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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 19, 1974, High Point, North Carolina It a i her cooler saturday More data on Page 3a 90th year a no. 109 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., Friday afternoon april 19, 1974 30 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c issued by Sirica White House gets newest subpoena Washington a the White House is pondering what to do about a sweeping subpoena that orders president Nixon to turn Over a mass of tapes and documents to be used in the watergate cover up trial of his former top lieutenants. The subpoena issued thursday by . District judge John j. Sirica directs Nixon to give the watergate special prosecutor tapes and documents covering 64 presidential conversations. Special prosecutor Leon Jaworski had asked Sirica last tuesday to Issue the subpoena after what he said were unsuccessful efforts to negotiate a voluntary agreement with the White House. The subpoena was served late thursday afternoon about two hours after Sirica signed it. It orders the materials turned Over by to . May 2. Withholding subpoenaed materials needed for the conduct of a trial is a tougher Legal problem than resisting such requests from investigatory bodies. Two of the defendants in this Case joined the prosecutor in requesting that the materials be subpoenaed. The new subpoena requests materials specifically for evidence in the trial scheduled to Start sept. 9, of former White House chief of staff h h. Haldeman sex chief Domestic adviser John d. Ehrlichman former attorney general and Nixon Campaign manager John n. Mitchell and four others. Earlier subpoenas issued by the prosecutors office fad sought information for he grand jury rather than for a trial. One of these was upheld by the . Circuit court of appeals Here and led to the firing of original prosecutor Archibald Cox when he refused to halt the subpoena process. The White House later released the subpoenaed material. Some of the tapes also Are being sought by the House judiciary committee which is studying impeachment in a separate subpoena under consideration by the White House. Another subpoena from the Senate watergate committee still is in the for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. On suspension q. This is just a matter of curiosity and has been discussed several times. What is the meaning when a person is put under suspended sentence in court. I have read in the paper four different times within the last six weeks of the same person being up in court with the same charge and each time put under a suspended sentence. Where does that suspension end Are they made to serve a jail term or what anon. A. Judges put defendants under suspended sentences and set certain conditions that must be followed or the sentences will be made Active. Sometimes the defendant is placed on probation along with the suspended sentence and is made to follow even stricter rules. This is done to give the defendant another Chance. Since defendants and their circumstances Are not stamped out in a Mold judges consider each on their individual merits. To find out what has happened in a certain Case a name Date or Complete information is needed so that court records can be pulled. If a name is not Given and the action line caller does not give us some Way to Contact them it leaves us no Way to pursue the question. Ayes and nays q. When voice votes Are taken in the state legislature How can we know How our representatives and senators vote on an Issue without writing each one to ask the voting summaries of the North Carolina delegation to Congress is published in the paper indicating who voted Aye and who voted nay on various Bills and i believe we need this information published on the state level. M. L. Ii. A. There is no Way at the present to find out How state legislators vote on voice votes except to ask them but this will change when the electronic voting system goes in. The governors ombudsman Fred Gallagher talked to the assistant to the legislative service officer who said both Chambers will be under the system next year. Gallagher also read a report in the Raleigh news and observer that Only the Senate will have it by then. Regardless of which prediction is More accurate the electronic Aye or nay or not voting recording will soon make this information More readily accessible to the folks Back Home. Your own song q. How can i get a song copyrighted and How much does it Cost thank you. Anon. A. You May write the Register of copyrights Library of Congress Washington d. 20540. Describe the work so they can Send you the appropriate form. If it is clearly defined they will Send you an application for registration when the form is filed you have to Send $6 with it. You have to comply with the statute to get Protection a even Down to where the copyright is located on the material a so if any complications arise you May want an attorney to help you. Re action regarding the flammability of tents this is now a Federal regulation that the manufacturer must specify whether it is flammable or not including All the parts within the tent and this was not the result of the to show. This is something the Federal government is trying to do regarding anything that could be used by Young people who might be a Little careless and includes pyjamas. For the Man who asked where you could get a Good tent not flammable i think his Best Deal would be to go to Statesville and get it from the Hedrick manufacturing company the outlet store there. Anon. Man. Courts. In other watergate developments a Senate Republican Leader Hugh Scott said that if Nixon refuses to cooperate with the House impeachment inquiry it would put his administration in grave danger. A John h. Melcher jr., executive vice president of american ship building co., pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact in an Effort to cover up an illegal corporate Campaign contribution to Nixon a 1972 re election Effort. A informed sources said Jaworski a office has taken Over the internal Revenue service investigation of Nixon a controversial gift of pre presidential papers. Previously a congressional committee had conducted an inquiry. Demarco still works for Nixon Washington a Frank Demarco the attorney under investigation for his role in preparing president Nixon a contested tax returns says his Law firm still is handling business for Nixon but Isnit directly responsible for his current tax return. He said his firm continues to handle local property matters for Nixon presumably concerning the presidents san Clemente estate. Demarco s actions in preparing Nixon s tax returns for 1969-72 were examined by the internal Revenue service and a congressional committee As part of their review of the presidents taxes. After their findings Nixon agreed to pay $432,787 in Back taxes plus interest. Informed sources now say the irs has referred the questions about the preparation of the returns including Demarcos role to the watergate special prosecutor. Demarco said he has not been contacted by anyone on the special prosecution Force. Demarco commented from his los Angeles office in response to questions asked by Telephone through his Secretary who relayed the answers. Demarco had signed Nixon s tax returns As preparer along with Arthur Blech a los Angeles accountant. The White House has refused to comment on who is pre paring the return for 1973. Blech said recently the White House had obtained an Extension of the Normal april 15 filing deadline. The White House has also refused to say for nearly two months whether Demarco his Law firm or former partner Herbert Kalmbach Are still handling any Legal or personal business for Nixon. They began representing the president when he bought his san Clemente property in 1969. Kalmbach also was a principal fund Raiser for Nixon campaigns. Kalmbach pleaded guilty feb. 25 to one felony and one Misdemeanour violation of Federal Campaign finance Law. The next Day he announced he had resigned As of feb. 15 from the Kalmbach chilling Worth Knapp and Demarco Law firm. What s inside Syria says seven jets downed by the associated press syrian and israeli warplanes roared into action for the second straight Day today As ground fighting raged for key positions on it. Hermon and along the 49-mile Golan Heights front. The syrian command said its migs a scored direct hits a on israeli positions a causing heavy losses in men and equipment a but Israel reported no casualties in the air strikes. The syrians also claimed their missiles downed seven israeli warplanes but Israel said All its planes returned safely. The Tel Aviv command said the israeli jets attacked artillery and troop emplacements six Miles behind syrians front lines hitting syrian targets for three hours on the slopes of it. Hermon and on the Southern Golan front. In Lebanon nine israeli planes were seen striking a syrian radar station on the Peak of the anti Lebanon mountains just East of the syrian Lebanon Frontier. There was no immediate estimate of the damage or comment from the syrian command. Control of it. Hermon is sought by both sides because its 9,200-foot Peak commands a View for Miles into Lebanon Israel and Syria and Possession could be used As a trading Point in disengagement negotiations. A syrian communique said the downed israeli planes were seen falling into israeli held territory on onto it. Hermon itself. An israeli military spokesman said a fall our planes returned Syria also claimed that israeli planes had bombed their own positions a inflicting casualties on their own troops a at Tel Al Rayess in the Golan Heights during confusion created by the syrian missile attack. Israel called the claims the spokesman confirmed that Sam missiles had been fired at the israeli planes but said he could not confirm or deny that ground to ground missiles were employed. The israeli jets struck at syrian targets on the 9,200-foot Peak and on the Southern Golan front a communique said. Israelis air action apparently was triggered when Syria shelled the it. Hermon defenders and israelis on the Southern bulge. The action brought to 13 the number of israeli jets Syria claims to have downed in the last two weeks. Inflation rages on March living costs increase by 1.1% by Roberta. Dobkin a labor writer Washington a sharply higher food prices and a record jump in nonfood commodities pushed the Cost of living up 1.1 per cent in March As the worst inflation in a Quarter of a Century held its grip on the Economy the government reported today. The labor department said last months Rise sent consumer prices 10.2 per cent higher than a year ago the most in any 12month period since an identical Rise in 1948. For the first Quarter of 1974, consumer prices Rose at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 14.5 per cent highest in any three month period since the first Quarter of 1951 during the korean War. The gloomy economic report was the second in two Days. The Commerce department reported thursday that the Gross National product a the nations total output of goods and services a fell at a 5.8 per cent annual rate the first decline in three years and the biggest drop in 16 years. Although the Nixon administration says it expects the Economy to turn around in the second half of the year some government analysts predict the next three months will be As bad or worse than the inflation for the first three months of the year. With inflation continuing unabated the labor department said buying Power of american workers fell nine tenths of i per cent in March to a level 4.7 per cent below a year ago. It marked the biggest annual decline since the government began keeping that statistic in 1964. The consumer Price Index climbed last month to 143.1 of its 1967 average meaning that it Cost Consumers $143.10 to buy the same variety of retail goods and services that $100 bought in-1967. The 1.1 per cent jump in prices last month on both a seasonally and unadjusted basis compared with a 1.3 see March on 2a for Spring showing furniture buyers arrive by Jim Hawkins Enterprise staff writer furniture buyers from across the nation began visiting showrooms in High Point and along North Carolinas furniture Highway As the Spring furniture Market opened today. Robert Gruenberg general manager of the Southern furniture marketing Center said the expectation is this Market will be a Busy in terms of Max Meeks manager of the furniture Plaza showroom said most manufacturers have a Good new merchandise and fresh or. Nauga is a Friendly greeter at furniture Market he represents a company that makes upholstery material staff photo by Sonny Hodg Ocock Aba president fears Saxbe endangers prosecution of Sla amusements. .12a Bridge. .16b classified ads. 9-15b comics. So crossword. .16b editorial. 4a financial. 2a obituaries. Sports. .3-6 b television. 7b women a news. Weather. Washington a the president of the american bar association says atty. Gen. William b. Saxbe May have endangered the prosecution of sym ionese liberation army members charged with a san Francisco Bank robbery. Aba chief Chesterfield Smith said Saxbe also May have threatened the prosecution of Patricia Hearst if it turns out that criminal charges Are brought against her. In an interview thursday Smith was questioned about the Legal implications of Saxbee a statement on wednesday Labelling the Sla and miss Hearst As a group of a common criminals and miss Hearst As a willing participant in mondays robbery. The Fri has issued a warrant for miss Hearst As a material witness to the robbery and filed Bank robbery charges against four others identified As previously associated tooth the Sla. The Sla claims it seized miss Hearst daughter of newspaper executive Randolph a. Hearst from her apartment on feb. 4. As criticism mounted Saxbe said through a Justice department spokesman he stands by his statements and has a nothing to a the potentials for prejudice can Only be weighed when you re trying to i panel an impartial jury a a Smith said a i would not be surprised if an ingenious defense attorney on the proper occasion would raise it As some Type of evidence that she could not get a fair trial because of these Smith said the prejudicial Impact would depend on whether Saxbee a statements were widely read in the area from which a jury is drawn. A but certainly if everybody saw it and everybody was aware of it there is a possibility that it could prevent any prosecution a he said. Meanwhile in Atlanta ga., Fri director Clarence m. Kelley said the Fri would be a guided by facts and not by any opinion a when asked about Saxbee a comments about miss Hearst. Kelley said Fri agents Are operating under the Assumption a that she is the victim of pressure or Smith a lawyer in Lakeland fla., said Saxbe s accusation of miss Hearst reminded him of president Nixon a statement that Charles Manson a was guilty directly or indirectly of eight murders while the trial of Manson was Progress in 1970. In designs and that there has been a lot of a pre Market t. L. Henderson executive vice president of the Kroehler manufacturing co., said his firm is optimistic about the Market. A the crowds will be Here a he said. Joe Shumate jr., president of the Coleman furniture co., said a there will be Good More Market news on Page 5a attendance and that a there will be Normal buying at this event which will end after business next Friday. Gruenberg said buyers visiting in High Point and in Thomasville Lexington Hickory and Lenoir will be a prepared to shop he said this april a event will be a positive Active Market. Meeks said there Are a lot of Good products being offered and that there Are Many innovations and fresh looks. Buyers and salesmen arriving in High Point this Spring Are seeing the rapid Progress being made on the new addition to the Southern furniture marketing Center. In addition both Gruenberg and Meeks pointed out there have been Many changes in showrooms As manufacturers prepared for the Market. Gruenberg pointed to the expanded bus service which is a feature of this Spring s Market. He said bus service is being offered from the Market area Here to motels in the Greensboro the Airport and the Winston Salem areas and that service stations in the area have been provided with a special allocation of gasoline. This Meeks said has been a cooperative Effort. Buyers visiting the showrooms throughout the furniture Highway area Are coming to North Carolina against a background of generally Good business. Gruenberg said predictions Are for a five to six per cent increase in business Over 1973. Meeks said that manufacturers without exception Are optimistic and that they say retailers Are be furniture on 2a girl missing 4 months Lillington no. Apr four months ago today Phyllis Bradford left her farm Home near Spring Lake to drive a school bus to Anderson Creek school. The 18-year-old senior has not been seen since. Authorities have no exp i a n a t i o n for her disappearance. Chief Deputy b. E. Sturgill of the Harnett county sheriffs department said state and local authorities have followed up every Lead but no Trace of the girl has been found. He said there was no evidence of foul play in her Dis appearance. James Watkins principal of Anderson Creek school said miss Bradford a classmates reacted with disbelief. A they just could t believe something like this would happen Here a he said. Anderson Creek is a Rural Community Between fort Bragg and Lillington. Sturgill said miss Bradford left for school about 7 30 . On dec. 19. He said she drove the school bus about 200 Yards from her House and parked it on a Rural Road. Her books were found on the empty bus. Watkins said miss Bradford had been driving the bus Tor the Harnett county school system since the beginning of the school year. She picked up students for Anderson Creek school which has grades 5 through 12. The principal said miss Bradford had Good grades and played on the basketball team. He said she was very Active in the 68-inember senior class and was Well liked by her classmates. Watkins said the senior see Giri on 2a Phyllis Bradford

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