me out now no one is Ever going to believe me a look the Counselor said a you re too caught up in your own problems you have to see the big picture. We have crisis coming out of our ears. We have watergate we have tax problems and we have a credibility Gap on our hands. We done to have any room for you. As a matter of fact we need your office for the lawyers who will be working on the presidents a i still think you re making a mistake a the Energy crisis said. The Counselor replied coldly a we know what we re doing or we be in the White House. Of by the Way. The president asked me to give you this set of cuff links with his Seal on it to show his gratitude for All you did for him i guess that Sall. Now if i could just have your key to the men s copyright 1974, los Angeles times permits issued for two centers approval of construction of two City of High Point recreation centers helped to swell the total value of building permits issued by the City a inspection division the High Point Enterprise etto Blithe 1884 Public sad every afternoon and sunday morning an Independent newspaper published by the High Point Enterprise inc 210 Church Avenue High Point . 27261 member of the associated press rates by Mah payable in Advance i or. 6 to 3 to i to doily and sunday $36 40 $18 20 $9 to $3 05 sunday Only $13.00 $6 50 $3 25 by Carrier wkly $ 70 monthly $3 05 or $36 40 mail tube Cristion in tub act to 4% tale to the associated press is entitled to the use Tor reproduction of All local news printed in this newspaper As Well As All a news dispatches. Entered As second class matter at the Post office High Point . Under act of March 3, 1879 second class postage paid of High Point All Corners dealers and distributors Are Independent contractors and the High Point Enterprise inc. Is not responsible for Advance subscription payments Mode to them or their representatives. For Home delivery rate Contact your local Carrier. Ward Griffith company National advertising representatives during the past few Days. The two recreation centers each costing $245,287, helped to push the total value of permits to $7 1 9,770 one of the recreation centers will be located on Price Street and the other will be placed on James Road. Permits issued during the past few Days also include to valued at $199,010 for new houses and 16 Worth $22,191 for improvements to houses and three Worth $3,350 for repairs to houses. The inspections division issued one $2,000 permit for fencing and six permits Worth $2,645 for rooting work the following received permits Tor new dwellings Chester c. Haywood for a $48,000 House on Pinklyn Road Cook and Rodgers for a $20,010 House on rolling Road e. Clark Wilson for a $38,000 House on Willard Road and e l. Recoulley for a $15,000 House on Royal Oak ave. M and m builders received permits for six houses each costing $13,000 three will be on grand ave. Two will be on Manley Street and one will be on Filbert St complicated by unknowns new tax valuation being figured by Jim Hawkins Enterprise staff writer Greensboro the Guilford county tax dept faces three a a unknowns in determining the estimate of valuation it will give to commissioners for use in the budget making process according to c. R. Brooks tax supervisor. Brooks said his department must know the amount which will be added to the Over All county valuation through new construction and other sources. Also he said the tax dept must determine the amount of valuation which will be eroded from the tax base through application of the tax Relief for the elderly the tax exempt program and the farm valuation plan. The third unknown the tax dept faces is it is the valuation figure Brooks will give to the Board of commissioners sometime next month to provide them with a major element in preparing the 1974-1975 budget. To get the new valuation figure for the 1974 tax year Brooks will Start with last years valuation of $2 4 billion. He will first raise this to too per cent of Market value instead of the present 70 per cent used for the 1973 valuation figure. Then he will add in the total valuation of new construction and other additions to reach a maximum figure. From this Brooks will subtract the amount taken out through programs such As tax Relief for the elderly to reach the valuation figure he will give to commissioners Early in May. At present Brooks said his department is a on schedule in the Long process which leads to mailing out of tax Bills late in july. Personnel Are working with tax listing cards which show ownership of personal property such As motor vehicles and household goods held by individual taxpayers and by businesses. Brooks said the individual items will be a a priced a and then the cards will be turned Over to the data processing department to be included in the process of building a total valuation figure. He pointed out that listing of real estate in Guilford county is under a permanent program so that taxpayers do not have to list these items each year. The erosion of the tax base includes exemptions which Are available to elderly persons who qualify under recent state legislation. Those who Are qualified Are allowed exemptions of $5,000 on property they own this includes both real estate and personal property such As automobiles. The tax base also could be affected by a state Law which shifts valuation of farm land from its potential Market value to what it will produce so a Farmer can stay in business. Brooks noted that land in the county zoned for agriculture was priced As Farmland in the most recent valuation rather than for its most valuable use. He does not expect this Law to have much effect in Guilford county. The tax program this year also deals with handling of tax exempt property such As that used by churches and educational institutions. While the three elements Are certain to have an important Over All Impact on the tax valuation figure Brooks can also count on improvement to add a substantial amount to the base. He said these include new construction new businesses and higher inventories. New construction is valued As of its condition on Jan. I. Brooks also noted that this year the figure he will give to commissioners will be too per cent of valuation instead of 70 per cent As it has been in past years. I he valuation Brooks gave commissioners Tor the 1973-1974 budget was $2.4 billion a figure which represented about 70 per cent of the Over All estimated Market value of real and personal property owned and held in Guilford county. Commissioners used this in establishing a 61 cents per $100 valuation tax rate for the year. This tax rate was enough to bring in a new income of about $14 million for the year according to budget estimates. Is Ell aware of the change in valuation which will take place commissioners have indicated they will make every Effort to keep tax Bills of residents at the level they were for 1973. Thus although their valuation on property they hold will go up this year under the shift to too per cent of Market value the tax rate itself May be decreased somewhat to keep tax payments closer in line with last year if the property remains the same by women new car awaits Lucky retailer Jody Millis admires this Lotus Europa special being displayed where she is employed the Lane co. Showroom on the eighth floor of the furniture Market Center Here. The car is parked at the entry of the on waste treatment company s space and it took a bit of doing by building employees to get it where it is. The Lane co. Will give the vehicle to a Lucky furniture retailer following a drawing to be held later in the Market week. Photo by Sonny Hedgecock county will consider cooperative Resolution Greensboro a Resolution stating that the county will cooperate in waste water treatment facilities planning for southwestern Guilford county is expected to go before the Board of county commissioners on monday for consideration. County officials said Friday the Resolution will accept High Point As the Lead planning Agency for a planning study required under Section 201 of the Federal water pollution control act. Also the Resolution to be placed before the meeting set for 9 a m. At the new courthouse will also indicate a willingness on the part of the county to pay its pro rata share on the basis of population officials said. Commissioners spent some time thursday afternoon during their committee session discussing the planning District which deals with the upper deep River Hud will Check conflict report a . Dept. Of housing and Urban development Hud representative reportedly will come to High Point within a week or two to look into possible conflict of interest accusations against a High Point attorney involving the redevelopment commission. The possible conflict of interest Issue apparently stems from attorney Richard taters association with professional Center inc., a corporation which constructed an office building on a half acre tract at 115 s. Hamilton st., primarily for use by the stockholders. The land on which the building was constructed was purchased from the redevelopment commission the possible conflict of interest arises from the fact that Tate was employed by the redevelopment commission on a Case by ease basis at the time of the land transaction. Records apparently do not show that Tate was a stockholder in the corporation at the time the land was purchased but he later established offices in the building. The land was purchased from the redevelopment commission in november of 1970 in the name of Jerry c. Wilson who was the Only bidder for the property. He paid $31,938.84 for it. The property had been put up for Sale by the redevelopment commission in july of 1970. But there had been no bids on the property. In k Martin present executive director of the High Point Public housing authority said that there does not appear to be any illegal action involved although there May have been some a bad the matter apparently came to Light As the result of an unidentified person circulating copies of letters which tend to show Tate could have been involved in the land Purchase while having an interest in professional Center. Basin including Jamestown. Sedgefield the Eastern Side of High Point and Archdale. They expressed some concern Over boundaries As described by the state for the District noting several areas which were not included in the map in other business commissioners monday will consider a number o i requests for rezoning of Rural land and they will hear a presentation concerning a water Quality study. The zoning hearings will include study of an appealed Case seeking rezoning of land on Friendly Road West of Greensboro from watershed residential a classification which requires 40.000 Square feet of space per lot to r-12s residential a classification which requires Only 12 000 Square feet per lot. The planning Board denied the request for lots located in Quaker acres subdivision. Commissioners will also consider two other requests appealed from denials by the planning Board. Both of these Are for land on the Lake Jeanette Road North of Greensboro. One Calls for rezoning from watershed residential to r-12s and the other Calls for rezoning from watershed residential to r-12m, a classification for Multi family housing. All three of these tracts Are located in the Greensboro watershed. Commissioners May also continue their consideration of the proposed watershed for Alamance Creek in Southeastern Guilford county. State officials have suggested moving the cutoff Date for establishment of lots of 20,000 Square feet from March i to the end of june to give time for subdivisions now in Progress to be completely processed. By Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer Long acknowledged for their consumer Impact on furniture designs and sales women Are now becoming a Force in furniture merchandising. More Are travelling As Saleswoman and More Are working on the retail sales floor and they Are bringing about changes in furniture merchandising a manufacturer said Friday on the first Day of the Spring furniture was More women have become travelling Saleswoman and sales clerks the approach to furniture retailing has been changing a said George Sanderson a when a customer comes into a furniture store now or into the furniture Section in a department store she is not High Point Enterprise saturday afternoon april 20, 1974 Page 2a greeted by a Man who asks what can he do for her Sanderson said. The customer probably will be greeted by a woman who welcomes the customer and asks for her comments about a piece of furniture and what can be done to help her. A the whole approach is to help the customer realize clearly what she wants and to make certain she gets what she Sanderson said. His comments came during a press conference Friday afternoon at the furniture Plaza. President of Frank and son of new York Sanderson was one of three furniture manufacturing executives who participated in the conference. Max Meeks managing director of the furniture Plaza opened the conference with the announcement that the attendance equalled that of opening Day of the Spring Market in 1973. Which was a record for the Market. A some had thought there might be a slight drop in attendance at this Market because of Gas and transportation problems but this has not Meeks said. A this has been a Good Day for the the two tither participants agreed with Sanderson s comments about the larger role of women in the furniture Industry. Both James Tillotson president of Sterling Worth corp., Jamestown. N y., and dem Donovan vice president of design for Horner manufacturing co. Hagerstown md., see marketing on 3a Black culture Observance a a tribute to blackness a a Black culture program was held Friday night in the Trinity High school theater. Presented by both the Junior and senior highs of the Community the program included the above performers Richard Scotten Singer and Vickie Steele pianist. Staff photo by Mark Auxin marketing influenced

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